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Ties that bind

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Maggie had lay on in bed trying to fall back to sleep but her mind kept going back over this morning, this was not how she thought her day would be starting and she was certainly not going to complain. She pulled the bed covers up around her as they smelled like Jubal and she couldn't stop smiling as she thought back to last night and this morning, it really was perfect. When she couldn't get back to sleep she decided to get up and have a shower, Jubal did tell her that she could help herself to anything she needed so she knew he wouldn't mind. What she hadn't thought of was the fact that it would be his shower gel that she would have to use, opening the shower gel she instantly smiled as it just made her think of Jubal. 

Once she had gotten out of the shower she was just taking her time walking around Jubal’s bedroom as she made the bed and tided up from them this morning. She was just finished getting dressed when her phone alerted her to a new text message from Isobel telling her that they had a new case and for everyone to get to the JOC as soon as they could. Maggie knew that she had to go home and change first but thankfully she didn’t live too far away, she ordered an Uber which was there for her straight away, while she was in her apartment getting changed the young Uber driver had agreed to pick up Maggie coffee from her favourite coffee house, she promised the young girl that a large tip was in it for her and that she would make sure to give her a top rating on the Uber app. 

Maggie had just stepped out of her apartment building when the young girl pulled up to collect her. Maggie got in and thanked her for going to pick up the Coffees, she lifted out which one was her’s as she kept the other two coffees in the holder. She had tried ringing OA but there was no answer from him and she hadn't heard from Jubal but she assumed that they had cut their meeting short in order to take over this case. 

Maggie got out of the Uber and headed into their building and up to their floor, she stopped by the kitchen they had and poured one of the coffees in to a mug. She had finished her own coffee so she threw that in the bin and carried OA’s along with the coffee mug as she made her way in to the JOC. As soon as she entered the JOC she seen Jubal sitting at the front of the room on his computer and she headed there, leaning slightly over his shoulder she sat the mug, his mug, down in front of him 

“Since you had to leave in such a hurry this morning I thought you would appreciate some proper coffee”

Jubal smiled the minute he felt Maggie’s arm coming over his shoulder, to anyone watching them it simply looked like she was just setting down a coffee for him. He turned a little in his chair so that he could face her more 

“And you stopped to put it in my favourite mug?” 

“I know it’s the only way you like drinking your coffee at work”

Jubal couldn’t help as his smile grew larger as he listened to Maggie, he knew she was a good FBI agent and would pick up on things but it showed him how much attention she had been paying to him and he loved it. Maggie leaned against Jubal’s desk gently as she kept her eyes on him 

“You know you are spoiling me right? First the wake up call and now this, you are too good to me Mags” 

Before Maggie could say anything else Stuart and Kristen were walking towards them and Stuart spoke first

“Hey Jubal, Maggie, so why are we taking the lead on a murder case we don’t usually, so what’s different about this one?” 

Jubal was about to answer when he seen Isobel step out of the conference room at the back and signalled for them to join her 

“Isobel is about to fill you guys in so let’s go” 

Kristen and Stuart walked alongside each other as they made their way to the conference room, Maggie waited to Jubal stood up and she walked with him as he sipped his coffee 

“Okay I seriously can’t thank you enough for this coffee but why aren’t you drinking yours?”

Just at that moment OA came walking in to the JOC and seen the cup that Maggie was holding 

“Oh please tell me you got me one of those, I slept in, that never happens” 

Maggie shook her head laughing as she held the cup out to OA “This one is for you, I drank mine on the way here and I know not to show up with coffee without one for you” 

OA managed to get out a quick thank you before he was drinking the coffee heading in to the conference room as Isobel was waiting on them. Jubal held open the door for Maggie letting her walk in first, her arm was back in her sling as she had to keep the pressure off it when she could. They had just taken their seats as Isobel started talking 

“Stuart and Kristen I’m sorry I had to cut your training short but it will be continued on another day and OA and Maggie thank you for coming in on such short notice. Maggie how is your arm?”

“It’s doing okay, I done some light exercise with it this morning so I’m just resting it again in the sling, but I’m good to go whatever you need” 

Jubal had been taking a drink of his coffee when he heard Maggie say about doing exercises for her arm this morning, he got images in his head of how her arm had gotten that exercise, it caused his coffee to go down the wrong way making him cough a little. 

“Sorry guys, coffee went down wrong way” 

Jubal waved his arm for Isobel to continue but his eyes fell on Maggie who was covering her mouth with her hand to hide the smirk that he could clearly see was there. He nudged her leg gently under the table knowing that no one else could see them as he gave her a look that let her know that he knew exactly why she was smirking, she knew what she had done. Maggie was not going to apologise for saying what she had, to everyone else it sounded innocent but she knew that Jubal would pick up on it straight away and she liked that she caught him by surprise, it wasn’t an easy thing to do with Jubal. Maggie tried to focus back on what Isobel was saying 

“NYPD has asked us to step in, this one’s personal for them. They want to make sure there's no interference that can jeopardise a convinction down the line” 

Jubal seen the confusion on the agents face so he picked up where Isobel left off “It's Harry Bloom’s daughter?”

“Whose Harry Bloom?” Since Scola was new to the team there was no reason for him to know who Harry was so Maggie jumped in with the answer for him 

“He's a sex crimes detective with the NYPD. We worked a huge trafficking case with him last year” 

With that the agents were taking on what tasks they wanted to start with, OA and Maggie agreed to go and see the M.E to see what he found on Hannah’s body, while Kristen and Stuart headed off to Hannah’s work to speak to her boss as she was the one who filed the missing person’s report. While in the M.E office his phone kept ringing and he told them that it was Harry Bloom calling looking to come in and see his daughter and find out what they know. 

Maggie and OA headed back up to their floor to see what Kristen and Stuart have found, they found both agents working on Kristen’s computer and Jubal had joined him. Maggie spoke first as she walked towards them 

“Hey guys you find anything at Hannah’s work?” 

Kristen was working on her computer focusing on video footage so Stuart decided that it would be best if he answered

“Her boss told us about an older man that Hannah said was hanging around her apartment every morning for the last week or so. We got the footage from outside her apartment building and Kristen has been working on it” 

“And I think I've found the guy that Hannah’s boss was talking about” 

The team gathered around Kristen's screen so that they could watch the video, they were all watching closely for anything that would help them identify who this guy was. Jubal was the first to break the silence, once again really just thinking out loud

“Okay this guy is definitely a creep. Kristen can you send that picture to my phone, we will see if Harry recognises him” 

“We? You are coming with us to talk to Harry Bloom?” 

Maggie was surprised when she heard Jubal say that he was going with them, it wasn’t something that he really done, in fact he really didn’t leave the office much these days unless he really had to. OA was just as surprised as Maggie but was thankful that she was the one that questioned Jubal on it 

“Yeah, I spoke to Isobel, I want to be there with you guys when you talk to Harry, I've known him a long time, So out of respect to Harry I want to be there” 

“Shout gun” That was all OA said as he turned heading towards the elevator, Kristen and Stuart we're trying their best not to laugh at OA who seemed proud of himself. But Maggie just raised her eyebrow looking over at OA 

“He really thinks I'm going to let him ride shoutgun? I think he hit his head as well as sleeping in this morning.”

Stuart looked at Jubal who was just watching Maggie and OA with a raised eyebrow, they really did act like siblings at times 

“Have fun driving with those two in the car it’s going to be an interesting one for you”

Maggie had gone to catch up with OA and Jubal was starting to wonder if it was a good idea to agree to travel with Maggie and OA especially as they were standing nudging each other waiting for him to join 

“If I don't make contact within an hour send for help” 

Jubal jokingly called over his shoulder to Kristen and Stuart as he joined Maggie and OA.