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Ties that bind

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OA and Maggie were still trying to get their heads around the fact that their main suspect happened to be one of the most famous kidnapped victims in New York City. While talking to the rehab supervisor they had found out that Jenny Lewis was in a relationship with Andrew Cameron, it was frowned upon by the rehab centre but it happens. Maggie and OA both recognised his name straight away. This time Maggie knows that she has to call Jubal as OA is the one driving

“Hey Jubal, we've just left the rehab centre, Jenny Lewis was in a relationship with Andrew Cameron” 

Before either Jubal or Maggie can speak OA has jumped in “and yes before you ask it’s The Andrew Cameron, the kidnapping victim”

Jubal knew that Maggie couldn't really talk as OA was clearly with her and she had him on loud speaker so he knew he couldn't say anything either but he knew that something was wrong. Maggie hadn’t spoke to him or even looked his way from he introduced them to Sloan Wallace. He knew they were moving quickly with this case but he also knew that Maggie was finding ways to avoid talking to him. 

“Okay, ill get everyone here up to speed while we wait for you guys to come back” 

And with that their phone call was over, Maggie knew she was going to have to speak to Jubal eventually but what was she suppose to say that yes she was jealous, because she knew it sounded so childish in her head. Jubal had to shake off the feeling he had that something was wrong between him and Maggie, it was there at the back of his mind but he had to get everyone up to speed before Maggie and OA came back. He once again made his way to the front of the JOC getting everyone's attention

“Yo Yo listen up, Maggie and OA just found out that Jenny Lewis, our first victim was in a relationship with Andrew Cameron. Andrew Cameron is one of the most famous kidnapping cases of the last 20 years. We all know the story, Andrew was abducted by a pedophile on his way home from school when he was eight years old. He was raised as the kidnappers son under a false name. Andrew was abused and molested for six years before he managed to escape” 

Maggie and OA had walked in to the back of the JOC to catch the end of Jubal talking, Maggie could see on Jubal's face that he was thinking about his kids, they were both close to the age of eight so it was only natural that it would bring them to his mind. OA and Maggie stayed at the back of the room near the door as Sloan started to talk 

“Andrew Cameron fits our profile of the killer, he grew up abused and with no real family or friends” 

“Okay so he's a little screwed up but you think he's running around killing people because of that?”

Maggie wasn’t sure she was going to actually say that loud enough for anyone other than OA to hear until she heard her voice saying it loud enough that the whole JOC heard. Jubal’s attention had fallen on Maggie the minute she stepped in to the room but he couldn't make his way towards her and OA yet as Sloan was addressing the room 

“It could be his way of regaining the control he lost as a child”

This time is was OA to speak up “He’s been in and of rehab for years with alcohol and drug abuse he hasn’t really been clean long enough to gain control over anything” 

Maggie felt a little better known that OA wasn’t sure about it being Andrew, they knew they would follow every single lead they had, but she was glad that it wasn’t just her dislike for Sloan Wallace that was making her doubt that Andrew was the killer. Jubal decided to step in or the discussion with Sloan, OA and Maggie could go on for a while and right now he needed his analysts back working. 

“The entire nation feels protective of this kid. So we need more than a strong profile to go after him so bring me what you find people” 

Jubal had just finished speaking and was about to make his way to Maggie and OA when Kristen and Stuart walked in to the top of the JOC 

“Jubal, we've found something” 

Jubal turned when he heard Stuart speak, Kristen went to a computer to pull up what they had found to show them while Stuart stayed up by the main screens to continue talking. 

“We went back and traced Andrews movement the last few months, his different rehab centres and halfway houses that he has been in match up to where our victims were killed” 

Kirsten pulled up the map to show how close this rehab or halfway house was to each of the killings, that gave them a reason to bring in Andrew Cameron for questioning. 

“Kristen, Stuart go and pick up Andrew Cameron bring him in for questioning” 

Jubal was going to use the excuse that Kristen and Stuart had found the evidence so that’s why he was sending them, when really he wanted to talk to Maggie, he needed to figure out what was going on. Sloan tried to talk to Jubal but he excused himself making his way to the back of the JOC, Maggie and OA had turned to head to their desks but Jubal caught them just in time 

“Maggie can I talk to you for a minute?”