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Ties that bind

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Maggie looked at Jubal before looking at OA 

“I’ll catch up with you, try to find us anything that will help us get information from Andrew” 

OA nodded and headed to his desk to get ready for the interrogation, they knew they were going to have to be careful with this one so he and Maggie both wanted to be well prepared. Maggie looked at Jubal 

“What's up” 

“Not here, let’s talk in the conference room” 

Jubal knew that the conference room wasn’t exactly private as everyone could see them but at least they could actually talk without being afraid anyone could hear them. Maggie headed towards the conference room and she stepped passed Jubal when he held the door open for her, he was standing close enough when she walked past that he noticed the scent. Jubal closed his eyes briefly when the familiar scent hit his nose 

“You used my shower gel?” 

Maggie was not sure what she was expecting Jubal to say but that was definitely not it “eh yeah sorry, I wanted a shower this morning and I didn’t think you would mind” 

Jubal let the door close behind him as he stood facing Maggie resting his hands on his hips 

“I don't mind at all Mags, well other than it’s making it very hard not to want to get closer to you right now” 

Jubal dipped down a little to catch Maggie's gaze as she wasn't really looking at him, when he caught her gaze he stood back up straight and was thankful that she now was looking at him 

“Mags what's going on? You've been avoiding me since Sloan joined us, you sent Kristen to update me and you text instead of calling and put me on speaker with OA to make sure I couldn't say anything. Have I done something?”

Maggie felt guilty that Jubal was thinking it was his fault, she knew this case was tough for him as he knew Harry Bloom and it was making him think about his kids even more and she knew he hadn’t got to spend a lot of time with them recently due to work. She took a deep breath before speaking 

“It's so stupid and childish and not my proudest day” 

“Maggie, it’s not stupid or childish if it’s upsetting you and it clearly is”

“What’s the deal with you and Sloan? I seen the way you both smiled at each other, the way she touched your arm when you called her the best in the field” 

Jubal had no idea what Maggie was going to say to him but this was definitely not what he was expecting, Maggie was jealous. That was honestly something he never thought would happen, to him she had no reason to be jealous of anyone ever. He may have let out a chuckle at the idea that Maggie Bell felt jealous of anyone but he seen how vulnerable she looked right now. He stepped a little closer to her being careful not to step too close as he knew everyone in the JOC could see them 

“Maggie are you jealous?” 

“I did say it was stupid and childish and I'm really not in the mood to be teased about it” 

“I'm not teasing Mags, I mean I might later but right now I'm not” Truth was that he was going to have fun with this later but right now he needed Maggie to know and understand that he had no interest in Sloan “You really have no reason to be jealous, ever, of anyone. You really think that Sloan comes anywhere close to you? I've worked a few cases with Sloan, we've also been at a few of the same events that we've had to attend for work, she may have hit on me a few times but I was never interested. And I'm definitely not interested right now” 

Maggie knew she was crazy to be jealous and she also knew that Jubal would have fun with it later when she wasn’t being in a such mood with him, which she knew was ridiculous but she couldn't help how she felt. Her eyes were completely locked on Jubal's now, she knew he was telling her the truth, he had no reason to lie about his past to her. She knew it was a risk being so vulnerable and admitting to the jealously but Jubal made her feel safe, she knew she could trust him  

“So the smiles and the arm touching?”

Jubal knew Maggie was really opening up here by being so honest with him so he knew he had to be honest with her to let her know he was taking this seriously “Isobel told me I had to be extra nice because Sloan agreed to work this case because I was involved. When I said she was the best at her job I meant it, but that’s as far as it goes, I admire her work ability. C’mon Mags you know me, when her hand came near my arm did I lean in to it the way that I do with you?” 

Maggie now was completely relaxed and feeling foolish for even thinking that Jubal was interested in Sloan but she wanted to be honest with him, he deserved that from her. She raised her eyebrow when she seen the smile almost smirk on Jubal’s face, the one that she had noticed only appeared when they were alone 

“Can you not smile or smirk at me like that?”

“Why not?”

“Because you are making it very hard not to kiss you right now”

Now Jubal had a full cheeky smirk on his face as he kept his focus completely on Maggie, tapping his finger on his belt as it was stopping him from reaching out for her 

“Only fair since I have to keep my hands to myself even though I can smell my shower gel on you” 

“I guess you are paying me back for making you choke a little on your coffee” 

Now Maggie was the one smirking, she really had no idea how she had gone from not wanting to talk to Jubal to now wanting to be alone with him so that she could just kiss him. He really did understand her better than anyone and that scared her a little 

“Oh that one is going to be on my mind for a while, I never thought Maggie Bell would make private inside remarks about our sex life” 

Maggie stepped even closer to Jubal “And I never thought that Jubal Valentine would leave me laying naked in his bed” she patted his chest gently before walking out of the conference room as she could see that Kristen and Stuart had arrived back. To anyone else it just looked like Maggie had made a smart comment to Jubal like always, he groaned when he heard her as now all he could picture was her laying in his bed this morning with his covers wrapped around her. He watched Maggie walk towards the top of the JOC acting normal, where as he needed a minute to cool himself before he could join them again. Dating Maggie was something that he could definitely get used to, something he wanted to get used to. 

Jubal finally calmed his body down enough that he could join the others in the JOC, after his chat with Maggie he was going to try harder to be careful and more aware of his actions when Sloan was around him. He didn’t want to do anything that made Maggie feel uncomfortable. Sloan hadn’t missed that Jubal and Maggie had been in the conference room talking, she also noticed how Jubal had placed his hand on Maggie’s lower back as she left with OA to go question Andrew Cameron. Jubal was watching Maggie walking away, he was only drawn out of his thoughts when he heard Sloan speak to him 

“Everything okay with your agent? I forget her name, but I seen you two had to take a minute or rather a few minutes in the conference room. If she's not up to it we can get another agent to interrogate Andrew”

Jubal may have been told by Isobel to be extra nice to Sloan but she was pushing all his buttons right now, he was not happy with how she was speaking about Maggie but he had to try and remain calm “Her name is Agent Bell, Agent Maggie Bell and she’s more than up to it. Maggie is one of the best dam agents we have, there's no reason for you to be doubting her abilities when you don't even know her” 

Before Sloan could say anything else Jubal had walked away and was speaking to one of his analysts, he may have came across a bit harsh with Sloan and yes part of that was because she was disrespecting his girlfriend but he also didn’t allow people to disrespect his agents for no reason.