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Ties that bind

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Maggie and OA talked about how best to handle the interrogation with Andrew but OA was stopped by Andrew’s Mother and Brother, he told Maggie that he would take them to the family room and calm them down. It wouldn’t hurt leaving Andrew sitting waiting for a while, might get him sweating and get him to talk more. 

Maggie was about to walk back towards the JOC when she spotted Scola coming her way and her chat with Kristen came in to her mind and she wanted to have a chat with him, check in with things. 

“Hey Stuart, you got a second?”

Scola stopped in the corridor when he heard Maggie and he stepped to the side out of the way of the people walking past him “Sure Maggie what's up?”

“I was just looking to check in with you and see how Kristen’s doing?” 

“She's great” he couldn't say that without the obvious smile on his face 

“She mentioned she messed up in live fire training this morning what happened?”

“Oh that” Scola waved his hand as if brushing off the comment “that was no big deal, she was a split second behind me. Horstead overreacted, he likes to do that with the newbies, personally I think it’s his favourite part of the training” 

Maggie was watching Scola, the way he was talking about Kristen had her interested “You know if  Kristen is making mistakes you have to tell her, no matter what? She's counting on you as her partner to be honest” 

Scola was taking this as Maggie just looking out for Kristen as she had obviously gone to Maggie for some advice about what had happened, he knew that Kristen looked up to Maggie as an agent.

“Maggie, if Kristen screws up I'm gonna let her know, trust me but the truth is there's really not much to critique” 

“Okay. Good to know” Maggie smiled as she watched Scola walk away, she was shaking her head smiling with a small chuckle as Scola’s smile had only gotten bigger the more that he talked about Kristen. 

Maggie was clearly too busy watching Scola and replaying their conversation in her head because she didn’t hear Jubal walk up behind her, his presence was made known when she heard his voice and also felt his breath on the back of her neck 

“Everything okay with you and Stuart?” Jubal leaned his shoulder against the wall smiling when Maggie turned around to face him and she too leaned against the wall allowing them to stand close and it look totally normal 

“How much attention have you been paying to Stuart and Kristen?”

Jubal was a little thrown by Maggie’s question had something happened that he wasn’t aware of, he had thought that Scola was a great partner for Kristen and they seemed to be working really well together “I mean we both know that my attention is usually focused on you” he smirked playfully “but they seemed to be getting on well, why has something happened?” 

Maggie was shaking her head chuckling softly when Jubal mentioned about his attention being on her, she was still trying to get used to him finding ways to be sweet to her while they talked at work 

“No relax nothing has happened” she briefly lay her hand on his forearm as she could see the concern on his face, she was not expecting her hand to find skin, that distracted her from what she was saying. Instead her eyes were drawn down to his arm and her fingers ran along his skin gently knowing their bodies were shielding from anyone seeing her. “When did you roll your sleeves up” 

Jubal couldn't help the warm feeling that he got when he seen the impact he was having on Maggie, her hand simply finding his skin had distracted her and he seen her pupils get darker “Just as I was walking out here, I may have done it sooner if I knew this was the reaction it would get” 

“I may deny this at a later date, but I've always loved watching you roll your sleeves up” Maggie had no idea why she decided to tell him that but in that moment it felt like the right thing to say to him, her eyes ran up his arms, across his chest to his face finally resting on his eyes, she noticed his pupils were slightly dilated, she was struggling with her urge to lean in brush her lips against his. 

Jubal turned his arm over and moved his hand so that it was under Maggie's as he ran his fingertips along the palm of her hand as he had his unique soft smile for her “You know you are surprising me with how much attention you have been paying to me” he didn’t know if he would ever get used to the fact that Maggie wanted him just as much as he wanted her 

“I woundered what touching your skin would feel like for a long time, and what exactly you were hiding under those shirts” her hand lay briefly on his chest before back by her side before anyone seen them. 

Jubal couldn't help the groan that escaped as he listened to Maggie's words, felt her touch on his chest and her biting her lip right now was really making it so dam hard to not just risk it all and kiss her “if we don't pause this conversation until later I am going to just say screw it and kiss you right now” 

Hearing him mention kissing her Maggie's eyes briefly glanced at Jubal’s lips before back up at his eyes, and she swallowed hard, she had never felt like this before, it was exciting and scary at the same time. She cleared her throat trying to concentrate on something other than wanting to kiss Jubal, experience that taste that was uniquely him 

“erm, eh, yeah what were we talking about before your forearm distracted me?” 

Jubal swallowed hard when he seen Maggie's eyes glance to his lips, a soft chuckle escaped when she blamed his forearm for the distraction 

“You were asking me if I had been paying attention to Kristen and Stuart”

“Oh yeah.. that…. Stuart fancies Kristen” 

Jubal was surprised to hear Maggie “You got that from one conversation with him” 

“His expression totally changes when he talks about Kristen and he doesn't even realise he's doing it. I swear his cheeks have to hurt he was smiling that big while talking about her” 

“You know that now I'm going to be watching them and now I want to find a reason to talk to Stuart and Kristen”

Maggie shook her head laughing “I did not tell you so that you could pry in to their personal lives, you know considering we are the agents that are currently dating.. People may start asking about us” she smirked playfully 

“Sloan already did. But I don't think she's going to be asking about you again any time soon, she was being disrespectful so no harm to Isobel but I will not be extra nice to her anymore” 

Maggie couldn't help the soft smile as she watched Jubal, she could take care of herself but to know that he had defended her without even having to think about it really did mean a lot to her and before Maggie could say anything it was like Jubal was reading her mind 

“And I know you can look after yourself Mags and defend yourself but that doesn't mean I'm not going to stand up for you and defend you if someone is being disrespectful about you”

“My knight in shining armour huh” she smirked playfully 

Before either of could say anything else OA was walking around the corner and spoke to them 

“Hey guys Isobel wants to see the three of us in her office”