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Ties that bind

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Jubal, Maggie and OA made their way towards Isobel’s office, Jubal stood at the very back, his arm was resting high on Isobel's shelf close to the door as Maggie and OA stood a little closer to Isobel’s desk. Isobel stood up when they came in to her office and she walked towards Maggie and OA 

“I need you guys to be careful when you interrogate Andrew Cameron, his family have been through a lot and everything that we have right now against Andrew is circumstantial. I know that you two are the best for this interrogation I just wanted to check in before you guys head in there” 

Both Maggie and OA nodded their heads listening to Isobel, both agents did appreciate hearing that their boss was confident in them as they knew a lot of eyes were on them with this case. Isobel then stepped to the side so that she could see Jubal more as she spoke to him 

“Where are we with tracking down Andrew Cameron’s movements?” 

When Isobel was speaking to Jubal it gave Maggie a reason now to turn around to see him he, she wished that she didn’t. Him leaning his arm on the higher shelf was stretching his shirt across his chest and showing off how broad his chest was. Her attention was drawn to the way his shirt now stretched tightly over his bicep before her eyes made their way to his forearm again. She really needed to hide the affect that he was having on her but she couldn't take her eyes off him. And Jubal could feel her eyes on him as he spoke to Isobel 

“I currently have a team tracking down his movements, we are digging in to his work schedule, checking cell phone tower pings and his car’s GPS. We are on it” 

Anyone else looking at him the way that Maggie was would have made him uncomfortable and had he noticed a look like this a few weeks ago it would have made him feel unsure of himself but now the look excited him. He never thought that he would have someone like Maggie watching him the way that she was right now and honestly he didn't want it to ever stop. OA nudged Maggie's shoulder for her to move with him so that they can leave Isobel’s office and go interrogate Andrew Cameron. 

Maggie walked out of the office beside OA, she was on the side closest to Jubal, this allowed Jubal to touch her back and arm as she walked passed him. To anyone it was just him supporting his agent but that simple touch was him letting Maggie know that he had total confidence in her for the interrogation. She loved how they were able to express things to each other with a simple touch, some times words really weren't needed. 

Jubal was drawn out of his thoughts about Maggie when Lee stepped in to Isobel's office “Jubal, sorry to interrupt but Harry Bloom is here to see you” 

Jubal was surprised that Harry was here, he hadn't heard from him so he really wasn’t expecting him to be here “Thanks Lee, I’ll go see him now” 

Jubal excused himself from Isobel’s office and he made his way to the room that Lee had told him Harry was in, he took a second to himself before opening the door as he knew this wasn’t going to be an easy conversation. As soon as Jubal opened the door Harry was up out of his seat 

“I heard you made an arrest?”

“You know that I can’t talk to you about that Harry” Jubal should have known that someone would have told Harry about the arrest he just didn’t think he would have found out this quickly. 

“Oh come on Jubal, I'm not just some grieving father. This is what I do, let me help”

“You can’t be involved in this Harry and you know that” Jubal understood Harry wanting to get involved, hell if it was Abigail.. No he couldn't even think about anything happening his little girl or his son

“Why not? Ive been interrogating pigs like him all my life. I’ve more confessions than anyone in the NYPD.. I can get him to talk” 

“If we do that and you conduct a brilliant interrogation and you get a confession which we take to trial, the first thing his lawyer will do is point out the conflict and file a motion to suppress. You know that” Jubal was trying to speak gently to Harry he didn’t want to be harsh with the man, he wanted to explain this to him in a way that he understood that he really couldn't be involved in the case the way he wanted 

“So what am I suppose to do Jubal? I can't just sit by and do nothing” Harry now had tears in his eyes as he spoke, he knew that Jubal was right but he wanted to feel like he was doing something to help.

“I'm afraid you have to Harry. But….we have our best agents on this. We will find the person who did this to Hannah and when we go to trial we will have an air tight case and he will never see the light of day again” 

Harry nodded he knew Jubal was right and he did trust the man and his agents but he just felt so useless not being able to help. Harry stood up to leave and once again he and Jubal hugged before Harry left with his head hung low, Jubal was leaning against the door frame watching him. He really wished that he could do more for Harry, he was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t see Maggie appear beside him. 

“Hey you doing okay?” Maggie spoke softly as she could see from Jubal’s face that he was struggling with something. When he didn’t answer her she gently put her hand on his shoulder pushing him back inside the room he had just left. This room was normally used to give families news so the blinds were closed to give privacy to the grieving families. Maggie ran her hands along Jubal’s arms taking his hands in hers as she ran her thumb along his hands 

“Hey what's going on?” Maggie was worried, she had no idea what had gotten Jubal like this, she had seen he was staring at the elevator when she arrived beside him but she didn’t see who he was looking at. 

Jubal lifted his head to look at Maggie and the emotion in his eyes was so clear to Maggie which broke her heart because he was clearly struggling “Harry Bloom was here.. He heard that we arrested someone and he wanted to help out. He’s really struggling Mag’s, he feels useless and as a father that is one of the worst feelings in the world.. If it were Abby I…..”

Now it made sense to Maggie, the pain in Jubal’s eyes, she hated that he had to deal with that on his own. She stepped closer lifting her hand to his cheek as she caressed his cheek gently with her thumb “Hey it’s not Abby…. she's safe” she checked her watched quickly “she’s probably at school right now having some fun with her friends.. Maybe when her and Tyler get home you can give them a call, hearing their voices might help you” 

Jubal closed his eyes leaning in to Maggie's touch on his cheek, he wasn't one to normally let his guard down but he trusted Maggie and when it came to his kids they were his world. He ran his hand along Maggie's arm and he nodded his head gently hearing her words

“You’re right. I know she's at school and probably having a lot of fun and I do want…. need to hear their voices”

Maggie may not know what it was like to be a parent but she had said the right things to help Jubal, she hated seeing him in so much pain “And Harry knows you are doing the best you can on this case none of us are going to stop until we solve this case” she kept caressing Jubal’s cheek gently as she stepped closely “Now can you say that bit about me being right again?” She smirked playfully as she closed the short distance between them and brushed her lips against his. She wasn’t one for showing this kind of affection at work, it was risky and not like her but she wanted to ground Jubal and she was hoping this would help. 

Jubal was about to respond to her comment about repeating she was right when he felt her lips brush against his, he was surprised that she was kissing him at work but he was so thankful. He wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him, feeling her lips brush against his and holding her in his arms was grounding him and clearing his head. He had gone from feeling like he was falling apart to now determined to solve this case and looking forward to talking to his kids. 

Jubal broke the kiss but didn’t completely pull back, he lay his forehead against Maggie's, he wanted to make the most of this intimate moment at work “What are you doing in here by the way? Aren't you suppose to be in interrogation?” He was running his hands along her back slowly, to anyone else it may have seemed a little strange that they were standing in such an intimate situation yet talking about the case but it was helping Jubal more than even Maggie realised 

“We had to stop the interrogation I had to go get Medic as Andrew thought he was having a heart attack. I was on my way to check in with them when I seen you standing here” Maggie was running her thumb along Jubal’s hair line at the back of his neck and she brushed her lips against his once more before reluctantly pulling back. She stepped back and smiled looking at him as he now looked so relaxed, completely different than how she had found him. She fixed his shirt collar and his shirt and took his hand squeezing it gently

“Thank you Mags, for stopping when you seen me, for taking me in here, for grounding me” Jubal squeezed her hand gently as he looked at her with so much affection, Maggie wasn’t sure anyone had looked at her like that since her husband Jason and even with Jubal it was different 

“You never have to thank me Jubal, I’ll always have your back” 

Jubal smiled hearing Maggie’s words, she had really proven that she would have his back and that meant a lot to him as he was used to leaning on no one else and keeping himself closed off but Maggie was changing him “You go check up with the medics and I’ll go to the JOC and see what they have for us and I'll see you there in a few minutes”