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Ties that bind

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Maggie smiled nodding in agreement with Jubal and she squeezed his hand once more but she reluctantly let go as she stepped out of the room and headed to find OA. After speaking to OA both agents made their way in to the JOC walking up to the front where Sloan and Jubal were standing. Maggie spoke when they were close enough for Jubal and Sloan to hear, she focused on Jubal when speaking 

“Medics say that Andrew had a really bad panic attack, we are going to give him a few minutes to compose himself and then talk to him again” 

“Good because Wallace might have something you can use” Jubal pulled up images of the five victims on to the main screen, Maggie didn’t miss the fact that Jubal called Sloan by her surname now and she also enjoyed getting to watch him work like this with pulling up the photos on the screen. Jubal pulled up one more photo and it was OA who spoke first this time 

“Who’s that?”

“That is Lee Cameron from around 20 years ago. This photo was taken not long before Andrew was abducted” 

“He’s killing women that look like his Mother” Maggie looked at OA and Jubal as she spoke, this was the connection between the victims, it was all down to their appearance 

“But why?” OA could clearly see that the victims looked like Lee Cameron but he couldn't understand it and that was when Sloan joined in the conversation 

“He most likely blames her for not protecting him. He's angry, but she's still his mother so he can’t kill her. He’s killing her proxy”

OA and Maggie were still looking at the photos up on the large screen before Maggie looked at OA and Jubal she had an idea that she wanted to run by them “Jubal can you print me out those six photos? And OA how do you feel about me going back in there on my own?” 

Jubal called for one of the analysts to get Maggie a copy of the six photos and OA now turned more to face Maggie “you thinking that he might talk more if it’s only a female in the room with him?….. it’s worth a try” 

Now it was Jubal’s turn to be the one getting to enjoy watching Maggie work, and also watching how well her and OA worked together and off each other, they really were a good partnership. No one could argue that they got the results. The analyst brought the photos over to Maggie and with that she was gone back in to the interrogation room. Jubal loved seeing her so focused, nothing stood in her way. 

Maggie lay down the six photographs infront of Andrew, told him it was obvious to everyone that the victims looked like his mother. She spoke softly to him this time, trying to get him to talk to her, she told him how it wasn’t looking good for him when he didn’t have an alibi for any of the murders. Maggie was sure that Andrew was about to talk when OA opened the door

“Andrew’s lawyer is here” 

Maggie was raging that they had been interrupted but she knew that OA had to let the lawyer in, she told the lawyer and Andrew that it would be better for him if he was to talk to them. With that Maggie and OA left interrogation and headed back in to the JOC where Isobel was actually waiting on them, she spoke the minute she seen them 

“Hey guys, Kristen and Stuart pulled the location date from Andrew’s Jeep, it confirms that he was within miles of each of the victims when they disappeared” 

“We knew that though right?” OA spoke to Isobel as Maggie was a little distracted, from they had walked back in to the JOC Jubal hadn't lifted his head, he was leaning against the desk beside Isobel but he was focused on his phone and that had caught Maggie’s attention. 

“Yes but there’s more” Isobel looks at Scola to let him finish as it was him that found it 

“Andrew was parked outside of a bar in Chelsea last night from 11.34pm to 12.52 am. Around the time that he left local 911 dispatch got this call from the bartender inside” 

Scola nodded at Kristen who played the 911 call from the bartender who told the dispatcher that he worked at bar Thompson and there was a girl who was saying she was dizzy and that someone had dropped something in her drink. He had lost sight of her and was worried about her. 

Jubal had finally lifted his head from his phone and he looked at Kristen and Scola “Since you guys found this why don't you two head to Bar Thompson and see what happened there last night. And let’s hope this girl isn't victim number six” 

Kristen and Stuart nod hearing Jubal and leave to head to the bar to speak to the barman from last night to find out what happened. OA excused himself to go and grab him and Maggie some coffee as it had been a long day and it was nowhere near over. Isobel had gone back in to her office so it left Maggie and Jubal alone. 

“Hey everything okay you seemed very focused on your phone when we came in?” 

Jubal smiled hearing the concern in Maggie’s voice and he slid his phone back on to his holder on his belt as he focused on Maggie “It was the kids. I haven't been able to ring them yet but Sam was with them and she helped them text me from her phone so I got to talk to them briefly. And then they sent me this picture” he took his phone back off the holder and showed Maggie the picture of Abigail and Tyler pulling funny faces in the back seat of their mums car 

Maggie chuckled softly when she seen the photograph, she could see now why Jubal had been distracted and why he had such a large smile on his face. She was surprised when he showed her the picture as he was private when it came to the kids

“I'm glad you got to talk to them even via text and now you have that picture until you can talk to them again. I see they have a fun side like their dad” 

Hearing Maggie say about their fun side and it being like him had Jubal smiling even more, being a father was everything to him, as much as he loved his job the thing he was proudest off was being a dad to Abigail and Tyler

“You were right talking to them was exactly what I needed” 

OA arrived back with the coffee for him and Maggie as Jubal had said he didn’t want any, they heard from Kristen and Stuart that the girl at the bar was called Grace Linen. She had left her tab open at the bar so thankfully the bar tender could hand over her name. Jubal told Maggie and OA to go back in and interrogate Andrew see if they could maybe trip him up with something about last night. They were in interrogation when this time it’s Jubal that interrupts

“I need to see you both now” 

Maggie and OA came out of the interrogation room straight away and Maggie was the first to speak

“What's going on?” Both her and OA were watching Jubal waiting for a response 

“Grace Linen was seen last night arguing with a man outside property that her parents own that is only eight blocks from Bar Thompson. I want you both to get over there right now” 

With that Maggie and OA are already heading to the elevator with Maggie shouting over her shoulder “Send us the address” Jubal acknowledged that he heard them and sent them both the address to their phones. 

When Maggie and OA got to the property no one answered when they knocked so OA broke down the door as they started to search the house, Maggie heard a noise up stairs and followed it in to a bedroom, she opened the door of the closet to finds Grace Linen sitting on the floor. Maggie showed Grace her badge and she came out of the closet and sat on the bed, they showed her a picture of Andrew but she told them that he wasn’t the guy that followed her. OA git medics up to check out Grace and they brought her back to the FBI with them.