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Ties that bind

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When they get Grace settled Maggie and OA walk in to the JOC with Maggie speaking when she sees Jubal 

“Grace Linen is safe but insists it wasn’t Andrew Cameron”

“We know” Jubal lifted his head when he heard Maggie speak and he points at Kristen's computer screen. Maggie and OA come over to watch the screen as Kristen speaks to them 

“Andrew’s jeep ran a red light three blocks from Grace Linen’s brownstone and it caught a picture” 

“It confirmed that Andrew was not behind the wheel”

Maggie looked at Jubal when she heard him speak “So who was?” 

Jubal nodded for her to look back at Kristen's screen as the picture is pulled up to show her and OA that Jordan, Andrew’s brother was the one that was driving. Sloan appeared while Maggie and OA were looking at the picture of Jordan and she spoke to them 

“The profile suggests he lacked a stable family during formative years. When Andrew was abducted Lee Cameron devoted all of her energy towards him and Jordan got lost. He never got the intimacy he needed from her so he sought out that control with her look a-likes” 

“So where is he, let’s go find him?” Maggie looks at Jubal and Kristen while she is speaking and Stuart walks in joining them 

“His mother said that he went home to shower and Grace Linen confirmed that Jordan is the guy who approached her at the bar and attacked her outside of her parents house” 

“And we have the visitor logs from the Rehab centres and half way houses that Andrew was in?” OA asked Jubal and Kristen and Kristen called up the logs on the screen showing them to OA and Maggie and this time Maggie spoke 

“They confirm he was there every time a body dropped” 

Jubal was standing tapping his fingers on his hips “yeah the question is where is he now” 

Stuart was on the phone and when he hung up he spoke to the group again “Doorman says that he never returned to the apartment” 

“His phone has been switched off ever since he left here” Kristen spoke while working on her computer 

Jubal now spoke loud enough for the whole JOC to hear him “We need to the cast the net wide here people. Let's start pouring over traffic cams. NYPD and Port authority help us out, put a BOLO out there. This guy is a flight risk with no impulse control. Let’s find him fast” 

Maggie and OA were going over everything they had and Maggie suddenly stood up “I have an idea” 

This caught Jubal’s attention “Go, try it, we need anything right now” 

OA gets up and follows his partner as she goes to the room that Andrew was being kept in. Maggie sat down opposite Andrew and she apologised for him being treated like a suspect but explained that they were just following the evidence, she tells Andrew they want to bring Jordan in safely but that is up to Jordan. Maggie gets Andrew talking and he tells them about a spot their Mum used to take them before the abduction, it was somewhere Jordan said he felt most at peace. Maggie and OA thank Andrew and leave the room instantly going to the their car, Maggie calls Jubal as soon as they get in to the car 

“Jubal, Andrew gave us a spot, it’s down by the waterfront in Brooklyn, OA and I are heading there now” 

Jubal was just about to reply to Maggie when one of the analysts calls him over to look at their screen and Jubal speak to Maggie

“It seems Andrew was right. We just got a hit on the BOLO, an NYPD officer just seen Jordan, he got spoked by the squad car and ducked in to a warehouse near the river”


“I’ll text you the address, NYPD is setting up containment. You and OA meet them there and then you wait for SWAT”

With that Maggie hung up and she called out the address to OA when they got it through from Jubal, when they arrive at the scene Kristen and Stuart are there as well. Maggie and OA get out of the car and are putting their vests on when Maggie hears Kristen talking to someone, she turns around to see Harry Bloom. Maggie goes over to Harry to speak with him 

“Harry you can’t enter the building with us. You have to wait here. You can talk to Jordan when we bring him in but I need you to stay out of this until then” 

Harry doesn't get a chance to reply to Maggie as OA and Stuart appear beside her and tell her that they are ready to enter. Maggie takes her gun out of the holster and looks at OA 

“Kristen and I will take the side door, you both take the back” 

OA nodded and he and Scola headed to the back, both sets of agents made their way inside the building. Maggie and Kristen find him first, Maggie tells OA where they are before entering the room that Jordan is in. Maggie steps infront of Kristen and stops when Jordan sees her 

“Jordan it’s over. There is no way out” 

Jordan turns to face Maggie and holds his hands up, thats when Harry Bloom appears behind Jordan with a gun pointed at him 

“Harry what are you doing? Leave now” 

“I'm not leaving until I hear him say it” 

“Put the gun down harry, now”

“Why Hannah?” Harry looks at Jordan who finally turns around to face Harry 

Jordan calmly looks at Harry and tilts his head a little “Who’s Hannah?”

Maggie uses that chance to come behind Jordan and arrest him but he pulls a knife from up his sleeve and turns on Maggie. They struggle over the knife and Maggie pushes him back a little, he comes at Maggie with the knife and Kristen pushes her out of the way but the knife stabs Kristen in the neck. Right at that moment Stuart and OA entered the room and shot Jordan. Maggie was applying pressure to the wound on Kristen’s neck

“OA call medics now”