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Before Izuku met Nezu, he thought that Nezu was this scary pro-hero that you should never mess with or converse with if you want to keep your sanity.
Now that Izuku has met Nezu, the mammal is still scary and you still shouldn't converse with him if you want to keep your sanity; but Izuku felt happy that Nezu could keep up with his mumbling! And not only that, Nezu thought Izuku was smart!
Though, it was kinda weird that Nezu did not question why Izuku was there. Izuku guessed that Nezu figured out he was just going wherever Aizawa and Yamada went.

“Checkmate.” Izuku softly said as he took Nezu’s king out, winning the game for the second time. Nezu has won four times while Izuku only won twice, but Izuku wasn't complaining. It was nice to play a game with someone again. He felt less lonely then what he usually felt, which was a pleasant surprise for Izuku.
“That was quite an unsuspecting win! Good job Midoriya!” Nezu chirped as he put the electronic tablet away and pulled out a cup of tea out of thin air (Izuku doesn’t question it). “But as much as I enjoy your company, I must get back to work!” Nezu said, sounding a bit disappointed that he couldn't play any mind games with the only person that seemed to be quite intelligent.

Izuku tried to keep the sadness and disappointed look off of his face, but Nezu seemed to be able to see that Izuku was upset about the turn of events. “If you do get bored or lonely, maybe you could try pranking some students while you're here. As long as you don't interfere with their work too badly, there shouldn't be a problem.” Nezu said, trying to keep the ghost somewhat happy. For some reason, Nezu did not enjoy seeing Midoriya upset. He wanted to keep Izuku happy.

“Are you sure? I don't want to annoy anybody.” Izuku mumbled, picking as his fingers, and Nezu laughed lightly.

“You’re a ghost, it's not like they could do anything to you, Midoriya. Actually, how about instead of pranking and bugging the students, you play with the teachers. They should be more interesting,and it's quite funny when they have trouble figuring out their electronics and question their own sanity!” Nezu chuckled, which made Izuku laugh lightly.
Maybe playing with the teachers wouldn't be too bad.

“I’ll try, but if they come in here running and crying, it's not my fault.” Izuku chirped before he went through the door, leaving Nezu alone with a satanic grin. He was definitely gonna be watching the cameras to see the pro-heros struggle.


Izuku floated through the empty hallways, trying to figure out who should be his first victim. He could do Aizawa and Yamada, but they were already used to their tv turning on randomly and their lights flickering. They might find it creepy that the ghost followed them from home though, and Izuku was kinda curious about their reaction to UA being haunted.

It took a while of floating through walls and being confused with the architecture that is UA, but Izuku finally found Yamada! Yamada was doing a presentation about english culture, which was on a projector that was connected to his computer. This was perfect.

Izuku smirked as he floated behind Yamada, who was excitedly talking about Canada and the cute arctic fox he saw there when he went on a business trip. Izuku remembered that Yamada had to do a trip to Canada when he was younger, so it was cool to hear what he saw there, but Izuku wasn't at Yamada’s class to listen to Yamada chat, he was there to toy with him.
Taking a deep breath (or as much breath a ghost could), Izuku touched the computer that had the horrid “Their, There, They’re,” on it. He was practically saving the students from losing their minds over those evil words.

The computer began to make a weird noise as static filled the screen from the ghost’s touch, and then all of a sudden, a video from somewhere around 2013 came on. It showed two cats on the screen and they both were fighting with lightsabers in their paws.
Yamada spluttered as he tried to get the video off and bring back the presentation, but Izuku wouldn't let him.

“Are you serious?! I thought this problem was gonna stay at home!” Yamada whined out when another video showed up. This time it was something called a “vine compilation”, and the students who were watching their teacher have a meltdown over the computer were quite amused.
Finally Yamada picked up his phone and sent a text to someone in distress.
It took a full minute before the door to the room swung open, startling everyone, including Izuku.
Aizawa was at the door with his arms crossed as he glared at everyone in Yamada’s room with his quirk. He knew it wouldn't fix the electronic problem because none of the students had an electric quirk, but it made him look intimidating.

“Stop this right now. You can bug us at our house, but not here. Play with the other teachers” Aizawa growled out, making the students confused about who the teacher was talking too.

Izuku pouted at the other teacher but complied and brought up the presentation while whispering sorry to the students' sanity.
Apparently the Yamada’s students heard the small sorry and began to slightly freak out about who else was in the room with them, but the teachers were not fazed by it. It's not often, but sometimes they would hear crying, small giggles, or the occasional word every once in a while. The demon ghost thing never spoke higher than a whisper, which confused the two teachers sometimes, and it only ever spoke one word.

Aizawa grumbled incoherently as Yamada spewed out his thanks to Aizawa, and he walked out of the room with Izuku tailing behind him. Izuku didn't stay beside Aizawa for long because as he floated, he saw the three students he took interest in.
They were in a class with Ectoplasm, who was doing math on a projector as well. Izuku floated away from Aizawa, who shivered when the lack of the presence left as he continued to walk.
Aizawa said he could bug the other teachers, just not him and Yamada, and Izuku thought this time he would creep the teacher out instead of putting up silly videos. The static trick should work, but that would only work for a couple seconds before the teacher thinks there was an actual problem. Maybe he could get an image of something creepy up with a weird glitching effect?
With that thought in mind, Izuku floated into the room and began to play with Ectoplasm’s computer. He let it fill with static, and Izuku thought he had about 15 seconds before it got annoying. So putting his ghostly hands to work, Izuku pulled up a creepy picture of an old cryptid known as Sirenhead, standing by some trees. A glitching effect was in display as a soft sound of a siren echoed through the class.

“What is that?!’ The blue haired girl yelled out when she saw the creepy glitching photo, and the rest of the class seemed to be startled as well.

“What the hell?!” Ectoplasm yelled out in shock as the glitching in the picture grew worse and worse, and then the computer turned off as the lights above them began to flicker slightly. Then the lights went out, making the class yell in panic, then the lights went back on and the projector and computer were back to normal.

It was like nothing happened at all.

Ectoplasm looked around the class to find the culprit, but he didn't see anyone that could do what just happened, so he made a clone and sent it to Principal Nezu, hoping that the weird principal could help out with the situation.

Meanwhile Izuku was trying to stifle a giggle in the corner of the room. Izuku was actually surprised that he enjoyed that. He normally hated scaring others, but ever since he became a ghost, he realized he slightly enjoyed it. It was kinda unnerving.

Izuku floated there, giggling above the students until Ectoplasm’s clone and Nezu walked into the room. Izuku and Nezu made eye contact for a moment, and Nezu smiled slightly.
This is good training for the teachers and it helped Nezu see who would do what during a time if the power ever went out, went weird, or if villains with an electrical quirk began to mess with their computers.

By the end of the day, Izuku found himself back in Nezu’s room, chilling around and making random chatter with Nezu. Izuku hoped that Nezu didn't mind his constant mumble, it just felt nice that he was being heard by someone again, and he missed it greatly.

“Midoriya, have you ever tried talking to Aizawa or Yamada?’ Nezu looked up from where he was playing with a weird box.

“I have tried, but it has always fallen to deaf ears. And when I tried to use the tv or computer, it never worked out in my favour.” Izuku grumbled out as he floated towards Nezu and looked over his shoulder to see what he was doing.

“Hmm, have you ever tried using a Spirit box? Many ghost hunters have used it before and gained well results.” Nezu held out the box to Izuku. “The spirit box is a kind of device that can rapidly scan through multiple audio channels that makes it relatively easy for ghosts to speak to the living. All you have to do is speak into that little microphone right there, and we should be able to hear you.” Nezu said, and Izuku;s eyes widened as he leaned down and said hello into it.
The box sound really disoriented with the channels it was going through, but Nezu and Izuku both heard his voice come through the spirit box. It was rough, but it sounded like Izuku, despite the extreme static.
Izuku stared at the box in amazement, and Nezu had to hold back a laugh as Izuku gaped at him, then the device, and then yelled out in excitement and joy.

“Wait a minute! Does this mean I can talk with Aizawa and Yamada now?!” Izuku gasped, and Nezu nodded his head with a giant grin. That was one of the main reasons why Nezu made the device. He knew Izuku wanted to talk to Aizawa and Yamada.

If Izuku began to wail out of joy, Nezu was not gonna judge him. After all, he would've gone insane if no one could see or hear him.

“If you would like, I can call the two hero’s up at the end of classes. So while we wait, what type of quirk theories do you have?” Nezu said, and Izuku perked up before going into a deep ramble about his thoughts and theories on the powers.

Izuku fidgeted with his hands as he waited for his two favorite pro-heros to show up in Nezu’s office. Izuku was nervous that they wouldn't let him hang out with them anymore, or try to get rid of him. Izuku didn't want to roam around the streets as a ghost, that would be boring and lonely. Not only that, how would Aizawa react when Izuku apologizes and tells him it isn't the man’s fault?! Izuku’s mind was going a mile a minute as Nezu just sat patiently in his chair, sending a few curious glances to the anxious ghost.

When the door opened with a slight creak, Izuku yelped out loud when he was brought out of his thoughts. At the door was Aizawa, who looked exhausted, and Yamada who looked tired, but not as tired as Aizawa. They must've just finished doing some sort of training.

“Ah, Aizawa, Yamada! Sit down, sit down please! I got some exciting things happening at this moment!” Nezu chirped, holding the spirit box that Aizawa and Yamada gave a curious glance too.

“What do you want, Principle Nezu”? Aizawa grumbled, making Nezu chuckle.

“Well, a little ghost told me that you two have some sort of spirit following you around.” Nezu laughed, making Yamada and Aizawa perk up.

“How do you know that?” Yamada asked, not fully aware that all animals could see Izuku. Yamada thought it was only cats and dogs that could see ghosts and demons, not all animals.

“I'm not a human, Yamada. Us animals have a special gene in our eyes that let us see anomalies that humans may not see. I thought you would know this. Now, would you like some tea before we start anything?” Nezu held out a small kettle filled with hot water. Aizawa was good with just his coffee in his travel mug and Yamada accepted the tea from the smaller mammal (he was too scared to refuse, and Nezu internally laughed like a maniac)

‘Now what I have in my hand is a spirit box. With the spirit box, the child that is following you should be able to speak with you. Are you ready?” Nezu held out the box towards Izuku, and Izuku’s nerves shot up, making the lights flicker lightly.

Aizawa nodded, not really interested in this, and Yamada nodded enthusiastically, excited to finally hear the thing that has been following them around all this time.

“H-hello Aiza- nd Ya-Yam-ada.” The voice box echoed through the room, and Aizawa went deathly pale while Yaamda squealed in excitement and fear to finally hear the ghost properly. It was so cool to hear the ghost despite it being disoriented and cutting out every once in a while.

Aizawa was frozen as he replayed that sentence in his head. He knew that voice. Aizawa knew that voice as it sounded extremely familiar to Izuku Midoriya, the boy he couldn't save from falling off the rooftop. The way Izuku sounded broken on that day, and the way Izuku screamed for him as he fell was burned into his brain, haunting him as he slept.

“Midoriya?” Aizawa whispered, afraid if he were to speak too loudly, that his voice would crack with all the emotion he put in that name.

“H-hi Mr.- Aizawa.” Izuku said through the device, while he was filled with joy that he could finally talk to the hero.
Tears dripped down Izuku’s face as Aizawa had a few tears himself fill the corner of his eyes but not falling. Aizawa disliked crying, but his emotions didn't care at the moment,

“I- anted to s-say it w-snt your fault. I was pul-ed off the ro-roof by my mo-ther. You did n-oth-ing wron-.” The spirit box continued to crackle “You did w-hat you cou-ld, wh-ch im gre-atful for. Izuku rubbed his arms nervously, remembering the day, then continuing before the other could speak “I may be dead, but yo-our my he-hero.”

That seemed to break Aizawa as the tears slipped down his face. Aizawa looked downwards and shoved his face in the crook of his elbow as he cried silently. “Im so sorry, I am so fucking sorry.” Aizawa mumbled out, voice cracking with emotion.
Nezu smiled softly at Aizawa, and Yamada moved closer to Aizawa and hugged him as the man continued to cry his silent tears.

“Its al-alright Ai-zawa. You d-id what y-o could.” Izuku sniffled as he rubbed at his own crying eyes. He was so happy that he could finally tell Aizawa that it wasn't his fault. Aizawa didn't deserve to feel the guilt of Izuku falling to his death. Aizawa was a good man.

That seemed to make Aizawa cry harder,and tears seemed to drip down Yamada’s face as well. Yamada knew how much of a toll that death has put on Aizawa, so when Yamada realized Aizawa recognized that voice, he knew this was gonna be a rollercoaster of emotions. But one thing that the young ghost said had caught his attention.

Once Aizawa had calmed down from the rush of emotions, Yamada decided to ask a depressing question that was on the tip of his tongue. “You said your mother pulled you off the roof. How and why did she do that?” Yamada asked softly.

Izuku was slightly shocked by the question, but Izuku guessed he got himself in that mess. So going near the spirit box again, Izuku began to speak. “I-I was suppo-sed to be quir-less. I gue-ss she didn't love me and used h-her qui-rk on m-e, pul-ling me off the roof.” The spirit box echoed with static, and everyone felt their blood boil.

“Well, you wont need to worry about her Midoriya! We will make sure she gets the consequences she deserves!” Nezu said in a calm voice.

Midoriya wanted to tell him that they didn’t have to do anything, but he was hit with a thought. If she killed her own son, would she kill any other quirkless children?” With that in mind, Izuku kept his mouth shut and nodded, knowing that Nezu could see him.

It was silent as everyone absorbed the information that was dropped. It has been a weird day for all of the adults, and teen.
“Will you still be sticking with us?” Aizawa spoke through the thick silence that was created. As much as Aizawa didn't want to admit it, it was a comforting thought to have Midoriya around instead of floating aimlessly through the streets. And despite the kid being dead, he wanted Izuku to join the family so he wouldn't be lonely, and so Aizawa and Yamada could give him the kindness he needed his whole life.

“If th-ats alrig-t.” Both Aizawa and Yamada heard from the device, and a small smile grew on their faces.

“That's definitely alright ghostie listener! Glad to have you here!” Yamada yelled, and Aizawa agreed with the loud man.

Izuku looked at the two heroes before he let out a sob. “Is this what a family feels like?” Izuku thought as he thanked Aizawa, Yamada, and Nezu.