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Katsuki shivered, thighs clenching together and hands balling into fists on his desk as he felt the heat rolling over him in waves, cheeks flushed and sweat dripping from his scalp, breaths coming out in barely-contained puffs from between his lips. Aizawa was saying something at the front of the room, wrapping up a lesson, but the words swam in one ear and out the other, senses spiraling together in a confused amalgam, his brain only able to process panic and heat .

He should have known this was coming, in all honesty, but when he presented as an omega a year ago and subsequently went on the strongest suppressants and scent-blockers available to hide it, he wasn’t exactly thinking about the side-effects. He was thinking about how ashamed he was to be something he considered so weak. He was thinking about the other hero students treating him like he was inferior or delicate, and how much he hated to be looked down upon like that. So no, he was thinking about that very clear warning the doctor had given him; the potent suppressants would make his heat yearly instead of monthly, but when it did come, it would be sudden, unexpected, and powerful. 

So there he was, squirming in his seat in the middle of class, trying his best to hide that he’d just been hit with a powerful wave of heat despite the fact that he really had no idea what was going on around him anymore. He felt scared and small and desperate, just wanting to be back in his room where his nest was, but at the same time absolutely humiliated by this slap-in-the-face reminder of the thing he hated most about himself. 

And then, of course, he felt slick start to drip down between his thighs, and he had to bite his lip to keep from making a distressed moan, scalding tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. Through his blurry vision, he watched Aizawa point at things he’d written on the broad, continuing to talk, and Katsuki just started counting in his head, knowing class could only be a few minutes away from ending. But the distraction wasn’t enough to keep him from shivering as he felt his underwear soak through, and then his uniform pants start to stick to the chair from all the slick dripping out of him. It was horrible, knowing that if he stood everyone would instantly know what had happened to him, and he bent over his desk, trying to keep his head down so his classmates might not see his red-face, sweat dripping from his temples and tears dampening his cheeks. The only hope he had left to cling to was the knowledge that his scent-blockers made him completely imperceptible, so much so that even that pool of slick seeping out from him couldn’t be picked up by the keen noses of the many alphas in his class. Still, the feeling of it dripping out of him and pooling on his seat was like pure torture as the class seemed to go on and on without relief. 

Finally, after counting out a full five minutes, the bell rang to dismiss them for lunch, and Katsuki breathed out a sigh, knowing all he had to do was wait for his classmates to leave so he could make his escape without anyone noticing.

But then, of course, he remembered that he had friends who were walking over to see if he was ready to go.

“Hey, Bakugou--” it sounded like shitty-hair was talking, but before Katsuki even had a chance to try and collect himself enough to respond, the chair behind him was screeching back, and someone was jumping to his defense.

“Ah, sorry Kirishima, Kacchan isn’t feeling well. He asked me to take him to the nurse’s office, so you guys should probably go to lunch without him,” Deku explained, placing one hand on Katsuki’s shoulder, and his body involuntarily shivered at the contact. Of course that stupid nerd would notice him, sitting behind him and all, but also because he was the only one who knew . He’d been there when Katsuki first presented, and had been sworn to secrecy about it by some threats Katsuki now slightly regretted. He could've just asked nicely, and Deku would have done anything for him, and it’s exactly that thought that calms him now that Deku has come to his aide.

“Oh. Is that right?” Kirishima questioned, and Katsuki picked his head up to answer.

“Mn,” he nodded, because that’s all he could manage, but he did his best to make eye-contact so the red-head wouldn’t be too worried.

“Ah, jeez, yeah. You don’t look so good bro,” Kirishima stepped forward, meaning to touch Katsuki’s forehead, but he jerked away, screaming internally at the thought of an alpha coming so close to him in such a vulnerable state. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come too?”

“No,” he affirmed, shaking his head. “Just Deku.”

“O… kay,” Kirishima nodded slightly, perhaps starting to realize what might really be going on, but seemed to brush it off just as soon. “Well, I hope you feel better! C’mon guys, let’s go to lunch,” he dismissed himself, moving back to the larger group of friends waiting for him. Katsuki watched their fuzzy shapes leave the room, and then sighed, finally alone with Deku.

“Are you okay Kacchan?” he asked in a whisper, squeezing his shoulder.

“Mm-mn,” he shook his head, tears rushing back to his eyes in an instant, somehow so easy to be honest about his weakness around the beta. “I can’t… get up.”

“Your legs won’t move?” Deku questioned.

“No, no… my pants. They’re drenched,” he clarified, and then heard a little gasp of recognition over his shoulder, the idiot probably just noticing the puddle of slick he was sitting in.

“I see. Um, here! I have an idea,” he said, grabbing both of Katsuki’s hands to help him stand up. “If you take off your jacket…” he paused, helping Katsuki slide the garment off his shoulders, “And tie it around your waist, it hides the wet spot in the back.”

“Oh,” Katsuki nodded, watching Deku tie his jacket around his waist. “Thanks.”

“Here. I’ll walk you back to your room, now, okay? That is where you want to go, right?” Deku asked, gently taking hold of one of Katsuki’s arms to guide him towards the door.

“Mm-hm,” he nodded, leaning into the touch to the point of practically pressing himself up against Deku’s side. The beta’s scent was incredibly subtle, but after years spent together he’d know that hint of pine anywhere, and half-closed his eyes to really focus on letting it calm him. Deku didn’t say much after that, just guided him out of the classroom, down the hall and out the back door of the school building, across the field and into the dorms. Katsuki could feel himself slipping more and more out of it as they went, so by the time they were in the elevator going up to his floor, Katsuki’s strength finally gave out and he slumped completely against Deku’s side.

“Ah! K-Kacchan,” the nerd said, startled, as he wrapped his arms tightly around Katsuki’s waist to keep him upright.

“Mmn,” Katsuki groaned, twisting up the back of Deku’s shirt in his hands as he nuzzled his face into the beta’s neck, completely unaware of the world around them.

“We have to, um… your floor,” Deku tried to get him to move, but when Katsuki’s body remained limp, he gave up with sigh and shifted his weight to move one arm under Katsuki’s legs, picking him up to carry him down the hall to his room. Katsuki didn’t mind at all, simply wrapping his arms around Deku’s shoulders and resting his head on his chest. He noted distantly in his dazed state that the nerd’s heart seemed to be beating rather quickly, but he wasn’t aware enough of himself to really take any meaning from it. 

The door clicked open then, and Katsuki lifted his head in the realization that he was back in his room, eyes finding his nest as relief washed over him.

“There we go,” Deku said softly as he set Katsuki down in the pile of pillows, blankets, and other garments, and Katsuki couldn’t help a low purr from rumbling out of his throat as he nuzzled into his favorite part of the nest where Deku’s scent lingered from the sweaty undershirt he’d stolen a few days prior.

“Oh. So that’s where that went,” he heard Deku whisper, but couldn’t be bothered to think much of it, the wave of heat finally settling slightly now that he was comfortable in his nest, one hand still holding Deku’s tightly.

“Um,” Deku cleared his throat then, “Do you need anything else? Uh… a change of clothes? Water? Food?”

“Mmm… Deku,” Katsuki answered, looking up at him with bleary eyes. That’s all he needed: for Deku to stay with him.

“Y-yes?” Deku questioned, not realizing that had been the answer to his question.

“Need Deku,” Katsuki clarified, and even through his foggy vision he saw the way it made Deku’s cheeks flare bright red. 

“A-ah, um… okay? I can stay, I guess. I’ll just text Uraraka to take notes for both of us, then…” he trailed off to pull out his phone and clumblisly type out the text one-handed, though Katsuki bristled at the mention of round-face. Huffing and shifting on the bed, a scowl pulled down on his lips as he tried to push away the unwarranted jealousy. Deku was his , and he’d just agreed to stay with him for his heat, but it still bothered him how quickly his thoughts turned to his female friend. If Katsuki were thinking a little more rationally, he’d be able to articulate that she only felt like a threat since betas were supposed to like other betas, not needy omegas like him, but in that moment, he just saw her as another threat to his mate, (even though they weren’t, actually, mates.)

“Okay there we go,” Deku put his phone away, text successfully sent, and Katsuki instantly calmed now that all his attention was on him again. “Gosh, Kacchan, you really should drink some water, though,” he said, staring down at the wet spot on his pants with blatant concern.

“Kay,” Katsuki nodded, not feeling particularly thirsty, but willing to go along with whatever Deku wanted. 

“Here,” Deku said, reaching behind his back to help him up into a sitting position and then grabbing his water bottle from the nightstand and bridging it to his lips. Katsuki didn’t even complain about being babied, and just drank from the bottle willingly as Deku held it there, eyes fluttering shut for a minute until he decided he’d had enough and popped his lips off the bottle.

“Boy you were… thirsty,” Deku’s voice cracked as he said it, and he quickly cleared his throat to cover up whatever embarrassment had caused it, but Katsuki just slumped back down into his nest and smiled blithely up at him, starting to rub at his wrist with the pad of his thumb. The heat was rolling back over him, mind swirling like everything rational had melted away, his gut twisting in part-pain, part-pleasure, his skin so scaldingly hot he was sensitive to every inch of fabric touching him, but most importantly Deku’s hand in his.

“Deku,” he whispered, voice low and breathy, shifting his legs together uncomfortably against the new wave of slick slipping out of him. “I feel gross,” he grimaced, though there wasn’t any shame behind it, just an honest admission of his sweaty, sticky state.

“O-oh, right! I can help you get changed if, uh… actually. Do you think you can get changed on your own?” Deku quickly switched ideas, and Katsuki shook his head, pouting at the beta’s sudden reluctance.

“Mm-mn. Need help,” he demanded, voice embarrassingly babyish, but he didn’t have the sense to care.

“Okay, okay. Just, um…” Deku trailed off, pausing for a long time before he gulped and moved his hand to Katsuki’s waist. “You need to let go of my hand if you want me to do this,” he whispered, something different about his voice, and Katsuki reluctantly complied. Deku untied his jacked from his waist first, removing it so he could pull down his pants, taking them off along with his socks and shoes. 

“What about your shirt?” Deku asked, clearly trying to avoid the question of his underwear as long as possible. “It’s not dirty, right?”

“Mm… but my skin’s sensitive. Want it off,” Katsuki decided, sitting up and lifting his arms to give Deku better access.

“Okay,” Deku moved to comply, but then paused suddenly. “Wait. Do you mean you want to stay naked?”

“Um… yes?” Katsuki answered, nodding sheepishly. “Is that okay?”

“Wha-” Deku seemed surprised by his submissiveness, but then gulped and continued peeling Katsuki’s shirt away from his sweat skin. “Of course. Whatever you need.”

Katsuki smiled at that answer, and held his arms even higher as Deku pulled his shirt over his head and discarded it on the floor. He flopped back once it was off, and lifted his hips to urge him to finally get the slick-soaked underwear off.

“Are you sure you can’t do that yourself?” Deku asked, but Katsuki shook his head.

“Need you,” he huffed, and Deku sighed, reaching for the waistband and slowly pulling them down, the fabric nearly stuck to his skin it was so saturated by his slick, but once it was off and the wet lips of Katsuki’s cunt, usually hidden shamefully away, felt the breath of cool air, a wave of heat rolled through his so forcefully that his head fell back with a desperate sigh. 

“Deku,” he practically moaned his name, reaching blindly for his hand, which Deku soon supplied, thinking he just wanted to hold it again.

“I’m here, still here,” Deku affirmed, giving Katuski’s hand a squeeze, but then Katsuki tugged it towards where he really wanted his hand, splaying his legs open just a touch wider so they weren’t so much in the way of his arm, though they still weren’t particularly wide: he may have been desperate, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he still felt enough shame to keep him from presenting like a wanton whore.

“Need you,” he repeated himself, trying to get Deku’s hand to actually touch him, but the stupid nerd was jerking away.

“K-Kacchan! That’s -- I -- you don’t want me to do that,” he said, shaking his head frantically.

“Yes I do,” Katsuki insisted, brows furrowing at such an obviously incorrect statement. 

“B-but, I’m a beta! I can’t… can’t give you what you want,” Deku explained, voice catching in his throat, clearly upset, thought Katsuki still couldn’t wrap his head around the problem.

“But I want you… just want you,” Katsuki tried to clarify, rolling his head to the side so he was looking him in the eye, bleary vision focusing on green eyes shinny with unshed tears.

“I… but Kacchan, you know I’m not an alpha, right? I can’t knot you,” Deku said, and Katsuki huffed out an irritated sigh.

“So? Don’t want no stupid knot, don’t want no stupid fucking alpha,” he clarified, heat rolling into frustration. “I hate alphas,” he added spitefully, lips quivering, a deadly cocktail of fear, shame, and misplaced anger brewing behind his eyes. “I want you,” he finally focused again, reaching up to grab the collar of Deku’s shirt in his weak grip. “Please?”

“I… are you sure?” Deku asked, gulping hesitantly. “M-me?”

“Yes, you,” Katsuki nodded, pulling him down towards him and letting his eyes start to flutter shut. “It’s always been you.”

“Then… okay,” Deku nodded, and gapped the distance so they were kissing, soft and inexperienced, just needing to taste one another’s lips and affirm that this was really happening, that they both actually wanted this.

“Deku,” Katsuki breathed against his lips, tugging his hand back to that searing spot between his legs, and finally he complied. Reaching for the omega’s half-hard cock, he gave the little thing a few strokes, and Katsuki’s back arched into the touch, quickly getting fully erect. His grip was firm but hand gentle, pausing to rub his thumb into the sensitive tip at the end of each lazy stroke, so Katsuki moved his hips in time with him to get more sweet pressure from it.

“Feel good?” Deku asked, self-consciousness rolling off of him so strongly Katsuki could almost smell it.

“Mm-hm,” Katsuki nodded, then gulped down the saliva gathering in his mouth so he could actually get a proper word out. “It’s nice but,” he paused, reaching down to pluck Deku’s hand from his cock and move it down just a few inches. “I really need it here.”

“You, um… you want me to finger you?” Deku questioned, his voice so deliciously breathy.

“Yeah,” Katsuki nodded eagerly, pressing Deku’s hand closer so his fingers brushed up against the slick folds. 

“Okay,” Deku choked out the word, and then gulped. “But you know I don’t… I mean, I’ve never… I don’t know what I’m--”

“It’s okay,” Katsuki shook his head, wanting so desperately for him to just get on with it already. “I trust you.”

“Ah, r-right,” Deku nodded, finally taking back control of his hand, so Katsuki released it and let him get to work. He touched him cautiously at first, stroking the pad of his middle finger through the line where the pink lips of his cunt met, and Katsuki shivered at the torturously gentle feeling of it. Gaining confidence, Deku pushed in deeper and started to move his finger in slow circles, up and down through his folds, and between half-formed groans and little jerks of his hips, Katsuki found the time to smile at the thought that Deku probably didn’t even know where his entrance was -- had probably never even seen a pussy before, much less touched one -- and somehow that endearment made his fumbling touches all the more exhilarating when pleasure tingled up Katsuki’s spine.

“It’s lower,” he breathed out when he felt Deku pushing a little too hard at the top of his cunt, his theory about his confusion just about confirmed by the embarrassed squeak the nerd let out.

“Really? H-how low?” he questioned.

“Hah, don’t worry. You won’t accidentally skip to my asshole,” Katsuki chuckled, but Deku just gulped nervously and nodded, running his finger down the center of his folds until finally it slipped into his tight heat, squelching obscenely through the slick as his whole finger was sucked in up to the knuckle.

“Aaah, god,” Katsuki’s eyes rolled back, hips canting up to push it in farther, his whole body thrumming sensitively now that the warmest, most inward part of himself was finally being touched.

“Oh, wow,” Deku huffed, sounding quite a bit affected himself as he slowly pulled his finger out and then sunk it back inside.

“Hnng,” Katsuki bit his lip, legs coming instinctually back together and trapping his hand there, even as he begged, “M-more, please , more!”

“Kacchan, you have to open your legs if--” Deku cut off as Katsuki’s face turned an impossibly darker shade of red with his embarrassment. 

“But…” he choked out the word, not sure what he even meant to say or why he was so hung up on that one phrase. He didn’t want to “be a good omega” and spread his legs, but he did want Deku to keep touching him, which meant he had to do that. He squirmed in frustration and confusion for a moment, fists twisting in the blanket under himself, and then Deku sighed, and he looked up to focus on the sympathetic face above himself.

“Here, let me just…” Deku whispered, finally climbing up onto the bed and taking a seat at the back of his nest so he was sitting up across from Katsuki, finger still knuckle deep inside of him. “It’s okay, Kacchan. You want me to touch you, right?” he asked, running a hand gently up and down the back of his thigh to soothe him, and Katsuki nodded, releasing the tension in his legs so Deku could ease them back open, giving him the access he needed to continue fingering him. He made another slow thrust with just that one finger, looking apprehensively at Katsuki’s face to make sure he was still on board with it, and Katsuki instantly relaxed, toes curling as he jerked his hips to force it farther in.

“Faster,” he moaned, and Deku immediately complied, thrusting his finger into that wet heat, curling the pad up slightly and stroking so nicely at his walls, the pleasure tingling through him, so good but still not enough. “Another, fuck, please, more,” Katsuki begged, and Deku just nodded before easily slipping his pointer finger in alongside it, hardly a stretch at all with how much slick was gushing out of him. 

“Is it good?” Deku asked, and Katsuki nodded earnestly, gripping the sheets tightly below himself and rolling his hips to the pace Deku had set. 

“One more… one more finger, please,” he forced out, voice trembling on the verge of moaning between each word. 

“Okay,” Deku nodded, fitting his ring finger in, and finally there was a hint of a stretch, the faintest burn for just a moment that sent flames up into Katsuki’s gut.

“Aaaahn,” he moaned outright, and he swore he heard Deku gulp down a groan in response to the sound. 

“Are you, um, are you close?” the nerd asked breathlessly.

“Nnn… need you,” Katsuki answered nonsensically.

“Need me where? Er, how?” Deku asked.

“Lips,” was the only answer Katsuki could give, and though he felt Deku hesitate for a second, there was soon a hand on his thigh to move his legs even farther apart so he could get his head down between them and suck Katsuki’s cock into his mouth even as he continued to fuck into him with his fingers. 

“Y-yes! Ahh, fuck!” Katsuki lost it at that, not even caring that stupid Deku had misinterpreted his request, the dual pleasure rocketing him towards the edge in an insant. Deku’s fingers curled up against his sensitive insides and his tongue swirled around the pulsing, red head of his cock, and fire flooded his veins before snapping like glass, a blinding pleasure surging through him that had him throwing his head back to scream out a moan. 

He came into Deku’s mouth, a few week spurts of useless omega cum swallowed right down his throat, while his cunt squirted slick onto Deku’s hand, his fingers fucking him right though the length of the orgasm until he just a sticky, panting mess on the mattress.

“Feel better, Kacchan?” Deku asked, smoothing his bangs away from his sweaty forehead with his clean hand.

“Mmn,” Katsuki nodded, limp body practically sinking into the bed beneath him.

“How about you rest while I get some food, okay? We did miss lunch, after all,” Deku suggested as he got up and out of Katsuki’s nest, and while Katsuki liked the sound of food, (and especially liked the sound of Deku taking care of him like that,) the idea of Deku suddenly leaving upset him, and he shot up to sitting to grab him by the wrist and stop him. 

“Huh?” Deku turned around. “Something wrong?”

“Mm… I… um…” Katsuki shifted nervously, and then gave in and pointed to his mouth. “Lips,” he repeated the request, and Deku’s face went red when he realized it.

“O-oh! That’s what you -- um, okay!” he nodded, shuffling back over and taking Katsuki by the chin so he could press their lips together. It was more firm that time, lips slotted nicely together for a long, lingering moment before they pulled away with a satisfying smack, and Katsuki willingly let Deku back away towards the door, assured by that affirmation of devotion.

“I’ll be right back,” Deku nodded to him as he opened the door and slipped out, and Katsuki sighed blissfully as he curled back up in his nest. His whole body thrummed with satisfaction, and as he rubbed his face into that stolen undershirt, taking in another whiff of crisp pine, he was reminded of safety and security, his sweet little beta all wrapped up in caring for him. Humiliation and shame all but forgotten, he lived for that moment in the sweet bliss of knowing he’d gotten just what he wanted, and more importantly, what the ever-suppressed omega in him longed for.