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Curious. Dangerous.

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One thing Midoriya had been wondering since being told about One For All was how his body would deal with things differently once he had it. Now that he does have it, he’s found that, for the most part, everything’s the same. His bones aren’t stronger (they actually seem to be weaker). He doesn’t feel less scared (he’s learning to turn his fear into courage). The habits he’d had ingrained into his mind, body, and soul are still there (still pulling him away from his teachers; refusing to let him ask even those he now considers his friends for help).

And his dad still works abroad.

But that’s fine. The man’s busy. Too busy.

He wouldn’t even come if Izuku was dying.


Dying? Like, from being hurt? What kind of hurt? Heart attack? No. Too simple. And uncontrollable. He can’t plan something like that. Villain attack? What if Shigaraki had placed that fifth finger on his neck at the mall? He’d be dead in a matter of minutes. Maybe seconds.

An image of All For One floating over a ruined Musutafu city enters the teen’s brain and he wonders if that would get his father to come home.

Maybe. It would be impossible to tell without it actually happening.

But… he could make it happen.

All For One is replaced with the Ninth holder of One For All.

Izuku shakes his head and sighs. He rolls over in bed and grasps the phone charging on his nightstand. It turns on without him needing to press the power button and he winces as the screen momentarily blinds him. He stares at his lock screen for a moment. It’s a picture his mom had taken of him and All Might after she agreed to let Izuku return to UA. Then his emerald eyes focus on the time.


That… wasn’t too early…

… Right?

Yeah. Right.

The teen shoves his blanket to the floor and sits up in bed. He doesn’t know how long he’s been awake. He doesn’t know if he ever went to sleep in the first place. His mind can’t recall anything but a brief second of darkness after he crawled into bed and before the randoms thoughts disrupted his… whatever he was doing.

And yet, hours had passed.

So, he must’ve slept. At least, a little.

Another sigh leaves his mouth as he swings his legs over the edge of his bed and stands up. He should get a drink and go back to bed. He doesn’t have to be up early today because it’s Saturday and Aizawa is tired and the entire class is tired and Izuku was tired but he’s not anymore so he must’ve slept but he went to bed at 12:30-ish and now it’s 4:00 and that shouldn’t be enough time for him to feel so refreshed and-

Izuku breathes deeply, his eyes closing as he commands his brain to stop for a moment. When his eyes open again, he sees stars. Literally. Thousands of silver lights twinkle against the night sky. He has to tear his gaze away so he can know where he is because other than outside he is totally lost.

His scarred hand is holding the dorm roof’s railing and Izuku turns to see the roof access door very much closed.

He hopes it doesn’t automatically lock.

He should check on it now, but… He’s not scared of being locked out. People will wake, eventually. Iida will want to go for a run and he always leaves the door unlocked when he does. Yaoyorozu will want to head to the library and Izuku’s sure she’ll try to bring some of their classmates with less than average test scores with her so she can help them with anything they aren’t understanding. Kacchan would literally kill someone if he had to be stuck inside with the pervert for an extended period of time.

No, Izuku doesn’t need to be inside right now. His body probably knew that which was why he was on the roof. The teen hums, softly, and holds the railing with both hands as he leans back as far as his small arms will allow. Tilting his head back, he smiles when his gaze is once again directed skywards. He can see a bit of color--dark purples and blues--protruding from the darkness.

And then, his thoughts take over again.

He remembers the UA entrance exam and how scared he was. Those impossibly expensive, giant robots. The zero-pointer about to step on Uraraka. That first time he used One For All, he’d been too panicked to think very well and the thought that was now on his mind disappeared then.

“How hurt would I get if I fell from up here?” He asks quietly, dropping his gaze from the beautiful sky and leaning over the rail to see the ground below. There were only five stories. Honestly, how much damage could be done from a fall like this? Would he die? Maybe break his spine? Or perhaps he’d only twist his ankle?

The only thing he was sure about was that he’d be in pain.


Aizawa’s voice sounded from behind him and Izuku’s mind tells him (belatedly) that he heard the door open and close behind the man.

“Hello, sensei,” Izuku greets, turning away from the edge to look at his teacher with a soft smile on his lips. Aizawa looks tired, but there’s concern in his eyes and Izuku feels a warmth spreading through his chest because he knows the man cares about him. He’d never had a teacher that cared before and now he doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost this man who seemed to be just as careless with his body as Izuku was with his (not that Aizawa would ever admit it). “I’m okay,” The teen isn’t sure whether this is a lie or not.

It looks like Aizawa isn’t sure either.

“What are you doing out here, kid?” The man’s voice is soft and Izuku briefly wonders if it’s because he’s tired or because he’s trying to convey how fond he is of his student without actually having to say it.

“I wish I knew, sensei,” Izuku knows he could just say he wanted to watch the sky. Wanted to see the stars. And, for a part of him, it would be true. But not all of him. His body came here on it’s own and now his brain is struggling to find out why.

The teen turns back to the edge, but instead of looking down, his eyes scan the treetops of the forest that surround UA. His teacher’s footsteps echo in his head, steadily getting louder until Aizawa comes to a stop beside him.

“What do you mean by that?”

Izuku laughed. “Well,” He said, facing his teacher once more. “I left my room to get a drink and now I’m here,”

Aizawa nods as if the teen had given a completely valid explanation for this little nighttime escapade. Izuku returns to staring off over the trees. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Aizawa stare up at the sky. He wants to talk about how beautiful it is right now, but Aizawa never wants to talk about mundane things so he keeps those words to himself.

“Sometimes I wonder how badly I’d get hurt if I fell,” Izuku admits because apparently he can’t stay silent when there’s another person around. Aizawa’s hands clench the railing, his knuckles go white, and dark grey eyes turn to the teenager. Izuku wants to continue staring off into space as random thoughts float in and out of his mind, but now that he’s said that he knows he’ll have to explain everything before Aizawa will let him go anywhere.

“I don’t mean that I want to die,” He says, which (of course) only makes Aizawa more concerned. “I’m just… curious. I want to know which bones would break, if any. I want to know if any would cut through my skin. If I’d bleed out before someone found me. If it would matter if someone found me or not,” Izuku turns to Aizawa and smiles again, hoping his teacher will see that he’s being genuine. “I wonder if I’d be hurt at all. If my quirk would somehow save me from the worst injuries,”

He can see the gears turning in Aizawa’s brain, but he can’t see the puzzle pieces the man is trying to fit together. After several seconds, Aizawa raises a hand and places it, gently, on the teen’s shoulder.

“Midoriya,” He says, using his teacher voice. “You shouldn’t dwell on thoughts like those. They’re not good for you,”

“I know, sensei,” Izuku says, letting his smile fade. “I try not to, but sometimes they just… won’t stop,”

He feels Aizawa’s hand squeeze his shoulder and closes his eyes as his body leans into the touch.

“Then tell someone when you’re having them,”

“I can’t. They usually happen at night when everyone’s already asleep,”

Aizawa huffs quietly, but Izuku can still hear the words ‘Problem Child’ he mutters affectionately under his breath.

“Then tell me,”

Izuku opens his eyes and frowns.

“If it’s nighttime and you have these thoughts,” Aizawa explains, though Izuku knew very well what the man had meant.

“Won’t you be busy?” The teen asks. Because that’s what Aizawa was. When he wasn’t sleeping he was busy. Busy teaching. Busy with hero work. Busy grading his class. Busy thinking up lessons so his students won’t get thrown into the world as pro heroes and immediately die because they weren’t prepared enough.

Busy patrolling the UA grounds in search of villains trying to harm those in his care. Busy making sure everyone knew if something was bothering them they could go talk to the on-campus therapist. Busy being a strong constant in his student’s lives so they won’t worry more than they should about the fact that they’ve been targeted by the League of Villains multiple times.

He didn’t even seem to have time to eat a real meal.

“I always find time to sleep,” Aizawa says. “Staying up with you every once in a while won’t change that,”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Izuku tries to look disappointed, but from the smirk he gets from his teacher, he probably doesn’t pull it off.

“Don’t worry about that, kid,” Aizawa moves his hand from Izuku’s shoulder and rakes his fingers through the teen’s hair. “I’m never too busy for you,”

Izuku’s smile returns and he quickly moves to capture Aizawa in a hug before the man can get away. Aizawa only tenses for a second before he returns the gesture and Izuku chuckles quietly as he remembers the first time he hugged his teacher and the surprise he felt when Aizawa hugged him back.

Aizawa was an amazing hugger. He didn’t believe the teen when he told him, but it’s true. Izuku had half a mind to tell his classmates so they could convince him of the fact together, but the one and only selfish bone in his body doesn’t want to share the treasure he’d found about a month ago.

“Thank you, sensei. For everything,”

“You’re welcome, kid,”

Izuku was probably imagining it, but he thought he felt Aizawa press a kiss onto his head.

Yeah, he was definitely imagining it. Aizawa hated being affectionate.