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hi, wrong number here

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(4:30 PM) Sokka.

(4:30 PM) Sokka you better answer right now.

(4:30 PM) I told you. Before we left today. I told you, CLEARLY, to pick up your dirty clothes from the bathroom after your shower and I TOLD YOU to pull the shower curtain right so you don’t get the floor all wet.

(4:31 PM) Why are there dirty clothes on this SOAKING WET bathroom floor. It smells like Shrek’s ARMPITS in here.





(4:37 PM) um. hi. wrong number here.

(4:37 PM) don’t know who this sokka person is but it is not me


(4:38 PM) DON’T pull that stupid act on me again, sokka, i KNOW it’s you!!!!!! GET YOUR ASS HOME




(4:40 PM) Oh my god. I am SO sorry. I am so, so sorry.

(4:40 PM) My brother just got a new phone and I copied his number wrong in my contacts.

(4:41 PM) I’m genuinely so sorry, this is so embarrassing.


(4:42 PM) it’s okay, i’m an older sibling too, i know the struggle

(4:42 PM) not that it’s any of my business, but don’t take any of sokka’s shit


(4:43 PM) you don’t have to tell me twice. I’ve perfected the art of making him regret crossing me. he better watch his fuckin back


(4:44 PM) badass

(4:45 PM) kinda curious now to see what you’ll do. someone who comes up with the term “it smells like shrek’s armpits in here” is clearly not to be fucked with


(4:46 PM) LMAOOO

(4:46 PM) thanks I guess

(4:47 PM) won’t bother you further. sorry again, wrong number person


(4:49 PM) no problem, shrek’s armpits

(5:30 PM) Nephew, Did You Remember To Clean The Milk Steamer? It Is Important to Do So As The Foam Sticks And It Becomes Difficult To Clean.


(5:31 PM) oh, sorry, i forgot

(5:32 PM) got a little distracted


(5:33 PM) I Have Noticed, Which Is Why I Am Reminding You. You Were Very Preoccupied With Your Cellphone When I Asked You. Are You Speaking to a Lady Friend?

(5:34 PM) Is It Mai?

(5:35 PM) ;-)


(5:36 PM) ew, uncle, no

(5:37 PM) mai and i broke up, like, weeks ago


(5:38 PM) Oh, I Remember. That Is A Pity.

(5:39 PM) You Were Never Quite Talented In The Romantic Department, Unfortunately.

(5:40 PM) I Can Assure You That This Was Not Inherited From Me. Many Women Have Been Charmed By My Advances.


(5:40 PM) can we stop talking about this

(5:40 PM) why are we texting anyway???? i’m literally just in the back room we can just TALK


(5:41 PM) This IPhone Business Is Very Fun. I Want To Figure Out How To Make The Emoji Of My Face.

(5:41 PM) I Still Want To Know Who Was Distracting You So Much.


(5:42 PM) this wrong number kept yelling at me because they thought I was their messy brother

(5:43 PM) I was really confused but then it got kind of funny

(5:43 PM) nothing romantic in question


(5:44 PM) Ah, I See. Meetings With Strangers Are Always Memorable, Accidental Ones More So.


(5:45 PM) you’re not gonna lecture me about predators on the internet?


(5:45 PM) I Am Quite Sure You Are Already Aware Of That, Nephew. It Goes Without Saying To Be Careful, Of Course.

(5:45 PM) Now Can You Please Clean The Milk Steamer.


(5:46 PM) right, sorry


(5:47 PM) And Don’t Forget The Little Tube, You Always Forget It.


(5:47 PM) yes, uncle

(5:48 PM) And Scrub Until There Are No Stains, Please.


(5:48 PM) yes, uncle


(9:00 PM) uh.

(9:00 PM) I probably shouldn’t take what you said literally but.

(9:01 PM) you said you wanted to know what I would do, so

(9:02 PM) here it is, the fruit of spite


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(9:30 PM) oh my GOD.

(9:31 PM) this is beautiful


(9:32 PM) *takes a bow*


(9:33 PM) how long did it take you to do this? HOW? DID YOU DO THIS?

(9:34 PM) also was your brother’s room this messy before you put the Shreks


(9:36 PM) It took me around five hours, start to finish. Made a trip to the local library. Printed the shreks. took me a while to cut them all up and stick them up on all his posters, but it was worth it.

(9:37 PM) even hid a few easter eggs where it’s most likely to scar him for the rest of his life


(9:38 PM) more like a few easter shreggs amirite


(9:38 PM) …


(9:39 PM) won’t do that again, sorry

(9:40 PM) anyway, that is scarily efficient and dedicated.

(9:40 PM) I’m terrified of you


(9:41 PM) as you should

(9:41 PM) sorry, I’m probably coming off as really mean, I swear I’m a much nicer person, my brother just brings out the villain in me


(9:42 PM) i can get that

(9:42 PM) my sister’s favorite game is “How Far I Can Push My Brother”

(9:43 PM) she usually wins. very easily


(9:43 PM) siblings.

(9:44 PM) for the record, my brother is older than me, not younger

(9:44 PM) because you said earlier that it’s an older sibling thing

(9:45 PM) even if I feel older most of the time anyway


(9:46 PM) oh, cool

(9:47 PM) I mean half the time my sister acts like the older one anyway, because she’s smarter and stuff

(9:48 PM) so when is your brother gonna see your masterpiece. your modern day sistine chapel


(9:48 PM) any time now! he should be home from his girlfriend’s house any time now.



(9:50 PM) OH SHIT!







(9:56 PM) hey katara I just saw your messages

(9:56 PM) you really don’t have to scream at me like that it’s literally just clothes chill

(9:57 PM) if it bothers you so much i’ll clean it up when I get changed

(9:58 PM) KATARA!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK


(9:59 PM) get shrekt

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(7:30 AM) just for the record, i haven’t forgiven you yet


(7:33 AM) I think I’ll survive.



(7:34 AM) what if something had happened to me? what would you do without your dear older brother?


(7:35 AM) Do you want an itemized list?

(9:00 AM) are you still alive?


(9:10 AM) of course I am. i’m no pansy


(9:11 AM) it would be folly to assume so

(9:12 AM) also I hope you didn’t get grounded or anything

(9:12 AM) sorry if this is weird, I’m just really, really bored


(9:13 AM) nah, my dad thought it was really funny actually. he and I stood there and laughed meanly as sokka kept finding more and more shreks

(9:13 AM) and same, actually

(9:14 AM) physically dying here in lit class


(9:15 AM) I would give anything to trade places with you right now

(9:15 AM) literature slander? In MY dms?


(9:16 AM) there is literally nothing worse than this class. nothing


(9:17 AM) what are you guys even reading that’s got you so upset


(9:18 AM) love amongst the dragons



(9:20 AM) WHAT ARE YOU SAYING????????? WHAT????????????




(9:22 AM) WOW, OKAY

(9:22 AM) struck a nerve there


(9:23 AM) sorry, it’s just. my favorite play ever


(9:24 AM) not to insult your taste

(9:25 AM) but it’s just so…all over the place


(9:26 AM) that’s what makes it so great!!!

(9:26 AM) it’s got action, mystery, political intrigue, existential discussions of fate and destiny, a love story, and magic, and DRAGONS

(9:27 AM) and it got made into a really good musical

(9:28 AM) don’t watch the movie, though, that’s shit


(9:30 AM) noted!

(9:31 AM) didn’t know you were the ambassador of the love amongst the dragons fandom


(9:32 AM) we jest, but I had a love amongst the dragons themed tumblr when I was 13


(9:33 AM) NO SHIT!!!!


(9:34 AM) yeah it was technically a “classic lit” blog but i posted nothing on there but love amongst the dragons stuff

(9:35 AM) like gifsets from the movie and like, meta and stuff

(9:36 AM) it was so intense that I became notorious in the classic lit blog circles that I was the “love amongst the dragons guy” because I kept getting into fights online about it


(9:37 AM) fights? about love amongst the dragons? there’s love amongst the dragons discourse?

(9:38 AM) you know what, based on your heated reaction to me disliking it I can totally believe this actually


(9:40 AM) it was mostly really dumb stuff tbh

(9:41 AM) the movie had just come out so people kept arguing about whether or not it was a good adaptation (it wasn’t)

(9:41 AM) but I was also just an angry teenager using my classic lit tumblr as an outlet for my rage and frustration at the ordeal of growing up


(9:42 AM) WOW.

(9:43 AM) do you just always like, psychoanalyze yourself like that?


(9:44 AM) when I was being the aforementioned angry teenager my uncle taught me to always stop and self-reflect and think carefully about why I was feeling the things I was feeling, so I do that a lot to keep myself grounded and it’s just become a habit over the years

(9:45 AM) sorry if it sounds weird haha


(9:46 AM) no, it’s not weird at all! I actually think that’s a really healthy way to look at yourself. your uncle sounds really wise


(9:47 AM) he’s one of a kind


(9:48 AM) now it’s time for me to find that love amongst the dragons tumblr >:)

(9:48 AM) hope you haven’t deactivated it


(9:49 AM) oh, NO

(9:50 AM) NO NO NO NO

(9:50 AM) PLEASE


(9:51 AM) I thought you’d self-reflected and matured and were past that part of your life and all that


(9:52 AM) how would you feel if /I/ scrolled through the blog you had as a 13 year old

(9:53 AM) assuming you have one. yr evidently much cooler than me so I doubt you do


(9:54 AM) …I’ll answer that question at a later date

(9:55 AM) but yeah, fair point. I’ll be merciful. Just for today.

(9:55 AM) (but I will be looking at that blog someday one way or another)

(9:56 AM) tbh I just wanted to find something to study this play from because I’m seriously NOT getting it


(9:57 AM) oh. i actually took love amongst the dragons a while back.

(9:57 AM) i could send you my notes if you want


(9:58 AM) fr???? You’d be saving my life!!!

(9:58 AM) I can imagine how thorough they are, all things considered


(9:59 AM) you imagined right

(10:00 AM) oh, FINALLY class is over


(10:01 AM) same here!

(10:01 AM) I had fun talking to you :D


(10:02 AM) same here!! Talk later then :)

(4:00 PM) hey, me and sokka will be getting snacks and boba and stuff, we heard about this really nice place downtown, it’s like a small family business thing

(4:01 PM) do you want me to pass anything by you at ms. senna’s? i know you’re babysitting today



(4:02 PM) I love you!!!


(4:03 PM) <33333

(4:03 PM) well????? do you want anything?


(4:04 PM) just to see ur beautiful face

(4:05 PM) also salt and vinegar chips and mango milk tea <3


(4:06 PM) I gotchu bby girl

(4:06 PM) will never understand the salt and vinegar + mango combo though


(4:07 PM) it’s a delicate balance

(4:08 PM) the coolness of the mango soothes the burning of the vinegar, and the saltiness balances out the sweetness

(4:09 PM) trust me I’m a culinary genius


(4:10 PM) i would trust u with my life

(4:11 PM) not with my food though

(4:11 PM) still. I will get ur heinous snack for u


(4:12 PM) thank you so much!!!!

(4:13 PM) i need a booster you see

(4:14 PM) korra’s an adorable kid and i love her to death but she is…so much


(4:15 PM) like if aang was a scary five year old instead of being the peace-loving vegan we know and love


(4:16 PM) EXACTLY.


(4:17 PM) are you not allowed to eat there?


(4:18 PM) of course I’m allowed, but korra will want to eat whatever I’m eating instead of her snack, which means anything remotely energizing or sugary will be off the table bc then she’ll spoil her dinner and get hyper

(4:19 PM) not making that mistake again


(4:20 PM) won’t she want to eat the chips?


(4:20 PM) she hates them. burning mouth


(4:21 PM) right, right

(4:22 PM) I want to say hi to her though, i love that crazy little girl

(4:22 PM) you know she’s started in the little warriors class at aunt kyoshi’s? I was helping out there and saw her and her dad there


(4:23 PM) !!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!!

(4:24 PM) I feel like your aunt’s the only person who can truly handle korra


(4:24 PM) yeah they have a Warriors’ Respect™


(4:25 PM) on the not-so-cute side this means korra will be testing out her new moves on me all day today :))))) shall prepare for bruised arms and legs


(4:26 PM) massive L

(4:36 PM) anyway who were you texting today in lit class? your eyes were literally glued to your phone for a solid hour and you were grinning so weird

(4:37 PM) oh. I can tell you but don’t tell sokka


(4:38 PM) are you guys still mad at each other?? I thought the shrek thing wasn’t a big deal


(4:39 PM) it isn’t!! we’re not mad at each other. It’s just he’d be weird about this


(4:49 PM) katara??


(4:55 PM) sorry!! korra began telling me about her new “fighting lessons” and spent a while demonstrating on my arms :))))


(4:56 PM) lmaoo of course she did

(4:57 PM) so?


(4:58 PM) right, so yesterday when sokka was a pig in the bathroom, i was so mad i copied his number wrong in my contacts and texted this total other person about it thinking he was sokka

(4:59 PM) wrong number guy was understandably spooked as what I was saying was Not pretty

(5:00 PM) hold on korra’s itting m,e agnain


(5:01 PM) i’m intrigued


(5:07 PM) anyway

(5:07 PM) so I apologized and stuff and he was really cool about it and we just naturally got talking

(5:08 PM) we kept talking today

(5:08 PM) that’s about it


(5:09 PM) well I get why you think sokka would be weird about it

(5:10 PM) that sounds really shady, katara

(5:10 PM) be careful!! there are horrible people out there


(5:11 PM) I know, I know

(5:11 PM) I haven’t told him anything about myself at all, not even my name

(5:12 PM) he sounds like he’s around our age

(5:12 PM) he spent like that entire hour today just talking about how much he loves love amongst the dragons


(5:13 PM) uhhhh

(5:13 PM) that’s so like, out of context but it’s not creepy at least

(5:14 PM) I mean. ur the most responsible person I know so ik you won’t be like super reckless about this

(5:15 PM) but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful and if anything vibes wrong just tell ur dad or sokka or me at once


(5:16 PM) aww suki of course I will <3

(5:17 PM) ily <333


(5:18 PM) anyway open up!!!! we’re here come get ur loot

(5:19 PM) and show me our young violent prodigy so I can give her a big hug


(5:20 PM) YAY!!!  

(5:21 PM) korra rly said: peace was never the answer


(5:22 PM) that’s our girl!!!

(9:00 PM) uhh here’s the notes lol


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(9:05 PM) wow!!!!! You were not exaggerating!!!!

(9:06 PM) these are DETAILED


(9:07 PM) *bows*


(9:08 PM) really, thank you so much!! yr a lifesaver

(9:09 PM) I really wasn’t vibing with lit this year at all, these will make it so much easier!!


(9:10 PM) it’s no problem at all!


(9:11 PM) it’s really sweet that you remembered


(9:12 PM) of course I did, I told you I’d give you the notes

(9:13 PM) if you need help with lit in general I could help, it’s kind of my thing


(9:14 PM) i noticed! You’re really good at this! I’ll have to take you up on your offer

(9:15 PM) you’re explaining the themes better than my teacher has for the entirety of september


(9:16 PM) thanks :D


(9:17 PM) you’re welcome…Zuko


(9:18 PM) wh

(9:18 PM) SHIT!!!!!!




(9:20 PM) at least you (accidentally) cropped out your last name

(9:21 PM) your full identity remains a secret for now


(9:22 PM) god, I’m such shit at internet security

(9:23 PM) when I was younger my uncle and I fell for one of those scams where you enter your social security number so you can get a free iphone

(9:24 PM) I mean, lucky for me we used uncle’s social security number

(9:25 PM) but still



(9:27 PM) how old were you??


(9:28 PM) I was like 14 there was literally no excuse

(9:29 PM) well, now you know. I’m zuko, he/him


(9:30 PM) well.

(9:31 PM) for fairness and pronoun purposes, I’m katara, she/her


(9:32 PM) katara? that’s a really pretty name


(9:32 PM) thank you!!

(9:33 PM) so what class were you taking that could possibly be worse than literature


(9:34 PM) careful slandering the love of my life

(9:35 PM) i had chemistry (ew)

(9:35 PM) try topping that


(9:36 PM) chemistry is actually not that bad at all

(9:37 PM) it’s often fun really


(9:38 PM) …

(9:39 PM) gonna be the bigger person here and not slander your passion like you did mine


(9:40 PM) chemistry’s not my PASSION it’s just fine

(9:41 PM) my favorite subject is actually biology, human biology

(9:42 PM) I want to be a doctor, you see


(9:43 PM) that’s really cool :D

(9:44 PM) you must be really smart


(9:45 PM) not really, I just study really hard and it’s something I’m passionate about! Being ‘smart’ is a myth anyway


(9:46 PM) that’s true

(9:46 PM) do you know what kind of doctor you want to be?


(9:47 PM) I’m still thinking about it a lot

(9:48 PM) I really like kids so I think I’d like being a pediatrician

(9:48 PM) but also I was thinking of being a neurosurgeon

(9:49 PM) and I know that’s what everyone says they’ll be and everyone ends up opting out and doing something else

(9:50 PM) but idk


(9:51 PM) I think you can do it

(9:52 PM) I’ve only known you for like two days but ik you’re a force to be reckoned with

(9:53 PM) you can do what you set your mind to


(9:54 PM) thanks!!!!


(9:55 PM) in any case you can help me with chem now because i am absolutely terrible at it


(9:56 PM) of course!! Whenever you need to.

(9:57 PM) I guess we have a tutoring agreement now lol


(9:58 PM) how studious of us


(9:59 PM) model students of the humanities and STEM departments, respectively


(10:00 PM) ugh, my sister wants me to do something, I have to go

(10:01 PM) talk to you later, katara!


(10:01 PM) later, zuko :)

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(11: 00 AM) what the fuck is an lol doll


(11:05 AM) uhhhhh

(11:06 AM) one of the kids I babysit has one

(11:06 AM) it’s like all the rage with kids rn


(11:07 AM) it’s ugly as shit

(11:08 AM) what kinda colors are these


(11:09 AM) i’m sure they’re pretty enough for little kids

(11:10 AM) not to judge you and your manliness or anything, but why are you looking at LOL dolls on a saturday morning

(11:11 AM) do you collect dolls. do you have a blog about it. are you gonna start lol doll discourse


(11:15 AM) har har

(11:16 AM) it’s my sister’s birthday this week and idk what to get her

(11:17 AM) I’ve been googling “little girl toys”


(11:18 AM) aww

(11:19 AM) how old is she?


(11:20 AM) she’s turning five on tuesday


(11:21 AM) AWWWW!!!! CUTE!!!

(11:22 AM) have you maybe tried narrowing down her interests?


(11:23 AM) her interests are always changing

(11:24 AM) last week it was that ladybug shit

(11:25 AM) before that paw patrol

(11:26 AM) I’m not taking any chances

(11:27 AM) she likes dolls


(11:28 AM) I guess LOL dolls are a good place to start then


(11:29 AM) you babysit?


(11:30 AM) i’m the oldest girl in the neighborhood + I have a reputation for being responsible so all the moms pay me to watch their kids


(11:32 AM) ngl that sounds like it sucks


(11:31 AM) it’s a hustle so I’m not complaining. The kids are cute too

(11:32 AM) sometimes my friend aang shows up and helps, kids love him

(11:33 AM) he brings his giant fluffy dog and the kids just spend the whole time petting him. I barely do anything


(11:35 AM) alrighty then. cute mental picture

(11:36 AM) I can’t imagine tbh I kinda like suck with kids that aren’t my sister

(11:37 AM) I get nervous that they don’t like me

(11:37 AM) one time my mom made me watch one of her gardening club friends’ kid and I gave him a knife


(11:39 AM) ZUKO!!!!! A KNIFE????


(11:40 AM) to be fair he wasn’t that young

(11:41 AM) he was like. 11

(11:42 AM) I was playing with knives at 11 and I turned out fine


(11:43 AM) …


(11:44 AM) stop JUDGING

(11:45 AM) he didn’t even get hurt


(11:45 AM) Mental Note: Never Leave Zuko Alone with A Child


(11:46 AM) I’d be hella concerned if you left a child alone with some random guy you met on the internet

(11:47 AM) like that’s on you


(11:47 AM) semantics


(11:49 AM) another time I lost my ex’s brother at the park

(11:49 AM) some other kids found him and literally wanted us to pay them ten dollars so we could get him back

(11:50 AM) legit extortion


(11:50 AM) is that why your ex broke up with you? I hope it is


(11:51 AM) who said that she’s the one who broke up with me


(11:52 AM) ah, jeez, sorry


(11:53 AM) I mean, you’re right, but whatever

(11:54 AM) that’s not when we broke up


(11:55 AM) alright then.


(11:57 AM) um. anyway

(11:58 AM) those kids were messed UP


(11:59 AM) who taught them that???


(12:00 PM) I don’t even know

(12:00 PM) neither of us had ten dollars so we called my sister to come and scare them into giving us the kid back


(12:01 PM) your…five year old sister

(12:02 PM) wow, zuko. wow

(12:03 PM) you couldn’t have just scared them yourself???


(12:06 PM) I have two sisters

(12:06 PM) one is almost five and the other is currently sixteen


(12:07 PM) children mock me


(12:09 PM) you have not met azula. she’s an eldritch horror and she’s the most annoying person on earth


(12:10 PM) “children mock me”

(12:11 PM) i’m learning so many fun things about you today, zuko


(12:11 PM) one day I’m gonna dig up some embarrassing shit about you

(12:12 PM) this relationship is too imbalanced

(12:13 PM) I don’t even know why I told you all of this


(12:14 PM) at least you’re not the one who screamed at a random stranger that the bathroom smelled like shrek’s armpits


(12:15 PM) true, true

(12:16 PM) still. You’re all dignified medical student responsible babysitter and I’m here telling you about lol dolls and my tumblr discourse


(12:17 PM) idk what to say. I’m a dignified person


(12:18 PM) we’ll see about that

(12:19 PM) one day I WILL embarrass you, katara


(12:20 PM) I think you’ve done enough embarrassing for one day, buddy


(12:20 PM) ouch

(12:25 PM) what the fuck. 32 DOLLARS???????? FOR THIS UGLY ASS PLASTIC DOLL??????

(12:26 PM) it doesn’t even have real hair or anything


(12:27 PM) JEEZ

(12:27 PM) are you sure you’re not looking at like a playset or something


(12:28 PM) no this is just the doll

(12:29 PM) the playsets are in like. 50s and 60s categories.

(12:30 PM) this isn’t even taking into consideration the OMG dolls, which are like the tall versions


(12:31 PM) that’s capitalism for you

(12:32 PM) I mean, maybe dolls are not the way. I heard they teach girls to have false expectations about body image


(12:32 PM) fuck this

(12:33 PM) they’re ugly as hell anyway


(12:34 PM) why don’t you ask azula what she’s getting?


(12:35 PM) azula got her like, those dr pepper flavored lip balm things, and a lighter


(12:36 PM) ….a lighter


(12:37 PM) azula loved setting shit on fire when we were kids

(12:38 PM) like I said, eldritch horror

(12:38 PM) also she’s trying to piss our mom off


(12:39 PM) sounds complicated


(12:40 PM) lmaooo

(12:41 PM) understatement of the century

(12:42 PM) you gotta unlock level 5 friendship for me to tell you about azula vs mom: civil war though

(12:43 PM) my mom’s gonna confiscate it anyway so no harm done


(12:45 PM) I’m scrolling through popular toys rn

(12:46 PM) what the fuck

(12:47 PM) POOPSIE??


(12:49 PM) WHAT?????????????????


(12:48 PM) it’s….this toy where you make like. Multicolored poop shaped keychains….out of slime??? What…

(12:49 PM) there’s this…unicorn with diapers on


(12:50 PM) …

(12:51 PM) that’s kinda fucked up


(12:52 PM) tell me about it


(12:54 PM) Attached: 1 image


(12:56 PM) ???!?!??!???!??!?!???!??@??!>?!?!?@<@KLMDJNJSNdOSK@P:LW<?@@MDSMcd




(12:58 PM) I WISH I WASN’T????


(12:59 PM) tag yourself I’m “caca corgi”


(1:00 PM) I’m “the hunk”


(1:01 PM) the way they made a bunch of knockoff poopified brands

(1:02 PM) words cannot describe how much I hate this

(1:02 PM) they made…glittery, cute, poop and are selling it to kids for 25 dollars


(1:03 PM) “del farto”

(1:04 PM) I hope it doesn’t actually smell like poop

(1:05 PM) that would be a SHIT gift

(1:06 PM) :D amirite


(1:08 PM) you just made it worse.


(1:09 PM) come on, it’s funny

(1:10 PM) I bet you’re laughing, you STINKER

(1:11 PM) hehe


(1:11 PM) zuko, if you keep making poop and fart themed jokes I’m gonna block you


(1:12 PM) :(

(1:13 PM) FINE

(1:14 PM) party pooper



(1:15 PM) you’re such a dork!!!!!!!!

(1:16 PM) this is just so. weird

(1:17 PM) no wonder kids these days are so fucked up


(1:18 PM) idk tbh like…gross humor and slime and poop and fart jokes and stuff have been marketed to kids for as long as I can remember

(1:19 PM) I remember I had a bunch of those yuk yuks kid magazines where it was just page after page of fart and booger joke comics


(1:21 PM) you’re right

(1:22 PM) sokka loved that stuff

(1:22 PM) he’d drive me crazy with those “gross humor” jokes he read

(1:23 PM) still does, actually, and way less funny than you, which should be humanly impossible


(1:24 PM) gonna join forces with sokka and advocate for you to stop oppressing us so we can make all the poop jokes we want


(1:25 PM) do that and i’m gonna get azula to set you on fire with your sister’s new lighter


(1:26 PM) “kids these days are so fucked up” says katara, while threatening to commit arson

(1:27 PM) or like accessory to arson or whatever

(1:28 PM) anyway, bold fucking talk from the shrek’s armpit girl


(1:29 PM) don’t throw stones when you have a glass house, knife boy


(1:30 PM) enjoying that one, aren’t you

(1:31 PM) that sounds like the world’s worst low-budget ripoff of sharkboy and lavagirl

(1:32 PM) “knife boy and shrek’s armpit girl”


(1:34 PM) I don’t even want to THINK about shrek’s armpit girl’s powers


(1:35 PM) they’re probably like, super interesting. Like, they have layers to them. heh


(1:36 PM) for fuck’s sake, zuko!


(1:37 PM) >:(

(1:38 PM) ughhhhhh I don’t want to get my sweet little sister a fucking POOP KEYCHAIN

(1:38 PM) or worse, the Bad Vibes Diapered Unicorn

(1:39 PM) gonna go to the mall and try my luck there


(1:40 PM) you’ll think of something, I’m sure

(1:41 PM) for what it’s worth, you obviously care about her, at least enough to be agonizing this much about what you’ll get her

(1:41 PM) a lot of people would just grab the first vaguely pink box they’d see on the shelf and call it a day


(1:43 PM) thanks?

(1:44 PM) that made me feel oddly confident

(1:44 PM) you’d be a good motivational speaker


(1:45 PM) aw, you

(1:46 PM) try to think constructively. Think of something that would benefit her long-term

(1:47 PM) but not, like, boring


(1:48 PM) thanks for the tip

(1:49 PM) I’ve got some half-baked ideas in the works

(1:50 PM) I’ll let you know what I decide on


(1:51 PM) I’d love to hear it.

(1:52 PM) wow. we’ve been talking for like…3 hours


(1:53 PM) !!

(1:54 PM) sorry if I kept you from something with my weird toy explorations


(1:55 PM) no, I enjoyed it!! I really like talking to you, knife boy :D

(1:56 PM) time seems to really fly by when we talk


(1:57 PM) yeah, it does, huh

(1:58 PM) I like talking to you too

(1:59 PM) I gotta go to the mall, though, so uh. Talk later?


(2:00 PM) alright, cool. i’ve got stuff to do too.

(2:01 PM) kiss a poopsie for me.


(2:02 PM) sure thing, CACAtara.


(2:03 PM) dude, fuck you


(2:04 PM) HEH