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There's something about planes that Jackie didn't like. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her feet aren't exactly touching the ground, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's logically impossible for a huge piece of metal to fly over the clouds and not crash into a mountain or something. The only thing she's sure at the moment is that she feels suffocated every time she's inside a flying sardine can.

Steven seemed pretty calm while they walked through O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Jackie was clutching his hand hard, afraid to get lost in the huge crowd surrounding them. If everything works out the way it's supposed to, in just a few hours they would be at a beautiful beach in Los Angeles, and Jackie would celebrate her birthday the way she always wanted to: just her, Steven, and a few margaritas.

They hurried into the boarding gate. Jackie lost track of time when she was getting ready and they argued about where they were going to leave the El Camino while they were gone. She suggested the Forman's residence, but Steven wanted to drive the damn car all the way to the airport, refusing to take a cab.

And now they were in a crowded airport, their flight was about to be called and she didn't want to stay in a huge line, so they tried to embark before the first call.

"I can't wait to get into the hotel. I've got this new bikini and I'm dying to wear it on the beach, God, I look so hot in it" Jackie said, smiling. Steven smiled back, he couldn't deny that he loved seeing his doll so excited, but he quickly returned into zen mode "But of course I'm going to show it to you first, pudding pop" She whispered in his ear. Zen will be damned, Steven gave Jackie one of his devilish grins, and that encouraged Jackie to tell him something "Speaking about beaches, I've noticed you didn't pack a swimsuit…" 

Hyde knew where she was going with this, so he just shook his head and interrupted her "No"

"But Steven…"


"The world is not going to end if you wear a swimsuit for once in your life, Steven!" She whined, even though she knew it was a lost cause "You can't wear jeans to the beach!"

"Jackie, I've spent half of my life skipping gym class because I didn't want to wear shorts. Just watch me" He smirked. Jackie huffed and rolled her eyes, but before she could nag him again, she saw a group of familiar people coming into their direction. Jackie's eyes widened when she finally recognized the group approaching them.

She felt like a pack of wild dogs was chasing her. She wanted to run, but she knew there was no escape. She was caught. Crap.

Jackie rolled her eyes again when she saw Michael giving one of his signature dumb grins, waving frantically at them. Fez, Brooke, Eric and Donna were with him, all of them smiling excitedly.

"Steven" Jackie whined, turning to face her boyfriend, but he also seemed shocked to see his friends. Soon, the group was standing near them and Jackie huffed "What the hell are you doing here?" She asked

"We came to spend the weekend with you and Hyde, duh!" Michael spoke like it was obvious. Jackie took a deep breath, trying her hardest to control herself, or else Michael would be limping for a week. She was wearing her pointy boots and she wasn't afraid to kick his shins.

"You weren't supposed to be here! This is a romantic weekend, my romantic weekend with Steven! It was my birthday present!" Jackie protested

"Yeah, you know how birthdays work, you have to celebrate it with family, and that's us, so, yeah, we won't leave" Eric retorted, smiling slyly

Jackie felt Steven's arm wrapping around her waist, he knew that at any moment now she would end up hurting someone.

"We just wanted to spend this special day with you. It was supposed to be a surprise, we would only see each other at the plane, but you two got late" Donna said

"No, I don't want you here. Go away" Jackie said, she was almost losing her patience

"Jackie…" Hyde sighed dejectedly "They're our friends"

"Screw that! They could be the royal family, I still wouldn't let them come with us" She pouted and looked at Steven "This was supposed to be our moment, baby…" 

He kissed the top of her head "Sorry doll, there's nothing I can do" 

"Chill, devil. We are not going to ruin your weekend, we're just going to enjoy the wonders of the pacific ocean" Eric spoke

"Fine, but I'll pretend I don't know any of you" Jackie said 

"Believe me, we won't have a problem with that" Eric smiled wryly at her, and Donna slapped the back of his head

"Jackie, can I talk with you for a minute?" Hyde said, pulling her away from the group "Look doll, I know this isn't what we planned, but try to enjoy it anyways. I promise you I'll make this trip worth it" 

"Are you going to wear shorts?" Jackie asked

"No, but I do have something for you" Steven smiled and opened his duffel bag, removing a brown paper bag. Jackie widened her eyes, and he interrupted what he was sure was going to be a huge lecture from her "Don't worry, it's not illegal. Well, totally illegal at least. It's just something that'll help you out during the flight, I know you hate planes" 

Jackie took the paper bag from his hands and smiled relieved when she saw that the content in the bag were only chocolate chip cookies.

"Oh, Steven, that is so sweet, literally" She cooed, kissing him briefly on the lips

"Now, chill out, I'll check if your flight is late, try not to kill Forman while I'm gone" He asked, kissing her one more time before going pulling away. Jackie smiled and clutched the bag on her hands.

A couple years ago, Jackie decided she would take Steven back after the whole stripper wife fiasco. Of course she made him grovel a little, and when she finally forgave him, Steven promised he would be a better boyfriend, someone she could count on, someone she deserves. And, surprisingly, he was keeping his word. He is the best version of himself, and she feels privileged to be the only one allowed to see the real him.

Jackie smiled, and went back to her idiot friends. They're like a bunch of parasites that seemed to like ruining her best moments with Steven. Well, except Brooke, she's the only salvageable one from the group. 

Now that she had the time to calm down, Jackie wasn't pissed off that they're going. At least they would make her laugh and she'll have someone to recur to when Steven does something stupid.

"Okay, idiots. Since we're on the same flight, I feel like it's my obligation to tell you that planes freak me out and I might get a little unbearable if someone annoys me" 

"Just a little?" Donna arched her brow

"Shut it, lumberjack. The fact is, I'm trying to be calm, so please, leave me alone during the flight, okay?" She asked

"What's in the bag?" Fez asked, ignoring her plea and pointing at the paper bag in her hand

"Steven made me cookies"

"Oh" Fez smiled "Can I have one?"

"No, they're mine" Jackie clutched the bag tighter in her hand

"Don't be selfish, Jackie. I'm sure there's enough cookies for everyone" Michael said, Jackie just shook her head. These were her cookies, cookies that her loving boyfriend made for her. Only her.


"Damn Jackie! Pass the cookies" Kelso whined

"Michael!" Brooke huffed, annoyed by her boyfriend's behavior

"Yeah Jackie, pass the cookies" Eric said, trying to reach the bag

"Eric…" Donna warned him

"C'mon Donna! Jackie insulted us like, a thousand times, and we've been here for less than fifteen minutes! The cookies would be kind of like an apology" He argumented 

Jackie rolled her eyes, but she was no longer in the mood to argue, so she just gave each one a cookie. She's willing to sacrifice a few cookies for the sake of her sanity.

"Another one" Fez ordered, trying to reach the bag

"No" Jackie said, throwing the paper bag inside of her purse.

"You denied my marriage proposal!" Fez pouted, using the only thing he knows it'll make her feel guilty. Jackie rolled her eyes and gave the foreigner three more cookies.

Then she quickly went to find Steven, she saw him near the information stand and stood next to him, he kissed her temple and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. In a few hours it would be only both of them, in a huge hotel room's bed, smiling at each other while they enjoyed their post-orgasmic bliss. 



"Here doll, I think you need it" 

Jackie took the coffee Steven was offering her and took a long sip. The last few hours were a blur to her. She barely remembers getting into the plane, but she could swear she heard some things, like loud laughter, weird conversations and someone screaming for help. It all feels like a bad dream.

"What happened? I can't remember a thing" Jackie rubbed her temples, Steven gave her one of his cocky grins and pointed at all their friends sitting in the plastic chairs from the airport. They all seemed just as confused as she was.

"Well, you kind of underestimated my cookies" He said

"What the hell were in those cookies, Hyde?" Eric asked, leaning his head on his hands

"My secret ingredient" Hyde answered 

Six pairs of eyes focused on Steven, all of them perplexed. Jackie closed her eyes and groaned, she should've known that that's what Steven meant when he said the cookies would calm her down.

"You drugged us, you idiot! You should've warned us!" Donna punched Steven's arm

"Easy, big red. The trip wasn't that bad" 

"I can't remember a thing, Hyde!" Donna protested

"I think it's better this way, I've noticed that you all look really stupid while high" Steven said, smirking

"Oh God, what have we done?" Brooke asked apprehensively

"You didn't do anything, but Don Juan El Tardo" He pointed at Kelso "Thought it would be a great idea to shout that he saw the plane wing catching on fire. It was ridiculous, but really fun, especially when Erica started to cry" 

"I can't remember anything" Jackie pouted, she hated missing Eric crying.

"That's because you were asleep, doll" Steven spoke softly "Which was weird, you normally don't sleep while you're high, you tend to laugh and say stupid things, not that different from when you're sober" He joked

Jackie slapped his chest and rolled her eyes, but she knew he was right. She never gets sleepy when she's high.

"Okay, but why are we here? That's definitely not the LAX" She wondered

Steven sighed "Okay, I've got good news and bad news, what should I tell first?"

"Start by the bad news, because there's no way this day can get worse" Eric whined

"The bad news is that there's a huge storm and all the flights to California are cancelled, the company could only reschedule our flight for tomorrow. But the good news is that the pilots loved my cookies" He said smiling

"And where are we?" Michael asked, while Fez munched on a bag of chips. Steven pointed to something behind them with his head. Jackie turned slowly, feeling the beginning of a bad headache. Her eyes widened and filled with tears when she saw the city they're in. She took a deep breath, she was not going to cry. The high buildings, the blinding lights, the desert surrounding them… she saw enough TV to know where they are.

"Oh my God" She mumbled, she felt like someone just punched her guts.

"WE'RE IN VEGAS!" Michael yelled, standing up and pumping his fist in the air in glee.



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