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The Golden Fish wasn't what she expected, unlike the hotel, this place was definitely somewhere Steven would take her to a date. The wooden tables are covered by something resembling fishnets, there were also stuffed fishes mounted on the wall and a small stage that resembled a boat. Tacky wasn't enough to describe this place.

Trying to ignore the giant sword-fish near the entrance, Jackie took a seat at the table near the stage, silently praying that the food would be better than the decor.

"Why are we here if the hotel has a beautiful restaurant?" She asked, taking the menu from the table

"Because we're already spending too much with the hotel, if we keep going like this there'll be no money left when we arrive at L.A" Steven said as he took the menu from her hands and sat by her side, she leaned her head on his shoulders and started to analyze her options.

"I think I'll order the shrimp" She said

Steven sighed "Why do you always want to eat expensive things?"

"Instinct, pudding pop" She whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek

"Can you please be less gooey and  lovey while we're eating? I don't want to throw up in my own food" Eric mumbled

"Don't say that, I think they're cute" Brooke defended them, smiling

"They would be, if they weren't so unnatural. Or if two of her exes weren't at the same table" He retorted

Jackie took a deep breath and tried to control her temper, Eric tends to always bring out her worst moments.

"Hey Forman, look at that" Steven said, pointing at the stage, Eric turned around to face the stage and Steven landed a nice punch on his shoulder

"Hyde!" He protested

"Can it, Forman" Hyde said, wrapping his arm protectively around Jackie's shoulder

"Eric, we shall not remember the past" Fez said "I'm completely okay with the fact that Jackie and Hyde are together. I proposed to her and she said no, there was some trauma? Yes. But I'm fine with it" 

"Yeah, I'm also okay with the fact that my best friend stabbed me in the back by stealing my girl while I was helping the needy in California" Kelso said

"Kelso, even if the needy had boobs the size of a volleyball, you still wouldn't help them" Donna said, bothered by the conversation

Jackie smiled gratefully to her friend.

"I think we should place our order already" Brooke said, changing the subject quickly when she noticed Hyde was fuming

The waiters were roaming around the restaurant, writing and delivering orders. Jackie wasn't in the mood to drink alcohol so she decided to order a glass of water while the guys drank beer and Brooke and Donna drank wine. Eric was currently on a rant about his students and how teenagers are unbearable. He was completing his final semester in college and he got a job as a teacher's assistant in a high school in Madison.

Jackie wasn't in the mood to participate in the conversation, she was too busy observing the restaurant. She was the first one to notice a woman in a sailor's costume walk to the stage, her blue dress with red and white stripes was cute and she was wearing a matching sailor's hat. Jackie could imagine herself wearing something like it, Steven would definitely love it, he has a thing for costumes.

The sailor woman stood on the stage and took the microphone, behind her, a man (also dressed like a sailor) started to play the piano. The melody was very familiar to Jackie and she had to bite back a smile.

" Moon river, wider than a mile" The sailor woman started to sing "I'm crossing you in style some day"

"This is one of my favorite songs" Jackie sighed dreamily

"Seriously? It's kind of annoying" Steven said. Jackie chose to ignore his statement and focus on the music

"Oh dream maker, you heart breaker"

"It's not annoying, it's atemporal" She stated. That is the same song Audrey Hepburn sang in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Jackie loved that movie, it was the only movie her mother used to watch with her.

Jackie remembered some of the good moments she had with her mother, where they dressed in black dresses and wore pearl necklaces while listening to Moon River.

"My huckleberry friend. Moon river and me" The sailor woman stopped singing, and the man kept playing the same melody on the piano, it was beautiful. Out of nowhere, a couple that was sitting on a table near them started to dance, the man conducted the woman gracefully, drawing the attention of all the customers. Jackie smiled at the sight.

Then something weird happened. Another couple from another table stood up and started to sway along the music as well, and then another couple did the same thing. Jackie smiled and watched the couples dancing around the restaurant. She looked at Steven and he had a scowl on his face, he looked extremely confused and perplexed, because of course he does.

The pianist stopped and all the dancers stopped with him. Jackie gasped when she saw the man removing a tiny velvet box from his pocket, kneeling in front of the sailor woman.

"Oh my God" Jackie whispered. The diamond sparkled beautifully and the sailor woman was crying her eyes out.

It was obvious what her answer was. The couple smiled at each other before the man pulled her to a passionate kiss.

"That was so beautiful!" Brooke said smiling

"So beautiful" Fez blinked his eyes quickly, letting a few tears fall "What do you think Jackie? Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked her

Jackie looked at Fez, who seemed anxious to start a conversation about marriage proposals. She sighed and looked at Steven, who was looking at her questionably.

"Yes it was beautiful, but it was also too much" She said, trying to keep a straight face "I mean, the whole scene was kind of tacky"

"Who are you and what did you do to my friend Jackie?" Donna asked, looking confused as hell

"I just think it was too much, some things should be done in the simplest way possible" She shrugged

"Hyde, what the hell did you do to the girl?" Eric asked, looking shell-shocked

"I need to reapply my makeup, excuse me" Jackie said, going to the bathroom

"I'll go with you" Donna followed her

"Me too" Brooke said, going after the two girls

"Me too" Fez said, he tried to get up but Hyde glared at him and Eric pulled him back to the table

The three women went to the bathroom, Jackie was the first one to get inside and without even waiting for the door to close completely she said "That was so magical! The music, the dancers, the proposal! It was perfect!"

"I knew you were lying!" Donna pointed at Jackie "Why did you lie?" She asked

"Probably because of Fez" Brooke affirmed, crossing her arms

Jackie leaned into the sink and sighed

"That was probably one of the most romantic things I've ever seen. I just didn't said anything because I don't want Steven to feel pressured" 

"Pressured to marry you?" Donna asked

"Yeah" Jackie confirmed "I just love him way too much to lose him again, and I don't know if you can tell, but Steven is a huge commitment-phobe" She said wryly, then she sighed "I don't want him to run away again like he did after Chicago, so since we got back together I haven't mentioned marriage once"

"You're telling me that you haven't said anything about marriage in two years?" Brooke asked with raised eyebrows

"Yup, and do you know how hard this is for me? Weddings are my kryptonite. It's so hard not to talk about my dream wedding dress or what type of music would play at our wedding, I don't even own a single bridal magazine anymore!" 

"Wow, you must really love Hyde" Donna said, impressed

"But how do you know he doesn't want to get married? It's been years since Chicago, maybe he changed his mind" Brooke suggested, but Jackie shook her head sadly

"When we went to Angie's wedding, I tried to catch the bouquet and Steven didn't liked it at all" 

"He told you that?" Brooke asked

"No, but I could see it in his eyes" Jackie answered 

"Jackie, you can't see anything in Hyde's eyes" Donna said and Jackie chuckled, she took pride in being the only person who's able to read Steven

"But what if you get pregnant?" Brooke asked and Jackie widened her eyes in horror, holy crap "I mean, there's always a possibility, especially with you two, you're like bunnies, humping everywhere"

Jackie gasped indignantly "For your information, Steven and I have a perfectly healthy sex life. And a pregnancy is definitely not in our plans for now. Steven and I just got back together!"

"Jackie, you and Hyde got back together three years ago" Donna sighed "You insist on telling us that's been two years but we're not stupid, we know you two were fooling around for almost a year. And a pregnancy wouldn't be so bad" 

"I know, I can almost picture it, a baby with Steven's eyes and my hair" She confessed "But having a baby now would mean Steven would marry me by obligation, and I don't want that. I want him to propose because he wants to and because he can't imagine himself without me" 

Donna placed her hands on Jackie's shoulders "Maybe Hyde will change his mind, maybe he wants a family now" 

"I don't know, Donna. We never really talked about the future" Jackie said, staring at the floor. They never talked about the future because Jackie was terrified of scaring him and losing him, and she knows she wouldn't be able to survive that again "I… just, nevermind, okay? Let's head back before Michael and Fez start a food fight" 

"You're too quiet, is there something wrong?" Steven asked. Jackie shook her head and leaned further into his naked chest, he pulled her closer to him, kissing the top of her head and lightly moving his hands up and down her back.

The hotel room was hot and stuffy, not even the air conditioner could bring the temperature down for now, at least not after what they've done. Jackie lightly scratched Steven's chest, and giggled when he lowered his head and kissed her softly in the lips.

"You sure? You seem distracted" He insisted. Jackie giggled again, she always loved when Steven showed concern about her. He might say he hates it when she talks too much, but he was always willing to listen to her, no matter what "You're still thinking about the proposal?" 

The real answer is: kind of. Jackie was thinking about the little chat she had with the girls in the bathroom, her period was late and she couldn't help but wonder… God, she really doesn't want Steven to propose because she might be pregnant, Brooke was right, there is a possibility. Her period was late, her breasts were sensitive and she did spend a huge chunk of the morning next to a toilet.

"No, as I said, that was a tacky and embarrassing proposal" She said without looking him in the eyes

"Jackie, are you sure you're okay? I mean, this is the kind of thing that makes you yap all day about how you wished I would propose like that"

Jackie bit her lip and shook her head again "I don't need all that if I already have you" She kissed him briefly to finish her statement

"Okay" Steven mumbled, sitting on the bed. Jackie pulled the sheets to cover herself and looked questionably at him "Jackie, you're acting weird. What have you done to my shallow, superficial girlfriend? Are you sick or something?" 

Jackie slapped his hand away when he tried to check her temperature and rolled her eyes.

"I'm not sick! And this is all your fault, you know? This is a result of your influence, you made me less shallow and now I think big proposals are tacky" She lied, trying her hardest to sound honest "I just think love can't be measured by superficial things"

Steven didn't bought it, she could tell by the way he was looking at her. Jackie tried to remain zen, but avoided his piercing gaze.

"You're lying" He affirmed

"Am not!" She protested

Steven then laid on top of her, and she glued their mouths together. She moaned when he deepened the kiss and started to lightly suck on her tongue. He tasted like peppermint and she could tell he had a cigarette earlier. And even though she nags him all the time about smoking, she secretly always loved how he tasted.

They broke the kiss and he leaned his forehead against hers, she moved her hands from his back and cupped his face.

"I love you" She whispered against his mouth

"I know" He smiled playfully and pulled her to another earth shattering kiss

She giggled when he started to kiss her neck, and tangled her fingers on his hair, lightly running her fingernails on his scalp, he always loved when she did that.

"Why are you so giggly all off a sudden?" He asked

She stared into his piercing blue eyes and smiled "Because I'm happy, pudding pop" She kissed him again "Because I'm with you, in this beautiful suite, enjoying our alone time"

"Seriously? You're happy about being in this town?"

Jackie frowned a little and he pecked her lips until she smiled "Well, I'm happy as long as we're together and everything… but I'll be happier when we get the hell out of here" 

Steven chuckled and she gave him her best sexy smile, whispering in his ear "Ready for round two?" She asked, moving her mouth to his and biting on his lower lip

"Jesus woman, I'm not a machine" He said, grinning at her and already running his hands all over her body

"Please?" She pouted and he laughed

"Anything for you, doll" He said, pulling her to a frantic kiss, she shivered when she felt his hands starting to move lower and lower…

The happy couple was interrupted by someone who was loudly banging on their door.

"Hyde! Stop whatever dirty thing you're doing with Jackie and let's go! We're 10 minutes late!" She heard Eric yelling. She groaned and threw herself back in bed, she was going to kill that geek later.

"We're going to the casino" He said apologetically, getting out of bed

He started to search the room for the clothes they discarded not that long ago, he threw her her blouse and she whined "Why do you have to go? I thought we were going to spend the night together" 

"And we are, doll. I just need to get the idiots drunk and leave them at the casino to lose their money because..." He said, now fully clothed, leaning into her and smiling mischievously

"Because if they lose their money they won't be able to go to L.A with us tomorrow" She completed his sentence, beaming at him and clapping excitedly. Steven smiled at her and kissed her "I love you, pudding pop"

"I love you too, doll" He whispered against her mouth "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and make my friends lose their money" 

Jackie laughed and laid back in bed, she sighed and closed her eyes, she felt her body relaxing for the first time since they left Point Place in the morning "Don't sleep doll, go out with Brooke and Donna and enjoy your night, this is the city of sin baby, many things can happen" Steven said

"You don't have to tell me that" She mumbled. She wasn't too excited about being in the city, and even her body was determined to forget where she was, even if it was momentarily.

Steven sighed "Seriously, doll, go out, enjoy your night" He suggested, she opened her eyes and raised her eyebrows at him, he seemed too determined to get her out of the room, what the hell is he planning? "When you get back I might have a surprise for you" He confessed

She promptly sat down on the bed and smiled at him "Is it my birthday present? Oh my God, is it jewelry?" She asked, looking excited. Steven laughed and kissed her

"See you later, dollface" He said, leaving the room