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They’re playing a game. At some point today Luo Wenzhou will catch Fei Du, tie him up, and have his wicked way with his willing body. It’d been Fei Du’s idea but Luo Wenzhou’s eyes had gleamed even as he’d shouted about what a degenerate Fei Du is.

Fei Du had let him bluster around until Luo Wenzhou had gotten his middling anger out and then they’d proceed to talk shop. They hammered out details like Luo Wenzhou wearing his uniform, lines and boundaries set out, and a general description of what Fei Du was looking for. Luo Wenzhou had mocked him for his roleplay the whole time then the instant they were done, had pushed him down and fucked him good, turned on by the mere idea.

And now it’s going to come to fruition. Fei Du has been inspecting every shadow and corner, waiting for Luo Wenzhou to attack, but the entire day has gone by without a peep from the man. It’s thrilling but after hours, he’s exhausted. He’d figured out partway through the day that was Luo Wenzhou’s intent, to tire him out with nothing more than Fei Du’s mind jumping at the shadows. The state of being tense all day, waiting for the moment when Luo Wenzhou would strike, has been truly unbearable. Fei Du scowls at the image of Luo Wenzhou with his feet kicked up and smiling smugly at himself. He's going to get that bastard back for this. Later.

All the more that it’s worked, damn it, and Fei Du can’t help but look around again as he gets into the car to drive home. Fei Du’s only text to Luo Wenzhou today was to tell him to fuck off but Luo Wenzhou hadn’t responded. The bastard left him on read. It adds to the tension, heightening it another level, because Luo Wenzhou is nothing if not devoted to answering Fei Du’s every text, even the time Luo Yiguo surprised Fei Du and made him send a jumbled keysmash. Luo Wenzhou had printed it out and framed it. Fei Du still isn’t sure why.

Fei Du relaxes a little on the drive home. Luo Wenzhou won’t risk a car accident so he’s safe for the moment. He’s checked his car thoroughly to make sure Luo Wenzhou wasn’t hiding under it or something. Really, this bastard has been having too much fun today, and Fei Du will definitely get him back for it later. After he gets banged good tonight. Hopefully. The notion that Luo Wenzhou would make him even longer is too terrible to fathom.

Fei Du stays a moment in the car, hesitant to leave the security of it while eager for the final payoff. While Luo Wenzhou could make him wait for tomorrow, make him think that he’s forgotten all about their game, he highly doubts it. Luo Wenzhou wants this the same way Fei Du does. Though, Fei Du smiles to himself, perhaps not the same exact way. Predator and prey have different opinions about the thrill of the hunt.

He’s not surprised that the house is empty but that begs the question of where the fuck Luo Wenzhou is. Fei Du lingers at the door, glancing around to make sure he won’t be blindsided, and then steps in quick before Luo Yiguo can try to sneak out.

“Wenzhou?” Fei Du peers around, frowning lightly. Luo Yiguo isn’t around and Fei Du is instantly on alert. He’s about to turn around and leave when he hears Luo Yiguo meow. Fei Du relaxes as the cat comes out and instantly goes to its water bowl. “Where’s your owner?”

Fei Du is going over to pet him when he hears movement but he’s not fast enough. Luo Wenzhou pushes him up against the wall, well practiced hands pinning his arms to his back and the handcuffs latching onto his wrists.

The fucker used his own cat as bait.

Fei Du snarls at him but there is no training regime in the world that can prepare him to beat Luo Wenzhou’s decades of experience.

Fei Du yanks at his wrists, unsurprised when Luo Wenzhou places a hand over his bound wrists to stop him. He likes the bruises and rash, likes to make himself bleed from the fight, but Luo Wenzhou doesn’t share the opinion.

Fei Du does approve of the way Luo Wenzhou immediately starts kissing and licking at his neck, teeth nipping without marking just the way they both like. Fei Du doesn’t moan, refuses to make a sound, and Luo Wenzhou chuckles. The sound is dark, domineering, and Fei Du is very glad he’s between a wall and a hard place. No need to keep himself standing when Luo Wenzhou is there to support him.

He’s doing good avoiding making any sounds when Luo Wenzhou plays dirty and places a possessive hand over his cock. Fei Du whimpers at the pressure and jerks his hips for more, hissing when Luo Wenzhou pulls away.

Luo Wenzhou places his hand over Fei Du’s mouth, warm and large, and it’s normally comforting to have Luo Wenzhou’s hands on his body. But today it muffles all the sounds Fei Du tries to make. Fei Du shakes his head, trying to push Luo Wenzhou off, but Luo Wenzhou’s hand is stronger. He clamps down hard enough that Fei Du hazily wonders if he’ll leave a bruise on his face.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” Luo Wenzhou murmurs, nosing at his neck and breathing in deeply. Fei Du jerks, a tingle running down his spine at the sensation. “Ah, ah, be good, darling. Let me enjoy this.”

Fei Du outright shudders. He can’t fight back like this and he whines as Luo Wenzhou takes his time. The bastard is really indulging and Fei Du is trying to think of a way to disorient him when Luo Wenzhou licks his neck. Fei Du jerks, but pressed between the wall and Luo Wenzhou, there's nowhere for him to escape.

Luo Wenzhou is in no rush. Fei Du can only submit to being touched as Luo Wenzhou pleases. He cries out when Luo Wenzhou pinches his nipples through his shirt, the sharp bust of pain breaking through his reserve. Luo Wenzhou chuckles and quickly unbuttons his shirt, slipping it down his shoulders as much as he physically can. Fei Du shudders at the sensation of Luo Wenzhou’s warm hand against his stomach and chest. He knows this touch, knows it for the prelude that it is, and he struggles futilely as Luo Wenzhou starts to gently touch each of his scars.

“Watching you struggle is so nice,” Luo Wenzhou murmurs against the back of his neck. He ruts his cock against Fei Du’s ass, and he’s hard as a rock. Fei Du wouldn’t be surprised if Luo Wenzhou came in his pants. He certainly wants to; it’s a small blessing that Luo Wenzhou isn’t touching his dick yet. Fei Du doesn’t think it would take him long at this point to burst.

Fei Du tries again to free his mouth but Luo Wenzhou isn’t playing around in that regard. His hand stays steady against Fei Du’s lips no matter how hard he thrashes his head. He ends up making himself dizzy for nothing and Fei Du slumps in Luo Wenzhou’s hold, panting and trembling at his weakness.

“So pretty,” Luo Wenzhou says. “My pretty Fei Du. What should we do next?”

His thumb flicks over the buttons of Fei Du’s pants and his breath hitches.

“Oh? Do you want that? Want me to touch your pretty little cock?”

There are tears in the corner of Fei Du’s eyes. He inhales sharply as Luo Wenzhou unbuttons his pants and starts to push them down over his hips. They fall to the ground with a gentle thud; Fei Du closes his eyes as he waits for Luo Wenzhou to decide what to do next. His body is in Luo Wenzhou’s capable hands.

Luo Wenzhou dithers for a few moments, slipping his fingers in and out of the waistband of Fei Du’s underwear as he contemplates his desires. Then he slides his fingers in and cups his ass, groping at the soft mounds. Fei Du tries to moan but the sound is too muffled. He tries again, a little louder so Luo Wenzhou can hear.

Luo Wenzhou’s fingers pull his cheeks apart and Fei Du’s eyes widen. He freezes, unsure of what he’s going to do if Luo Wenzhou fucks him right now. Luo Wenzhou shakes his head and instead slides his underwear off so that it joins his pants. They hang around Fei Du’s ankles, trapping them almost as much as the handcuffs around his wrists.

“I don’t need to rush,” Luo Wenzhou says as he shifts his grasp to Fei Du’s groin.

Fei Du whimpers as his hands drag through the hair around his crotch. He tries to jerk away but it’s useless. Luo Wenzhou just laughs at him and cups his balls, rolling them in his hand. Fei Du can feel them drawing up, especially when Luo Wenzhou goes to stroke his cock, and he thrashes as he fights the pleasure and heat growing from Luo Wenzhou’s touch. Like he’s nothing more than meat for Luo Wenzhou to play with before feasting, Luo Wenzhou touches him as roughly or gently as he likes, pinching at the head of his cock to hear Fei Du cry out or tenderly massaging his scrotum to hear him moan.

Fei Du tries to hold back, to fight it off, but he’s trapped and there’s nowhere to run to. He tries to take refuge in his mind but every time he starts to lose himself, Luo Wenzhou brings him back, with a kiss to his neck or the press of his clothed cock against Fei Du’s bare ass.

It’s impossible to think, to fight, to run, and Fei Du arches as he comes in Luo Wenzhou’s hand. The cresting pleasure sends what little strength he has in his legs careening and he collapses fully against Luo Wenzhou, whimpering as Luo Wenzhou uses his own come to keep stroking Fei Du’s cock. Luo Wenzhou releases his mouth at long last and Fei Du gasps for unrestricted air, his moans coming freely now as Luo Wenzhou uses his sticky hand to play with his chest and nipples.

“Please stop,” Fei Du begs, trying to jerk his hips away and look at Luo Wenzhou. He’s a little bitch for Fei Du’s teary gaze. But he seems aware of this and refuses to meet his eyes.

“I’m still hard,” Luo Wenzhou says in a too innocent tone. He rubs his cock against Fei Du again, forceful and demanding, like he would fuck him right through his clothes if he could.

Fei Du whines, jerking at his bound hands to hear the clink of the chain. Luo Wenzhou hums, and Fei Du is just thinking about what that sound could mean when he’s lifted. Airborne, Fei Du is too shocked to react, and then he starts to flail as he’s slung across Luo Wenzhou’s shoulder.

Luo Wenzhou kisses at his hip and palms his ass before marching into their room, slamming the door shut behind them and making sure it’s properly locked. Fei Du tries to break free but it’s useless, and he grunts as Luo Wenzhou tosses him onto the bed. He only manages to roll onto his side before Luo Wenzhou is turning him onto his back so that he can press his body over his and kiss him senseless. Fei Du’s noises are muffled as he tries to fight but with his hands tied behind him, he has zero chance, and Luo Wenzhou smiles at his feeble attempts.

It isn’t until Luo Wenzhou pulls away that Fei Du can finally notice and appreciate that he’s in full uniform. Fei Du licks his lips, admiring the clean cut figure Luo Wenzhou presents. It’s a fucking lie but it’s hot as hell, all the more that this is the sight that’s been molesting Fei Du.

“Pretty, pretty,” he says, stroking his face. Fei Du snarls and makes to bite him, but Luo Wenzhou grabs his chin and forces him to meet his eyes. “Ah, ah, not today, my love.” Fei Du squeezes his eyes shut to make a tear fall, and he hears Luo Wenzhou inhale sharply. He thinks he’s made a crack in Luo Wenzhou’s armor but then he feels Luo Wenzhou’s tongue, softly licking up the tear trail. Fei Du opens his eyes in surprise and watches, cross eyed and blurry, as Luo Wenzhou licks up his tears.

“Pervert,” Fei Du gasps, ignoring the way it makes his heart twist.

Luo Wenzhou’s chuckles and scoots back a little so he can look Fei Du in the eyes.

“You don’t get to say anything to me, little slut,” he says, reaching down to where Fei Du is dripping again. He swirls his fingertips against Fei Du’s cock head and covers them with come, then shoves his fingers into Fei Du’s mouth. Fei Du grunts in discomfort but he’s weak for Luo Wenzhou’s fingers in his mouth, and he can’t even fight back against Luo Wenzhou’s laughter as his entire body goes lax. Fei Du obediently licks his fingers clean of his own come, moaning as Luo Wenzhou’s plays with his tongue and explores all the crevices of his mouth. Luo Wenzhou doesn’t go deep enough, doesn’t make him choke with it, but Fei Du’s mind has gone hazy with want and desire. He begs for more with his tongue, licking up what he can of Luo Wenzhou’s thick fingers, wishing for something against his cock or in his ass. His plaintive cries, the way he opens his legs, Luo Wenzhou can’t resist any of it, though he holds out longer than Fei Du would have expected.

“Wait, wait, gotta change position,” Luo Wenzhou mutters and Fei Du rolls his eyes. He submits to being placed onto his stomach, in between Luo Wenzhou’s legs, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise that Luo Wenzhou is looking to get his dick sucked.

Luo Wenzhou unbuckles his belt, tossing it aside then pushes down his pants and underwear enough so that his cock is free. Fei Du smiles a little at seeing how wet his clothes are but he doesn’t bother to say anything, not when his mouth is about to be put to better use.

“Here, take it,” Luo Wenzhou says, guiding his cock to Fei Du’s lips.

Fei Du eagerly learns forward to take Luo Wenzhou’s cock into his mouth. He hasn’t told Luo Wenzhou that his is the biggest dick he’s taken because the man is already insufferable enough. But dear god is it massive and Fei Du moans as he works it down his throat, drooling in thirst even as he has it in his mouth. It feels so good as it pulses and throbs, and Fei Du takes it in even deeper, as far as he can until his nose is pressed up against Luo Wenzhou’s groin. He breathes in the musk and sweat, glancing up to see Luo Wenzhou looking down at him with a dark, starving expression.

“Yeah, that’s how you should always look,” Luo Wenzhou says, his voice rough as he wipes at the drool running down the corner of Fei Du’s mouth. He licks it off his finger and Fei Du moans, sucking his cheeks in; Luo Wenzhou’s eyes slide closed as he gives a pleasured sigh.

It feels good to be used, and Fei Du sinks into Luo Wenzhou’s hands when they reach up to cup his face. Then Luo Wenzhou grabs him, and that’s all the warning he has before Luo Wenzhou fucks his face as he comes. He always comes a lot, especially for the first time, and Fei Du nearly panics as Luo Wenzhou fills his throat.

Fei Du gags and Luo Wenzhou curses, barely holding back an apology as he pulls out so that Fei Du can catch his breath. The last of his come splatters across Fei Du’s face but he’s too busy hacking up to notice it. Fei Du really did enjoy it. But he takes the chance for what it is and coughs his discomfort out, resting his head against Luo Wenzhou’s thigh as his breathing evens out.

“It’s okay now,” he murmurs, not wanting to break the mood.

Luo Wenzhou pats his head. Then he takes his cock and presses it back to Fei Du’s lips.

“Suck it clean,” Lu Wenzhou commands and Fei Du reaches out to take Luo Wenzhou’s cock back into his mouth. Without his hands, he can’t do as phenomenal of a job as usual, but there’s no complaints from Luo Wenzhou who groans and fights to keep from fucking Fei Du’s face again.

Fei Du makes sure to get it nice and wet, moaning and panting like a whore for it, rutting up against the bed as much as he can. His neck is starting to hurt from this angle but he doesn’t mention it, letting it be another ache to add to the collection.

“You’re really a slut for this, aren’t you?” Luo Wenzhou’s words are at odds with his gentle hands as they brush through Fei Du’s hair. He tucks the stray strands behind his ears, petting him ever so tenderly. Fei Du slurps up what he can from the head of Luo Wenzhou’s dick, exaggeratedly lewd, but it always works on Luo Wenzhou. He chuckles and pats Fei Du’s cheek. “You’re so good at this. How many cocks have you had in here? Doesn’t matter, it’s just mine from now on. You ready to have your favorite cock in your ass now?”

Fei Du moans and nods, delighted when Luo Wenzhou roughly flips him onto his back. Luo Wenzhou spreads his legs open and with the pads of his fingers, plays with Fei Du’s rim. His fingers are dry and Fei Du squirms, knowing that Luo Wenzhou won’t fuck him dry but unsure of what he’s plotting.

“Eager for a good fuck?” Luo Wenzhou asks. Fei Du glares at him and tries to kick him, unsurprised that Luo Wenzhou catches his ankle and digs his fingers into the delicate bones. “Don’t worry, baobei, I’ll fill you up good. How do you want it?”

“I don’t,” Fei Du spits at him.

Luo Wenzhou laughs at the lie and strokes his erection. Fei Du jerks and Luo Wenzhou draws his touch away.

“What should I do with this bad boy who lies so brazenly?” Luo Wenzhou murmurs.

“Spank him?” Fei Du asks innocently.

“Oh, if it were a punishment, maybe,” Luo Wenzhou says. He presses a kiss to Fei Du’s ankle before dropping his leg and making himself at home between Fei Du’s thighs. “But this little slut likes it too much. How can it be a punishment if you’re always gagging for it?”

Fei Du is about to make some kind of snappy retort back when Luo Wenzhou leans over and takes his cock in his mouth. Fei Du cries out in surprise, all the more that Luo Wenzhou is looking to make him come, and come quick. The bastard knows all his favorite spots, from the way he massages the root of his cock to the way he curls his tongue against the slit. It’s too much, too fast, and Fei Du thrashes as he tries to stave it off. But he’s putty in Luo Wenzhou’s hands and all too soon, he’s screaming his climax out, dropping back onto the bed in exhaustion.

He’s not surprised that Luo Wenzhou immediately pops off and starts to finger his ass, with just enough lubricant on his fingers to keep it from being painful. Fei Du whimpers as he realizes that Luo Wenzhou is going to stimulate him as much as possible, until Fei Du begs for mercy. The question is, will Luo Wenzhou give it to him tonight; Fei Du rather doubts it and a chill runs up his spine.

"Take them out,” he pleads, trying to jerk away from Luo Wenzhou’s fingers opening him up.

“Alright,” Luo Wenzhou says agreeably but Fei Du knows the bastard isn’t doing it to be nice. Sure enough, he flips Fei Du onto his stomach, and presses his cock head to Fei Du’s ass. Luo Wenzhou pushes in, slow so that Fei Du has time to open up but it’s firm, unrelenting, and Fei Du throws his head back with a cry.

Luo Wenzhou slides all the way in and groans. Fei Du can practically feel it in his throat again. He trembles, fearful that if he moves he’ll lose another part of his tenuous hold on his mental state.

“Stop,” he begs. How sincere it is, he doesn’t know, and it’s easier to let his body react and try to move away. “I just came.”

“But I didn’t,” Luo Wenzhou says with a laugh, snapping his hips forward extra hard. Fei Du lets out a strangled noise, hating the pleasure that’s starting to build up painfully in his lower body. He can’t get hard but his body is still trying, and the pain is sweet even as it burns him.

Luo Wenzhou takes his time, languidly fucking into Fei Du, so that his pleasure doesn’t crest too soon. That doesn’t help Fei Du, whose cock is being ground against the bed and his ass pounded into. Luo Wenzhou makes it good, sending his toes curling and his body aching with heat. Fei Du can’t fight it forever and he cries out as his cock hardens, biting his lower lip as he starts to drip.

“Baby, you hard yet?” Luo Wenzhou asks rhetorically, still moving his hips steadily. “Is your tight little ass going to come around me again?”

“Shut up,” Fei Du gasps out. It’s a mistake to talk because Luo Wenzhou punches a pleasured cry out of him. And he doesn’t stop, gasping and panting as Luo Wenzhou continues to expertly play with his body.

Fei Du fights up until he can’t, and he droops into the bed, whining and moaning as Luo Wenzhou keeps coaxing pleasure out of his tired body. He shakes as he comes, crying out at how much it hurts even as he welcomes the pain of the too sharp climax. He doesn’t beg for Luo Wenzhou to stop, knowing that it won’t work. Instead he starts to sob from how overwhelmed he is.

Luo Wenzhou slows down, leaning over his body, chest pressed to his back so he can sweetly kiss his cheek. He pulls his sweaty hair and so he can whisper in his ear.

“You’re doing so good for me, darling. My Fei Du, my baobei, I love you so much. Can I come in you now? Do you want me to fill you up?”

“Wenzhou,” Fei Du slurs, turning his head. Luo Wenzhou takes the chance to kiss him, his hips rolling in slow, little circles. “Please.”

“One more?” Luo Wenzhou asks. He reaches down to the mess in between the sheets and Fei Du’s body. Fei Du is semi hard but he hadn’t noticed. As soon as Luo Wenzhou touches him, he thrashes, pleasure shooting through his body like he’s touched a live wire. He really can’t take much more.

Except Luo Wenzhou is always pushing him.

Fei Du screeches as Luo Wenzhou fucks him, brutal and without mercy, and he spasms as he comes one last time. He’s outright crying, completely overwhelmed, and he can barely feel Luo Wenzhou coming inside of him. Fei Du’s attention is gone, shattered completely by the overload of pleasure, and he can’t hold back from sobbing himself stupid.

Luo Wenzhou doesn’t abandon him through it. He presses his cock as deep inside of him as he can, murmuring sweetly in his ear about what a good boy he was, how good his body feels for Luo Wenzhou, what a sweet little ass he has for him. It’s stupid and any other time Fei Du would be making fun of him for it. But right now it’s exactly what Fei Du needs and he’s unrepentant about soaking it up, crass as Luo Wenzhou’s compliments get.

At some point Luo Wenzhou slips out and then things get hazy after that. Fei Du knows he’s uncuffed at some point. Luo Wenzhou tuts at his red wrists, gentle as he rubs salve onto them. It soaks in fast so that Fei Du can’t complain about how sticky it is. He gives an appreciative hum, all the more pleased when Luo Wenzhou kisses the back of his hand.

It feels nice to get wiped down. He’ll have to bathe in the morning because he has zero energy to do anything right now. But going to sleep and waking up crusty would ruin everything. The cloth Luo Wenzhou is using is at the perfect warmth, enough to help lull Fei Du into sleep, and he’s partway there when Luo Wenzhou taps the small of his back.

“Sorry,” he says.

Fei Du twitches as Luo Wenzhou slides a finger into his ass, churning him up to coax his come out. He whines, too sensitive from getting fucked, and Luo Wenzhou apologies again in a softer tone. But he doesn’t stop and Fei Du doesn’t fight it, too exhausted and weak. It's a relief when Luo Wenzhou finally takes his finger out and gently wipes the rest off his rim. He’s equally careful when he cleans up his ass cheeks. If Fei Du had more energy, he could probably get hard off this treatment, but his dick is done for the night.

“Turn over,” Luo Wenzhou says, tapping on his side.

“Not moving,” Fei Du says. He protests when Luo Wenzhou flips him over anyway and he pouts at him.

“Don’t give me that look,” Luo Wenzhou says as he carefully wipes at Fei Du’s balls. “You wanna wake up glued to the bed sheets? I think the fuck not.”

Fei Du would not like to wake up glued to the bed sheets thanks to Luo Wenzhou’s semen, thank you very much, so he grumbles but lets Luo Wenzhou keep on indulging his ‘taking care of Fei Du’ kink. His shixiong is really vanilla. It would be more disappointing if Luo Wenzhou wasn’t game for most of Fei Du’s nonsense and if Fei Du wasn’t learning to enjoy this soft and tender coupling.

“I’m taking off points for the aftercare,” Fei Du murmurs as Luo Wenzhou wipes off his face. The smell of his makeup wipes is sharp after the salt and sweetly sour bodily fluids. He scrunches his nose at Luo Wenzhou. “It’s not realistic.”

“Ah, shut up, you brat,” Luo Wenzhou says. “I wanted it. And if you break out with acne because of my spunk on your face I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Fei Du peeks open an eye in acquiescence. He would absolutely make a stink about that. It explains the wipes too though his face feels especially dry now.

“Go get my face cream,” Fei Du says, weakly waving a hand towards the bathroom.

“I would if I knew which one the fuck it was.”

“Red jar.”

“You have like five red jars in there.”

“The round one.”

“Narrows it down to like three.”

“It has a picture of the Eiffel Tower.”

“Now you’re talking sense,” Luo Wenzhou says and trots off obediently to retrieve it. Fei Du makes sure to turn his head in time to catch sight of Luo Wenzhou’s magnificent ass as he walks away. He smiles in appreciation, catching Luo Wenzhou’s eyes as he returns. Luo Wenzhou smirks at him, realizing exactly what he was looking at, then sits down on the bed next to him. “Okay, beautiful, let’s make sure you don’t get any wrinkles.”

Fei Du rolls his eyes then closes them, nearly purring as Luo Wenzhou massages the cream into his skin. It feels so nice, he’s definitely going to have to make Luo Wenzhou do this again. It probably won't be hard to suggest it either. Fei Du relaxes into his touch, whining when he draws away.

“You spoiled brat,” Luo Wenzhou says. “Get up, I need to change the sheets, and we need to put clothes on.”

“And then dinner?”

“Yes, and then dinner,” Luo Wenzhou says. “How much did you even eat today? Not much, I bet.”

Fei Du shrugs as he reluctantly gets up.

“And who’s fault was that?”

“Yours,” Luo Wenzhou says without mercy as he strips the bed and rolls up the outer sheet. He sighs when he sees the one under wet as well. “Wow, someone comes hard when he’s playing at being forced. You really like that shit, don't you?”

“Shixiong played his role so well. How could I do anything but come and come?” Fei Du says too innocently. He bats his eyes at Luo Wenzhou who threatens to toss the dirty sheets at him. Fei Du laughs, until Luo Wenzhou does, and Fei Du promptly gags at the smell, which is intolerable when he’s not in the moment.

The noise attracts Luo Yiguo’s attention who starts yowling at being banished from the room and scratches at the door. Luo Wenzhou hurries to get some pants on and then opens the door to yell at the cat, dodging when Luo Yiguo flies into the room, aiming for Luo Wenzhou’s ankles.

Fei Du laughs as he watches the two argue, happily sitting on the fresh sheets of the bed, still naked under a blanket. His stomach is starting to protest the lack of food, because he really was too tense all day to properly eat. But his body and heart are otherwise satisfied and he lets himself enjoy this nonsense, smiling as Luo Wenzhou threatens to skin and cook Luo Yiguo for the fiftieth time this week.