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Eye of the Storm

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Sawamura could be really stupid sometimes. Well, more like most of the time Kazuya fondly thinks as he trudged up the stairs that lead to Sawamura’s dorm. He bangs on the door without a care for his neighbors or the fact that his roommate might be in there too.

It's only a few seconds later that the door opens and Sawamura’s dumb cute face peers out at him. He opens his mouth getting ready to speak, probably to shout Kazuya’s name, but before he can Kazuya pushes the door all the way open and brushes by to get inside.

He’s been to Sawamura’s dorm a few times, so he knows which side contains all of Sawamura’s belongings. It’s not as messy as it was the last time he was here which is a pleasant surprise. A few articles of clothing thrown around here and there. The bed is messily made and an open book is laying on one of the pillows. He was probably reading the latest volume of some shoujo manga before he got interrupted.

“Excuse me Miyuki Kazuya, just what do you think you’re doing?” Sawamura demands as he closes the door and heads back over to the bed.

Kazuya doesn’t even spare him a look as he hums in response and continues surveying the room. He spots his prize on the desk and grabs it, handing it over to Sawamura.

“Open this,” he commands as Sawamura takes the laptop from him.

“Why? What do you need my laptop for?” He’s being difficult but opens the lid and follows Kazuya’s directions anyways.

Kazuya fishes through his pants pocket before pulling out the USB drive Sawamura had given to him yesterday and showing it to him.

“Idiot. You never put the video back on this. It’s still on your laptop and you just gave me an empty flash drive,” Kazuya explains.

“Oh,” Sawamura blushes, turning the unlocked laptop towards Kazuya. “Sorry.”

Kazuya just huffs out a laugh.

Their coach normally gives Kazuya recordings of their opponents’ previous games to study before any match. This particular video was for a team that they were having a practice match with at the end of the week. As someone aiming to be one of their starting pitchers, Sawamura would sometimes join him in watching the games, listening to comments, adding his own, or just annoying Kazuya and being a distraction.

This time he had asked Kazuya to view the game by himself to see how well he could analyze it on his own. Kazuya couldn’t exactly say no to that. He loved Sawamura’s never-ending desire to grow and was always surprised by the results. This was only a practice match, so Kazuya could afford to start his research a day late and it would be good practice for Sawamura. They could meet up later to review their notes together. And hell, Sawamura may have even been able to pick up on some things that Kazuya didn’t, even if it's just to point out that the opposing team’s battery had a cool handshake.

This was all good and fine until he had handed Kazuya the empty drive yesterday. He was planning on taking the time to start his analysis today, but opening the empty drive had delayed that. It wasn’t too big of an inconvenience to run to Sawamura’s dorm, after all his off-campus apartment was only a 15-minute walk away, at most.

Kazuya grabs the laptop and goes to sit down at Sawamura’s desk. Sticking the drive into the USB port on the side, he opens up Sawamura’s files.

“Do you have anything in your brain besides pitching?” he teases.

“Shut up, it was an honest mistake. Don’t act like you're not glad to have an excuse to see me.” He flops back onto his bed and picks his book back up.

He wasn’t exactly wrong with that comment either. Kazuya had figured out that his feelings for the pitcher extended beyond that of just teammates during their year of separation after he graduated. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

The constant barrage of texts he got from Sawamura once he left Seido almost seemed to dare Kazuya to even try to lose contact with him. It started with simple good morning and good night messages and then evolved into complaining about third-year responsibilities, selfies of him and the team, or pictures of random things like a leaf he found on the sidewalk that was shaped exactly like his catcher’s mitt.

Kazuya would often type out short replies, reread them twenty times and then never send anything back. A sinking feeling always arose in his gut whenever his thumb hovered over the send button.

He got these texts at least every other day and eventually, he did cave in and answer. The conversations, easily enough, started small and slow, mostly focusing on the team he had moved on from. Even if he hadn’t started responding, Kuramochi, who was going to Waseda with him, actively still talked to Sawamura and would give Kazuya any updates he deemed important.

Things changed when Sawamura personally asked him to attend the final game of west Tokyo’s summer qualifying tournament. Kuramochi and some other alumni had gone to the quarterfinals, but Kazuya had opted not to go using the excuse of too much classwork. It just felt wrong for him to go watch and it bothered him that he didn’t know why. The prospect of seeing Sawamura again made him anxious.

The game was like déjà vu, for the third year in a row it was Inashiro against Seido in a close battle over who the top team in west Tokyo was. Even though Sawamura was still the ace, Furuya was starting and did a good job of holding them scoreless. Sawamura was switched in to get the last out in the fourth inning, a strategic move that occurred as soon as the Inajitsu batters began connecting to more of Furuya’s pitches.

Sawamura walked onto the mound with his head held high and carrying all the hopes and dreams of his teammates, past and present, on his back. He called out his signature speech to his fielders and boy did Kazuya miss that. He’d never say it out loud but he revered the way Sawamura’s personality translated into his playing style.

He’s loud and shows his emotions too easily, the opposite of what pitchers typically are supposed to be like. To Kazuya though, these things just added to his relentlessness, his unwavering spirit and focus that made him the most interesting pitcher he’s ever worked with.

After a few warm-up pitches, the game resumed.

“Just watch,” Kuramochi had said with a knowing look from his seat in the bleachers next to him.

And watch he did. Watched as Sawamura stunned batter after batter, putting the pitches they had developed together, the Numbers, to good use with the help of Okumura’s calls. Kazuya knew that he was the first proper catcher Sawamura had ever worked with and Okumura was a prodigy in his own right so he could see how working with a different catcher helped him grow. But Okamura was still his kohai, and Sawamura’s understanding of pitch calling was good enough that he wasn’t just being led by his catcher anymore, he was leading instead.

Then in the seventh inning, it happened. Against the opposition’s cleanup with two outs, a count of two balls and two strikes and a runner on second, Sawamura did something so risky and fearless he swore he could see his own smirk plastered on the southpaw’s face.

Earning a swinging strikeout, Sawamura debuts a brand new pitch. A gyroball.

Before Kazuya even knows what’s happened, he is on his feet, staring in awe at his old battery partner, goosebumps running along his arms and heart beating wildly in his chest. The fingers of his left hand twitch, wishing that he could have been the one to catch that pitch.

Around him, the crowd is astonished, but only for a few seconds before erupting wildly as a result of seeing a high schooler pitch a ball that’s only been seen in the major leagues. He understands Kuramochi’s look from before.

He turns to him then and asks, trying hard not to sound breathless, “Did you know about this?”

Kuramochi just laughs. “Well, that’s what happens when you actually talk to him.”

Miyuki frowns. They had been texting, but Sawamura never mentioned practicing pitching a gyroball. They had talked about it briefly in his third year around the same time Amahisa Kousei was developing something similar. He can’t help but wonder if he formed this pitch all on his own as he did with his splitter custom.

Sawamura is a wonder. A vessel of limitless potential and Kazuya wants to keep catching for him, to keep being his battery partner. Sawamura challenges him and makes him want to improve himself as a player. His emotions may be easily understood but he’s always kept Kazuya on his toes, never knowing precisely what he’s thinking or what stunt he’ll pull next.

For the first time in his life, Kazuya has found someone he wants to keep. Sawamura is his match both on and off the field and he selfishly wants to reach out and grasp him with both hands, never to let go. They both take baseball seriously and take the initiative to always progress further. Miyuki knows he can be harsh, he purposely closes himself off and offers criticism and braying laughter to get under people’s skin and push them away. This didn’t deter Sawamura, who instead took his strict words to be constructive while simultaneously calling him out for his ‘tanuki bastard’ personality. Sawamura is never ashamed to say what's on his mind and inspires those around him just by being himself. He makes Kazuya want to be a better man.

He has an instant revelation on why he was having trouble texting Sawamura and why he had been nervous to see him again. The uncomfortable feeling in his gut was him getting butterflies. He had a crush. On Sawamura. And he missed him but didn’t know how to deal with it so his mind had unconsciously repressed the intense feelings.

Suddenly the sun has come out after a torrential downpour and Kazuya hates that metaphor because Sawamura is the sun. He could almost laugh because it would take something as innocuous as baseball to make him realize he could have feelings for anyone that went beyond being platonic. And it would be Sawamura. He’s already fallen in love with his baseball so why not just add the person behind it to the list too.

He finds out a few months later that the southpaw had followed him to university when on the first day of practice in his second year he sees the smuggest look on the brat’s face. So of course, Kazuya pretends like he doesn't know him which ends in an ear-splitting shout of his name.

After that Sawamura quickly weaseled his way back into Kazuya’s life and now they spend just as much time together, maybe even more so, than they did at Seido. It doesn’t help that Kuramochi now shares an apartment with Kazuya. Kuramochi would never admit it but he likes hanging out with his self proclaimed little brother. More often than not, Sawamura was over eating dinner with them, watching movies, and sleeping on their spare futon when video game tournaments went too late into the night.

Before he even knew it, another year had passed, and now in his third year, Kazuya has settled into a comfortable routine. His feelings had only gotten stronger, as did his skills at hiding them. The more time they spent together, the more comfortable he got with the way things were. So he knew there was no point in trying to confess, there was no way Sawamura liked him back. And if he did, he’d had five years to do something about it. Sawamura didn’t seem like the type of person to sit on his feelings, the boy was an open book, wearing his heart on his sleeve. Instead, Kazuya pushed his feelings down, willing to do anything to keep Sawamura by his side, even if it wasn’t in the way he truly wanted him.

He also did his best to ignore the memory of Sawamura making out with some guy the one time the team went out to celebrate a big win at some club last year. The proof that Sawamura was at least interested in guys had only given him a sliver of hope before figuring again, that if Sawamura wanted him he would have given him some sign by now. The shock to his system that the sight caused was more jarring than it should have been. He didn’t even know Sawamura thought about anything other than baseball. He suddenly felt a lot farther away from him as Sawamura never talked about this type of stuff to Kazuya or even Kuramochi. Maybe they weren’t as close as he thought they were outside of team dynamics.

It wasn’t like Sawamura wasn’t allowed to see other people or have his own fun. God knows that Kazuya had had a fling or two of his own on nights he was feeling particularly hopeless back in his first year. He just didn’t want to see it. And he hadn’t seen anything like that since from Sawamura. He had honestly been surprised, he didn’t think the boy would be into sloppy make-outs with strangers. He remembers Kuramochi laughing next to him and commenting on how Sawamura was always surprising them.

“Oi, Sawamura, do you remember where you put the video?” He asks, looking around the screen. How did someone manage to make their laptop messy? His taskbar was full of opened programs and he would bet money on him having twenty unnecessary tabs open causing the thing to lag.

“I think I just put them in my videos folder,” He mumbled, completely absorbed back into his manga.

Sure enough, the game was in said folder with a thumbnail of what looked like a baseball field and the name showing the opponents and date. He quickly dragged it back onto the drive.

While the file transferred, Kazuya slid his eyes over to sneak a look at Sawamura. He was laying on his stomach, pillow propping his chest up with the book lying in front of him. His legs were bent up in the air with his ankles crossed. He looked so adorable that Kazuya just wanted to gather him up into his arms and pepper his face with kisses. Or maybe he could just keep him there on his stomach and pound him into the mattress like that from behind…

Kazuya quickly turned back around to shut down that train of thought.

When he said that his feelings had only gotten stronger, he meant it. As he gained more experience himself his physical want for the pitcher increased tenfold. Sawamura was always cute but now at the ripe young age of 20, he was gorgeous. While his face lost most of its baby fat to give rise to a sharper jawline, his cheeks were still a bit round and made more noticeable when he blushed. His pink plump lips were just asking to be kissed every time he pouted, which seemed to be a lot whenever Kazuya was around. There was also the fact that after years of intensive training, Sawamura was a lot more muscular, giving rise to one of Kazuya’s favorite features, the pitcher’s round and perky ass. Kazuya just didn’t understand how people could call him a pretty boy when Sawamura was right there next to him.

Once the file was done transferring, he could see that there was another video in the folder but the thumbnail was just generic clipart of a film reel, as if it wouldn’t load. The name seemed to be whatever the computer had uploaded it as, a random garble of letters, numbers, and underscores. Hovering over it, the time showed the length of the video to be about three hours - the same length as a typical baseball game. Figuring it was just another game, he dragged it onto the drive too. Once he could safely eject it, the flash drive was stashed back into his pocket. Getting up he turns to Sawamura and snaps his fingers to get his attention.

“You still coming over tomorrow?”

He looks up from his book, smiling. “Of course, who else is gonna feed me?”

Kazuya scoffed and closed the laptop. “I don’t know, maybe the meal plan you pay for.”

“Ugh, that food is gross. You’re a much better cook and you make all your meals with love.”

“Love?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Your love for me and Kuramochi.”

“You’ve gotten very cheeky,” Kazuya said, shaking his head.

“I’ve learned from the best!”

“Tch.” Kazuya pats his pocket, double-checking that the flash drive was there and then heads for the door. “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye-bye!” He heard him yell as he walked out of the dorm, shutting the door behind him and heading back to his apartment.




That night, Kazuya sits on his bed, headphones on, notebook in his lap, and laptop in front of him playing the game. He should have finished up an hour ago and been doing any replays to better his analysis but his little detour to Sawamura’s set him back. Now it’s after midnight. Not that he normally wouldn’t be awake anyways but his head is buzzing with information about each batter and their different pitchers.

The game finishes playing but there’s no way he’s falling asleep any time soon. He didn’t want to rewatch the game either, besides he would hopefully do that with Sawamura later. Remembering the other game on the flash drive, he opened up that video curious as to who was playing in it. Maybe their coach had already set up another game. Or it was one of their games that they needed to review. Once the media player was open Kazuya could see that that was not the case.

The video starts with Sawamura sitting hunched over right in front of the screen with a bed and window shown in the background. He was in his dorm room from the looks of it, there was the same navy blue comforter he had just seen earlier that day. It looked like the beginning of every Youtube video he had ever seen. Kazuya waited to see if Sawamura would spew out some ridiculous greeting but he wasn’t looking at the camera, instead, his eyes were darting back and forth like he was reading something. That idiot had probably started up the webcam without even realizing it. It wouldn’t be surprising, Kazuya had seen his laptop and it was a mess.

He watched as Sawamura continued reading something, before he sat up straight, eyes wide, and a blush began to spread over his cheeks. He stood up from the desk, now only his torso in view, and walked out of frame. Just what was he reading?

Looking down at the video player he could see that this went on for another three hours and seven minutes. Kazuya dragged the mouse over the video’s player bar to see if Sawamura was going to do doing anything in the video. A little more than half an hour in, one of the thumbnails showed Sawamura back in view of the webcam on his bed. Since it was too small to tell what was going on, he clicked on that time to skip ahead in the video.

“Oh fuck.”

Kazuya’s heart drops and he stills. He shouldn’t be watching this. Because there, naked on his bed, was Sawamura on his hands and elbows, legs spread wide and fingers up his ass. The video showed a side view of the bed, and the angle was a little awkward, but there was no mistaking the way his fingers pistoned in and out of his hole while his heavy breathing was picked up by the microphone.


He definitely needed to stop, right now. Kazuya double checked to make sure he was still listening through his headphones. Oh God, Kuramochi was sleeping in the next room. He couldn’t look away though. This image was going to haunt his dreams. Now that he’d heard what his moans sounded like Kazuya was fucked. Every time he tried to rub one out from here on out all he would think about is Sawamura spread open and ready for the taking like this.

Mesmerized, Kazuya watched as Sawamura removed his fingers and felt around the bed for something. He picked up - shit, that was a vibrator - and a small bottle. Opening the bottle, lube Kazuya could deduce, Sawamura slathered some on the vibrator and turned it on with a small black remote. He slowly brought it between his legs, lightly touching it to the tip of his cock and running it down to the base. He let out a long moan that was even louder than the last.

Wasn’t he in a dorm? How could he be this loud? There was no way his neighbors couldn’t hear him. Kazuya would kill to be there with him at this moment. He would stick his fingers in that pretty mouth, shut him up and watch him gag on them. Or even better he could quiet him with his own dick that he could feel hardening in his sweatpants.

The vibrator continued on its path, reaching his balls, then up to circle his rim. He pauses, teasing himself before ever so slowly, with his chest rising and falling rapidly, starting to push the toy in.

Hah… Miyuki-senpai…

Kazuya freezes. Sawamura called out his name. Sawamura called out his name while he shamelessly fucked himself with a vibrator. There was no way. Sawamura wouldn’t do that. This was all just a dream. Surely in reality Kazuya had just fallen asleep in the middle of watching that game. Just to be sure, he went to rewind the video to make sure he had heard it right when it happened again.

Miyuki-senpai...mmhh… fuck, please…

Of all times why did he have to call him senpai now? And with his sweet begging, Kazuya couldn’t help but start to palm himself through his pants. The rush of blood to his cock demanded his attention and there was such a beautiful visual in front of him, no porn or fantasy of his own making could compare.

Sawamura Eijun was getting off to the thought of him. Kazuya was over the moon. This was better than anything he could have hoped for and to think just earlier he had been lamenting the improbability of their relationship furthering. A golden opportunity had just landed in his lap and he was going to milk it for all its worth.

Please, sir...I have...I’ve been a good boy!

Kazuya could curse the stupid webcam for the poor quality of the video. He can’t clearly see him but he swears those are tears trailing down his pretty face. He looks so desperate but he’s holding back, the effort of that decision showing in the way his arms tremble and he grips the sheets in one hand.

Sawamura was fucking himself urgently now, the pink vibrator pulled out almost all the way before being slammed back in. He could see the moment Sawamura gave up on holding himself back. His legs spread wider on the bed, back arching as he ground his hips so his cock pressed against the bed below him.

Please,” he begged. “I wanna cum!

Sawamura’s imaginary Miyuki must have given him permission for his body jerked and his orgasm hit him, shoving his face into his pillow as cum splatters on the bed below him. His muffled moans could still be heard through the video. Fuck, he just came with barely being touched, on the vibrator alone. This boy was an absolute angel and he needed him to be his now.

Kazuya reached into his pants to fist his own cock, now desperate to get off too. So Sawamura wanted to be Kazuya’s good little boy and needed permission before cumming. He could just imagine using this new-found knowledge against his little spitfire of a kohai. Kazuya would pin him down against the bed, running his hands all over the pitcher's lithe figure that hid just how muscled he was. He would whisper soft praises into his ear, letting Sawamura know just how perfect he was while he writhed underneath him.

Kazuya would be the one to control the vibrator, tease him with it just right, make him beg for it until he started to cry. He wouldn’t give in that easily, oh no, he would push Sawamura just right and see how much he could take. Sawamura would no doubt do his best to please and give no choice but for Kazuya to sing praises for him.

Kazuya’s own body tensed as he spilled over his hand. He flopped back on his bed as his muscles relaxed, headphones pulled off his head as the cord wasn’t long enough. He’ll clean up in a minute and close his laptop after making sure to keep that video for later.

Kazuya pauses as his world view is shifted. Sawamura isn't nearly as naive as they all thought. It's completely normal for young men to jerk off, but Sawamura had some kinky fantasies he was using. Kinky fantasies that involved a certain senpai and catcher of his. If he really thinks about it though, it might not be that surprising. It's possible that Sawamura was aware of his praise kink the whole time back at Seido and was using everyone else's knowledge of it to, well, to get more praise. This could just be him exploring the actual kink part of praise kink.

This boy was going to be the death of him. He could be so sexy without even trying and just thinking of all the fun they could have together had his spent cock twitching in interest. It was enough to know that Sawamura wanted him in at least one way, he could work with that. And judging by this video it wasn’t a one-time thing and was fairly recent. How long had Sawamura felt this way? How much time have they wasted?

So his little pitcher wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. The surprises never stop with him, do they? Now that Kazuya knows what Sawamura really thinks about, what he really desires, how could he not give it to him? Besides, what Kazuya desires most isn’t too far off from what his adorably pouty pitcher craves. This was a simple kill-two-birds-with-one-stone situation. Solving it was as easy as having one honest conversation with each other. But first, he might have to tease Sawamura a bit, after all, he was still Miyuki Kazuya.

Sawamura had no clue about the storm brewing his way.




Kazuya’s plan is quite simple. He’s going to tease Sawamura, rile him up a bit, get to see some of his delicious reactions before luring him to his bed to claim him for what he hopes will be the rest of their lives. Wow, he's getting a bit soft.

Now that he’s aware of Sawamura’s feelings, he almost can’t believe he hasn’t noticed it before. Sawamura hides his little crush pretty well for someone who is transparent about everything else in his life. Kazuya’s known the kid for years now though, he can read his facial expressions, body language, and moods. He prides himself on how emotionally adept Sawamura has made him. It's because of all these things that he now knows where and when to look to expose those feelings of his.

One example is during practice the very next day. They’re having one of their reserve pitchers pitching to them in an intrasquad scrimmage. He’s good practice as his style of pitching most closely resembles that of the starting pitcher of their opponents for the practice match on Saturday.

To make the simulated game feel more real, Sawamura is cheering them on from the first base side dugout with the rest of the first string players. Well, he’s not so much cheering as shouting backhanded compliments and unfortunate nicknames.

“Come on! The pitcher’s scared! Drag him off the mound!” He yells, leaning over the railing with one fist in the air. “Mitsu-san!” He turns to address cleanup as he makes his way into the batter’s box. “Bring out your rocket launcher! Make him show us his fireball!”

Atsushi, the pitcher, rightfully ignores him while Mitsu just huffs.

“Pipe down over there Sawamura! Save it for the actual game.” He shakes his head, sounding fond. That’s the reaction most of their teammates have to him. He’s everyone’s favorite little brother. It probably helped that his introduction to the team wasn’t sabotaged by late-night videogames or sneaky teammates using him as bait. Kazuya can’t help but chuckle at the memory of Sawamura’s ninja dash to make it into the first-years introduction line.

The Waseda team instead got to meet a more grown Sawamura, one that was still hotheaded and noisy but understood that there were times when being pragmatic was best. Whose constant cheering was welcoming and often acted as motivation for the team. His rapid growth as a pitcher at Seido turned his obnoxiousness into confidence and reliability that was seen in the way he carried himself.

This team saw a Sawamura who played at Koshien four times and was a national champion twice with the ace number. If Kazuya had been meeting Sawamura for the first time last year like the rest of the team, he knows that he would have fallen for the pitcher a lot faster. He can't wait for the number one to be on his back again and knows it's only a matter of time before it happens.

As the next batter, Kazuya adjusts his gloves, grabs his bat, and walks over to the on-deck circle. He’s waiting to hear whatever ridiculous retort Sawamura may have for Mitsu but he’s gone oddly silent. Kazuya turns his head to the side to glance back behind him and—
Oh. There it is. The sign Kazuya was waiting for.

Sawamura’s too busy ogling Kazuya’s ass to notice that he’s been caught. He can’t help but snicker, bringing a gloved hand up to cover his mouth.

“Oi, Sawamura!” He calls out, watching in absolute joy as Sawamura’s head whips up real quick, only further confirming that he was looking down south. His face flushes and he quickly looks away, eyes darting around.

When he finally looks back he stutters out, “W-what Miyuki Kazuya?”

Kazuya turns back around and walks into the batter's box. Mitsu is now standing on first base and Kazuya realizes he should probably be paying attention more to practice.

“Have any encouragement for me?” He calls out anyway.

“What do I look like?! One of your fangirls?!” Kazuya’s back is to him but he can guarantee that he’s shaking his fist at him.

“HA!” he hears someone else yell causing some snickers to erupt from the dugout and players on the field. He can’t pinpoint the voice.

He turns his focus back to the scrimmage. He’s the starting catcher yet he’s only recently been moved up to batting fifth. He’s confident in his skills as a catcher but he plans to go pro once he graduates so he knows his batting needs to be more stable.

Atsushi’s a decent pitcher and he would have to be playing in this league. Specifically, his knuckle-curveball is what they’re supposed to be focusing on and he’s also got a regular knuckleball and splitter in his arsenal to watch out for.

Kazuya holds on specifically to target the knuckle-curveball, smacking it over left field for a double. Mitsu is a stocky guy but it's enough to get him home safely.

He tries not to be too obvious when he looks back towards the dugout for Sawamura’s reaction. To his slight annoyance, Sawamura is talking to Nishi, their second baseman, gesticulating wildly with his back turned towards the field. He clicks his tongue and scolds himself for caring. He does not want to be Sawamura who is constantly fishing for compliments. Still, straightforward praise coming from the southpaw is hard to come by but to not even pay attention to his at-bat? Sawamura’s eyes should be glued to him at all times, what’s he gonna have to do? Hit a home run every time?

Kazuya halts. Why that little… This is exactly what he wants. That little tease is ignoring him on purpose to give him a little push. Letting him know that a double isn’t good enough in his eyes. But this seems to be a challenge he has given only to him so he guesses all he can do is step up his game. Anything to help his pitcher shine more brightly on the mound.

The inning ends with Kazuya still on second base. As he jogs back into the dugout to put his bat and helmet away and grab his catcher’s gear he tosses out a “You’re welcome” in Sawamura’s direction.

“For what?” he asks, coming to stand next to him, glove on his hand and ready to run out onto the field.

“I got you a run didn’t I?”

“That’s your job as my catcher. I’d be disappointed in anything less.”

“Wow, what a tyrant,” Nishi comments with a smile, tapping Kazuya on the back with his glove as he runs out to the field.

“You sound just like Mei,” Kazuya retorts, knowing that bringing up the other southpaw always annoys him. Sawamura had always seemed to respect Narumiya Mei, who had gone pro right out of high school, but he’d been a little up in the air about him the past few years.

Even though they had beaten Inashiro during the summer of his third year, all the headlines were about Narumiya and his loss and plans for after high school. He knows that Sawamura was jealous of the attention, not so much as an individual but because Seido wasn’t making as big of a headline as he wanted. He could recall Sawamura wanting more recognition for the school and in a moment of rare frankness had ranted that if any single individual deserved to be making headlines it was Kazuya, the captain who had made it to Koshien and could also go pro if he decided.

The honesty of his speech at the time had warmed Kazuya’s heart. Acknowledgment like that from Sawamura was rare, so he didn’t know that that was how Sawamura saw him, as more than just a skilled catcher with a nasty personality.

“Don’t compare me to him!” Sawamura bristles, going cat-eyed.

Kazuya leers, satisfied with his reaction. “Then don’t act like a brat.”

As he puts his chest protector on, he sees Sawamura tense up. He’s frozen in place, staring wide-eyed at Kazuya before letting out a very loud and very fake laugh.

“WAHAHA! B-brat? What’s that?! I don’t see any brats here! You’re crazy Miyuki Kazuya!” He then scurries away out onto the field.

Weird. Kazuya’s not sure what that's about but as long as it doesn’t affect his pitching Sawamura can be as dorky as he wants.




After practice is over, the three make their way back to Kazuya and Kuramochi’s apartment while Sawamura prattles on about his day.

“-And then my professor ended up extending the deadline anyway, so I stayed up finishing it for nothing! But if it was me who asked for an extension he would have laughed in my face!”

“You know, Bakamura,” Kuramochi says. “If you stopped waiting until the last minute to do all your assignments this wouldn’t be a problem.”

“But all my best work happens when I’m in a pinch!” He whines. Kazuya sort of gets it, Sawamura has always been a clutch player on the field, making big plays when the team needs it most, but he won’t admit that.

“You’re usually the one that gets yourself into those pinches in the first place,” Kazuya snickers.

“Yeah, well, what about you? We all know that you suck at anything that’s not baseball,” Sawamura tried to defend himself by deflecting, pointing an accusing finger at Miyuki.

“Aww, are you worried about me?” Kazuya responds, grinning like a Cheshire cat. “I always knew you had it in you to be a sweet caring kohai.”

As they approach the apartment building, Sawamura speeds ahead to run up the steps of the landing. He spins around to face them, hands on his hips. “I am a sweet caring kohai, just not to jerky senpais like you.”

“Really?” Kuramochi adds, unimpressed. “Because you don’t act like that with me either. Unless you’re calling me a jerk too?” Kuramochi’s face goes dark and he starts cracking the knuckles of his fists, warning enough to have Sawamura pausing.

“No, no, no! I would never!”

“Thought so,” Kuramochi says, but clicks his tongue like he’s disappointed that Sawamura’s didn’t give him a reason to bully him more. Kazuya just rolls his eyes, knowing they’ll be sparring on the floor later after dinner.

Once inside and the door is closed behind them they easily fall into their routine. Kazuya bathes first so that he can start on dinner while the others take their turn. Usually, when he comes out they’re playing video games or they’re tangled on the floor with Sawamura is in some sort of chokehold, like right now.

He heads to the kitchen, planning to make chicken curry, one of Sawamura’s favorite dishes that he makes. It’s worth it to try to win him over through his stomach and it’s a simple enough dish to make after a long day.

Sawamura’s the last out of the bath, sporting clean clothes that he always keeps in his bag knowing that he’ll end up here instead of his dorm. His towel hangs around his neck, catching the droplets of water that drip down from the ends of his hair. His cheeks are still slightly flushed from the steam of the bath and the sight is so endearing Kazuya just wants to pinch them.

“Itadakimasu!” Sawamura shouts, digging in once they’re all sitting at the low table in the living room that works for both doing homework and eating meals. In the limited space of the apartment, Kazuya had opted for having more room in the kitchen area for him to work and Kuramochi hadn’t cared.

Sawamura’s a messy eater, naturally, so it's only a matter of time before an opportunity to mess with him arises. He’s stuffed his cheeks with food, looking like a squirrel and he’s somehow managed to get curry sauce all over his face. Kazuya grabs his napkin and waits until Sawamura has swallowed the food in his mouth.

“Here, Sawamura, you’ve got sauce on your face,” he says as he reaches for him. He grasps his chin, turning his head to look at him. Sawamura’s eyes are wide until Kazuya wipes his face with the napkin. “You’re like a toddler.”

“Am not,” he pouts.

Once he’s finished dabbing at his face, he doesn’t let go, opting instead to watch Sawamura’s lips, plush and ripe like a peach he wants to sink his teeth into. He’s purposely trying to goad him, so he glances back up at his eyes to make sure he’s being watched as his lips part, letting his tongue run along his bottom lip. Sawamura’s pupils are blown wide as he follows the movement of Kazuya’s tongue.

He leans in a bit more towards Sawamura and takes advantage of their slight height difference to tower over him. The fingers holding Sawamura's face move to cup his jaw in a softer hold, giving him the option to move away if he wants.

He doesn’t, of course, too hypnotized by Kazuya’s mere presence that's much too close to him. His imposing figure causes Sawamura to flush, eyes locking in a heated gaze. The hand on his jaw moves back farther to his neck where he squeezes it, firming up his grasp. Sawamura lets out a barely audible gasp and Kazuya looks back up. His eyes are trained on Kazuya’s mouth, flaring in a lustful expression as he unconsciously sways closer to him. He looks so precious that he’s almost tempted to let him continue.

Just as their noses are about to brush Kazuya interrupts with a loud, “Alright,” breaking Sawamura from whatever spell he was under. “I think we should start keeping baby wipes around for you.” He goes back to eating with a pleased look on his face. This newfound power he has over Sawamura is making him feel giddy.

Sawamura’s pouting again when he looks back over and Kazuya really couldn’t adore the boy anymore. He’ll give him what he wants eventually just to see the smile back on his face, but for now, the look he currently wears, sulking in disappointment with pursed lips because Kazuya didn’t kiss him, is just as nice. That kind of honesty is so refreshing, that it doesn’t matter how hard Sawamura tries to lie, his knee-jerk reactions seem to give him away.

When he looks up again, Kuramochi is looking back and forth between them, face twisted in absolute revulsion. Oops. He’d forgotten that they weren’t alone.




Once Kuramochi and Sawamura are done with washing the dishes after dinner as payment for Kazuya always cooking, they all at least attempt to get some studying done. Kuramochi is curled up in the armchair with his laptop out and headphones on, clicking noises filling the air as he speedily types away. Kazuya’s on the floor, back leaning against the couch, textbook open on the table, and jotting down notes often.

He’s having trouble focusing though, when sprawled on the ground to his left is Sawamura with two books open and various papers spewed all over the floor. He’s letting out a variety of noises, a groan when he doesn’t understand something, and has to reread it, a snort when he answers a question too easily or a little “oh” when he figures out a tricky problem.

Kazuya knows that Sawamura doesn’t realize how noisy he is all of the time but he’s used to it so that’s not what’s distracting him. No, it's the way Sawamura lays on his stomach, cute butt on display and jiggling every time he wiggles his hips because he can never just stay still. It’s the way his head is tilted to one side like a confused puppy. It’s the pen he has between his teeth, pushing against his full bottom lip to slightly part it from the top one. Kazuya’s thinking about removing the pen and replacing it with his fingers, to feel his plush lips wrapped around them, tongue warm and wet sucking around him.

“Sawamura, the quicker you finish your problem set the quicker we can start reviewing that game together,” He reminds him. He’s pretty sure he’s working on his college algebra homework. While Sawamura’s course of study doesn’t involve math, it's still a general education course that everyone needs credits in. It’s also Sawamura’s least favorite class but Kazuya will babysit him if needed, unwilling to lose him as a pitcher as a result of poor grades. Sawamura was smart enough to get into Waseda, there’s no way he shouldn't be able to keep his grades up.

At least another half hour has passed by when Sawamura announces that he’s finished. They both start to put their stuff away.

“Wait, Miyuki-senpai.”

Kazuya stills and looks back at Sawamura. He’s suspicious when Sawamura uses honorifics, it usually means he wants something from him. “What do you want?” he asks, narrowing his eyes.

Sawamura looks up at him pleadingly, purposefully jutting out his bottom lip and widening his eyes. “Can you do my nails for me?”

Kazuya cocks a hip unimpressed.

“Please?” he adds.

This is yet another thing they’ve added to their routine. Since that time at Seido when Furuya injured his nail and had to sit out for two weeks, all the pitchers were instructed to take better care of their hands. Sawamura taught himself how to properly trim and file his nails, going so far as to start using a clear nail strengthening lacquer. One day last year when Sawamura was completely exhausted, still getting used to the intensity of college baseball, he had lazily asked Kazuya to do his nail care steps for him. Not one to give up the chance to freely touch Sawamura’s slender pitcher fingers, he obliged, just as he did every time he asked after that, including right now.

“Do you have your stuff with you?” Kazuya asks.

“Yes! I always keep it in my bag in case! I’ll go grab it,” He says as he gets up to search through his bag by the front door.

Kazuya goes to grab his laptop and the flash drive from his room to set up on the small table. Sawamura walks back in and hands him a small blue zippered pouch that he knows contains his polish, files, clippers, and a small bottle of cuticle oil.

Taking the pouch, he sits back down in his spot on the floor in front of his laptop with his back against the couch. Sawamura goes to sit down beside him when an idea pops into Kazuya’s head. As Sawamura’s legs bend to sit down, Kazuya grabs his hips and guides him to sit down instead between his legs with Sawamura’s back leaning against his chest.

Sawamura starts sputtering at the new position so Kazuya quickly removes a nail file from the pouch and wraps his arms around the pitcher’s midsection, taking a hold of his left hand to start filing his thumb. “It’ll be easier this way,” Kazuya explains before Sawamura can start yelling.

Body rigid and completely unmoving, Sawamura is so tense that Kazuya doubts he’s even breathing.

He leans in close so that his lips graze the shell of Sawamura's ear as he whispers “Why don’t you start the video?”

Sawamura flinches and presses that same ear into his shoulder like he is wiping off the feel of Kazuya's mouth against his ear. Kazuya holds back a chuckle at how he still hasn’t said anything, but Sawamura still reaches his free hand out to press play.

“Did something happen that I should know about?” Kuramochi asks, lowering his headphones to lay around his neck, scrutinizing their new position.

“Just taking care of my pitcher,” Miyuki responds, concentrating on Sawamura’s hand.

“Oh yeah, I bet you take really good care of him,” Kuramochi drawls, voice dripping with sarcasm. Sawamura lets out a cute squeak and hunches his shoulders up to hide his neck.

“Ya know, Sawamura,” Kuramochi continues, looking right at him. “Miyuki’s actually kind of a wimp. Just give him one good punch to the face and he’ll probably leave you alone.”

“That’s okay,” Sawamura says meekly, and then a little louder while laughing obnoxiously, “Although I could take this jerk on any day!”

“Oi, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. And catches for you.”

“Whatever,” Kuramochi says while closing his laptop and getting up. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He then heads towards his room, presumably to hunker down for the night. Or just to escape them, Kazuya’s not quite sure.

“Anything you wouldn’t do or would never have the opportunity to?” Kazuya calls after him.

He hears a loud “Fuck off!” and then a door slamming shut.

He laughs and turns his attention back to Sawamura who is staring intensely at the laptop.

The team they’ll be playing is batting first so Kazuya asks “What did you notice about the top of their line-up?” The question should refocus him on baseball and help him relax. Kazuya wants physical contact between them to be comfortable so he holds off on the teasing for now.

“Oh! Um, it looked like they were going after the first pitch. And their leadoff would make steals without taking very big leads.”

Kazuya smiles. “Very good.” While he can’t see Sawamura’s face from behind him, he can practically feel the way he lights up at the compliment. “Specifically, I think they were targeting his curveball, which he must throw a lot in early parts of the game.”

They go back and forth like this for a while, sharing observations, pausing after certain plays, and skipping around to watch their opponent’s at-bats. Kazuya finishes filing his nails and moves on to apply the polish for him. The more time passes the more Sawamura loosens up, leaning back against Kazuya. He even scoots down so that his head can easily rest on Kazuya’s shoulder and his free hand lays on his thigh.

The best part of doing this for Sawamura is when he gets to massage the cuticle oil onto his fingers. Kazuya wonders if his hands are sensitive or just sore from always pitching because the effect is like drugging him, making his eyes glassy beneath heavy lids and calming him into a meditative-like state.

The video plays on in the background, forgotten. Sawamura has his head tucked in Kazuya’s neck, nose brushing against his skin. His eyes are closing more often now and he’s breathing deeply with a small content smile on his face. It feels unbelievable to be able to hold Sawamura in his arms like this. Kazuya can’t help but tighten his grip, turning his head to nose at his soft brown strands, smelling his own mint shampoo in Sawamura’s hair. He can feel the oxytocin from his brain flooding his bloodstream and reaching every inch of his body.

He continues kneading at his hands, lulling Sawamura into a state somewhere between conscious and unconscious. For all that he likes Sawamura the way he is, boisterous and impulsive, he’d be perfectly okay with more moments like this. For a little while, with Sawamura nuzzling against him, Kazuya doesn’t have to hold any pretenses. Right now he’s not a catcher or a college student with responsibilities piled on his shoulders. He’s just a guy who can focus on being here, being present, with Sawamura while the moon shines through the window, illuminating them.

“Sawamura,” Kazuya hums lowly after a while.


“It’s getting late. Why don’t you stay over?”


“You're being really cute right now.”

“‘m not cute,” he slurs out.

“Sure, let’s get you to bed though,” Kazuya says amused as he maneuvers around the boy in his lap to shut his laptop.

Kazuya hooks one arm under Sawamura’s knees wrapping the other around his back and stands up, grateful for his position as catcher giving him the leg muscles essential for squatting Sawamura’s dead weight. He carries him into his bedroom and does his best to shuffle his blanket out of the way to lay him down on the bed. He tucks the blanket back over him, and because he's apparently lost all self-control tonight, places a light kiss on his temple. Sawamura just snuggles further into the blanket.

There's a small closet near the bathroom where they store some extra things including the futon Sawamura usually uses, but for tonight Kazuya lays it down next to his bed to use, grabbing the spare pillow on his bed and an extra throw blanket. He puts his glasses on his nightstand, grabs his sleep mask, and whispers a soft, "Goodnight, Sawamura."

Sawamura mumbles back something incoherent and shoves his face further into Kazuya’s pillow.

Kazuya lays down and closes his eyes, quickly regaining that drowsy feeling from when they were watching the game. He doesn't think he's ever fallen asleep so fast.

Chapter Text

For Eijun, it had all started back in his first year of university. The team had beaten Keio earlier in the day, sweeping them in a two-game series. As a celebration, they had gone to some club that was popular with local college students. He had only turned 19 not too long before but with the help of his senpais, he was able to knock back a couple of drinks before hitting the dance floor.


He had tried to grab Miyuki to join him, but the buzzkill had insisted that he was fine watching, lurking off to the side like some hermit. If Eijun wasn’t feeling as loose as he was, he would have fought him harder. Instead, he had grabbed Ren, his roommate, and fellow first year on the baseball team, out onto the floor with him. It was there that he had, admittedly, drunkenly made out with some guy who had started dancing with him.


It was exhilarating and new, to feel his entire body flushed and vibrating. There were so many people out tonight, and he wanted to interact with all of them. He wondered if when people talked about getting a real ‘college experience’ they were referring to this. The highs of partying with friends on the weekend after a long week of boring lectures, assignments, and grueling baseball practices.


He thinks he can remember the guy being cute. Or maybe he was just having fun being free and dancing with him. One thing had led to another and they found themselves in a dirty bathroom stall getting each other off. He had very quickly jumped right into the deep end with no life vest but was still able to swim.


It was all fun and games until Eijun woke up the next morning with a headache and the most revolting taste in his mouth. He flushes when he remembers what he’d done for a complete stranger and vows to never drink again. Maybe. Or at least he won’t drink that much again. He’ll learn his limits.


As he brushes his teeth for the third time he tries to remember if they’d even said more than two words to each other. What if he sees him again? What if they go to the same university, eventually have a class together and there’s only one seat left so he’s forced to sit next to him?! Do you even try to converse with the stranger that you shared your first sexual encounter with? Hey man, thanks for the hand job. I hope you liked my novice blowjob skills, what was your name again?


Eijun had never done anything like that before and hadn’t been interested since. He had been feeling loose and excited at his own achievement of finally being able to play in games, which was no small feat for a first-year. He liked the thrill of doing something like that in public where they could get caught. The only thing he regretted was his choice of a partner who was lacking a certain set of broad shoulders, glasses, and an infuriating smile. He remembered trying his best not to slink out of the bathroom and quickly find Ren. He couldn’t look Miyuki in the eye for the rest of the night. It was difficult trying to understand the guilt he felt over a person he wasn’t even dating.


For the next couple of weeks, whenever Ren was staying with his girlfriend and he had the room to himself, he would get off to the memory of what happened that night. In his fantasy though, it was Miyuki who accompanied him. Miyuki, who would slide up behind him and start dancing with his hands gripping his hips possessively. Miyuki, who would pepper the back of his neck with wet kisses while Eijun would teasingly grind back against him. And it would be Miyuki who would drag him into the bathroom and force him on his knees where anyone who walked in could easily see what was happening behind the stall door. That got him feeling a different type of drunk.


Now, Eijun was a healthy young man who would semi-regularly relieve himself when he felt pent up. But any type of sexual activity never seemed as appealing as his peers made them out to be. Eijun knew he was gay ever since middle school and knew how sex between two guys worked. He just didn’t know how he fit into that specific equation. It wasn’t until that experience in the club and subsequent fantasy that he started to gather the puzzle pieces together. After all, he never felt as blissed out after an orgasm as he did after the first time he thought about Miyuki in that way.


And that was the first time he’d ever had such thoughts about the catcher. He had known since the day they met back when he was middle school that he’d had a crush on Miyuki. He was a cocky city slicker but the way his pitches had sounded hitting Miyuk’s mitt had been like a siren’s song to him. But up until he graduated he’d never put any thought into how a more serious and intimate relationship would work with him. He was too busy with baseball, and at that time jacking off was something that happened few and far between with the lack of privacy in an all-boys dorm.


It wasn’t until he was reunited with Miyuki at Waseda that he suddenly understood the meaning of hot and bothered. During the year they were apart, Miyuki had packed on a lot of muscle and a few inches in height. He’d also cut his hair a bit shorter so that the sharp cut of his jaw was better on display. Eijun may have drooled a bit.


But all the pieces of his sexual awakening puzzle began to fit together a month after their celebration at the club. This time he was at an izakaya with Ren and a group of other first-years on the team.


He had been talking with Shota, who was sitting between Eijun and his boyfriend, Kenji, a center fielder still on the second string. Shota’s not on the team, but he comes to every game to cheer them on loudly even if Kenji isn’t playing.


“Kenji may not look it, but he’s actually very sweet like Kitano-kun,” Shota says dreamily, comparing his boyfriend to the main love interest in a manga they both read. Eijun had let it slip that he was behind a few chapters and Shota had hastily latched into the topic.


“I doubt that,” Sugiyama interjects from his seat across from them. “He’s too stoic, I bet he’s rough with you.” Then he narrows his eyes at Shota, contemplating. “Or maybe not. You’re kind of brazen. Maybe YOU are rough with HIM. Trying to break his expressionless mug.”


Rough with him? What was that supposed to mean? Eijun can’t imagine Kenji being mean to Shota. They had always seemed so sweet together and Shota wouldn’t put up with being mistreated.


Before he can ask, Shota just laughs. “Not really, although Kenji does know more about that stuff than me. He’s deeper into that community than I am.”


“What community?” Eijun pipes in, now lost.


“The kink community.”


Kink? As in kinky? Like the sex kind of kinky? He tries to hold back the pink from spreading over his face. Oh, so when he said rough he meant like rough as in… oh.


“Kenji’s not some expert, but he seems like one, especially with how he can read other people.”


“Shota, please. Not this again,” Kenji says, finally adding to their conversation after just quietly observing them.


“No, hear me out. Kenji’s got this cool talent where if you mention that you’ve taken the BDSM online quiz, he can figure out your top results in less than a minute. Just by looking at you.”


BDSM quiz? They’re being tested on this kind of stuff now? Seido didn’t cover this type of content in their sex education courses. They barely covered anything beyond basic reproductive anatomy.


Eijun pouts and picks at the napkin on the table in front of him. He feels out of touch with his friends which seems unnatural to someone as empathetic as him. This is what his friends talk about outside of baseball? And so casually in such a public setting too.


Ren notices almost immediately how quiet he’s gone. “What’s wrong Eijun-kun?”


“How do you guys know so much about this?”


“About what?”


“Like, this kink and BDSM stuff.”


“Well, it's something you might want to learn more about when you’re in a relationship.” Ren rubs the back of his neck. “It’s really only useful then.”


“Wait, but I thought Sawamura was already in a relationship with Mi--” Another one of their teammates tries adding in before quickly being silenced with an elbow to the ribs.


“Huh? I’ve never been in a relationship. This Sawamura Eijun is dedicating his love and life to baseball! I have no time for relationships!” He announces proudly, puffing his chest out and pointing his thumb at himself.


“That’s not surprising.”


“Is that why you read so much shoujo manga?”


“Tell that to Miyuki-senpai.”


“What does that tanuki bastard have to do with any of this?!” He belts out. Almost everyone at the table is looking at him with various amused faces. “And when did everyone start listening to us?!”


“Relax, it’s fine,” Ren tries to placate him, waving his hands in a gesture that signals him to settle down.


“So anyway, how does that even come up in conversations?” Sugiyama asks to bring the original topic back around, looking at Shota.


“It doesn’t,” Kenji says, taking a sip of his beer. “But Shota likes to bring it up on purpose. Says that people’s reactions are funny. I don’t get it though.”


That doesn’t surprise Eijun. Kenji is the stoniest and most monotonous person he’s ever met. He’s very kind, don’t get him wrong, but he never smiles or shows any flair. Miyuki had once joked that if he was a pitcher, he’d annoy every batter he faced like Eijun can but for opposite reasons.


“Yeah, so as long as you’ve taken the quiz, he can pretty much guess what your top result is,” Shota adds.


“That’s some party trick.”


“I’ve taken that before. Did it with my girlfriend,” Ren interjected, not looking very convinced. “Do me then.”


The table turns silent as Kenji pauses to look at Ren, face completely neutral. Shota’s already giggling behind the hand pressed to his mouth, clearly amused at getting what he was pushing for. Kenji stared at Ren for a good 30 seconds before giving his conclusion.


“Rigger,” he deadpanned.


Ren’s jaw slackened. “What the hell?” he asked with disbelief as he turned red and looked away, the whole table exploding in laughter.


What’s a rigger? Eijun thought as his teammates continued to rib Ren about this. Eijun didn’t realize how out of depth he was. He’s heard of BDSM before but was that different from the kink community that Shota had mentioned before? And why were so many of his teammates knowledgeable in this?! This was Ren, his roommate, they were talking about! He thought that stuff was for more perverted types.


His curiosity gets the best of him, for that night while Ren was dead asleep, Eijun searched up the BDSM quiz on his phone from underneath the protection of his blanket. Selecting the first result, it brought him to a website with a black background and the words ‘Let’s Test The Kink Out Of You!’ staring at him. Hesitantly, he selected the option to anonymously take the quiz. He filled in some basic information about his age, gender, orientation, and how detailed he wanted the quiz to be.


“Wow, this is thorough,” Eijun said, then went rigid when he remembered Ren sleeping peacefully in the bed next to him. When he was sure he could still hear even breathing from the other side of the room he continued.


The website’s black color scheme seemed intimidating but the set up looked legitimate. With genuine interest, he picked the test that was the longest and promised maximum accuracy. The quiz started by giving a series of sentences where the answers were taken using a scale that ranged from absolutely disagree to neutral to absolutely agree for each statement.


The first statement read: I like to be dominated, especially in the bedroom.


Eijun froze, once again realizing he didn’t know what he was doing. He didn't have any experience with this. He’s never even gotten the chance to experiment.


He took a deep breath and instead thought about the fantasies he usually concocted. Well, he never wanted to be dominated on the baseball field but… he recalled thinking of Miyuki’s hands guiding his hips, dragging him to the bathroom, and forcing him on his knees in front of him. So maybe as long as it was Miyuki it would be okay. He was sneaky but Eijun could trust him to guide him along. He couldn’t say for sure that he absolutely agreed but he also didn’t think he was neutral, so he opted for a choice in-between.


It went on like that for a while. A lot of the statements he had to think about because he never even heard about them. Like ‘I like being forced into submission, much more than submitting spontaneously’.


Some statements were hard no’s that he didn’t even have to think about like ‘I want my partner to serve me and address me as a superior’ or ‘I enjoy being used as a urinal’.


Some were also easy to agree with like ‘I am willing to try most anything’ or ‘I have plenty of sexual fantasies that I would like to try out’.


In the end, his results were listed to him with a specific archetype and the percentage that he matched with each. He stared at his top 3 results:


98% Submissive

90% Brat

78% Vanilla


Eijun…doesn’t know what any of that means. And who is this quiz to call him a brat?! Riled up now, he opens up a new tab on his phone to consult the Internet and quickly spirals down a rabbit hole that offers some answers but also a lot of questions. What was the difference between BDSM and just kink? How did tops/bottoms compare to submissives/dominants? Eventually, he had to stop as his phone showed that it was three in the morning and he still had classes tomorrow.


He spent the next day overthinking everything. This was weird right? And Eijun wasn’t at the top of his class but he knew it was difficult to trust what a bunch of strangers on blogs said about these things. A few organizations with websites seemed more educational but he didn’t know any better. Weren’t websites that ended in .org supposed to be credible? It wasn’t like he could go to his university library and check out guidebooks on kinks. Or could he? No, no, no. No way he was doing that. Even if they did have books like that he didn’t want that on his record. How embarrassing.


It was like swimming in a vast ocean of knowledge that he hadn’t even known existed. He was just peacefully floating along when a single turbulent wave had crashed and pulled him under. By the time he resurfaced, he had lost all sense of direction. Now all he could do was float along with the pull of each current, seeing where each new piece of information would take him.


Locked in the dorm later, his roommate gone, sitting on the bed with the laptop screen hidden from view, he went back on his search. Simply put, he finds that a submissive was one who liked to follow and give up control. This was different than those in the bottom role who were receivers. A brat was just a type of submissive, who liked to playfully disobey their dominants, possibly to get punished. Vanilla is the term he’s most familiar with. He’d heard it before and just assumed that's what he wanted. Just what was seen as a standard sexual relationship.


Again, it was hard for Eijun to determine these things without more experience, but through his fantasies, he could conclude that he was most likely submissive, already having figured out he was a bottom.


He could see himself as being a part of the kink community, which was just anything that deviated from what the public would see as commonly accepted sex. So then BDSM fell under the umbrella of kink but had its focus on power exchange and dynamics. Some of that seemed appealing but also very intimidating.


He wanted to be able to explore these things. Thinking back to how he felt when he first fantasized about Miyuki made him feel warm and tingly. So his next round of research led him to the discovery of sex toys, but still too shy, he exits out of the page every time. Eventually, he gains courage, buying lubricant and a vibrator to try out. His eagerness to learn new things about himself outweighs his bashfulness, and he’s too excited about the discovery of anal play to back away.


Eijun starts simply by trying to finger himself as most online guides suggest. He then graduates to using the vibrator and then using the vibrator while turning it on at various settings. He also learns more about kinks to add another aspect to his daydreams. He blushed reading about praise kinks, thinking about how everyone at Seido used to tease him about having one - and them being right.


Now as a second year, he's had about a year to explore these new desires of his and he’s getting antsy. He wants the real deal now. He wants actual sex with a living, breathing person. He wants Miyuki. Now. And badly. He has more kinks and a clearer idea of what he likes in his head, his fantasies got more intense and he found himself pleasuring himself a lot more than he used to.


That’s when the guilt started to set in, similar to the way he felt slinking out the bathroom at the club last year. He felt bad about always thinking about Miyuki this way. It made him want to curl up into a ball and scream. These thoughts started to leave the bedroom and now he was imagining Miyuki doing indecent things to him while they were standing right next to each other.


Like at practice the other day, with Miyuki crouched across from him in the bullpen, he was practically drooling over how thick his thighs were. And his damn fingers had to be placed right in front of his crotch when signaling for pitches. He bet Miyuki was hung, hotshot pretty boys with infuriating smirks seemed like they usually were.


His fingers were probably longer and thicker than his, better than any toy he’d used so far on himself. And those thighs could help fuck him into submission, strength aiding his stamina as he keeps going even after Eijun has cum over and over, too sensitive to even cry out for reprieve.


Later when Miyuki had moved on to batting practice, he had caught Eijun blatantly checking him out. It was so hard not to stare at his powerful biceps, how wide his shoulders were in comparison to his tapered waist. They’d been on the same team for a while now, he’d seen Miyuki naked before in locker rooms and shared baths. Eijun knew how his delicious abs led down into a ‘v’ with a trail of coarse brown hair leading even further down towar -




Eijun jumps, face warming as he spins around.




“Shut up! Stop screaming stupid!” Kuramochi yells, grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back. “It’s your turn for fielding practice.”


The commotion draws the attention of most people on the field, including Miyuki who saunters over with his bat resting over one shoulder like he freaking owns the place. Eijun’s eyes widen and he tries to hide the gulp he takes after his mouth starts watering.


“Now, now Mochi, you wouldn’t want to hurt our precious pitcher would you?” Miyuki draws out in a honeyed voice.


Kuramochi lets him go and squints at Miyuki as Eijun steps a safe distance away to rub at his shoulder.


“You’d think he'd learn his lesson about being so damn loud.”


“Don’t worry, if he hasn’t learned by now I have ways of punishing him.”


Eijun waning blush returns full force as his mind dives straight into the gutter.


“Gross,” Kuramochi says as he turns to walk away.


It's this interaction that leads Eijun to his laptop once again. He sits at his desk reading about roleplaying and punishments. He thinks about submitting to an authority figuring, calling them master or sir or even daddy like the website suggests. He thinks back to Seido when Miyuki was their leader. He straightens in his chair and heats up at the memory of him calling Miyuki his Captain at least ten times a day.


Ren is still out with his girlfriend which means he probably won’t be back at all tonight. That gives Eijun enough time to wash up and indulge in this new information.


After a bath to wash away the grime from practice earlier, he wastes no time in digging out the shoebox hidden in the bottom drawer of his dresser under some old shirts. The box holds his growing collection of lube, two vibrators, and a butt plug.


He picks out his latest addition, a pink vibrator that, when he used the first time, had made him cum too fast for it to be as satisfying as he usually liked it. He throws that, the remote, and a bottle of lube on the bed next to his pillow.


He double-checks that the door is locked and then shucks off his pants and boxer briefs, tucking them under his pillow for easy access as he climbs onto his bed. He leaves his shirt on as it stays cool in their dorm with the AC turned up pretty high. He’s also learned in the past that it makes it less conspicuous in case Ren comes back if he's able to throw the blanket over his lap quickly. It mostly just makes him feel less shameless.


It’s easy to fall back into his familiar pattern. He pictures Miyuki is here in the room with him as he falls onto his back.


Teasing himself as much as possible, he drags his left hand lightly down from his neck down his chest, circling a nipple through his shirt before continuing down his stomach. His right hand rests on the inside of his right thigh as he spreads his legs open.


He wants so badly for it to be Miyuki’s touch. How would his hands feel running across his skin? Would they be warm or cool to the touch? They’re probably rough from years of baseball and would catch on his skin, scratching him in a barely-there touch.


Eijun closes his eyes and pictures those golden-brown eyes completely focused on him and ablaze just like they are when they’re tackling a tricky batter in a game. Behind his sports glasses, they would glow with mischief and the promise of that punishment he had mentioned during practice.


His left hand now rubs his thigh, muscles quivering as it inches closer to his hardening cock. He brings his right hand up to his neck, pressing in spots where Miyuki would press wet kisses and bite to leave marks for everyone to see.


His cock starts to drip its first beads of precum, so he flips over to perch on his hands and knees. He grabs the bottle lube, putting a generous amount on his fingers. He spreads it around to warm it up before circling a finger around his rim.


Miyuki would probably make him beg for it, the smarmy asshole.


Look at you, so desperate already Miyuki would tease with a growing smirk on his face. Come on, Eijun, let me hear how badly you want me.


He spreads his thighs more and arches his back exposing his hole more to the cool air in the room. He teases his rim for another few seconds before slowly sinking his first finger in, biting back a moan just to defy fantasy Miyuki.


His cock aches as he begins pumping his finger in and out slowly, but he wants to cum without the extra sensations. Just penetration is enough to get him off and it helps him last longer, dragging out the sweet burn in his gut.


His fingers himself at an even pace, avoiding pressing on his prostate so that he isn’t tempted to give in to the gratification too quickly. Instead, he adds a second finger and focuses on the feel of his slender fingers dragging along his inner walls like a massage.


He wondered what it would be like to have someone else do this for him. The anticipation and excitement of not knowing where the next touch was coming from. Of not knowing what was gonna happen, not being in control of his pleasure.


How would Miyuki take advantage of that responsibility? Would he prioritize his release over Eijun or would he give all his attention to him? Denying him his orgasm over and over or maybe over stimulating him until he screamed. That would be a fitting punishment, wouldn’t it? If he was going to be too loud maybe making him be heard by the whole dorm, letting everyone know he was being fucked out of his mind was embarrassment enough.


Eijun let out a wanting moan, adding a third finger and picking up the pace.


But what if instead Miyuki forced him to be silent and if he let a single noise slip without permission he would be fucked into submission without being allowed to cum.


He curls his fingers, finally hitting that spot that made him gasp and white spots appear behind his closed eyes. He fell onto his elbows and the tip of his cock brushing against the bed below causing his hips to involuntarily cant towards the bed. He couldn’t control his panting anymore. He clenched his fist in the sheets as he fucked himself in earnest.


“Ahhh…unngh...” he lets out in a whine.


Before he got too close, he pulled his fingers out and felt around for the items he dumped earlier. Eijun opens the lube to apply a thick coat to the vibrator, tosses the bottle aside, and turns on the vibrator to a medium setting with the remote.


Taking a deep breath to grab at the last frays of his patience, he slowly brings the vibrator between his legs. It touches his sensitive cockhead and he twitches from the electric buzz that zips down his spine. He doesn’t linger there long, moving down his shaft to the base that’s less responsive.


He groans as vibrations linger over his balls before bringing it up to his hole. As the tip of the toy nudges at his rim, he falls back into his fantasy, imagining it was Miyuk’s cock instead. Miyuki would be positioned behind him, one hand possessively on his hip while the other guided his cock into Eijun. At the same time, the vibrator breached him slowly.


“Hah… Miyuki-senpai…” he cried out loudly. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he could realize that he was being entirely too noisy, calling out Miyuki’s name in rapture like that. He doesn’t care though, too far gone to do anything but enjoy the stretch of his ass as it accommodated the toy.


Labored breaths escaped his mouth, chest heaving with just the effort of keeping the vibrator all the way in. It felt so amazing but he couldn’t help but wonder how much more amazing it would be to have Miyuki’s actual dick slamming into him. He was no doubt so much bigger than this toy - the stretch would be mind-blowing.


You look so breathtaking like this. He could hear Miyuki whisper into his ear, nibbling his lobe as he would start to grind against him. The compliment, even if just his imagination, went straight to his cock.


“Miyuki-senpai...mmhh… fuck, please…” Eijun whimpered, his thighs now trembling from holding him up. His wrist that held the toy jerked to move it, mimicking the grind the Miyuki in his mind started. Tears began to pool in the corners of his eye, he wanted to be fucked so badly.


Finally, he began to drive the toy in and out, picturing it as Miyuki’s cock fucking deeper into his clenched hole. He let the toy hit his prostate dead on causing the tears to spill down his face and onto the comforter. His cock still brushed against the bed, a sensation that was only painful instead of pleasurable from how light the touch was. Globs of his precum were dripping onto the sheets as he blinked the tears from his eyes. He wasn’t seeing his surroundings, however, too gone to focus on anything but the vibrations coursing through his body.


Have you learned your lesson yet, Eijun? Miyuki would tease, picking up the pace of his thrusts that hit his prostate every time. His toes curled and his balls drew up tight, threatening an orgasm that he was surprisingly able to hold off this long. Little cries and whines left his mouth as he tried to find the words to answer him.


“Please, sir...I have...I’ve been a good boy!” And he was trying so hard to hold himself back. He wanted, craved, a real punishment but this as the best he could do by himself. His legs widened even more so that when he began thrusting his hips his flushed red cock would press more firmly to the bed.


You’re so greedy. What is it you want?


He squirmed. God, even fantasy Miyuki was an asshole. But this was his imagination, which probably said more about him than he wanted to think about right now.


“Please,” he begged, giving in. “I wanna cum!” His mind was filled with pleas and echoes of Miyuki, Miyuki, Miyuki.


Cum for me, baby boy.


Oh, fuck. He drove the toy into his prostate one last time, holding it there for a moment as his body seized up from the force of his orgasm. He quickly shoved his face into his pillow so that his screams could be muffled. Cum spurted out of his engorged cock, adding to the mess on the bed. His body felt like it was on fire until a wave of bliss overcame him, relaxing his tense muscles and slowing down his erratic breaths. His arm shook as he slowly pulled the toy out, dreading the inevitable feeling of being empty. He reached for the remote to turn the vibrator off and rolled onto his back. He’d have to get up and clean everything, but for now, he just wanted to take a moment.


This was getting to be too much. He sighs and throws his arm over his eyes. He wants Miyuki so desperately but he wasn’t going to get there with the way things between them were currently going. He needed to confess, ask him out, or just grab him by the collar of his shirt and kiss him stupid. Their relationship has grown and stabilized since high school. They were both more mature. Despite this, if he was rejected he wasn’t confident that it wouldn’t alter their friendship or affect their battery. Miyuki was very finicky and closed off when it came to more personal matters and emotions.


Eijun is still working out what he likes sexually and it’s become important to him. If Miyuki were to learn about his preferences and think he was some kind of weirdo, to be disgusted with him, it would be very heartrending. Ever since high school, Eijun has wanted Miyuki both emotionally and mentally, but he’s been able to explore this new physical want for the past year. He loves Miyuki and desires to have him in every way possible. Miyuki was always the one to tell him how greedy he was, but maybe when it came to this, he could be selfless if it meant keeping Miyuki happy like how he seemed to be with the way things were now.


Getting up from the bed and grabbing an old towel to clean up with, Eijun resolves himself to let things continue as they are, at least for now.






Eijun’s confused. It’s been a few weeks since he vowed to keep his feelings for Miyuki to himself but Miyuki’s made it very difficult when he’s been acting very strange since yesterday. First, he made Eijun’s favorite dish, chicken curry, for dinner without him even asking. He didn’t even point it out to gloat or try to make Eijun owe him in some way. Then there was that almost, dare he say, kiss between them! He could’ve sworn Miyuki was staring at his mouth and leaning in. There’s no way he was remembering that wrong, it had almost given him a stroke from how fast his blood pressure had shot up. Miyuki’s stupid face had looked so smug as Sawamura waited for the ringing in his ears to lessen.


That wasn’t even the end of it, because when they started watching the game tape for their upcoming practice match, which they typically do sitting a respectful distance away from each other on the couch, Miyuki had found it necessary to pull him between his legs. And cuddle him while he did Eijun’s nails. Cuddle him! Every time Kazuya spoke his lips would graze his ear and he could just feel the vibrations from his gruff voice reverberate down his spine.


In truth that had been kind of nice, but still weird because Miyuki hadn’t made fun of him once, only acted like it was the most normal thing in the universe for them to start acting all touchy and cozy with each other. Eijun wouldn’t exactly mind that if it weren’t for the fact that they skipped a few steps to get there.


He couldn’t put up much resistance at the time when Miyuki’s hands rubbing soothing circles on his fingers had him hypnotized. Eijun had always been sensitive to touch, his mother used to just run her hands through his hair repeatedly to help him fall asleep some nights. There was no way he would suddenly become immune to it now, especially not when the opening scene of one of his wet dreams was happening to him.


Waking up in Miyuki’s bed the next morning had been a very harrowing experience. He'd always imagined that the first time it happened it'd go a lot differently. Namely, he'd be naked and Miyuki would be in bed with him, not on the spare futon on the floor. What really happened was that Eijun woke up on his stomach, hips involuntarily rutting into the bed with his face shoved in Miyuki’s pillow.


As the cool wet sensation in his underwear registered in his mind, Eijun whipped up into a sitting position, eyes wide and flushing as he realized he was hard. Being surrounded by Miyuki's scent was turning him on.


He peered over the side of the bed to make sure Miyuki was sound asleep as he tried to figure out a way to get out of this with his dignity intact. All he had to do was make it to the bathroom without Miyuki or Kuramochi seeing him. Easy.


As quietly as he could he placed his feet on the floor and started tiptoeing towards the door. Too focused on watching Miyuki’s sleeping figure, his spatial awareness suffered and he kicked Miyuki’s desk with a loud bang. Eijun opened his mouth in a silent scream as he grabbed his poor foot and hopped around the room.


“Sawamura?” Miyuki asked groggily as he stirred.


Shit Eijun thought as he awkwardly ran out the door and to the bathroom across the hall. He’s lucky Miyuki wears a sleep mask, giving him an extra few seconds to escape without being seen. Once he locks the bathroom door behind him, he makes sure the toilet lid is down before plopping down and letting his head fall into his hands. What the hell?


Why was Eijun even in Miyuki’s bed in the first place? If that...that seducer hadn’t seduced him with his stupid seducing hands then maybe Eijun would have gotten back to his dorm last night like he originally planned. Instead, he’s hunched over on a toilet, toe throbbing, morning wood barely flagging, and he has no idea what time it is. What exactly is Miyuki’s MO here?


Did Miyuki know about his feelings? Was he just teasing him? Something must have happened, he must have slipped up somewhere for this sudden change in behavior to have occurred. The only other alternative he can think of is that Miyuki likes him back. But that can’t be right. Miyuki isn’t so open with his feelings. It’s not unusual for Miyuki to touch him, a casual arm around his shoulder here and tap to his chest there, even from the first day they met he was pulling Eijun close to him. This was different though, this was intimate and held more emotional weight.






After his classes for the day are over, Eijun’s heads to the locker room to get ready for practice. Normally he would get up early to run by himself but because of the incident this morning that didn’t happen. He wants to get to practice early to run some and hopefully clear his head a bit. He hasn’t seen Miyuki since this morning and he needs time to think about how he wants to act around him now.


Should he just go along with whatever Miyuki’s doing? He is okay with physical contact but if the intent is malicious he doesn’t want it. However, if they both do want it, it could only deepen their bond, right?


His plan is thrown in the garbage the minute Miyuki saunters into the room. He makes a beeline for Eijun, taking the locker next to him.


“Where’d you run off to this morning?”


“My morning run,” Eijun lies.


Miyuki just raises one of his stupidly perfect eyebrows, seeing right through the fib. “Sure...You didn’t even stay for breakfast.”


“I’m a very busy person, Miyuki. I had places to be and people to see.”


“Oh yeah? Then what were you doing in the bathroom for so long?” Miyuki asks salaciously.


“Hey, you’re not the one who gets to ask questions!” Eijun yells, taking his shirt off to change into practice clothes.


“Questions? What do you have questions about?”


“Oh, I don’t know, Miyuki! How about ‘why did I wake up in your bed this morning?!’”


“Pipe down will you?” Miyuki hisses, eyes darting around the room as the few players here early all stare at them after Eijun’s outburst.  “Maybe I just like taking care of my pitchers.”


“I’m the only pitcher you’ve ever done something like that for.”


“Maybe you’re the only one I really consider mine.”


The combination of Miyuki’s sultry voice and the possessive words have his back popping straight and a whine starting to build from the back of his throat.


When he’s able to look away from Miyuki’s penetrating gaze he sees Kenji studying him, having heard their conversation from his locker. Eijun eyes him back, confused but unwilling to lose this impromptu staring match.


After a good twenty seconds, Kenji states flatly, “Submissive.”


“W-WHAT?!” Eijun yelps and clutches his undershirt in front of his naked chest like a damsel in distress.


Across the room, Sugiyama howls in laughter. “Hahahaha, no way! You actually took it Sawamura?”


“It’s none of your business,” he grumbles, throwing his shirt on. “How could you even tell?” he asks Kenji.


Kenji just shrugs. “I couldn’t, I just know you.” How ominous.


Miyuki’s still standing next to him, but now he’s got a funny look on his face. His head is tilted in curiosity, with his brows furrowed but his mouth is sort of slanted up in a smile. Eijun can’t read it, it's not one of his pseudo smiles but it’s not genuine either.


“What?” Eijun asks to dispel the weird energy around him.


“Nothing, just don’t forget to stretch before you start.” Then Miyuki’s hands grab the collar of his shirt and ever so slowly pulls it up over his head. Eijun watches entranced as unblemished tanned skin is revealed to him little by little. The hard lines of his abdominals and the flex of his arms is making his mouth dry. It’s a conscious effort to not just reach out and touch him. “We wouldn’t want our southpaw to pull anything now would we?” He asks, turning to Eijun with a nasty smirk once he realizes he’s being watched. Then has the gall to wink at Eijun.


Nevermind, Eijun knows exactly what Miyuki’s objective is. He trying to torture him.






Eijun finds himself at Miyuki and Kuramochi’s apartment again after practice. He usually tries not to intrude on them so much but today he has an important mission to complete after his revelation in the locker room before practice. So while Miyuki is cooking for them in the kitchen, Eijun slips down the hall to Kuramochi’s room once he’s sure Kuramochi has finished with his bath and quietly knocks on the door.


“What?” Kuramochi asks as he opens the door, wet hair falling against his forehead.


Eijun doesn’t waste any time, pushing them both into the room and shutting the door behind him.


“Oi, brat, I know we once shared a room but not anymore. Don’t just barge in here.”


“Kuramochi-senpai,” Eijun says in the most serious voice he can muster. “I need your help.”


Kuramochi squints at him, taking in the way he’s nervously shifting from foot to foot. He must feel Eijun’s urgency because he responds, “Spit it out, kid. What’s wrong?”


“How do you deal with bullies?”


Kuramochi immediately glowers and starts menacingly cracking his knuckles. “Someone’s bullying you? Who? What are their names? I’ll take care of it.”


Eijun’s kind of floored by this response considering that the ones usually bullying him are Kuramochi himself and Miyuki. He’s a little peeved now. “What’s with all the concern? I’m only asking you because you are a bully so you should know how to stop one.”


“What was that?” He watches as a vein pops on Kuramochi’s forehead and then he’s being tackled to the floor in a crab hold.


“See! This is exactly what I mean, you big meanie!” Eijun shouts out, clawing at the floor.


They tumble around for a few minutes while Kuramochi gets his fill of folding Eijun like a pretzel. Once he’s done and Eijun is catching his breath from being in a chokehold, Kuramochi turns serious again.


“Okay, for real now, who’s bugging you?”


“It’s Miyuki.”


Kuramochi slaps a hand to his forehead and drags it down his face with a groan. “You idiot, I was actually concerned.”


“This is serious!”


“I can’t believe this,” Kuramochi mumbles, ignoring him. “It’s enough that I have to deal with this bullshit at baseball and in my own home but now you’re,” he scowls and points accusingly at Eijun, “bringing me directly into it.”


“He’s your best friend,” Eijun squawks.


“And he’s your partner, as you two so affectionately call each other.” Kuramochi fakes a gag.


“Please Kuramochi-senpai? Please? Please, please, please, pl-”


“Okay, okay! Enough already! Just stop looking at me with those damn puppy eyes!”


“Oshi!” Eijun cheers.


“Okay listen, there are two ways for you to deal with Miyuki. One,” he says and holds up one finger, “you can ignore him. He teases you all the time because you always react and that’s what he’s looking for, your reactions. Don’t give him what he wants and he’ll have to start being somewhat nice to you to get you to talk to him again. Or option two,” he adds a second finger, “you can face him head-on.


“The reason people used to call me a delinquent in middle school is because I faced bullies head-on and gave back to them what they dished out. Don’t cower in front of him and it’ll make him falter.” Kuramochi then puts both hands on his shoulders and looks him in the eyes while Eijun tries not to laugh at how it stresses their height difference. “Whatever option you pick, you have to commit to it. Don’t half-ass it or that bastard will devour you.”


There’s a knock at the door, startling them both before it opens and Miyuki pops his head in. “Dinner’s ready now,” he announces, and then takes stock of their position, standing close with Kuramochi’s hands still holding onto Eijun. Miyuki narrows his eyes at them. “What are you two doing in here?”


Kuramochi scoffs and lets go of Eijun to walk towards the door. “Oh get your head out of your ass.” He pushes by Miyuki and walks towards the kitchen.


Eijun follows him and acts like he doesn’t notice Miyuki watching him like a hawk. The thought of Miyuki devouring him doesn’t sound all that bad though.


Dinner is relatively quiet and afterward, Eijun takes the bath that he missed due to his talk with Kuramochi. He has his own set of toiletries he keeps there but usually ends up using Miyuki’s shampoo as he likes the mint and sandalwood smell of it. The scent fades not long after but he's comforted by the idea of using something Miyuki does and smelling like him for a little while.


When he comes back out, Miyuki is sitting at the table on the floor with his laptop out and Kuramochi nowhere to be seen.


He grabs some of his school work from his bag and sits across from Miyuki. He’s taking a college algebra class that isn’t necessary to his major but is still needed for graduation. Math is in no way his best subject which is why he always does it when Miyuki’s around as he can usually help him if he gets stuck.


Which he is, currently stuck trying to figure out how to graph this polynomial and increasingly getting frustrated because when is he ever gonna need this? He just wants to play baseball!


Miyuki starts snickering and Eijun looks up to see him trying to hide a laugh behind the screen of his laptop.


“What are you laughing at?” He asks moping.


“You. I always know when you're stuck on a problem because you stick your tongue out and start mumbling to yourself.”


“If you knew I needed help why didn’t you say anything?”


“‘Cause you look cute when you’re struggling.”


He can’t stop the warmth that spreads across his face. This is the second time in a week that Miyuki’s called him cute. He tries hard to repress the gooey warm feeling in his stomach because he’s still being made fun of.


“Well, what are you even doing?” He asks, changing the subject.


“Watching a video,” Miyuki says with a toothy grin.


“What? I thought you were doing homework this whole time! What are yo-” He goes to grab his laptop and spin it around to see what he’s doing but Miyuki quickly shuts it and pulls it away.


“It’s nothing,” Miyuki says about something that is very clearly not nothing.


“Liar,” Eijun accuses and shuffles his papers together, crawling over to Miyuki and ready to fight him on this.


He’s not sure how but he’s the butt of some secret joke right now. If Miyuki’s going to tease him again then this is his opening. Eijun remembers what Kuramochi said, to pick an option and see it through. He doesn’t think he can handle ignoring Miyuki but he can fight fire with fire. So Eijun bucks up and does the first thing that pops into his head.


Which is to tackle Miyuki to the ground.


He’s sitting on Miyuki’s waist and has his hand pressed against his shoulders to keep him down. He gloats at the surprised look on Miyuki’s face, eyes wide and mouth open in an ‘o’. It only lasts for a few seconds while he gets his bearings and then that rage-inducing smirk is back on his face.


“Well aren’t you feisty today,” Miyuki purrs, hands coming up to grip Eijun’s waist. “If you wanted to play so bad you should have just asked.”


Eijun wishes he had that life vest right about now. He’s no longer just floating along but instead getting caught in the impending hurricane of Miyuki’s swirling eyes, dark and cloudy.


In the blink of an eye, their positions are flipped. Eijun gasps when Miyuki uses the grip on his waist to push Eijun off him and to the floor where he quickly tosses one leg over his waist to straddle him. He’s got one of Eijun’s wrists in each hand and pins them above his head. He looks like the cat that ate the canary, completely in control and he knows it. Eijun takes it back, being devoured sounds terrible.


He feels too hot and he can’t breathe with how hard his heart is pounding in his throat. This is worse. This is so much worse and he’s never listening to anything Kuramochi tells him ever again.


“You look good like this,” Miyuki hums as he leans forward. Eijun is frozen, pinned beneath Miyuki and he finds he doesn't mind. He can’t think but that doesn’t matter when Miyuki can do the thinking for both of them. And that sounds nice, to let Miyuki do whatever he wants while Eijun lies there and takes it.


Miyuki’s face is so close now, eyes boring into his as he takes Eijun’s bottom lip between his teeth and tugs lightly. Breathing heavily, Eijun’s eyes close at the soft touch of Miyuki’s lips. It’s not right though, he wants a proper kiss from him and he’d be willing to beg for it at this point.


“What the hell are you guys doing?” Kuramochi’s question interrupts them.


Miyuki lets go of Eijun’s lip, huffs out a breath, and sits up while releasing his wrists.


“Just sparring,” Miyuki answers swiftly, cheekily looking over at Kuramochi where he stands in the hallway holding a few empty water bottles.


“That is not sparring, you ass. At least move to your room if you’re going to do that shit while I’m still here.”


“But we weren’t doing anything, right Sawamura?” Miyuki defends with fake innocence, looking back to Eijun who's still lying motionless with his hands above him.


It's too hard to voice any kind of protest when Miyuki rolls his hips, grinding down against Eijun. A choked off moan fills the air and it takes Eijun a moment to register that it came from him. Arousal burns low in his gut at the feel of Miyuki pressed against him. His face burns at the realization that he’s getting hard.


“Miyuki,” Kuramochi growls. “I will ban Sawamura from the apartment if I have to.”


At that Eijun starts to wiggle and push at Miyuki’s legs until Miyuki relents and gets off him. Eijun jumps up and starts running towards the door.


“N-no need Kuramochi-senpai!” He calls from the genkan while shoving his feet into his shoes. “I’ll be on my way out! Goodnight!”  He grabs his bag and runs out the door before they can stop him.


He keeps running all the way to the dorms where he bursts into his room and collapses on the floor.


“Are you okay?” Ren asks, looking up from his homework at his desk, bewildered at Eijun’s current state.


“No,” Eijun says honestly, gulping down breathes of air. “No, I am not.”

Chapter Text

Kazuya’s having a bit too much fun messing with Sawamura. While his original plan was to ruffle his feathers a bit before really doing something to progress their relationship, he’s wondering now if maybe Sawamura will make the first move if he pushes him far enough.


The way he had left in such a rush after pouncing on Kazuya was new. It was enticing to watch his eyes widen after realizing how they were positioned and being pressed up against each other left little to the imagination. But Sawamura was scared of something, there was still something holding him back. He’s been acting oddly demure where Kazuya had expected him to fight back. This was different from the Sawamura that had no reservations about grabbing him by the collar and shaking him.


If he was anything like Kazuya, it was probably because of how passionate he felt about something other than baseball. Or maybe it was because of how intertwined the two had become. It filled Kazuya with a sense of dread to think about how he might never get to form a battery with Sawamura again after college. After all, it's not like Sawamura could just follow him to a pro team, that matter was left into the hands of the NPB draft lottery.


It makes Kazuya more urgent to solidify what he has with Sawamura. To make the days they have left together really count and only hope that when the time comes for them to both play professionally that they’ll at least stay in the same city if not on the same team. Kazuya will just have to step up his game, he doesn’t want any regrets where Eijun is concerned.


“Umm, is he gonna be okay?” someone asks next to him, shaking Kazuya out of his musings. Kazuya looks over at Nishi who’s standing with his hip cocked and head tilted as he stares at something over Kazuya’s shoulder. He turns and follows Nishi’s line of sight to see Sawamura, who is lying on his back, hips propped up in the air by his arms and legs flailing widely in the air. There are some first-years lingering near him, confusion written on their faces as they aren’t yet used to Sawamura’s antics.


“He’ll be fine, he’s just a little stupid,” Kazuya assures and then jogs over to Sawamura.


Standing over him so that his head shades Sawamura’s face from the sun he demands, “What the hell are you doing?”


“I was trying to do a shoulder stand,” Sawamura huffs out and drops his legs, “but I lost my balance.”


“Why?” he asks with the risk of inducing a headache.


“It’s a good yoga pose to use as a cool-down stretch for your neck and shoulders. It also helps with blood circulation, calming nerves, and reducing anxiety,” Sawamura recites like he’s reading from a textbook.


“You know the most trivial things. How are your grades by the way?” Kazuya teases.


“Excuse you, they’re just fine! And I took a yoga class last year so it’s not trivial, I just remember what I’m taught!”


Kazuya knows that. He’ll never forget the torture he endured at seeing Sawamura wearing tight yoga pants and tank tops for an entire semester.


“How about instead of trying something new right before a game and hurting yourself, I just help you stretch.”


Before Sawamura can protest Kazuya kneels on the ground, grabs his left leg, and starts to push it up. He puts one hand on Sawamura’s thigh and the other on his calf to keep his leg straight as he stretches his hamstring.


It’s easy to marvel at Sawamura’s flexibility like this, with Kazuya pushing his leg closer to his chest, leaning even further into his space. When Sawamura lets out a grunt, he eases up on the pressure. His face is starting to turn red and he’s avoiding looking Kazuya in the eye.


“Sawamura, you have to breathe,” he reminds him in a soft but amused voice. He puts his leg down and grabs the other one, repeating the motions. Sawamura lets out a long breath and turns his head to watch Kazuya above him.


He wonders if Sawamura is thinking about last night like he is, thinking about how he had bitten his plush bottom lip in a preview of what he would eventually do and more. He doesn’t wonder for long when Sawamura bites that same lip, Kazuya’s eyes focusing on the action. He reminds himself that now, in front of all their teammates and coaches winding down at the end of practice, is not the time to make a pass at Sawamura.


He moves on to the next stretch, bending Sawamura’s leg at the knee and pressing it down across his body. Kazuya uses one hand to press down on his shoulder, preventing it from lifting off the ground to get the full benefits of the twist while keeping watch of his face for signs of discomfort.


“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” Sawamura murmurs after a few seconds, looking put off.


“I don’t know,” Kazuya drones out, preparing himself to say the next line. “Something must be wrong with my eyes, I can’t seem to take them off you.”


Sawamura just blinks, shooting him a quizzical look. “Miyuki if you’re having eye problems you need to go see your optometrist. We have a game tomorrow.”


Is this guy for real? Kazuya resists the urge to flick him in the forehead and huffs. “My eyes are just fine you bonehead. You should be more worried about your stupidity.”


“Don’t call me stupid!” Sawamura shouts, now riled up.


“Yes, yes. Now let’s switch, give me your other leg.”


After practice, they have a small meeting to review stats and strategies for the game tomorrow. Sawamura sulks in the chair next to him when he finds out he won’t be starting. Kazuya knows that this game is a prime opportunity for their coach to check on the condition of his players. Sawamura’s still climbing the ranks as a pitcher so he’s sure he’ll get his chance around the 5th inning considering the coach told him to stay warmed up.


When Kuramochi and he pack up to leave, Sawamura trails after them like a puppy following its master.


Kuramochi gives him a look. “You’re coming over again?”


“What’s wrong Kuramochi? Don’t want to spend time with your precious kohai?” Kazuya throws an arm around Sawamura’s shoulders, pulling him to his side.


“On second thought, I think I’ll go back to the dorms,” Sawamura says and tries to slink out from under Kazuya’s arm.


Before he can escape, Kazuya grabs the back of his neck in a firm hold that guides him to keep walking next to him. He lets out a little squeal but follows along with his shoulders hunched up.


Kuramochi gives him an unimpressed look that’s just warning him to behave or else. He can’t blame Kuramochi this time though. It wasn’t exactly his proudest moment last night to grind against Sawamura like that with Kuramochi watching them. He’d gotten an earful and a smack to the back of the head once Sawamura had run out.


They head home and go through the regular motions, Kazuya not willing to do anything to upset or throw Sawamura off balance for tomorrow. They shower, eat and play some video games, not in any rush to do homework as it's the weekend now. Kuramochi keeps both of them in his line of sight the entire time, playing the big brother role all too easily.


Around 9 pm Sawamura moves to leave, a much more peaceful affair than when he left yesterday. Their game isn’t until the afternoon but depending on his excitement level Sawamura might be getting up at four in the morning so he'll have to fall asleep earlier to get a good eight hours.


“Don’t go to bed too late and double-check that you’ve set your alarm properly. I’m not waiting for you if you set it to pm instead of am again.”


Sawamura finishes sliding his shoes on before standing back up again. He rolls his eyes at Kazuya’s lecturing and says indignantly, “I’m not a little kid! What are you? My daddy?” Sawamura goes rigid, red blooming across his entire face. “WAIT— THAT’S NOT…. I didn’t mean it like… I meant… like because o-of-”


Kazuya laughs, interrupting Sawamura’s sputtering. What an interesting choice of words. If this had happened before Kazuya had seen that video, he would have just played it off as an honest mistake, but now... “Well then, why don’t you be a good boy for daddy and text me when you get back so I know you didn’t wander off.”


Honestly, this isn’t even a challenge anymore. How can Kazuya not mess with him when he does half the work himself?


Sawamura’s shaking at this point and Kazuya can practically see the steam coming out of his ears. He decides to cut him some slack for tonight as he does need Sawamura to pitch well tomorrow. He picks up Sawamura’s bag and slings it over his shoulder for him.


“Seriously, go get some rest. I don’t want to have to deal with poor pitching tomorrow because you’re tired.”


Sawamura goes cat-eyed, nostrils flaring as he huffs out a breath through his nose like a bull.


“What do you take me for? This Sawamura Eijun could throw a perfect game through sheer willpower alone! Wahahaha!” 


“Of course Ace-sama. Get going now.”


“Goodnight Miyuki Kazuya!” He salutes Kazuya before leaving, shutting the door loudly behind him without giving him the chance to reply.


When he walks back into the kitchen Kuramochi is eyeing him over a mug of tea with an eyebrow raised, no doubt hearing their conversation.


“Have something you’d like to share?” Kazuya asks.


“Hmmm.” He puts the mug down and pushes up his sleeves as he walks over to the sink. “Just an observation.”


Kazuya stares at him, waiting. He can tell by his nonchalance that he wants Kazuya to prompt him to continue, but Kazuya is a lot more patient than he is.


Kuramochi sighs after a moment, predictably giving in as he picks up a plate from the sink to start washing it. “You’re being very obvious.”


“Not sure what you’re referring to.” In truth, he’s been wondering when Kuramochi was going to bring this up.


“What I’m referring to,” he mocks, “is how obvious you’re being with your feelings for Sawamoron. It’s disturbing.”


“Oh, so you’ve noticed. What a keen eye you have Mochi-kun~.”


“Shut up. I hate when you do that.”


“Well if even you’ve noticed then so should have Sawamura.” That’s a lie. Sawamura is very dense and Kazuya’s flirting that borders more on insolence is probably only confusing him. The chance to tease Kuramochi is too tempting to pass up though.


“He’s noticed something but clearly has not come to the right conclusion. Do you know what he asked me yesterday?”




“He asked me how to deal with bullies, Miyuki.”


Kazuya snorts. “I guess bullying is one way to put it. That explains why he decided to tackle me.” It also explains why they were sneaking around in Kuramochi’s room.


“I tried to give him advice which I don’t know how he could have possibly taken the wrong way. He’s so troublesome.”


He can only imagine what Kuramochi must have told him that got twisted up somewhere in Sawamura’s head and came out as trying to physically fight Kazuya. “Well, whatever you told him only helped me out in the end. This is starting to become too easy."


“Wait,” Kuramochi puts the bowl in his hands back down and turns to look at Kazuya incredulously, “so you are doing this on purpose and not just messing with him, right? Is this your way of making a move on him?”


“Something like that.”


“Holy shit, look at you finally growing a pair.”




“It’s about time,” he says and starts walking down the hall to his room, towel in hand to dry them off with.


“Where are you going?”


“To grab my phone. I’ve gotta tell everyone you finally got your head out of your ass.”


“Who is everyone?”


“Everyone in the Seido group chat,” Kuramochi says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.


Oh, great. Kazuya can’t wait to ignore all the messages his phone is about to get. “Just make sure you finish the dishes,” he calls out.






The next day Eijun is up bright and early, not that that’s different from any other day but he badly wants to play in a real game, all they’ve been doing lately is practicing. He knows that rest and recovery are key but if there’s one thing he isn’t thrilled about with the pitcher position it’s that sometimes rest days coincide with game days. The other pitchers on the team have been working hard though, so he knows they deserve a chance too.


The other team is one with explosive batting power and a skilled pitcher, but their fielders are nothing to write home about. Besides, it doesn’t matter how powerful a batter is if they can't make contact. He takes stock of how their lineup is faring today and simulates in his mind how they would do against his pitching. He watches the first half of the game from the bullpen, yelling cheers for his teammates in between pitching to keep his shoulder warm. There’s no concern for his team that relies more on strategy and connecting their individual skill sets to each other. They have a lot of tricks in their bag, but for just a practice game they won’t want to reveal all their best ones.


Eijun gets switched in at the top of the sixth inning when their team is up to bat, specifically for his bunting skills. He helps advance the runner but no runs come out of it and then they’re switching. Miyuki checks in with him at the mound and they throw a few warm-up pitches before the game resumes. The batters aren’t prepared for Eijun’s pitching form, and while Miyuki doesn’t call anything crazy, they get the first three batters they face out in nine pitches.


They jog back to the dugout where Eijun sets his glove down on a bench furthest in the back. Miyuki comes to stand next to him, placing his mask next to his glove and starts taking off his chest protector.


“Your speed and control are looking good so far. I want to use more of Number Eleven next inning to really mess with their batters.”


“Okay,” Eijun says, taking a swig from the paper cup of water he grabs.


“Keep up the good work.”




Eijun lurches forward, grabbing the back of the bench before him to steady himself, dropping the cup in the process. He freezes because Miyuki just— why would— did he really just slap Eijun’s ass?!?! Except his hand is still on his ass which is stinging in pain from the impact. He has not removed it. It is currently pawing at him like it belongs there. It’s one thing for teammates to give each other encouraging pats on the butt once in a while, it's a whole other thing to harshly smack someone’s ass so that their handprint is left behind.


His blood starts boiling and he can only guess how red he’s turning in both anger and embarrassment. His fists are clenched and he’s shaking with the effort to not explode. It happens anyway.


“MIYUKI KAZUYA! YOU— YOU ABSOLUTE FIEND!” He grabs Kazuya by the jersey collar and starts to shake him, letting his rage take control so he doesn't do something even stupider like think about Miyuki smacking his ass at another time and place. Now is not the time to ponder why the prickling sensation on his behind is making him feel the stirrings of arousal underneath his mortification.


Eijun’s yelling quickly gains the attention of everyone in the dugout. A pair of arms snake around his waist to pull him off of Kazuya before he can punch that shit-eating look off of his stupidly handsome face.


“Woah, Woah!” Mitsu-senpai says as he rushes over to them, hands up in a placating manner. “Are you guys seriously fighting?”


“What did Miyuki do this time?” Nishi asks, voice coming from right next to Eijun’s ear. He must be the one who pulled him back. He loosens his arms, mostly letting go but ready to grab Eijun again if needed.


“What did he do? He— he—” Eijun’s not sure how to explain this without dying from shame or riling himself back up again. God, he can still feel the ghost of Miyuki’s hand on his ass. “You’re such a bastard!” He goes with insulting him instead.




“It’s not a compliment!”


“Miyuki, get ready. You’re batting this inning.”


Everyone then freezes as their coach calls out to the catcher. That only serves to make the situation more uneasy, that their coach felt the need to intervene on whatever is going on. That’s so embarrassing, its like getting in trouble for misbehaving like he would in middle school.


“Yes, sir,” Miyuki replies, doing nothing to hide the glee in his voice.


When the game ends with their win, not exactly a landslide victory but a solid enough win, they shake hands and head back to their locker room. The coach makes a few comments before letting them go, giving them the rest of today and tomorrow off. The prospect of free time has people rushing to leave to start their weekend plans.


Eijun settles on taking a shower in the locker room, delaying when he’ll inevitably have to face Miyuki again. He takes his time washing his hair hoping that if he takes long enough Miyuki will just leave without him and he can slink back his dorm to jack off to the image of Miyuki spanking him. He scrubs his body down three times while trying to keep his imagination at bay before finally getting out, wrapping a towel around his waist heading back towards his locker.


To his dismay, Miyuki is still there and talking to Kuramochi, and from the way Miyuki’s hair is flat and darker in color he can tell that he must have gotten in and out of the shower while Eijun took his sweet time. Kuramochi says something to Miyuki before grabbing his bag and leaving. Miyuki spots Eijun dressing right away and heads over to him.


“Mochi said he’s going out tonight so it’ll just be us for dinner.”


Eijun just turns away with a grunt, focusing on drying his hair and getting dressed. He knows he’s being childish, but he refuses to just let Miyuki get away with this. He’s lucky they were in the back of the dugout with no one paying them any attention.


Miyuki is still getting the silent treatment as they walk back to his apartment.


“Stop pouting,” Miyuki says exasperated.  “We both know that if you were actually mad at me you wouldn’t be coming home with me.”


“Don’t say it like that!”


“Like what?”


“Like I’m someone you just picked up at some bar! Like your gonna defile me!”


“Who says I’m not?” he leers.


Eijun lets out a squeak and runs ahead a few steps to get away from Miyuki. He abruptly turns around and points an accusing finger at him.


“You should be protecting your innocent kohai’s virtue not tarnishing it!”


“Now we both know that you are far from innocent, isn’t that right, Sawamura-kun?” There's a lilt to his voice when he says Eijun’s name that’s all too knowing and sends shivers down his spine. What exactly was that supposed to mean? Eijun is the definition of innocent, look up the word in a dictionary, and Eijun’s picture will be there, unlike that conniving tanuki's.


A few moments pass in silence as they near the apartment and Miyuki sighs. “You know you pitched well today. Your control was spot on, I barely had to move my mitt to catch your pitches. Coach noticed too.”


It’s an obvious setup, he’s trying to bait Eijun into talking to him again. It works.


“WAHAHA! Really? I thought so too! But don’t let me stop you. Go on, go on!”


“See, this is why I don’t normally compliment you,” Miyuki says with his eyebrows raised, giving Eijun a once over. “You get a big head.”


“I do not! I’m well aware that I’m nowhere near good enough! But my catcher should encourage me every once in a while.”


Miyuki purses his lips but stays quiet after that until they reach the apartment.


“I don’t feel like cooking, why don’t you pick some takeout,” Miyuki says.


“Sure.” Eijun heads to the drawer in the kitchen that houses all of Kuramochi’s takeout menus for when Miyuki doesn’t want to or isn’t home to cook. He shuffles through the different options before his eyes light up. “Here, this one.”


Miyuki goes to grab it, looking over its contents. “Okay. Are you fine with an early dinner? I’m hungry now.”


Yeah,” Eijun agrees easily enough, “but if I get hungry later you have to feed me.”


Miyuki rolls his eyes. “What was that? You’re gonna pay for dinner? How sweet of you!”


“Grrrrr, you wouldn’t dare!”


Miyuki just levels a look at him that says he undeniably would.


They decide on what to order and Miyuki calls it in for them. While they wait, Eijun plays some video games on Kuramochi’s console while Miyuki watches, making sure to comment only when Eijun fails at something or his character dies. Eijun just grumbles and yells insults back, asking why he doesn’t play since he apparently knows everything.


The food arrives before Eijun can shove a controller in Miyuki’s hands, knowing that for all he trash talks he is terrible at video games. Miyuki goes to get the food while Eijun grabs some drinks from the kitchen.


They eat in silence, which isn’t a problem normally, as stillness with Miyuki is usually comfortable. He knows the guy is quieter than him, doesn’t have the same need for sound that Eijun does, but the air around them now isn’t exactly peaceful. Eijun continues to eat, sneaking glances at Miyuki who shifts between taking bites and pushing food around on his plate. His eyes are unfocused like he’s not actually with Eijun right now.


“Sawamura,” Miyuki finally says, his brows are pinched and Eijun can tell he’s still struggling with what he wants to say. He puts his chopsticks down and looks up at Eijun with a solemn look on his face. “About what you said earlier, about not being good enough, I think you’re wrong. You are good enough, have been for a while now. Is there always room for improvement and growth? Of course, the same goes for me. I’m not the best catcher I can be yet. But just because you haven’t reached the limit of your potential, if there even is one, doesn’t mean you’re not enough.”


Eijun’s heart expands in his chest. He didn’t think Miyuki would be bothered by what he said in passing earlier. It just kind of seemed like a fact to Eijun, that he always needed to improve, to grow stronger to be of any use. For Miyuki to acknowledge him the way he is now, incomplete but with endless potential, is all he ever wanted.


“I guess that makes sense,” Eijun says, uncharacteristically quiet. He thinks he understands that part of being an athlete is constantly striving to better yourself, to be better than you were the day before, and because of that, Miyuki is the same. He’s still working to reach that next level, to be the best catcher in college baseball, then in the NPB, then the world. It’s a never-ending grind.


“Of course it does,” Miyuki snarks in his usual voice, signaling that his moment of honesty is over. “I’m the brains in this battery.”


Eijun perks up. “Does that make me the brawn?”


“Hell no. I’m that too.” Kazuya smiles cheekily.


“Yeah, well…” Eijun tries and fails to think of a comeback. His eyes dart around the table in front of them until he’s struck with an idea. He quickly tries to reach across the table to grab some of Miyuki’s food off his plate, only for Miyuki to grab his wrist with one hand and steal a piece of pork off his own plate. “Hey!”


“I could see what you were planning before you even did,” Miyuki says, chewing his stolen food obnoxiously. “Did you really think you could beat me in a battle of reflexes? Have you forgotten who was catching your disgusting pitches before you had any control, Mr. Fastballs for Life?”


Eijun lets out a growl and tries again because he’s no quitter. They eat the rest of their meal like that, stealing off each other's plates and throwing pieces of rice at each other, Eijun laughing victoriously when some get stuck on Miyuki’s glasses.


They head to the couch once they’ve finished cleaning up, deciding to watch a movie to pass the time. Eijun curls up against the arm of one end of the couch, legs pulled up to his chest. Once the movie’s set up Miyuki puts the remote on the table and sits down next to Eijun. Like right next to Eijun, with his arm around the back of the couch and side only an inch or so away from being pressed against him.


“Um… Miyuki?” Eijun’s eyes dart between the side of Miyuki’s face and the five feet of empty space at the other end of the couch.


“Yeah? What’s wrong?”




Miyuki just moves his arm to ruffle his hair then brings it down around his shoulders to pull Eijun into leaning against him. Oh, so they’re doing this again. It wasn’t bad the first time he was forced into a cuddle session with Miyuki but he’s been very suspect of Miyuki’s intentions this entire week.


The film plays on and Eijun thinks Miyuki chose an action movie but he doesn’t know for sure because he hasn’t looked away from him from where his head rests on Miyuki’s shoulder. Miyuki’s so unbelievably pretty that it's not fair to Eijun who never stood a chance. He has thick, shapely eyebrows that are mostly hidden behind shaggy brown hair he wants to run his fingers through. His eyes are a clear amber color that shines like a beacon calling to Eijun when they’re on the field together.


He wants to melt into Miyuki’s hold, wrap his arms around his waist and nuzzle into his neck to surround himself with Miyuki’s scent. He doesn’t, though, knowing that whenever he lets his guard down is when Miyuki strikes one of killing blows. He still leans against Miyuki, but he’s tense with his knees tucked into his chest as if it’ll protect him.


At one point, Miyuki starts to lightly run his fingers up and down Eijun’s arm, leaving goosebumps in their wake. His eyes are still trained on the TV, face relaxed, and with no trace of his usual impish features. Eijun can only study the way his long eyelashes flutter every time he blinks or how his pink lips are somewhat parted as he focuses on the movie.


He wishes the whole glasses thing would make him seem nerdier but somehow it only adds to his sex appeal. Oh God, does he have a glasses kink too? No, no, no, maybe it's just a Miyuki thing. Like how everything amazing about him was put into his baseball abilities and physical appearance which is why his personality leaves much to be desired. That must be it! There’s no way someone as perfect as Miyuki should be able to exist.


A loud bang from whatever's happening on-screen startles Eijun from his daze. Miyuki finally looks over to him, squeezing his arm once, and asks, “What are you scared for? It’s not even a horror movie.” His face is too close, only a few scant inches away from his own. He’s smiling though, and it's one of his real smiles that has Eijun’s heart pounding in his chest so loudly that there’s no way Miyuki can’t hear it.


Eijun can’t find it in himself to answer, just keeps openly looking at Miyuki even after he’s been caught. He bites his lip, wishing he could find the will to move, and Miyuki zeros in on the action. He starts leaning in to close the space between them and Eijun gains control back over his body, not able to handle this anymore. He’s one more almost-kiss away from having a full-blown meltdown.


“Why do you keep doing that?” He hastily interrupts before Miyuki can get too close. “Are you making fun of me?”


“You don’t get it do you?” Miyuki sits back up, scrutinizing Eijun’s face. “You’re an idiot.”


Eijun bristles. “Stop calling me an idiot! You’re the one who keeps being a jerk!”


“Eijun.” He stills at the use of his first name. Miyuki lets out an exasperated sigh and pinches the bridge of his nose, slightly pushing up his glasses in the process. “I’m flirting with you.”


What. “Oh. Oh.” Eijun’s face floods red. He wasn’t prepared for Miyuki to just come out and say it, instead, he was getting ready for the roundabout way he typically tries to avoid talking. But flirting with someone usually meant there was some kind of attraction. So then Miyuki hasn’t just been making fun of him this whole time? That didn’t mean anything though, people still flirt all the time without any kind of endgame in mind. “Well, you’re terrible at it!”


“It’s not my fault you couldn’t take a hint. Would you like me to try and kiss you again or maybe I should grab your ass a second time to really get the message home.”


Eijun scoots away from him. “Don’t you dare!”


“Why not? You seem to like that kind of stuff.”


What the hell, how did he know that? This is similar to the comment he made earlier about Eijun being not so innocent. Eijun pales as he makes that connection. Miyuki knew. He doesn’t know how, but Miyuki knows something about his sexual interests. Had Miyuki seen the shoebox in his dorm room? Or maybe he left something on his search history?


“What- what makes you think that?” he asks tentatively.


“Oh, I don’t know,” Miyuki says, his voice suddenly hard. “Maybe it was the way Kenji decided to announce to the whole team that apparently you’re a sub.”


Eijun had forgotten about that. He guesses that kind of explains the reaction he had had at the time. He was really hoping Miyuki hadn’t understood what they were talking about and wait— “What are you angry for? And he didn’t announce it to the whole team, only three other people were in there!”


“Why does he even know something like that?” Now Miyuki is the one pouting and it’s really cute. He’s usually so well composed as to not let his annoyance or any childish behavior be seen so it's endearing to be able to see it first hand.


Eijun giggles. “Is Miyuki Kazuya jealous right now?”


“Shut up. I’ve just known you way longer than him. Why does he know something like that about you before I do?”


“It's not what you think, Miyuki. Kenji doesn’t know anything and I’m not sure I do either. Besides it’s not like I was walking around telling everyone preferences.” Eijun wants to find a nice rock to crawl under and spend the next fifty years there. This is the exact conversation he wanted to avoid, now the teasings only going to get worse.


“Hmm, I guess,” Miyuki comments, scratching at his cheek.


“Oh, you guess? I wouldn’t be telling you something like that anyway, especially with how you’ve been treating me lately!”


“Okay, but while I do admit I was teasing you, I wasn’t planning on just leaving you hanging. I am going to follow through with everything I’ve done.”


That causes Eijun to burn. He was serious about defiling him, wasn’t he?


“Look, Sawamura,” He says while shifting over to be closer to Eijun. “I’ve been kind of obvious this past week but so have you. And the more I watch you the longer your little list of kinks gets.”


“Then stop watching!” He’s never going to recover from this and it wasn’t even his fault this time.


Miyuki ignores him.


“Why did you never say anything to me?” Miyuki asks genuinely, his head tilted slightly to the left. “It’s not like you to not go after what you want and shout out your demands to anyone around you.”


“HA, yeah right,” Eijun laughs darkly. “You really can be a bastard sometimes and I wasn’t willingly going to give you more of a reason to tease me. And even if I did admit my feelings, just that wouldn’t have been enough for me anymore, I want these other things too.” Then he draws his body in tight and twists his fingers in the hem of his shirt. “I didn’t want you to think I was a weirdo,” he mumbles, eyes downcast. “Or even worse, have you be disgusted with me. I was, no, I still am figuring this out. So it was easier to just stay quiet. At least until I knew myself better.”


He feels Miyuki get up from the couch next to him and watches as his feet appear in his field of vision from where he’s still looking down. Miyuki squats down in front of him and his face comes into view. Eijun quickly turns his head to the side to avoid seeing his face.


“You don’t have to hide. Not from me,” Miyuki says as he gently grabs Eijun’s chin, turning his head to look at him. “Let me be crystal clear here. You could never disgust me. I want all of you. I have for a while now.”


At that EIjun finally meets his eyes which are on fire, intense and filled with hunger and adoration. Miyuki wants him too? And how could he just say something so embarrassing like that with such a straight face? Miyuki being so honest is scarier than he thought and Eijun can feel his ears start to burn.


“Now, the only question I have for you,” Miyuki continues carefully, “is what do you want from me?"


If Eijun has been stranded out at sea in the hurricane that is Miyuki, he realizes that right now, with that look in Miyuki’s eyes, he’s found himself in the eye of the storm. The winds have calmed and he can see the sky clearly, a lovely shade of blue above him. He knows now with the sun shining down on him once again that he’s not afraid anymore. He doesn’t need to feel ashamed with Miyuki and he yearns for a taste of whatever Miyuki has in store. He’s ready to face this head-on like he does most other things in life.


“I want you too,” Eijun responds breathlessly. While that’s true, it's not quite the right answer and he knows it. Miyuki’s been honest with him, even with all the teasing, so he deserves the same from Eijun.


His mouth hangs open, jaw twitching as he tries to get the next words out. Miyuki gives a slight nod in encouragement so Eijun pushes forward.


"I...I want all those other things with you. I’m probably more of a sub, so I want you to be the one who dominates me. I trust you.”


It feels really good to finally say it out loud to someone. His shoulders sag in relief, not even realizing how tense he was. He closes his eyes letting out a huff and when he opens them again he’s greeted by a soft smile on Miyuki’s face.


Sawamura starts to squirm, unsure of what happens next. Do they just go back to watching the movie now? Eijun isn't sure he can do that.


“Umm, so what happens now?” He asks.


Miyuki drops his hand that was still under EIjun’s chin down to his thigh. “Nothing has to happen. You can spend the night again, of course, I’m not just going to kick you out now, or ever. Mochi won’t even be back tonight.” He gets back up to sit in his spot next to Eijun on the couch. Eijun is staring at his hand which is still resting on his thigh causing Miyuki to laugh. “Unless you had something else in mind. Despite my actions, I wasn’t planning on just jumping you, you know, unless you want me to.” He gives Eijun’s thigh a squeeze and an accompanying wink.


This is Eijun’s chance, he realizes. Yeah, he could wait and try to do this some other time, but as Miyuki said, they have the apartment to themselves the whole night. At this point, he’s itching for anything Miyuki will give him. He has so many things he wants to try, to experience, and work through with Miyuki.


And Eijun knows exactly where he wants to start. It’s the one thing he did have experience in with another person. He wants a new memory of it, to take his time with it and enjoy the ride more instead of the destination. It also wouldn’t be too bad to put what he learned to good use as he kind of wants to see Miyuki fall apart due to him.


Miyuki must take his silence as a denial. “We really can just go back to watching the movie. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is-”


“NO! No, no,” Eijun interrupts. “I wasn’t even really watching it in the first place, so we’d have to start it over.”


Miyuki’s got a self-satisfied look on his face like that’s exactly what he wanted. Which is most definitely the case, the stupid bastard.


“Oi, get that smug look off your face!” He yells and slaps Miyuki’s hand off his thigh. “I was going to offer to suck your dick but now I’m reconsidering!”


Miyuki freezes and stares at Eijun with wide eyes. He enjoys the baffled look on his face for all of five seconds before Miyuki’s bent over laughing.


“Hey! Stop laughing at-” before he can finish Miyuki grabs him by the hips and pulls him so that he’s straddling his lap. Eijun grabs his shoulders to steady himself and puffs his cheeks, getting ready to yell again.


“You’re a real riot, you know that? But why don’t we start small and work our way up,” He snickers, massaging his thumbs against Eijun’s waist. Eijun just crosses his arms and looks off to the side petulantly. “Now, now, no need to pout. I didn’t say no. I just think your mouth has somewhere more important to be before it's wrapped around my dick.”


EIjun whips his head back, facing warming. “You- you can’t just say that!” He puts his head in his hands to hide his face when Miyuki just starts laughing again. “So perverted,” he mutters.


“Hahaha, you’re so cute. What are you getting all embarrassed for? Weren’t you the one that just propositioned me?”


Miyuki takes a hold of both of his wrists and gently pries them away from his face when Eijun doesn’t respond.


“Eijun.” The low voice commands his attention so he glances back up at Miyuki. The syrupy way he says his first name has him melting combined with the adept hands that have released his wrists and are now running up and down his sides. He wants to hear his given name from that smarmy mouth for the rest of his life.


One hand continues its ascent up his waist, over his chest and around his neck. Slight pressure urges him forward so that his forehead rests against Miyuki’s. His breath catches and the firm hand on his neck guides him further until warm lips are pressed against his.


It's just a press of lips but Eijun immediately softens. Miyuki feels warm and solid pressed against him and his mouth is soft in contrast to the usual sharp words that leave it. It feels like he’d just found the last missing piece to an almost finished puzzle and slotted it into its proper place. After having his heart set on Miyuki for so long, to just be able to kiss him is revolutionary. They continue to kiss languid and slow, exploring each other’s mouths and syncing themselves. The puffy feeling of Miyuki’s lips against his own is something he wants to drown in. Miyuki tilts his head to better slide their lips together and Eijun lets out a pleased sigh. He’s being so gentle with Eijun, cradling him like he’s something precious, something to be cherished.


It’s suddenly not enough so Eijun brings his hands up to Miyuki’s chest, gripping his shirt and slots their lips together more firmly. Miyuki, however, seems keen on keeping things calm. Eijun’s never been patient, though, and he won’t start now. Didn’t he tell Miyuki exactly what he wanted? So why was the jerk taking his sweet time? If there’s one thing that Eijun knows about Miyuki it's that he loves a challenge, so Eijun uses his grip on Miyuki’s shirt to push him so he’s leaning back on the couch and gives him a taste of his own medicine by biting his bottom lip. Hard.


The effect is instantaneous. Miyuki uses the hand at the back of his neck to grip his hair and pull him back. Giving him a hard look he growls, “You’re such an impatient brat.”


Eijun is ready to live up to the name this time, it’s what he was hoping Miyuki would say so the reply rolls impishly right off his tongue. “So you keep saying but you haven’t actually done anything about it yet.”


Eijun has just enough time to see a flash in Miyuki’s eyes before he’s on his back on the couch with Miyuki hovering over him. His thighs cage him in and one arm is braced next to his head. He takes a glance at Eijun, making sure the lascivious look on his face is visible before diving back down to kiss him again. He quickly takes control this time and delves his tongue into Eijun’s mouth.


Miyuki used to command him on the baseball field back in high school, but Eijun was now more skilled and knowledgeable resulting in a shift in their battery so that they are more equal. But Eijun wanted that power imbalance back somehow. He wanted Miyuki to lead him again, to have authority over him again but in a different setting this time.


He takes this chance to feel Miyuki and starts running his hands along his chest, finally being able to feel for himself the taut muscles he’s only been able to admire until now. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long when, without even pausing his kissing, Miyuki takes both his wrists in one hand and pins them above his head on the armrest of the couch. Eijun can feel his breath quickening as Miyuki moves from kissing his mouth to his jaw and down his neck where he starts licking and sucking on his skin. The prospect of marks being left has him keening, the high-pitched sound leaving his mouth involuntarily. He can feel Miyuki’s smirk against his neck.


The hand not holding him down slips under his shirt to grope at his chest. When a thumb brushes across one of his nipples, the sensation sends a shiver down his spine. He thrashes and tries to pry himself free but Miyuki’s hold just tightens. God how strong is he that he’s able to restrain him with just one arm?


“You’re so sensitive here,” Miyuki whispers, face still buried in his neck. He pinches his nipple lightly and Eijun gasps. “I wonder where else is.”


“Hey! Watch where you- AHH!”


The hand that was teasing his nipple is now palming his cock through his sweatpants. His hips jerked into the touch, wanting something firmer. Thoughts of Miyuki’s touching me, Miyuki’s touching me cloud his mind. His skin is burning and he suddenly wants his clothes off right now.


Miyuki shifts so a thigh is in between Eijun’s legs. He lowers himself, bodies pressed closer together and moves his hips so their groins brush against each other. It isn’t difficult to tell how big Miyuki is when pressed up against him. And he’s hard already, making Eijun’s head fill with pride at being the reason why. The feeling is dulled with their clothes in the way and Eijun’s starting to get irritated. He tries ripping his arms away, at very least reminding Miyuki of the hold he has so that maybe he’ll let go.


“Awww,” Miyuki coos at him in mock concern, lifting his head back up. “What’s wrong baby boy, is this not what you want?”


The constant burn Eijun’s been feeling so far erupts into flames at the new name. Baby boy?! That sounds so nice… Miyuki should always call him that. Why hasn’t he before? He feels floaty and light but at the same time, he isn’t sure he’d be able to lift himself up if needed. The only thing he can do now is let out a shameful mewl.


“Why don’t you give me a reminder?” Miyuki adds cheekily.


He just blurted it out the first time in annoyance, there’s no way he can say it again with Miyuki’s face so close. Eijun looks off to the side, ears feeling warm. He wants to push Miyuki off him or yell that he knows exactly what Eijun wants, but that doesn't seem like a good idea when there’s a predatory look on Miyuki’s face. He’s still frustrated and Miyuki’s stopped rutting against him.


He’s been silent for too long and he knows if he doesn’t say something Miyuki will take it as a declination of what they’re doing. What can he say though without potentially pissing the older man off? He kind of does want to see Miyuki angry, but not right now. Not when they’ve barely started. Trying to find the right words seems useless and Eijun has always been more of a doer anyway.


His eyes flit between looking at Miyuki and towards the back of the couch when he murmurs, “I could just show you instead.”


Miyuki’s eyes darken but his wide smile is playful. He ducks his head down to kiss him, deep and sloppy before sitting back up. “Go ahead,” he says, nodding his head towards the floor in front of him.


Eijun gets up and kneels on the carpet while Miyuki adjusts himself to sit. He’s leaning back, arms splayed out along the back of the couch and legs wide to proudly show off the bulge in his pants. His face is way too smug looking down at Eijun, like a king on his rightful throne. He can’t wait to turn that look into one of complete shock.


Miyuki doesn’t know that he’s done this before so this might be the only card he has up his sleeve. So he’s not new at this, well not brand new so he has confidence in his ability to pleasure Miyuki. He wants to make him moan and groan, lose that facade of a smirk he keeps plastered on his face to hide his true emotions. He wants to be so good to Miyuki that he’ll never have another negative thing to say about him ever again. Praise will tumble from his lips that he won’t be able to control.


With new determination, he crawls so he is right between Miyuki’s legs. The issue now, he starts to understand, is that he doesn’t know where to start. That last time he did something like this there was a sort of desperation that led him to do everything on autopilot. In this atmosphere, however, he doesn't think that just grabbing Miyuki’s dick will be a very sexy thing to do.


Miyuki starts to palm himself through his sweats and Eijun is hyperfocused on its motion. He just knew the asshole had a big dick and even though he’s not seeing it yet, the outline is pretty telling. He wants to choke on it and that thought sends a jolt of electricity down his spine.


“You’re just like a little puppy,” Miyuki says with the closest thing to a giggle he’ll ever hear from the man. “It’s like you’re wagging your tail, begging your owner for a treat.”


It’s then that Eijun takes notice of the way he’s been wiggling his hips in excitement. So he’s not exactly wrong but that doesn't mean he should point it out like that!


Miyuki wastes no more time, lifting his hips and pulling both his pants and underwear down around his knees. It gives Eijun just enough space to work.


Eijun immediately zones in on the flushed cock in front of him. It’s long and thick, slightly curved with brown hairs at the base that trail up under the shirt he still wears. His first thought is that it’s mouthwatering with precum leaking from the tip. It’s bigger than any toy he has used on himself and he just knows that once it’s buried inside him those same toys will be useless.


While biting his bottom lip and placing a hand on each of Miyuki’s naked thighs, he looks up through his lashes at Miyuki who nods once and says, “Go ahead.”


He takes his left hand and curls it around the base, starting with a few slow strokes. It feels hot and heavy in his hand, feeling out every ridge and the vein that runs along the underside. He leans in slowly to lick a long, wet stripe from the base to the tip, lapping up the precum there. It tastes somewhat salty, but mostly his senses are overwhelmed with the smell of whatever soap he used earlier in the showers and a distinct musk that’s just naturally Miyuki.


His tongue swirls around the tip twice and then presses it flat against Miyuki’s slit. His eyes roll back and as he abruptly becomes addicted to the taste of a cock, Miyuki’s cock, in his mouth. At last, he takes the head into his mouth and sucks. He closes his eyes in bliss, the hand around the base continuing its stroking while his tongue pays extra attention to the head. He feels like a kid in a candy store.


When he feels fingers carding through his hair, he gazes up at Miyuki.


“That’s it,” Miyuki encourages in a soft voice. “You’re such a good boy for me, aren’t you?”


His dick twitches in his pants and he moans at the praise. It’s not enough though, he wants more, and Miyuki still seems way too calm. Relaxing his jaw as best he can in preparation, he slowly slides down to take more of Miyuki’s cock into his mouth.


Above him, Miyuki let out a breathless curse, the hand in his hair sliding to the back of his head to guide him into sucking him in even more. Eijun accommodates him as best he can, breathing through his nose and stretching his mouth wider. The hand stroking Miyuki’s length halts to instead hold him steady. He starts to bob his head, getting used to the feeling and taking in more each time.


When he looks up at Miyuki again, his eyes are focusing all of his attention directly at Eijun. He feels euphoric as this is how it should always be, Miyuki looking at Eijun and no one else. His throat relaxes and he leans forward until his nose hits the coarse hairs at the base of Miyuki’s cock. He can feel the head throbbing in his throat and swallows around it. His mouth is so full and his eyes have started watering from the new sensations.


“Eijun, baby, you look so perfect right now,” Miyuki groans out. “It’s like that pretty little mouth of yours was made to be stuffed with my cock.” His fingers scratch soothingly against his scalp. “You’re always perfect.”


The words travel down his spine to his core to fill him with a warm glow. All he can do is moan, the vibrations hitting the length in his mouth to make it spurt out some more precum. He can’t ignore his cock, which twitches again so he moves the hand on Miyuki’s thigh to rub at himself for some relief. Quickly catching on to the movement, Miyuki uses his foot to nudge him.


“Hand back on my thigh where I can see it.” His voice is stern, offering no argument. “No touching yourself without my permission.”


Eijun just whines needily as he deep-throats Miyuki in earnest. Miyuki telling him what to do and taking control of his pleasure has him reeling. It doesn’t matter how hard his dick currently aches, Miyuki’s made it clear that his enjoyment is what comes first and he’ll use Eijun to get there. He wants that too, he wants to give him everything. It’s these same thoughts that he’s been wanting so desperately to explore and understand better.


The floaty feeling is back with his head getting fogging and motions repetitive. He leans back so just the tip is in his mouth, circling the head with his tongue before diving back down and swallowing around its large girth. Over and over again he repeats the movements, urging Miyuki closer to his peak. He didn’t even know this was a thing but he wants Miyuki’s cum in his mouth badly, wants to swallow it down, and mark his insides with his release.


The tears stream down his face and hips give aborted thrusts, wanting so badly to feel any sort of relief. Miyuki has his eyes closed, brows tensed, and head thrown back as he lets filth flow freely from his mouth.


“Fuck. You’re so sexy Eijun. Already so good to me.” His hand is back at his neck, gripping the small hairs there and controlling the pace at which Eijun moves. “I wanna keep you like this forever, on your knees in front of me, keeping my cock nice and wet.”


Please, please, please Eijun wants to beg out loud, but all he can do let out some guttural sounds. His boxers are wet with copious amounts of precum as he shivers at Miyuki’s words. He’d do whatever Miyuki wanted at this point, he trusts him to always make the right calls and do what was best for their battery. That faith is still there now.


“Shit,” he growls out and uses his grip in Eijun’s hair to yank him back. Throat finally clear, Eijun gasps loudly, feeling the ache in his jaw from holding it wide open too long. Tear tracks stain his face as he looks at Miyuki.


“Why’d you stop? You were-” he rasps out before cutting himself off at the look on Miyuki’s face. His eyes are scorching and lustful, positively glowing instead of their usual warm amber tone.


“Bedroom. Now.”


The simple command is said in such a gravelly and deep voice that it has him scrambling to his feet. He trips once on his way down the hall, socked feet sliding on wood and legs a bit sore from their bent position on the floor, but he swears he’s never moved so fast in his entire life.

Chapter Text

Kazuya is without a doubt the luckiest man in the world. The sight of Eijun on his knees in front of him, mouth stuffed with his cock, and eyes watering with pleasured tears is a masterpiece worthy of the Louvre. He had looked so eager and so happy that Kazuya had a difficult time resisting the urge to brutally fuck his throat and take what he wanted.  And the way he perked up and clambered to Kazuya’s room on his command almost had him running after him.


He needs to stay calm and collected though if he wants this to last longer than five minutes. So, he tucks himself back into his pants and walks to his room at a controlled and leisurely pace.


Eijun’s standing by his bed tugging on the end of his shirt and hopping from foot to foot. His eyes are down and his bottom lip is tucked into his mouth. He’s so sinfully cute and Kazuya can’t handle it anymore. There are so many ways to go about this, so many things he wants to do that he doesn’t know where to start.


However, this nervous energy that Eijun’s now protruding isn’t one of pure excitement. Kazuya leans against the doorframe, still watching him and trying to gauge his energy level. The fact that Eijun hasn’t noticed that Kazuya is even there means he’s starting to get stuck inside his head, thinking too hard about something that’s probably completely unnecessary.


“Eijun,” he calls out in a calm voice to bring him back to the present. Eijun whips his head up at the sound, aware that he is no longer alone. Kazuya needs to do this right so finding out how to start is more important than where. “How much experience do you have?” He knows he’s got to be delicate about this or Eijun will just think he’s making fun of him again.


Eijun’s eyes roll up to look at that ceiling, thinking for a bit as he still bounces on his toes. “Only what we’ve just done, pretty much.”


“So only just that blowjob?” he asks for clarification.


“Umm, well, just blowjobs in general.”


“In general?” Kazuya’s eyebrows shoot up. “Are you saying you’ve done that for someone else before?”


“Yes,” he affirms, tilting his head up.


“When?” He’s just curious because thinking back on it, that was not the blowjob of someone unpracticed. Even if Eijun had only done it once before, it wouldn’t be wrong to think that his technique would improve by leaps and bounds after only one encounter. He’s a tactile learner who remembers and understands things better after doing. Either way, it’s not like Kazuya’s been on the receiving end enough to be an accurate judge on giving head but that was something he’ll never be able to forget.


“Remember that time last year when we went out to celebrate after we swept Keio? At that club?”


Kazuya nods. How could he forget witnessing Eijun suck face with some other guy?


“I kind of hooked up with some dude in the bathroom there.” Oh, he did not know that.


“That guy you were making out with?”




“Unfortunately, yeah,” Kazuya snorts out, walking fully into the room and shutting the door behind him. “Pissed me off that it wasn’t me.”


“It could have been you, stupid head! You’re the one that refused to dance with me!”


“Oh,” Kazuya says while casting a suggestive sidelong glance at Eijun, “so all I had to do was dance with you and would have blown me in a bathroom stall?”


“Ugh, I don’t know! I was drunk and mostly blocked out that memory anyway.”


Kazuya hums. So then anything they do from now on will be brand new to him. He knows from the video that Eijun isn’t brand new to anal penetration but he’ll still take his time. He refuses to have this be a bad experience for Eijun, would never forgive himself if he hurt him. Besides, Eijun is still a romantic at heart so while the concept of virginity may not be important, his first time being with someone like this probably is.


He walks over to stand before Eijun and starts rubbing his arms in what he hopes is a soothing motion. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? We can go slow, I don’t mind, I’m not going anywhere.” Eijun’s shoulders sag at the reassurance so he continues, “But if we are going to do this you have to talk to me. We can stop whenever you want.”


“I want to do this.” He’s looking at Kazuya, surer of himself again. “I’m positive! Communication is key, Miyuki-senpai, so I’ll be sure to let you know every thought that goes through my head!”


He’s obviously back to himself. “Okay, I don’t need to know every thought that-”


Eijun just laughs loudly not letting him finish. “I’ll start by saying this. Don’t go easy on me, I want it rough, Miyuki-senpai!”


Kazuya just rolls his eyes. Of course he does. As tempting as that sounds, he knows he’ll have to go a bit easier on him. For tonight at least.


“Okay, I’ll do my best then~.” He takes another step towards Eijun to tower over him. He wipes the fond smile off his face and replaces it with a confident smirk. “Now why don’t you strip for me, everything off.”


The sudden change in tone causes Eijun to slink back and stop laughing. He pauses for a half a second as Kazuya’s words register in his mind and then he’s moving again. Once he sees Eijun starting to pull off his shirt, Kazuya turns around and pulls off his own shirt as he walks over to his dresser to grab a condom, his bottle of lubricant, and to take his glasses off. When he looks back over, having to squint a bit, Eijun is still in his underwear and shuffling his feet again with his hands clasped in front of him.


"I told you to remove everything, correct?"


"Well yeah, but I…" he trails off, obviously feeling more self-conscious than trying to disobey him.


Kazuya walks back over to him, tossing the items on the bed.


"No buts,” he hums, and cradles one side of Eijun’s face in his hand, thumb lightly stroking the soft roundness of his cheek. “Didn't I already tell you how perfect my baby boy is? What’s there to be uneasy about?"


Eijun blushes but preens as he leans into his hand more. "Yours," he says with a dopey smile. How adorable, just a simple possessive name and he’s putty in Kazuya’s hands.


"That's right, all mine," Kazuya growls out before picking Eijun up and tossing him onto the bed. Eijun gasps, but Kazuya doesn’t give him any time, climbing on top of him pressing their mouths back together in a desperate kiss.


It's a dream having Eijun mostly naked in his bed underneath him. He is so beautiful with his tanned skin and lean muscles all on display. And, yeah, maybe they still hadn’t had a proper conversation about their relationship yet, only admitting the physical want they have for each other, but Kazuya is going to make damn sure that Eijun knows how loved and adored he is through his actions. That this wasn’t a one-time thing and he’s been longing for this, been wanting to be his partner in more than just on the baseball field.


Kazuya breaks the kiss to leave more across his cheek to his ear. His licks around the outside and nibbles on his lobe while Eijun’s hands grasp and run along with the hard muscles of his chest, leaving blazing trails in their wake.


“Hips up,” He whispers in his ear, and once Eijun complies he slips his fingers under the waistband of his underwear and pulls them off, flinging them somewhere off the bed. He leans back up and shucks off his pants and underwear.


Eijun had already gotten pretty intimate with his dick earlier but the fact that he is still staring between his legs with his mouth hanging open is a boost to his ego. Eijun’s dick is still hard, leaking and flushed an angry red. He’s reminded that Eijun probably has been hard since they started making out on the couch a while ago. He quickly plans to rectify that, to let him cum at least once to help him relax. He doesn’t see that taking too long with how worked up he must be.


He takes another second to admire Eijun laying on the bed beneath him, head turned to the side and a delicious blush crawling up his chest to his face. He leans down again, gently turning his head to give him a sweet affectionate kiss. This time he continues his kissing down his body, stopping randomly to harshly suck marks into the previously unblemished skin. Eijun squirms and lets out little breathy noises the farther down he goes, worshipping and giving plenty of attention to each previously unexplored section of skin. Once he reaches his hips, he gives them a good nip before he pulls back.


“Miyuki-senpai?” Eijun asks, brows furrowed, and wondering why he stopped.


He just chuckles and reaches for the bottle of lube. “Which would you rather have, my hands or my mouth on you?”


Eijun pauses, surprised by the question but contemplating it seriously. “Umm,” he starts, scratching his cheek, and Kazuya knows what he’s thinking. “Both?”


“How greedy,” he chuckles. “But I guess that can be arranged. Stay relaxed,” he cautions. “I’ll start prepping you soon, okay?” He puts the bottle down next to Eijun’s thigh and then slowly guides his legs open. He fits himself between them as one hand curls around Eijun’s cute cock and gives it a few strokes, grip fairly loose. Eijun’s back arches up off the bed and he lets out a moan at the light contact.




He’s so responsive already and Kazuya can’t wait to learn how else to touch his body to garner these reactions. To be able to finally explore his body and memorize every little detail like this has his neurons firing on all cylinders. He wants the Eijun he saw in the video, the one who was so lost in the throes of bliss that he was willing to beg.


Remembering how sensitive Eijun’s chest seemed to be, he licks his way back up his stomach to take one of his nipples in his mouth and sucks. He relishes in the wanton moan that Eijun lets escape. He continues to give him slow strokes, tightening his grip while his tongue prods at his nipple. Eijun brings one of his hands to card through Kazuya’s hair, gripping the ends to keep him there.


He lets go of his cock after a few more seconds and feels around for the bottle of lube.


“Wait-no, Miyuki-senpai,” Eijun whines, wiggling his hips as if to entice him back.


Kazuya lets out huff in amusement. “Don’t worry,” he says, sitting up a bit while his hands fumble to open the bottle and squirt some on his fingers. “I have something even better in mind.” Once his fingers were nice and slick, he tosses the bottle aside and leans back over to have a clear view of his face when he starts fingering him.


He brings his lubed hand down between Eijun’s thighs and lightly circled his finger around his entrance. Eijun’s eyes are shimmering with arousal, all his attention focused on Kazuya and his mouth hanging open in anticipation. His gorgeous golden eyes darken and flutter in bliss every time his fingers skims over his hole.


Eijun must be getting impatient when he says, “Come on Miyuki-senpai, stop teasing, you can put it in.”


Kazuya just chuckles darkly. “Oh, so you’re giving me permission now?” He presses the very tip of one finger in his hole, feeling it flutter around him. “Eijun, baby, I don’t need permission to take what’s already mine.” And with that he pushes his hand forwards, two fingers penetrating him all the way. Eijun cries out, eyes squeezing shut, head tipping back and legs lifting to spread wider.


“Senpai, please,” Eijun prattles out, hips moving to follow the pace Kazuya sets. He brings both hands to claw at Kazuya’s sides, fingers dragging up and down looking for purchase. The loss of his name and the plea means that Eijun is getting closer to the state of mind Kazuya wants him in. He picks up the pace of his fingers, looking for that first orgasm rather than trying to drag things out.


“Look at you taking two of my fingers so easily. You’ve done this before, haven’t you? Fucked yourself open with your hand before?” Kazuya already knows the answer to that, of course, but he wants to hear Eijun say it.


“Yes,” Eijun barely gets out, peering at Kazuya through his thick lashes. His hips are thrown off pace and start moving more erratically against Kazuya’s hand.


The menacing joy he feels all over his body propels him to ask another question. “And just what are you thinking about when you do this to yourself, hmm?” It’s a little mean, but Eijun doesn’t know that, he’s probably just thinking that Kazuya is trying to spur him on with his voice.


Eijun’s mouth opens and closes a few times, timidly. “You. I-I think about you, doing — ah —exactly this,” he responds, flustered and too distracted by Kazuya’s hands to think about what he’s saying.


Very good,” Kazuya purrs, ready to reward him for his honesty.


Eijun’s insides are so hot and tight he can’t wait until he’s filling him with something much bigger than his fingers. He feels around his walls, searching for that one spot, taking note in his mind when he feels the small bump, but avoids touching it head-on for now. Eijun’s eyes are watering now and he looks so sweet that Kazuya wants to tear him apart. A sadistic smile spreads across his face as Eijun writhes and whimpers, getting closer and closer towards his release.


"You know I used to think you were just like a little puppy. Following me around with your wide pleading eyes, just begging for my attention.” Keeping his pace fast Kazuya slowly makes his way back down Eijun’s body so that his face is hovering over his leaking cock. “But maybe I'm wrong, cause looking at you now with your little mewls and arched back, I think you're more like a kitten, and I wanna hear you purr."


He curls his fingers and presses right against Eijun’s prostate causing him to cry out, loud and piercing as he thrashes. Kazuya uses his free hand to hold his hips down and swallows his cock in one swoop. The sensation is too intense for Eijun as he grips Kazuya’s hair hard, pulling and pushing like he can’t decide if he wants him to stop or not.


The angle is a bit awkward so its hard to match pace with his fingers but he does his best to bob his head up and down. Tasting Eijun like this has him understanding the blissed-out look Eijun had had when he was doing this for Kazuya.


“Please— ahhh, p—please, senpai I’m gonna—!” 


Kazuya lets go of his cock with a loud pop. “What’s wrong, baby? What do you want?”


“I want... please sir I want to cum!” Ah, there it is. How could Kazuya ever say no when he asks so sweetly and obediently.


“Go ahead,” he gives his permission as he twists his fingers and scissors them, roughly fingering Eijun’s cute little hole. His other hand strokes his cock once, twice, and then Eijun’s body is seizing up, spilling across his stomach. He gasps, chest heaving, as he rides out his orgasm on Kazuya’s fingers before going slack.


Once he has calmed a bit, Kazuya removes his fingers slowly, earning a sharp whine from his little pitcher. He gets up from the bed, grabbing a few tissues from his desk, and walking back over to wipe the cum from Eijun’s stomach before it dried. They weren’t anywhere near done and he didn’t think that’d be a comfortable feeling to have to endure. Eijun’s eyes are glassy as he lay boneless on the bed and Kazuya can’t wait to see how he looks after being thoroughly fucked.


After he throws out the tissues, he climbs back onto the bed next to Eijun and starts sprinkling his face and neck with kisses. Eijun giggles, an enchanting and precious sound, while he circles his arms around Kazuya to tug on him. Kazuya takes the cue and rolls over so he has Eijun pinned below him again. He still looks a bit out of it, receptive and coy as his tongue swiped across his bottom lip, eyeing Kazuya’s mouth.


“You are so incredible,” Kazuya says breathlessly, running his hands over Eijun’s body and savoring its warmth.


He grins and leans down to kiss his little kitten, tongue prodding at Eijun’s lips and immediately being given access. As he licks at the roof of his mouth and memorizes the taste, he brings his hand back between Eijun’s legs. They spread for him without resistance so he thrusts three fingers back into Eijun who let out a needy mewl.


Kazuya continues to finger him, stretching him and making sure he was well prepared. Eijun’s cock is hardening again, leaking precum at the tip while he rocks his hips to slowly fuck himself on Kazuya’s fingers.


“Miyuki-senpai, please,” he whines against Kazuya’s lip.


“Aww, what happened to ‘sir’? I liked that lot better,” he teases.


Eijun glares and mumbles, “S—shut up! Stupid tanuki bastard.”


That’s not the reaction he was going for. Eijun’s instinct to fight him on things still seems to be strong but doesn’t want him to think that he’ll let acting like a brat slide. He removes his fingers completely once again, tilting his head back to look down his nose at Eijun.


“Where’s my obedient little good boy gone?” Kazuya asks in a low growl, eyes dark. He aggressively grabs Eijun’s arms and pins them next to his head to cage him in, feeling the way he shivers in response. “Because I won’t be doing a single thing for someone with an attitude like that.” He glares at Eijun, letting his disappointment sink in.


“I’m sorry, sir,” Eijun wastes no time apologizing. “I—I’ll be good, I promise.” He sounds so meek and unlike his usual boisterous self at potentially upsetting Kazuya.


It was charming to see how easily he fell back into submitting to Kazuya after a momentary episode of brattiness. But if all Kazuya had to do was give him a stern look and use a harsh tone, he wouldn’t complain. He had to hold back the snicker threatening to be released to keep up his part as the disapproving senpai that Eijun was so obviously enjoying. He wonders if their time in high school would have been different if he knew about this strategy to wrangle in pesky pitchers.


“Good, now on your hands and knees.”


While Eijun turned over, Kazuya grabbed the condom and lube, tearing open the foil package to roll it on his cock. The touch had him sighing in relief, not realizing how badly he had been neglecting himself. He applied some lube and gave himself a few more strokes.


He’s breathtaking. The sight of Eijun presenting himself to Kazuya, knees spread, and exposing his twitching hole, was unbelievable. Kazuya was always more of an ass kind of guy especially when it came to Eijun. Without thinking much, he brought a hand down to slap one of Eijun’s cheeks with only a fraction of his full strength. He watched in satisfaction as his ass bounced and the resulting smack echoed in his ears.


“Hah FUCK!” Eijun let out, not expecting the impact of Kazuya’s hand or the way it made him stumble forward. Hearing Eijun curse is so incredibly sexy he almost wants to keep spanking his ass, call it a punishment for his earlier back talk.


Eijun turns to look back at him, pleading as a frustrated tear rolls down his face. “Sir, please. I want you so badly. How much do I have to beg?”


Kazuya’s breath catches. Seeing him crying over how badly he wants Kazuya’s cock is too much. He’s at his limit with this guy. With one hand on Eijun’s hip to steady him and another guiding his cock, he watches the incredibly obscene view of his length sliding into Eijun.


A moan escapes Kazuya’s lips while Eijun gasps, tensing for a second before taking a breath. Eijun’s body jerks as Kazuya continues to push in and he falls from his hands to elbows, face shoved into one of Kazuya’s pillows. Miyuki pauses once he’s completely inside, having to catch his breath and calm his heart rate before he cums too fast. Being inside Eijun’s tight hot ass is a feeling he hopes to never get used to, making his head fuzzy with unbridled lust.


“You okay?” he asks, voice strained as he gives very shallow thrusts with slight rolls of his hips. He needed affirmation from Eijun before he lost control. He’s never felt like this before, a little feral and frantic with the need to claim the pretty boy here with him and show him who he belongs to.


Eijun looked back over his shoulder with his watery eyes. His expression has changed and his eyes are now wide and burning, lust clouding his every feature. “Yes,” he said in the steadiest voice he could muster at the moment.


Kazuya adores it when Eijun gets like this. His eyes are blazing, focused, and alive, exactly like how they are on the mound. As his catcher, Kazuya is the one who gets to focus and control all that energy. He gets to be the one to lead him, call for pitches, and tame that spitfire of a boy. He wants to do the same now that they’re finally in bed together. He wants to be the one who guides Eijun and focuses his eyes solely on him. He wants Eijun to think and speak only of him. He wants all of his attention, his whimpers, his moans, his cries, and his every orgasm. Kazuya has never felt more possessive and powerful in his entire life than he does right now, on the brink of having everything with Eijun. If he wasn’t already so in love with him he surely would be now.


Kazuya’s completely gone now with desire and greed for the boy wrapped around his cock. Both hands grip Eijun’s hips as he starts to rock his own, pulling all the way out before pressing back in until his ball pressed up against him. Mine, mine, mine! His head repeats with every push in.


As Eijun’s body gets used to the feeling he starts to rock himself back against Kazuya, meeting him thrust for thrust. His little gasps and moans filled the air until he turned his head into the pillow again, muffling his sweet sounds.


“Eijun, what did I tell you earlier?” he lightly scolds, rubbing a coaxing hand along his back. “You don't have to hide from me. Now let me hear those pretty little noises again.”


Eijun turns his head back to the side, face flushing a bright red. “Kazuya…” he breathes out, saying it like some kind of prayer. It’s the first time he’s ever said his given name without shouting it along with his family name. It makes Kazuya’s heart soar and he knows it's time to pick things up. This time when he pulls his cock out so that only the tip remains in, he snaps his hips back in hard with enough force to push Eijun forward.


“Hah! Please, just like that! Fuck me like that!” Eijun begs.


“God, Eijun, you’re so amazing,” Kazuya chuckles. He snaps his hips like that again, setting up a brutal pace to roughly fuck into him in deep and filthy thrusts. He pushes his cock into Eijun over and over and over again, taking him higher than anyone else has before. Eijun loses the ability to speak and starts to just whine and mumble out incoherent thoughts. He spreads his legs, even more, showing off his flexibility in what practically amounts to a split. His back arches so that his chest and head are off the bed, wet pants leaving his mouth in a desperate attempt to control his breathing. His body is so lewd, becoming more and more pliant with each thrust.


“You’re doing so well, such a good boy,” Kazuya praises, letting the words flow freely. “You were just made for this, weren’t you? Made for taking my cock?” Eijun keens at his words, hands scrambling to grab onto the bedsheets, knuckles turning white with how tight his grip is. He can’t see his face which quickly becomes a problem. He needs to see how blissed out he must look just from taking his cock.


He pauses his rhythm to quickly pull out and flip Eijun onto his back. Wasting no time he grabs each of Eijun’s legs under his knee, bending him in half, and slams himself back into his tight heat.


Eijun looks positively wrecked with tears flowing freely down his flushed cheeks, mouthing hanging open as he voices a continuous stream of babbling. He’s struggling to keep his eyes open, doing his best to keep looking at Kazuya while they threaten to roll back as his hands grip the pillow his head lays on.


“You look so fucked out right now. Can you feel how deep inside of you I am?” Eijun can only let out a wail in response, tears still leaking from eyes that Kazuya can’t help but lean down to lick up. “Fuck, you can’t even talk.” Kazuya feels sweat start to bead and drip down the sides of his face. The burning in his gut intensifies and he knows it won’t be much longer now.


“You’d do anything right now wouldn’t you?” He continues, not able to stop the filth leaving his mouth, especially when Eijun starts thrashing around. If he was in his right mind he might have the sense to feel embarrassed. “Anything for me as long as I keep fucking you wide open. You’re such a slut for me aren’t you baby boy? You’re so gorgeous. The absolute best.” Eijun looks completely debauched, huffing and gasping, unable to even move his hips to keep pace with Kazuya. He clenches around Kazuya, letting him know that he’s getting close.


Kazuya drops Eijun’s legs to lean over him and cage him in with his arms, so close now, face to face. They’re both panting with open mouths making it too difficult to kiss but he still brushes his lips over Eijun’s, breathing in the same air.


“I-I can’t. I want. Please I need,” Eijun tries to say through quivering lips, now distressed. He brings his arms up to wrap around Kazuya, nails digging into his back. “Please pleaseplease!”


The sensation of Eijun’s nails scratching down his back stings in all the right ways and he craves for there to be marks left behind. “Okay baby boy, cum for me,” Kazuya groans out, snapping his hips, using all the energy he has left in his body.


His permission comes at the perfect time for Eijun seizes up, body convulsing and cum spilling in thick ropes between them before he even finishes talking. His body clamping down around Miyuki has him following right after, hips stuttering and groaning out as he spills into the condom. His vision whites out and he barely has the strength in his arms to prevent him from collapsing on top of Eijun. He feels so completely euphoric and blissed out, not able to stop the smile from spreading over his face.


Eijun’s eyes are still closed and his arms are a vice around Kazuya preventing him from moving. They both stay still, skin warm and sticking to each other as they try to catch their breath. Eijun’s eyes open but they’re droopy and he looks exhausted. He pats one of Eijun’s arms to get him to loosen his hold.


“I’m gonna pull out, okay?” Kazuya warns in a soft voice. Eijun hums in acknowledgment but whimpers anyways when he slips from him. He gets up slowly, taking off the condom and tying it to toss in the trash. He grabs more tissues to wipe them off with until they can get in the bath later.


As he turns to walk back to Eijun, he can’t help but take a second to admire the sight on his bed. Eijun, a complete mess right after being fucked, is a sight to behold. His legs are still splayed out wide giving him a nice view of his red and puffy hole. His spent cock lays against his stomach in a pile of his release. It’s almost enough to get him aroused again, but this was probably enough for right now.


There’s already so much he’s excited to try for the next time, maybe they can go again in the shower later. He wants to pay more attention to his sensitive nipples and find what other areas are erogenous zones for him. They should get tested too so that he can cum inside him just to watch it drip back out after they’re done instead of in a condom.


He uses the tissues to softly wipe down Eijun the best he can of his quickly cooling cum and any lube on his skin. Once the dirty tissues are tossed in the trash he crawls back onto the bed, laying on his side next to Eijun and pulling him close to wrap both arms around him.


He’s content to just hold Eijun for a moment, humming slightly and rubbing soothing circles into his back as Eijun comes back down from his high.


“You okay, Eijun? You’re being unusually quiet?” He pulls back a bit to look at his face.


Eijun has a dazed smile on his face and Kazuya feels proud of being the one to put it there. “Yeah, ‘m fine,” he giggles, wrapping his arms back around Kazuya, turning to lay against his chest, wrapping a leg around his waist, and nuzzling his face into his neck. Kazuya’s heart soars from the affectionate touch making him all warm and mushy on the inside.


“Do you need anything right now?” Kazuya asks after another moment.


Eijun is silent for a moment before mumbling something into his neck.


“What was that?”


“I said,” Eijun huffs out. “You don’t have to call me Eijun.”


Huh? Did he not want him to call him Eijun? Was he still supposed to call him Sawamura after everything they just did? He didn’t say he couldn’t when he switched to using his given name earlier.


“What am I supposed to call you then?” He tries to look down at him, see if he can read his face but Eijun is still hiding in his neck.


“Baby,” Eijun replies, barely audible.


Kazuya lets out a relieved laugh. So I was just overthinking. “You like that? When I call you baby?”


“Your baby,” he clarifies and Kazuya is going to die. This angel on earth is going to send him into cardiac arrest and he’s going to die.


“My baby,” he affirms and plants a kiss on the top of Eijun’s head. “You’re so adorable,” he can’t help but add and tightens his arms around him.


Eijun finally lifts his head to playfully smack Kazuya’s arm, revealing his blush. “Can I also borrow some clothes?”


“Sure,” Kazuya says while reluctantly letting go to getting up. He digs through his drawers, pulling out a fresh pair of underwear and sweats that he puts on. He grabs a second pair of each and a t-shirt to bring back to Eijun, who he can see is sitting up and pouting at him as he turns around. “What’s wrong now?” he asks, an eyebrow raised.


“I didn’t say you had to put clothes on,” Eijun grumbles.


Kazuya barks out a laugh and leans over to kiss his pout away, handing him the clothes. “Ridiculous.”


Eijun opts to put on just the underwear and t-shirt and a possessive burn flares up in his belly. Kazuya at first glance isn't all that much bigger than Eijun, but if you took a second look you would see that while Eijun is all tall, lean muscle, Kazuya is taller and has at least 15 pounds of pure muscle over him. So Eijun looks like he is swimming in the shirt, collar wide enough to show off his collarbones. The length of it hides the fact that he’s wearing underwear and now Kazuya wants to bend him over while he’s wearing only his shirt. Maybe he’ll have him wear one of those shirts with his name printed on the back or just his jersey for next time. Which reminds him, he should probably address their relationship status now to make sure there is a next time.


The doing part of all this was easy but now that he has to put his thoughts into words, he’s losing confidence. Which should be crazy right? This has been in the makings for years now. He’d already admitted that he wants Eijun, and Eijun had done the same. He couldn’t go back now, couldn't lie, and say that it was a purely physical want and now that he had Eijun he was done with him. No. He could never do that and break Eijun’s heart, breaking his own in the process. There would be no sense in keeping him at arm's length now, his excuses had run dry and Eijun had already engraved himself into his heart. All that was left to do was speak.


“Be my boyfriend?” Kazuya blurts out before he can lose courage. He flinches internally, hoping that didn’t sound nearly as brash as he thought it did. Way to go Kazuya, that’s how you breach the subject.


Eijun immediately goes cat-eyed as expected. “Shouldn’t you have started with that you brute! Unbelievable, some great lover you are. Waits until after my ass is in pain to ask. ‘Be my boyfriend?'" Eijun’s just ranting now, doing his best impression of Kazuya’s voice to make fun of him.


Kazuya can do nothing but laugh. How typical of Eijun to completely change the atmosphere, for better or worse.


“Hey, Eijun?”


“What?” he pouts and crosses his arms.


“I love you.”


“W-WHAT?!” Eijun splutters, not expecting Kazuya to drop that bomb. To be fair Kazuya wasn't expecting to say that either. A simple ‘I like you’ would have sufficed but he’s so whipped at this point that it doesn’t matter anymore. Eijun deserves to know how completely in love with him he is. “You can’t just- who just- I-” He struggles to find what to say, cutting himself off and running his fingers through his messy hair. He stands up slowly, his legs wobbling so Kazuya quickly comes to stand right in front of him. Eijun uses the lack of distance to wrap his arms around his neck and brings him down for a quick kiss. “I love you too, Kazuya. Of course I’ll be yours.”


Kazuya lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and squeezes him back, heart thudding inside his chest and face reddening. He feels so full, warm, and tingly now that he has Eijun. He doesn’t want to let go, not now or ever. He can’t remember the last time he felt this happy, so truly and deeply happy. He vows to himself right then that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Eijun smiling and happy. He’s thrilled at the prospect of a future where Eijun is right by his side, facing any challenges that may come their way together.






The last two weeks have been a dream come true for Kazuya. He still gets to play baseball with his chosen pitcher but now he gets to cuddle and kiss him whenever he wants. As much as they want to fuck like rabbits they’ve had to learn to plan things out, especially when after the first time Eijun was still hobbling around during their Monday practice.


Eijun had gotten restless quickly and only a few days after their first time having sex, he had boldly and loudly demanded that Kazuya tie him to his bed and use him, face burning and fists clenched at his sides. And, well, Kazuya’s never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth.


His favorite discovery so far might be how much Eijun seems to love being called pet names. No matter where they are, in public or private, if Kazuya throws out a ‘baby boy’, ‘kitten’, or ‘sweetheart’ towards Eijun, he instantly melts, turning gooey and giggly. It’s true power rearing its head when he had whispered lowly in Eijun’s ear to “settle down, kitten” one day when he was being particularly loud at practice. Eijun had fallen quiet and was squirming up until they got back to his and Kuramochi’s apartment where upon entering he exploded in rage at Kazuya. He pouted and pointedly ignored him, until Kazuya, completely smitten, had apologized in the best way he could think of — eating Eijun out before letting him ride him to his heart’s content.


They’ve only been able to experiment a few times since then, all of their other encounters consisting of quick blowjobs or handjobs before bathing or under the covers of Kazuya’s bed. He’s not complaining seeing as Eijun is as eager to learn as he is with anything else and it's not like Kazuya is some kind of seasoned sex veteran. Eijun has been having just as much trouble with keeping his hands from wandering as Kazuya is. He’s never felt so loved with all the attention and soft touches that Eijun gives him throughout their days.


Living in the dorms doesn’t allow for any privacy and despite what Kuramochi may think they are trying to be respectful of the fact that they’re in his apartment too. A part of their planning also consists of figuring out when they’ll have enough alone time, so when he finds out Kuramochi’s plans for the night he immediately grabs his phone to make a call.


“Hello?” Eijun answers after the first three rings.


“What are you doing right now?” Kazuya asks breathlessly, already feeling wound up.


“Kazuya, it’s almost midnight. I’m just studying, I have two exams next week.”


“You’re studying?” He asks incredulously, laughing at the affronted squawk he gets. “Forget that for now. Come over, Kuramochi’s out tonight.”


“Did you just booty call your own boyfriend?” He can imagine the dramatic eye-roll Eijun must be giving him.


“Yes, now do you want to fuck or not?”


“Miyuki Kazuya! Don’t say it like that! So crude! Say you’re making love to your boyfriend, MAKING LOVE!”


Does Kazuya love his boyfriend with every fiber of his being? Absolutely. Would he call what they’ve been doing with each other ‘making love’? Absolutely not. Whatever poetics Eijun has been waxing in his head is surely not what Kazuya thinks when he’s piledriving his dick into Eijun’s ass.


“So sappy,” he comments instead.


“No, you just don’t have a romantic bone in your body. Watching you try to woo me was painful.”


There’s some shuffling hears in the background on Eijun’s side, probably him getting up from his desk or leaving the room if Ren is there with him.


“You want me to woo you? Okay, then how’s this?” He clears his throat and then in the flattest voice he can muster says, “Eijun, the light of my life, apple of my eye, base to my ball, will you please get your cute ass over here so I can pound it into my mattress.”


Having sex is definitely not all they do, but the physical aspect of their relationship is still so new. They don’t need to waste time getting to know each other. The foundation of their strong relationship was something that they’ve been building since high school. The support, trust, respect, and friendship have always been there that finally being able to be affectionate and have sex together is at the forefront of their minds nowadays.


They continue to eat dinner together most nights and have their movie and video games nights both with and without Kuramochi. They’ve turned from being hangouts into their date nights. Kazuya has stilled tried once or twice to take Eijun out on some real dates to nice restaurants that require clothes other than sweatpants and ratty old t-shirts.


“Terrible,” Eijun scoffs, but then he’s laughing. “Romance is dead and Kazuya-senpai killed it.”


“Are you coming over or not?”


“No,” he says grumpily.


“I’ll give you a treat if you do,” Kazuya sings.


“I’m not a dog!” That’s when Kazuya hears the distinct sound of a car horn going off through the phone.


“You’re already on your way, aren’t you?” He can’t help the smugness that seeps into his voice at the realization.


“You’re insufferable.”


“That’s rich coming from you.” He laughs at Eijun’s responding growl. “But I miss you.”


“Who's the sappy one now? You just saw me at practice a few hours ago. But I get it, I miss you too. I’ll be there in a few minutes okay?”


“Okay,” Kazuya says and then hangs up.






Later in the week, their coach has given Kazuya another game to watch and analyze. Eijun has decided to come over to watch it with him, not that he wasn’t going to be at the apartment anyway. Kuramochi had threatened to make him start helping pay the rent with how many times he’s been sleeping over, eating their food, using their hot water, and electricity. It's not that much different from before, the only change being that now Kuramochi might walk in on them making out on the couch, hence the threat that’s really the result of his own lackluster love life due to a certain second baseman no longer residing in Tokyo.


Kazuya is watching Eijun attempt to make popcorn on the stove the old-fashioned way. It’s pretty simple but the burnt batch in the trash can attest to Eijun’s short attention span. He had walked away to grab two drinks from the fridge and all the bottom pieces had burnt and stuck to the pot. Laughing from his spot leaning against the counter, Kazuya had offered no help.


"Babe, why don't you go grab my laptop and the flash drive from my room and set everything up for me,” Kazuya says as he nudges Eijun out of the kitchen to take over popcorn duty. While it was entertaining watching Eijun struggle, with his brows drawn and lips pursed out, to make the simplest of snacks, he couldn’t afford to be throwing away food. “I can take care of this.”


"Okay," Eijun says cheerfully, running down the hall.


Neither of them has been in a relationship before, but he can’t help but feel like it’s so natural that they’ve progressed to this. While being together like this still takes work, it’s no walk in the park handling Eijun every day, it is a choice he wants to continuously make. He wants to wake up every morning to Eijun’s drool stained face and messy hair. He wants to take him to meet his father and to make a trip to Nagano with Eijun some time to meet his. Their lives become even more intertwined and its an intimacy Kazuya’s never known before. He’s vulnerable and open but not scared because he knows that Eijun is there to protect him and help him along.


Kazuya thinks back to the thing that started this whole mess that's quickly become the best accident to ever happen to him. That video of Eijun masturbating had been a real blessing, giving him the right push he needed to go after him. He still has it saved on his laptop and he won’t lie, he’s watched it again at least three times since he first saw it. So far he’s been able to pick up on something new about Eijun each time and then use it against him in bed.


He freezes. Wait. He still has the video saved on his laptop. Eijun wouldn't be able to find it would he? He can’t remember where exactly he saved it though, only positive that he still had it instead of accidentally keeping on the flash drive that would eventually make its way back to their coach.


Just in case he turns off the stove and rushes towards his bedroom while calling out "Oi, Eijun, nevermind! Just let me-"