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Yeah, Luke Introduced you to Rock

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Yeah, Luke introduced you to rock


The words lingered heavily on Julie’s mind for a few days after that. It was more than just the hurt and anger for the boys who dreamed so big to have it stolen from them so thoroughly. Their music was everything and to have a couple of bad hotdogs not only destroy their lives, but their legacy. She hated that their music was just as much a ghost, just as lost to the universe as they were until she came along.


Julie carried that bitterness, but also the gratitude for whatever forces had brought them together, allowed her to help bring not only them but their music back to life.


As she thought it through once more, moving through the same paths and feelings as she had for days, she knew it was more than just the bitterness and gratitude that kept the words so close to her heart.


Trevor Wilson’s, or rather Luke’s and Sunset Curve’s music, had been her and her mother’s favorite. It was their go-to pump up jam when they needed to get psyched before Carlos’ games. It was the music they sang loudly in the car on hot summer days wishing just for a moment that it could last forever. The music was their solace when everything went down between her and Carrie. Her mother had turned the music on softly, pulled Julie into her lap, and let her sob until she was ready to try smiling again. It was the music she turned to when her mom-


Those songs meant everything to them, and her brain was grappling with the new information that Luke, that her Ghostie Boys were somehow involved with it.




After getting home from school, she turned her mind to Alex’s words once more. She knew she wouldn’t get any work done until she investigated it more, so she plugged in her headphones and turned the volume all the way up. Turning on Trever Wilson’s greatest hits, she laid back in her bed and closed her eyes, allowing herself to drown in the music.


She’d been working with the boys for long enough, that after the first go-through she could clearly tell that they’d been telling the truth. Not that she’d doubted them, but she could hear their fingerprints all over the music.


The drummer wasn’t nearly as good as Alex, but she could tell that it’d been a reasonable imitation. It lacked that edge though that came from when Alex poured everything he had into his sticks as if he could beat out all the anxiety and denial in his life.


The bass player played perfectly, she couldn’t fault the technical skills of whoever Trevor had gotten to play with him, but it certainly wasn’t Reggie. His heart was the biggest of all of them and it showed when he played. It was as if the bass was an echo of his own heartbeat and it pulled the audience into the performance, blending a cacophony of voices and people into one audience.


After spending a weekend writing music with Luke, she could definitely say she had a rare insight into how his mind worked. How he came up with music and worked with words. It was like he could feel the song, hear it long before it was on paper. All of his music, even the songs written with her, were like a big red glaring sign, they were so uniquely his. All of his passion shone through, and the songs that had been stolen from them were no different.


Suddenly, her mind was replacing the sound of Trevor’s voice and his band with hers. She could hear her boys as sunset curve rocking out to this music. How beautiful and perfect it was, hit her deep in the chest and the impact of everything the boys had lost brought tears to her eyes.




After the third or fourth go-through, the memories came rushing through her. Except this time, the boys were there in every scene.


On the sunny afternoons, the boys were singing aloud with her and her mom in the car, Alex using the seats around him as drums.


On the rainy quiet mornings, they were curled up nearby on couches and tucked under blankets while her and her mom drank tea and read their favorite book.


They were dancing around the kitchen with her during late night ice cream dance parties, they were comforting her when she cried, they were holding tightly to her hands after her mom’s funeral.


In a way, they’d been there for every major high and pitfall of her life. Breathing life into her with the music that kept her going on the days she’d wanted to stop and give up. The thought made her glow with warmth, like the universe had gifted her with the secret that truly, they’d always been hers. Fate had always meant for them to be there for her and her for them. No bad hot dogs could take that away.


Yes, they may have been connected to her mom or to Carrie’s dad, but know she knew. She knew. That the most important piece, was that they were connected to her.


She opened her eyes, feeling at least a little, that she’d reclaimed their music from Trevor Wilson. Somehow though, she wasn’t surprised that upon opening her eyes she found three phantoms sitting around her room watching her with mild concern.


She smiled at them and voiced the lyrics which suddenly felt more important, more true than ever and watched the smiles spread across their faces.

And you’re a part of me, now till eternity.