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Slow Burn

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The world seemed to stop, it seemed to be stuck. At least that’s what Bozer felt. Ever since the annihilation of Codex it seemed like he was watching the world through a foggy lens. He knew he should be happy; Mac was back and for once the team could take a well-deserved rest. Yet despite this he felt lost. So much had happened in the three weeks since Codex had died. For one Mac had convinced the US Summit to actually take a reactive approach to the death of the planet. It was a major victory, but it felt hollow. With everything they had gone through it felt like maybe it wasn’t worth it anymore. The death and torture were too large to ever let hope overshadow it. It felt suffocating.

Another development was the fact Desi had quit the Phoenix, she said she couldn’t work with people she didn’t trust. It hurt but Bozer understood. It wasn’t that Mac had actually betrayed her in the end. It was that she had betrayed him. She had been so quick to judge him, to accuse him of being a traitor that it had broken whatever fragile string held together herself and Mac. Bozer was glad, he was happy Mac had found someone, but they were slowly killing each other. It was proof that they didn’t love each other, like Mac had said, when he let her go.

The final development was that both Riley and Mac had disappeared. It was inevitable after everything that they had been through. Still… he wished they would have told him. Instead he was summoned to the war room and questioned on the location of his friends. Bozer told Russ that he didn’t know and thankfully the older man believed him. Matty on the other had asked to see him. She said nothing, instead she placed a familiar object in Bozers hands. Bozer looked down to find Mac’s trusty pocketknife, Bozer looked at the woman confused.
“Why are you giving me Macs knife?” he asked. Matty merely chucked
“Because despite not knowing where they are at this very moment I know you know where they are going to be” she said. Bozer raised an eyebrow, challenging her.
“How would I know that?” the woman rolled her eyes.
“You know them both better than everyone here… If anyone can find them it’s you” she insisted.
“You know I’m not Jack right? I don’t know them as well as he does” Bozer didn’t understand. He wanted to, he wanted to ask why Matty was so adamant that out of everyone, he could find them when not even the Phoenix could. The question must have shone through his eyes as his boss sent him a small smile.
“You may not know them the same way Jack does but you have known MacGyver the longest. I know you might not think it but if Jack isn’t here he trusts you to watch his back” then before Bozer could so much as hesitate the women turned on her heel and left.

The first thing Wilt Bozer did was take the knife to his lab. Whilst he did indeed know where his two best friends most likely where. It wouldn’t do well to show up with something that could be tracked. So Bozer checked the knife and was happy to find that it wasn’t filled with trackers. He then bought some new clothes and took a shower before using a multitude of busses to get to where he wanted to go. At the second bus stop however he walked into a department store and changed clothes again. This time he bought a hat and tried to shield himself from any cameras. He may be paranoid, but he would be damned if he let Russ Taylor and by extent the Phoenix steal away his friends recovering time. As he reached the last bus stop he threw his phone on a bus that was heading in the opposite direction. It was a tad overkill he would admit but it would be worth it.

When he eventually reached his destination, he breathed in a sigh of relief, well that was until a gun was pointed at his temple. He stopped short for a split second before he burst out laughing.
“Hello to you to Jack” he said. The man holding the gun tensed for a moment, for a moment Bozer thought he was going to get shot. He guessed he deserved it to be honest, he for a split second had thought the same as Desi. That his bestest and oldest friend had betrayed the very thing he once stood for but then the gun dropped and Bozer was pulled into a hug.
“It’s good to see you man” Jack grunted.
“Let me guess, Matty filled you in”
“No… I have other sources. You really think I’d leave you guys without a spy?” he asked. Bozer rolled his eyes. It was typical that Jack knew of things before anyone could tell him. Bozer looked up at the sky, watching the clouds go by.
“You know… they know you’re here right?” Bozer threw out. Jack nodded
“Yeah… I figured it out after a couple of days. They kept leaving food and beer behind on the porch dining table.” Jack admitted. Bozer smiled
“That and they have mirrors and cameras in the trees.”
“Yes… and that. How did you know they were here anyway?” Jack asked, eyeing Bozer. The younger man shrugged.
“You may know war Mac, but I know kid Mac. He would always retreat to some place safe. Your old farmhouse was the safest bet. Nobody knows you own it. Besides wherever Mac goes Riley follows.” Jack seemed to drink in what Bozer was saying before he grinned.
“So when were you guys going to tell me my boy finally realised that he’s in love” Jack asked. Bozer smiled wryly
“As soon as boy wonder figured it out”
“He doesn’t know?” Jack exclaimed. Bozer shook his head. He too often wondered how a supposed genius could be so dense.

“Bozer since they’ve been here they’ve shared a bed and Riley had attempted to cook breakfast for him. Hell, she even watched the Hobbit with him. She hates the Hobbit!” Jack yelled, throwing his hands in the air. Bozer watched him, amused, he took often thought the same.
“You know what Boze, I bet you 100 dollars that by the end of their little escape to the country they’ll be together”
“I like that action, I bet 100 that it’ll be after.”

Whilst the two friends shook on it Mac and Riley were lying fast asleep in the moonlight.