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Li Wei finds Liu Qingge sitting on one edge of their camp, rubbing his hands together to warm them up. He looks at the perfectly good fire sitting in the middle, then back at Liu Qingge, shaking his head. He drapes a blanket over Liu Qingge's shoulders before taking a seat beside him. "I thought you were supposed to be a big, strong cultivator. Why are you getting cold now?" 

Liu Qingge clicks his tongue but doesn't shrug the blanket off. "You're well aware that I can't replenish my spiritual energy in this damned place." He bristles at the sound of Li Wei's soft laughter, the furrow in between his brows deepening. 

"But you're still sitting out here and not next to the fire. How's that ego working out for you, hm?" 

"You--!" Liu Qingge lunges, surprised that Li Wei doesn't dodge and instead lets him pin him to the ground. His eyes narrow into slits, suspicious of Li Wei's placid smile. He's not even fighting back, content to lay on the grass. "What are you playing at, demon?" 

"Nothing at all, Master Liu." Li Wei's voice curls around his title like heady incense, a shiver going down Liu Qingge's spine, heat building up in his body like a slow flame.

Liu Qingge's gaze drops down to where his hand was resting on Li Wei's throat. It would be so easy to apply a little too much pressure. His fingers twitch before he pulls away, not missing the little quirk of Li Wei's lips, the knowing glint in his eyes. 

Li Wei rubs his neck, imprints of Liu Qingge's fingers evident on his pale skin. "So this how you treat your women too?" 

"Dual cultivation is a crude method." 

"Please excuse this lowly demon's ignorance, Master Liu. Of course, a righteous cultivator like you would be above such indecent practices." 

Liu Qingge huffs but doesn't say anything else, simply drawing the blanket tighter around his body as if that would shield him from Li Wei's jabs. He flinches when Li Wei places a hand on his arm, an insult already at the tip of his tongue. 

Li Wei infuses warmth into the blanket using his foxflames. He smiles at Liu Qingge's baffled expression, his tails swaying behind him playfully. "If you won't sit next to the fire, what else can I do besides warm you up myself?" 

"That's unnecessary." 

"Yes, yes, the great Master Liu would rather die than accept help from a demon like me. Just turn your head the other way for a little while. Pretend I'm one of your disciples if that makes you feel better." 

"None of them would dare." 

Li Wei hums. He rubs Liu Qingge's shoulders, feeling him gradually relax underneath his touch. "No cute disciples following you around like little ducklings?" 

"If they have time to follow me around pointlessly, they have time to practice their forms." 

"So strict." 

"Cang Qiong isn't a playground. We--" Liu Qingge cuts himself off, realizing how easily he loosened his tongue around Li Wei with his wayward hands still roaming his back. "That's enough. Let go of me." 

Li Wei smirks. "I was just giving you a massage. You look like you needed it." 

"Just...go back to sleep." 

Li Wei bites back the urge to tease Liu Qingge a little more. If he goes too far, there's no doubt he'd be taking an unwanted trip down the river.