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Pets & Animals


Kirishima’s morning went like this;

“Um… hi?” a shy voice calls from the other side of the receiver. Ejirou decided by the tone that he wasn’t going to be angry at the caller, even though they’d woken him up so early on a Sunday morning (It was only 10:22 dammit!)

“Morning” he replies gruffly, squinting at the sunlight forcing its way through his window. Well, he was up and being him, he probably wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again so he might as well get on with his day.

Ah.” there was a soft gasp. What? The person called without expecting anyone to pick up?! “You’re Ki-ri-shima right?” the voice recited as if reading off something, It added, “Ejirou Kirishima?”

Ejirou freezes up halfway to his bathroom door. Who…? What…? “How…?” How do you know my name?!

I um-- I have your dog…” the unexpected answer came by in a rush, almost immediately.

Eijirou, eyes wide as they frantically scan his little apartment. He inhales sharply when he draws on an obvious conclusion.

Oh shit, I left Mocha outside again!

“Wait, you didn’t answer me. How do you know my name?!”

“It was on the tag with your number and address”

“Oh” was his brilliant retort. How dumb.

He clears his throat, “So she’s with you?” so smart Ei, he literally just said--


Eijirou moves for the door, decisively skipping over a bath and shrugging on some random shirt from his closet and a jacket with the intention of going up to pick up his dog from this stranger.

The line was silent for a while.

The door was locked. Keys, keys, keys…? 

“Er…She’s eaten right?” he asks randomly, hopefully it’d make a good conversation starter.

Yes, I fed her.” pause, “Wait- I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to! I was feeding Kori and Kaen and I couldn’t NOT feed her too. The convenience store was right around the corner so I didn’t really have to go far to get anything too-”

“Kori? And Kan?” Kirishima asks curiously, cutting off the other guy’s rant. He pulled on his boots.

My cats,” he explained. On cue, there was a loud meow! From the other side followed by a sigh. “That was Kaen, by the way, he says it’s Ka-en, Kaen. Not Kan” the guy on the line chuckles.

Kirishima ignores the way his heart seizes for that brief moment, reminding himself that this was a stranger. He scans around for his front door key. “Ah.” Eijirou spots it on the dining table before addressing the other guy, “Tell him I say sorry. And it’s okay if you fed Mocha, saves me another day of food.” he laughs back.

Mocha… is your dog right?”


“Makes sense…” he hears the guy mutter. “Her fur really is…mocha. It’s cute”

Of course, Mocha was the cutest! Loud, and annoyingly persistent when she wanted things sometimes but despite that, she was probably the best dog a man could have, too bad she had the shittiest owner.

Even though the guy cannot see him, Eijirou smiles, reaching for the door handle.

“Thanks! Anyway, I’m on my way to get her so if you live anywhere near could you-”

He pauses. Nearly bumping into someone at his door, hand poised as if they had been about to knock, the other hand held a phone to the guy’s ear but it slowly fell away.


“Hi…” came the same shy voice that woke him up that morning. Eijirou was too busy staring at the most intriguing pair of eyes he had ever seen, grey and blue. Heterochromia, he guessed.

‘Woof!’ came the dog from behind the owner of the voice. It bound towards it’s owner and jumped at the redhead, effectively knocking him out of his stupor.

Eijirou stumbled backwards into his apartment and crashed to the floor as the dog licked up a slobbering mess onto his face.

“Missed you too, girl”

The heterochromatic eyed boy behind him snickered. Eijirou peered up finding him stifling a laugh. Eijirou found himself not wanting him to. Then the boy laughed, seeming not to be able to hold it in any longer. Eijirou couldn’t help but laugh along.

He let the guy in and offered to get them both breakfast to which the guy politely accepted despite implying earlier that he’d probably already had breakfast.

“I already said this but your address was on the collar. Though, I still have no idea how she got into my apartment though” the heterochromatic says, answering Ejirou unasked question that hung in the air.

“It’ll be a mystery then, huh girl” Kirishima ruffles his Border Collie’s fur from where she sat at his visitor’s feet pawing at a toy bone.

 “I’m Shouto by the way,” the other man adds “Shouto Todoroki”

“Eijirou.” Eijirou supplies, setting breakfast plates down on the table for the both of them, “Though you already know that. But, Eijirou Kirishima”

“I just moved to the floor directly above yours.”

“Oh cool! I didn’t know that. Guess we’ll be seeing each other often then!”

Shouto’s lips twitch into the tiniest smile, “Guess we will”


The next morning, Kirishima Ejirou wakes up to a ball of fluff sitting on his chest. First he assumed it was just Mocha but then, Mocha was much larger than this and her ears weren’t at all this pointy. He carefully lifts up the animal (which was obviously a cat and places it aside on the covers to reach for his phone on the dresser and dials a number.

He smiles softly to himself when the owner picks up.

“Ah yes, hi. I think I have something of yours…”