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Giving In

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“Claire,” he said softly. She stopped walking down the stairs, refusing to face him. Her emotions were at the surface and one look in her eyes would let him know. She stared at her bag loosely dangling from her shoulder, at how thin it’s covering had become; the irony that they were so alike, almost coming apart at the seams.

She felt him come up behind her and prayed he wouldn’t touch her. Just please not right now but when had any higher being - or whatever was up there - ever deigned to listen to her pleas. She felt his warm hand on the small of her back and an involuntary moan escaped her.

That immediately got his attention even more, “Claire? Are you okay?” The concern in his voice, pushing her closer to the edge as her fingers tightened on her shoulder strap.

“I’m fine, Melendez,” she managed. Now please just leave me alone she thought, a whimper almost escaping her. Usually, he’d have taken the hint and gone but there was something on his mind.

He grasped her shoulders and turned her towards him. She initially resisted but just as quickly caved into his touch. She was tired of pretending, of hiding. So what if he knows? He’s already booted me off of his surgery, what could be worse? Tempting fate, Claire, she chuckled shortly and let go of the bag, how’s that worked for you so far?

When she was facing him, he tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears and lifted her chin. Her eyes remained looking down, however. Maybe it’s not a good idea to tempt fate, she thought.

“Look at me,” he almost whispered. She finally did as her shoulders sagged, the fight completely out of her.

When their eyes finally met, his immediately widened in response. He’d always known that they were the most expressive pair he’d ever seen. He could also vividly remember how the light in them had dimmed after her mom died and he almost died from the earthquake.

Now, he could see the pain, the guilt, the sadness and remorse; and something else that he swore he imagined. At that moment all he wanted to do was take away that pain and leave that one thing in her beautiful eyes.

He slowly drew closer to her, his eyes never leaving hers; relishing in the way hers widened and her quick intake of breath.

Their lips met as his hands rose to cup her face. It was a gentle, passionate kiss and when they parted he leaned his forehead against hers, as they both broke out in smiles.

His hands left her face, sliding down to her shoulders as their lips met again. Tentatively her hands slipped under his coat gripping his shirt at the waist.

As the kiss intensified her arms locked around his neck one sliding into his hair. His hands found themselves at the small of her back and he was soon guiding her backward.

After they parted again, his lips traveled down her neck and he sucked briefly but intensely on her pulse point. He already had her against the wall; he wanted to take things slowly. The truth was this thing between them had been growing for so long that neither of them had much control.

When he drew back to look at her, the look in her hooded eyes promised him immeasurable pain if he even thought about stopping. He lifted her, her legs wrapping around his waist as he pressed firmly into her. He was kissing along her neck drawing heavy sighs from her, her hands working under his shirt looking for skin as his coat pooled around his shoes. He swiftly kicked it towards the stairwell exit.

His fingers were slowly working her emerald green blouse up as he sought more and more skin. Only when he realized that she’d gotten rid of his tie and was quickly working on his buttons did he think that they may need someplace more private.

He eyed the on-call room door; he simply couldn’t swallow their first time being in the hospital. But they needed a bed. Fast.

“On-call room,” she said and he looked at her intently for a moment wondering, not for the first time, if she could read his mind; hear his thoughts.

He promptly set her down and she pulled him towards the room; the third door on the right from the stairwell. Once he shut the door she was on him again, almost tearing his shirt off him in her haste to remove it. He removed her blouse once she rid him of his shirt and for a moment they just looked at each other.

The spell was broken when Claire reached out to touch his scar in much the same she had all those months ago after the earthquake. This time she pinned Neil against the door, her mouth moving down his neck onto his chest, a light hand around his throat keeping him in place.

The moan that she drew from him as she lapped and scraped her teeth on a nipple went straight to her core, delicious tingles running down her spine. His hand in her hair drew her head away from his chest as the other ventured down to her hip.

Neil drew his teeth over her chin, licking towards her lips which he claimed in a kiss that had Claire’s toes curling. They reached to remove the other’s pants at the same time, Claire succeeding in getting his off first.

Once they were left in their underwear, Neil turned her around, her back to his chest and guided her to stand just at the foot of the bed. His hands settled on her shoulders sliding down her back across her hips and stomach finally cupping her breasts through her bra. Her head was against his shoulder as he nuzzled his nose into her neck.

“Neil,” she moaned, a hand rising to grab hold of his hair and pull him in for a kiss as she ground into him. Her other hand grasped the back of his thigh, nails sinking into the flesh to keep him as close as possible.

He turned her around and lowered her onto the bed and followed her immediately, covering every inch of her with his frame; the desperation that was present after they had kissed the second time had given way to a need to reaffirm the meaning of their silent communication, to show the depth of their feelings.

His lips were on hers again, hands exploring heated skin as they stoked the fire steadily burning within them. Neil suddenly found himself on his back, Claire looking down at him through the curtain of her hair that had somehow come out of its ponytail completely.

She ground against him and drew her nails down his chest, earning a growl from him. She dropped a quick kiss on his lips then slithered down him kissing as much of him as she could, nibbling and biting in places. She was surprised to discover that the Neil Melendez was ticklish around his navel and could imagine how fun that would be to use against him in the future.

Her thoughts were cut short when she found herself on her back again and a giggle escaped her. Neil smiled at her wondering if he’d ever heard her make that sound before, laugh definitely but giggle? Claire Browne giggled; he smiled thinking about telling anyone when he realized no one would probably believe him. It was alright he realized since he was confident she only giggled for him.

Claire drew her legs up against his hips searching for more contact with him. He was driving her insane, slowly kissing his way up her legs.

He wanted to taste her, quickly removing her black cotton - but still very sexy, he noted - panties. He noticed she was intently watching him as he took a tentative first lick and saw and felt her relax against the pillows.

She tasted as sweet as he’d always imagined her to taste. He had fantasized about how she would taste quite a number of times but the tangy taste had never seemed like her. He licked and sucked, teeth occasionally scraping against sensitive flesh. One finger rubbed and pinched at her clit taking her higher and nearer to her climax. His tongue in her brought a gasp out of her, her chest heaving.

He was surprised by how vocal she was being since they were still at the hospital, but at that moment all precautions and protocols were thrown out the window.

When he felt the tell-tale signs of her peak he inserted first one then two fingers into her, curling his fingers and hitting that spot until with one lascivious suck at her clit her thighs clamped around his head.

She let out a scream that was muffled by the pillow she had turned her face into and he couldn’t help the smug grin that spread across his face. It was gone in a flash because he knew he’d pay somehow if she did see.

He was able to extricate himself from them as he rode her through her climax, his fingers pumping into her until he felt her spasms die down. She looked down at him and a smile pulled at her lips which he returned.

She reached down for him fusing their lips together with a hunger that had him removing her bra as quickly as she rid him of his boxer briefs. The warm hand that closed around him and started to pump, twisting on the downstroke, was going to be his undoing so he removed it.

He drew his hands under her knees looking into her eyes for any hesitation. Seeing none and knowing Claire could easily and would go after what she wanted he drew a finger along her testing if she was ready.

Sex had mostly been a way for her to relieve tension and so she’d mostly been in control, but with Neil, she didn’t feel the need to be on top, to set the pace, chase after her peak.

“I need you,” she said ending on a whimper as he teased his head against her. He captured her lips in a searing kiss as he pushed in slowly, anticipating the moan deep in her throat.

He set a slow rhythm, using deep sensual strokes that caused a hitch in her breath whenever he was buried fully in her. He clutched her breast, squeezing it and rubbing the hardened nipple. Her hands were moving along his back pressing harder whenever he was buried to the hilt in her.

She drew her legs up and locked her ankles at his lower back, the shift in angle sending him deeper. He began to pick up speed and her moans grew louder interspersed with breathless Neils and yeses.

He could feel her end approaching so he drew one of her legs to higher and opened her wider. He drove in much harder and her hands left his back reaching behind her to hold onto the headboard as his thrusts sent her further up the bed.

She whimpered when he drew one of her legs higher and to the side, opening her up more to him. It allowed him to rub against her clit as he withdrew.

“Claire, look at me,” he begged as her eyes were falling shut. She opened them and locked eyes with him, the sexy timbre of his desire laden voice sending her over the edge. She arched impossibly into him, her hands abandoning the headboard to rake down his back; the way she screamed his name and the spasms of her orgasm was enough to draw out his climax right after hers.