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she's my collar

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To say Kirari's day was stressful would be an understatement. Between dealing with the election and being the leader of the clan, she was run dry. Blue eyes rolled just thinking about the idiots she was constantly surrounded by, what she would give to be left alone. Well, not entirely alone. Her time with her doting secretary had been steadily decreasing, and she would enjoy being in the smaller girl's company again. Yet, there was a distinct lack of Sayaka. 

The secretary had been holed up in the basement for the better half of the day, stuck sitting around with Midari. The raven-haired girl knew that betting against her suicidal friend wasn't the best idea, but she honestly didn't expect to lose. But here she was, stuck listening to Midari whine about Yumeko until the school day was over. It was quite surprising that the other girl did not use her win to do something nefarious. Granted, Midari currently held executive power over her actions, so she could really do whatever she wanted. The day was moving much slower than it seemed to when Sayaka was following around the president. Midari had far fewer tasks for her; she really had done next to nothing the whole day. 

Violet eyes had taken to tracing a rather large hole in the concrete of the basement floor. She had her head resting upon her arm, mind trailing off while Midari complained. She would have preferred to be with her president; at least she would feel like she had worth. There was always something about the way Kirari made her feel wanted, needed even. Being alone, without the older girl, made her feel incomplete. Midari had been joking about Sayaka's lackadaisical nature all day, teasing her about the nature of the president and her relationship. The raven-haired girl had tried denying it multiple times, but Midari would not let up. Frankly, it was extremely annoying, and Sayaka didn't care for it. Her attention was elsewhere, thinking of her girlfriend's blue lips. 

"Oi, secretary shithead, I didn't win that gamble just for you to skip out on me!" The other girl groaned out. This caused Sayaka to perk back up, trying to find a clock to calculate how long she had until she was permitted to return to Kirari. 

"I'm sorry, Midari; I'm thinking about all the work I'm going to have to do when I return." The smaller girl responded. She really wasn't thinking about it; she remembered the feeling of strong hands running across her rib cage. But Midari didn't need to know that. A wicked smirk had spread across the one-eyed girl's face, sadistic in nature. 

"Well Sayaka, I'll let you go early. On one condition, though." Her voice trailed off into a fit of laughter before her chair scraped across the concrete. She moved swiftly, digging through a messy desk drawer. The girl let out a gleeful laugh, and Sayaka heard the loud clanging of metal. 

Midari strode back into her spot at the table, slamming down a housepet tag. Violet-eyes widened, moving to dash between the other girl and the metal tag. 

"I'll let you leave if you wear this for the rest of the day." She clapped her hands together, tongue darting out to lick her purple lips. 

Sayaka wanted to be with Kirari; she wanted it so bad. But, was it worth walking around with the stupid tag? Sure, it wouldn't make her an actual housepet. Others wouldn't treat her differently, but still. It was degrading to be seen in one. 

But, she'd get to be with her president, and that was the driving factor in most of her decisions. She hand shot forward, fingers gripping the cold metal. 

"Fine, I'll be leaving now." She huffed while sliding the chain around her pale neck. Midari was steadily laughing, not acknowledging her exit. 

Walking the halls with the housepet tag was annoying. It jingled with every set she took, and the weight was not welcomed by her already sore neck. It was the middle of a class period, thankfully, preventing her from being seen by her peers. 

She gave her typical knock when she reached the student council room, knowing the president would be there. Short legs carried her in, setting off to make tea like usual. 

"Where have you been, Sayaka?" The voice was stern, almost angry. Blue nails tapped against the desk, signifying she was expecting a quick answer. 

The smaller girl flinched. She hadn't intended to annoy her girlfriend but could understand why the other girl was upset. Work was going to pile up in her absence, causing the older girl some stress. 

"I-" she went to answer, but was cut off by the older girl. 

"I mean you disappear for hours, no explanation, I thought you might be in class. So I went to check and find out only for someone to tell me you had been gone since the morning. Do you know how long I have spent worrying about your whereabouts?" Her voice dripped venom, teeth grinding with every word. She was concerned that someone from her family had taken her small girlfriend, making calls for around an hour to have a private security look for her. And still, she dared to walk in and perform tasks like normal. 

Sayaka's hands were shaking as she held the kettle; she had never seen her girlfriend so upset. Her walls were so thick, hard to chip, let alone break. Yet, here she was scolding Sayaka like a child. The small girl took in a large gasp of air before turning to bring the tea to the desk. The tag swung, continuing to make an absurd amount of noise. 

"I'm very sorry president, I lost a gamble to Ikishima and have spent the day with her as collateral." She let out, hands trembling as she poured the jasmine blend into the small cup. Her body had bent slightly at the waist to accommodate this action. Due to this, the tag dangled forward, hanging in plain sight. Blue eyes caught it immediately, watching the light glint off the metal. 

A hand sprung towards her, viciously grabbing at the offending object. Sayaka felt her neck aggressively pulled, wrenching her until her face was mere centimeters away from her president. Her lover's eyes were narrowed, jaw clenched painfully tight. 

"So you disappear for hours and then return with a housepet tag? Who put it there?" The words were hot against the smaller girl's face, causing her to try and pull away. Kirari's strong hold on the tag prevented her, digging the chain into the back of her neck painfully. 

"It's not-"she was cut off again, this time by the loud noise of the president forcefully sliding an arm across the covered desk, sending objects flying to the ground. The next thing Sayaka knew, she was being lifted. Hips slammed onto the top of the desk, blue nails dug into her uncovered thighs. 

Lips of the same color had latched onto hers, yet she kissed back earnestly. Her hands came to rest upon Kirari's covered shoulders, legs attempting to curl around the other girl's waist. 

After a few moments of heavy kissing, the blue lips opened, teeth came out to bite down hard on the younger girl's lips. Sayaka let out a large squeak, hand dashing to her injured lip as the silver-haired girl admired the blood that was staining her girlfriend's mouth. A hand released its grip on her thigh, moving to grab her face painfully. The smaller girl's neck was forced up, as the other hand wove up to grab the tag's chain. It tugged upwards, pulling her head through the loop. The long black ponytail swung from the aggressive movement. The hand gripping her face returned, and lips descending upon the column of her neck. 

Purple marks had started to litter the exposed skin, blue lipstick marks surrounded them. Sayaka had been reduced to a moaning mess, the only thing holding her up was the loose grip she had on her lover's neck. Kirari had moved to unbutton the smaller girl's blazer and shirt, pulling them open with unnecessary force. Her blue nails left angry red scratch marks in their wake. Silver braids swung against the secretary's chest as their owner had moved to continue her assault on Sayaka's now exposed chest.

Her skin was almost more purple than cream at this point; marks sat anywhere and everywhere the blue lips could reach. The older girl was doing everything in her power to erase the image of her girlfriend in that god awful tag. It disgusted her, the idea that someone could own Sayaka other than her. This was her secretary, her meek girlfriend. No one else's, ever, and that was final. 
She had released some of her aggression, a hand sliding down between her love's spread thighs. Fingers fluttered over the sizeable wet spot in the underwear before tugging them out of the way. 

Sayaka felt a finger tease her opening, moaning at the friction. Kirari had always been slightly rough, but this was entirely new, and the younger girl was basking in it. It felt good to give up her control, to let her president use her like this. The finger slid into her, immediately crooking up. Her hips jumped, trying to gain more pressure and movement. The raven-haired girl whimpered loudly, but her hands were being shrugged off. The hands on and in her were pulled away, causing her to whine in an attempt to bring them back. 

Kirari had stepped back, blue eyes raking over her ravished girlfriend. Sayaka's face was bright red, her brow sweaty. Stocking covered legs trembled, her chest heaved. Her secretary was always so beautiful when she was getting fucked. The older girl sunk to her knees, hands grabbing the other girl's thighs and prying them open. Her teeth sunk into the soft flesh, painting more purple across the girl's skin. One of Sayaka's hands had threaded its way into a silver braid, gripping it for dear life. The younger girl was a moaning mess, eyes screwed shut in pleasure. 

After effectively marking up her lover's lower body, the president moved to rest her lips against the wet underwear in front of her. She kissed Sayaka's covered clit, humming at the sound that came from above her. Fingers pushed to fabric to the side, letting her tongue lap at the other girl's folds. The thighs around her head clamped down, but she couldn't be bothered to care. Sayaka was actively mewling above her, rocking her hips to meet Kirari's tongue. The scene was utterly erotic to see, her little secretary absolutely drenched in her marks. Everyone would know that she belonged to the president, that no one else could have her this way. She knew what Sayaka needed, knew how to give it to her. Others couldn't offer the girl what she could provide. 

Two fingers dipped under her tongue, pushing into Sayaka. Heat spread across her fingertips, wetness coated them. She steadily began to fuck in and out of the smaller girl, scissoring her fingers. If the raven-haired girl was a mess earlier, she was a disaster now. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, back arched. The only sounds that could escape her body were heavy moans that brought a broad smirk to the blue lips attached to her clit. 

The president could feel the plush walls around her fingers clench, tensing and releasing. This signified that her lover was about to reach her peak, but she wasn't quite ready to let the other girl off the hook. Her head pulled back as far as it would go, as Sayaka still had ahold of a braid. Her fingers doubled their effort to make up from the lack of stimulation that pulling her mouth away caused. Her girlfriend's face was contorted in pleasure, teeth biting into her already abused lips. 

"You are mine! No one else's, I expect you to act as such." The words drew the other girl's attention. Kirari thought she might have taken it too far, but was met with a gaze full of love. Violet eyes filled with tears; a small smile graced her soft face. 

"Mine. And as my good little secretary, I want you to cum." The words were coupled with a particularly harsh bite to the thigh on the left side of her face. Sayaka's eyes fluttered before rolling back, her walls creating a vice grip on her girlfriend's hand. Kirari fucked her through her orgasm, fingers slowly curling until the muscles went lax. When the raven-haired girl's breathing slowed and steadied, the president stood, brushing off her skirt. 

She looked relatively presentable, minus her now smudged lipstick and messy braids. Sayaka, on the other hand, was thoroughly ruined. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat, eyes tired, and mouth left hanging open. Kirari's eyes flicked around her bare body, counting the marks. Hmm, upwards of 50. That would be good for today. 

Her arms wrapped around the shaking girl, pulling her into her larger chest. She held tightly as she felt her shirt become wet. Eventually, the whimpers stopped, and the younger girl pulled her face back. 

"Did you mean it? That I'm yours?" Her nose twitched, a hand came up in an attempt to wipe some tears away. 

Kirari smiled, her clean hand combed through the black ponytail, "Of course, my love, always." There was a particular wonder in her secretary's eyes, one she would never get enough of. It was hard to believe that this was hers, this soft intelligent girl. She never failed to amaze Kirari with her abilities; she could never tire of her. She dropped her forehead against Sayaka's, a small smile on her now bare lips. 


"I got something for you." the older girl spoke the next day, beckoning Sayaka with a pale hand. The secretary stumbled to her, Kirari had a habit of giving her gifts, so this wasn't too much of a surprise. She stopped in front of her girlfriend, waiting patiently before the president motioned for her to turn around. She did as she was instructed, feeling her hair be brushed away from her neck. Lips pressed lightly into the sore skin, tracing a mark. Hands reached around her neck, draping something cold there. Her ears picked up a small click before the touch was gone, alerting her to turn back to her lover. 

"I thought I would get you something to confirm your place as mine." The typical blue smirk returned as a small hand shot up to her clavicle. Sayaka's hand grasped a small stone and a delicate metal chain. It was a necklace, small and straightforward; a basic silver chain with a small aquamarine pendant. This brought a smile to her face, a blush spreading across her cheeks. 

"Is that okay, dear?" It was a genuine question, Kirari testing the waters. She was met with a broad smile and a small kiss on her cheek. 

"Of course."