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It Was Only A Kiss

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"Everything alright out here?" Sebastian asks, slowly approaching Kurt in the empty parking lot. He's never seen Kurt get that upset, and he's quite honestly surprised to see Blaine that handsy; for all that Blaine let him flirt, he did a pretty good job of keeping up the physical boundaries, and Sebastian had been starting to think that maybe Blaine was just a prude.

Kurt spins around at the sound of his voice and shoots Sebastian a glare. "What do you want?"

Sebastian raises his hands, raises his eyebrows. "Woah, calm down, tiger. Just making sure everything's good here. I caught the end of that fight, didn't sound great."

"Whatever, Sebastian," Kurt rolls his eyes, turns away and reaches for the car door.

"Kurt, wait," Sebastian says, stepping forward and grabbing hold of Kurt's shoulder to stop him. He could care less about Kurt Hummel, but he's never seen the kid this upset (and he's tried), and despite what everyone else may think he does, deep down, have a heart.

Kurt flinches at the touch, shrugs his shoulder out from under Sebastian's hand. "Don't touch me, you overgrown ferret."

Sebastian rolls his eyes, runs a hand through his hair. Jesus Christ, this kid is touchy. "My sincere apologies, Ice Queen, for trying to make sure you're okay."

Now it's Kurt's turn to roll his eyes, and Sebastian finally notices the tears he must be holding back. "Yeah, right. We all know this is what you wanted anyway, no need to pretend you care."

"Wow, you really are impossible, aren't you?" Sebastian says, crossing his arms, because this is ridiculous. Kurt isn't entirely wrong, Sebastian did invite them here hoping to get under Kurt's skin; it's not often he meets someone that can hold his own against him, and Kurt can certainly hold his own. It's fun. But he's pretty sure that fight wasn't about him, it was about Blaine being pushy, and that's just not cool. Sebastian is all for getting it on whenever and wherever, but he would never pressure someone who didn't want it; not that he ever has that problem, of course.

"Fuck off, Sebastian," Kurt says, shooting him an icy glare worthy of his Ice Queen title but otherwise not bothering to engage in their typical banter, before he hauls the door open and gets into the car. Sebastian takes a step back, watches as Kurt makes a point not to look at him as he pulls out of the parking space and drives away.

Sebastian just rolls his eyes again, makes his way back to the bar as he slides his cell out of his pocket to call a cab.

He doesn't know that Kurt pulls over on the side of the road half way home to cry for half an hour.

Sebastian had spotted Kurt and Blaine at their usual Lima Bean table when he walked through the door, and he makes his way over now, coffee in hand. Talking to these boys is always good for some quick fun.

"Why hello there Blaine," he says, pulling a chair up alongside the dark-haired boy and taking a seat, "I walked through the door and my eyes were just immediately drawn to this sexy man with his little fairy friend, and then I thought, 'hey, I know that guy,'" he winks at Blaine, then turns to give Kurt a smug grin, "Kurt."

"How charming," Kurt says, sarcasm dripping from the words, and Blaine's cheeks redden ever so slightly. It always is so easy to make him blush.

"We were just talking about choreography for out next competition," Blaine says, changing the subject as he always does when Sebastian flusters him, and at first it was kind of cute but it's starting to get boring.

"Oh really? After last weekend, I was under the impression that some of the people at this table aren't exactly, how can I put this delicately, skilled dancers." He shoots Kurt a pointed look, and Kurt glares back.

"Well, it's different when we have the choreography sorted out ahead of time," Blaine says, seemingly completely missing the jab at his boyfriend, and sometimes Sebastian isn't sure if Blaine really is that oblivious or if he actually just doesn't mind letting another guy insult his boyfriend right in front of him.

"I'm just going to grab another coffee," Blaine says, standing from his chair and walking behind Kurt toward the counter, "do you want anything?"

Sebastian doesn't miss Kurt's flinch as Blaine lays a hand on his shoulder with the question, but he recovers quickly. "No thanks, I still have some," Kurt says, lifting his cup and swirling the liquid inside.

Sebastian narrows his eyes at Kurt; something's not right here. "Seems like you two made up just fine," he says once Blaine is out of earshot.

Kurt shoots back his trademark icy glare. "Don't you have literally anywhere else to be, Sebastian?"

"And miss out on talking to my favourite soloist and his missus?"

"That's really creative, careful you don't hurt yourself thinking too hard," Kurt snarks back.

"I appreciate the concern, but I don't think you need to worry about anything being too hard around you, looking like that," Sebastian says, flicking his eyes up and down Kurt's body.

Kurt's cheeks flush red at that, but he doesn't react otherwise. "Trust me Waluigi, that's not an issue. Just because whatever clients you manage to find on the corner can't get it up doesn't mean we all have the same problem."

Sebastian is actually pretty impressed with that one. Usually Kurt stays away from anything overtly sexual, but he really went for it and it's kind of... well, it might have been hot, if it wasn't Kurt Hummel. "Your boyfriend certainly didn't seem to have any issues when I was dancing with him. Maybe if you weren't such a frigid bitch you would have actually gotten laid for once in your life."

There's a flash of something in Kurt's eyes – panic? shame? fear? – and Kurt sits there for a moment, speechless, lips parted slightly in shock, staring back at Sebastian. Clearly he hit a nerve. Looks like everything isn't back to sunshine and rainbows between the two of them after all. But then Blaine is back, taking his seat at the table, and Kurt's expression is masked with one of bored annoyance.

"Did I miss anything?" Blaine asks as he takes a sip of his new coffee and looks between the two of them.

"No, Sebastian here was just leaving, he has some kind of appointment to deal with the rat nest on top of his head," Kurt says, offering a tight smile and fluttering his hand in the air toward Sebastian's hair.

"It was great to see you," Sebastian says as he stands; it's always more fun when he gets Kurt on his own anyway, now that Blaine's back with a fresh coffee he won't get as many opportunities to snipe at Kurt.

"Oh, sure. See you, Sebastian," Blaine says, and Sebastian gives him a little salute as he walks away.

"Could you be a little nicer," he hears Blaine whispering behind him, "he's just trying to be friendly."

"Oh please, Captain Licentious only ever talks to us so he can hit on you and insult me."

Sebastian smirks at that. He's not so full of himself that he can't appreciate a good insult when he hears it, even when directed at himself. It's one of the reasons Kurt is so fun.

"Kurt, come on, don't be like that."

He takes a final glance over his shoulder as he walks through the door, sees Blaine moving to wrap an arm around Kurt and Kurt scoots his chair away a little, and he frowns. Watching their relationship slowly starting to fracture is much less satisfying than he thought it would be.

"Well look who it is," Sebastian smirks, standing in front of Kurt in the small waiting room. Kurt's eyes flit up from the copy of Vogue in his hands, a brief flash of surprise before recognition and then he's wordlessly looking back down at the magazine again.

"Well that's not very polite," Sebastian says, taking the seat next to Kurt and glancing at the open page. "I don't think you have the hips for that," he adds, looking at the model clad in a sparkly red dress taking up the whole page.

"Some people aren't worth the effort," Kurt retorts, eyes not leaving the magazine as he flips to the next page.

Sebastian sits back in his chair, tips his head to rest against the wall. "You really are more fun when Blaine is around," he decides. "Where is he, anyway?"

Again, Kurt doesn't respond.

"Oh, you don't know. Still fighting, I see. Still won't put out for him?"

Kurt snaps the magazine shut, turns to glare at Sebastian. "Our sex life is none of your business."

"Oh, so I'm right," he says with smirk.

"Just because some people have no problem sleeping with the first warm body they come across doesn't mean everybody else is so easy," Kurt spits, and usually his voice is so icy but there's something else in his voice, too, and holy shit they actually haven't had sex yet.

"No way," Sebastian says, barking out a laugh, "I'm right. You actually won't."

Kurt shoots him a fiery glare. "Some of us have more than a modicum of patience and actually want to wait for the right time," he says, cheeks flushed. How cute, he's embarrassed.

"You know, if it's causing you relationship issues I'd be more than happy to offer your boyfriend my services to take the pressure off you," Sebastian offers with a wide smirk.

Kurt's eyes go wide, shock and disgust and – hurt? – before he masks it again quickly, because that's something Kurt must have a lot of practice with; he knows masks well, he's not a stranger to them, either.

"I hardly think Blaine would be interested in such debauchery," Kurt says, opening the magazine again and staring at it hard, thought Sebastian can tell he's not really looking, and he isn't usually able to get under Kurt's skin like this.

"I never would have thought you such a prude, what with that stick shoved so far up your ass."

"Just because I won't let my boyfriend force me into having sex with him doesn't mean I'm a prude," Kurt shoots back, and just as soon as he says it he seems to realize what he said and his eyes go wide.

Sebastian is actually at a loss of what to say, he just stares back at Kurt. This isn't banter, this is... well, is Blaine actually trying to force Kurt to sleep with him? Because that doesn't seem Blaine's style. But he remembers that night in the parking lot at Scandals, and he remembers the times since then when he's noticed Kurt flinching at Blaine's touch, or moving himself further away, or wrapping his arms around himself protectively, and shit.

"As lovely as this has been, Sebastian, I have to go," Kurt says icily, standing, and Sebastian sees a woman – Kurt's stepmother, maybe? – give a small wave as Kurt strides past and toward her, arm linking with hers as they make their way out the door.

He sits there alone, thinking. Shit. Blaine is really... shit. Sebastian knows he can be an asshole, but he also knows that there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. And that line definitely needs to be drawn before forcing people to have sex with you. Because that's sexual assault. That's rape. And Kurt is scared. He leans forward, rests his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. Now what? It's not like he can have a friendly heart to heart with Kurt Hummel; the boy would hardly listen to him, anyway. But he needs to try, right? Sebastian is all for casual sex nowadays, has no problem going to a bar and finding a guy to hook up with on a weekend, but he remembers being younger, he remembers... well, he remembers when he wasn't ready for that. And he remembers what it feels like when someone else doesn't care. And he wouldn't wish that on anyone.

The next time Sebastian sees Kurt, he's at Dalton with Blaine. Sebastian's not really sure why they're at Dalton; they transferred to McKinley for a reason, right? But he doesn't really care about the why; he just needs a chance to get Kurt alone.

"Hey, Blaine. Kurt," he greets them as he approaches where they stand, reading a notice posted on one of the hallway doors.

The boys turn to look at him, Kurt rolling his eyes and crossing his arms across his chest as Blaine says, "Oh hey, maybe you can help, I was trying to find Ms. Bishop, I have to get her to sign a form for me. Did she switch classrooms?"

"Yeah, she did. I'll walk with you," he says, ushering for Blaine and Kurt to walk down the hall with him.

They make their way down a couple hallways, up a flight of stairs, down another hallway, and then they're standing outside a different classroom and Sebastian says, "Here it is."

"Thanks," Blaine says with a smile, then to Kurt, "I'll just be a minute," and then he's heading inside the room.

Kurt leans against the wall beside the door, head tipped back, apparently trying his best to ignore Sebastian.

"You know you can leave him."

Kurt's head snaps toward Sebastian, his expression incredulous. "Excuse me?"

"You don't have to stay with him," Sebastian says simply.

Kurt actually snorts his derision, "You know, I at least respected that you were passably creative in your attempts to steal my boyfriend, but this is sad even for you."

"If I were seriously trying to steal your boyfriend, Mickey Mouse, you'd have been broken up with a long time ago," because he can't help it. Kurt just rolls his eyes, rests his head back against the wall and stares at the ceiling.

Sebastian wets his lips; as much fun as it would be to keep this up, he needs Kurt to understand this. "Look, Kurt, I... I'm serious. If he's not... don't let him make you do anything you don't want to."

Kurt tips his head back down, stares at Sebastian, eyes filled with suspicion. "I have no idea what your angle is here, but I guarantee you it's not working."

"No angle. I just know what it's... I don't want anything to happen."

Kurt's face is a mask of suspicion, but he sees the confusion in his eyes before the understanding hits, then the brief flare of panic, and then a whole new mask of bored annoyance, again, the mask he usually wears for Sebastian, as Blaine is coming out of the classroom.

Kurt offers Blaine a tight smile, "Ready to go?"

"Yeah," Blaine says, smiling back. "It was good to see you," to Sebastian.

"See you around," Sebastian nods, and watches the pair make their way down the hall, Blaine reaching an arm to wrap around Kurt's waist and Kurt pushing it away back to Blaine's side.

Kurt and Blaine don't break up. Sebastian still sees them around the Lima Bean sometimes, still sits at their table and swaps insults with Kurt when Blaine gets up for a new coffee. Still sees the tension between the two boys. But there's only so much he can do, he and Kurt aren't friends, he can't make Kurt break up with Blaine, and of course if he tried Kurt wouldn't trust his motivations anyway. But the truth is, Sebastian doesn't even like Blaine anymore, not really. He's not sure if he ever did, if he's honest with himself. Blaine is just boring, to put it simply. Easy to get a blush out of, but he's too plain. No depth. If he really thinks about it – which he tries not to do – then he has to admit to himself that the reason he still talks to the pair isn't for Blaine, but it's for Kurt. Kurt is sharp, witty, fun and interesting, and though he'd never admit it out loud... Kurt is not half bad looking. He tells himself that he's just trying to be a good person, keep an eye on the other boy and make sure he's okay, and maybe that's partly true, maybe it has nothing to do with the interest that he's taken in Kurt... but then again, maybe that does have something to do with it.

He's at a Warbler party, and for God knows what reason all the Warblers love Blaine, which means Blaine gets invited even though he's no longer a Warbler. And because Blaine is here, Kurt is here. He's not sure if Blaine insists on taking Kurt everywhere, or if Kurt insists on not letting Blaine go anywhere near Sebastian without Kurt present if he can do anything about it, but he doesn't really care either way; Kurt's here, so the evening will be fun. Though, come to think of it, he hasn't actually seen the two boys in a while. But it's a big house – Jeff's parents are away for the week, so they have free rein – and people are all over the place, so he's not really concerned. He swirls the liquid in his cup, downs the rest of it, then makes his way back upstairs toward the kitchen.

He's walking through the hallway to the kitchen when he hears the dull thud behind the closed door. He pauses, hears a groan, smirks; someone's getting it on in there. He's about to continue down the hall when he hears another sound; a voice, a soft stop, and he freezes. He takes a step closer to the door, presses his ear against it and listens.

"Want you." Blaine's voice.

"No, Blaine, stop." Kurt's voice, strained, pleading.

"Wanna make you feel good," Blaine says, voice muffled.

"I don't want – no, Blaine." Kurt again, and Sebastian can hear the panic rising in his voice, and he's not going to stand outside this door doing nothing while this happens on the other side.

He knocks.

"Blaine, there's someone – stop it, no," Kurt says, pleading still, scared, but Blaine doesn't seem to care.

"Just ignore it, they'll go away." Blaine cuts himself off with a groan, and Kurt whimpers, but it sounds more fearful than pleasurable, and that is absolutely enough of this.

He tries the doorknob; it opens. God bless drunk people and their lack of foresight.

He steps through the doorway, locks eyes with Kurt, pinned against the wall by Blaine's body, Blaine's mouth on his throat, Blaine's hand down his pants. Kurt's eyes are wide with shock and fear and panic and wet with tears.

"Hey, Blaine, what the hell?" Sebastian asks, voice raised, striding across the room. He grabs Blaine by the shoulder, pulls him away from Kurt. "What the hell are you doing?"

Blaine takes a step backward, shrugs Sebastian's hand off his shoulder. "What are you... what the hell are you doing?" Blaine asks, bewildered.

"I'm making sure you don't rape your boyfriend," Sebastian spits back at him.

Blaine's eyes widen in shock. "You – I – what? I would never –"

"Oh stop it, Blaine. I know what I heard and I know what I saw," Sebastian cuts him off.

"This is ridiculous," Blaine splutters, "we were just –"

"Get out, Blaine."

"Like hell I'm leaving," Blaine says.

"I said get the fuck out, Blaine," Sebastian repeats more forcefully, shoving Blaine toward the door.

"You can't tell me what I can and can't do with my boyfrien–"

"I swear to god Blaine if you say one more word you will not live to regret it, get the fuck out of this room."

Blaine stares him down for a few moments, before finally he turns away. "This is ridiculous," he mutters, stalking out of the room.

Sebastian walks back across the room, pushes the door closed, and when he turns back to Kurt, the other boy is crumpled on the floor, back against the wall, knees pulled to his chest, shaking with silent sobs. What the hell has Sebastian gotten himself into?

"Hey, um, are you... okay?" Sebastian asks, standing awkwardly above Kurt. He doesn't do comforting, but he can't very well leave the boy alone here in this state, and he doesn't want to chance leaving the room to find someone else in case Blaine comes back first, and okay, maybe part of him wants to be the one to help Kurt.

Kurt doesn't respond, just stays where he is, crying into his hands.

Sebastian shuffles on his feet in front of Kurt for a moment, not sure what to do, until finally he slides down the wall and sits beside him. He stays there, silent, waits as Kurt's sobs slowly turn to sniffles and he's wiping at his eyes with his hands.

"Did he hurt you?" Sebastian asks, eyes still straight ahead, but he sees Kurt turn to look at him in his peripheral vision.

"Like you care," Kurt says with a huff, voice watery.

"I do, actually," Sebastian counters, turning to look Kurt in the eye. "I do," a little softer.

"Why are you being nice to me?" Kurt asks, pulling his eyes away from Sebastian and tipping his head back, staring up at the ceiling.

Sebastian mirrors his movements, stares at the ceiling as well. "I just know that... I didn't want anything to happen. To you."

Kurt is silent for a while, and Sebastian almost thinks he's not going to say anything else, until quietly, "Thank you."

"You really don't have to stay with him, you know. You could do a lot better," Sebastian says, tipping his head to the side to look at Kurt and smirk.

Kurt snorts indelicately. "Did you fall and smack your head?"

"Maybe," Sebastian says, looking back to the ceiling.

Apparently, Kurt did break up with Blaine after that. Sebastian found out when he'd approached a sullen-looking Blaine at the Lima Bean one afternoon, and when he'd asked where his more effeminate other half was, Blaine said they'd broken up. He'd left Blaine to sulk over his coffee after that; Blaine on a normal day is a bore, but a depressed Blaine with no Kurt around sounded like absolute torture and he has better things to do with his time.

But today it's Kurt who's sitting alone at a table in the Lima Bean, so Sebastian makes his way over and sits in the chair opposite him. Kurt looks up, meets his eye, gives him an oh, you look with an eyebrow cocked.

"Heard you broke up with your boyfriend," Sebastian says, forgoing a greeting.

"You must be thrilled," Kurt says, looking back down at his coffee and swirling the liquid in his cup.

"I've heard worse news," Sebastian muses, sipping his own coffee.

They sit in silence for a few minutes, each sipping their coffee, before Kurt looks up and speaks again. "Why are you here, Sebastian?"

Sebastian sets his cup down, meets Kurt's eyes. "You know, I'm still trying to figure that out myself." It's not entirely a lie; he is still trying to figure it out. But deep down, he's pretty sure he knows exactly why he feels so drawn to the boy sitting across the table, hands wrapped around a cup of coffee.

Kurt makes a noncommittal noise, takes another sip of his coffee as he contemplates the words. "You know, you're not so bad when you're not actively antagonistic," he muses.

"And you're not so bad when you don't have a whiny puppy dog following you around everywhere," Sebastian shoots back, and Kurt raises his eyebrows questioningly. Sebastian just shrugs. "He got boring after a while. You're much more... interesting."

Kurt rolls his eyes. "Well, I'm glad I interest you, Sebastian," Kurt says, standing with his cup. "As delightful as I find your company, I have to go now."

He sits at the table, coffee in hand, and watches as Kurt strides across the coffee shop, drops his empty cup in the trash bin, then walks through the door. He wonders what he ever saw in Blaine, how he missed Kurt, sitting right next to Blaine the whole time, right under his nose and he didn't even notice until he did and now he sees.

Sebastian had sent Kurt a friend request on Facebook, and miraculously, by the grace of a god that Sebastian doesn't believe in, Kurt had accepted it. They've been messaging back and forth for over a month now, and they've even been seeing each other at least once a week. And he feels... different. It's not like it's been with every other guy he's ever talked to. Usually he finds a hot guy, and they get talking, and it's not long before they're hooking up, and it's usually not even that good, and they aren't usually very interesting anyway, and then he's just bored and he moves on. It was like that with Blaine, in a way, except they never actually hooked up, he just got bored.

But it's not like that with Kurt. Not that he doesn't want to hook up with Kurt; he's finally admitted to himself that Kurt is hot, and he would happily sleep with the other boy, but he knows Kurt isn't ready for that, doesn't want that, and he's... surprisingly okay with it. And it's fucking weird. He could talk to Kurt all day, about nothing, and still feel like the day was well spent. He could spend a whole day with Kurt and not even touch him and it wouldn't bother him at all. And this is so unlike Sebastian that it's freaking him out a bit. He wants to have sex with Kurt, yes, but he also just wants to hold his hand, run his fingers through his hair, oh god kiss him, take him out to dinner and go home after to curl up together on the couch and watch a movie and kiss him and this has never been him, but this is what Kurt is doing to him, and he's tried to reason with himself but there's no way out of it; he caught feelings.

Sebastian, surprisingly, has never had a boyfriend. He's slept with a lot of guys, sure. He's had guys want to be his boyfriend. He's just never been interested. He likes to keep people at a distance, doesn't like letting anyone in, doesn't want anyone to really know him, but he wants Kurt to know him. They've talked a lot, some about Kurt's relationship with Blaine, and Kurt has opened up a bit about it; Blaine was getting pushy about sex. There was the sexual assaults outside Scandals and at that party – both of which Kurt is still refusing to acknowledge as sexual assault, despite Sebastian's insistence that that's exactly what they were – as well as a few other less severe and less drunk incidents that Kurt has shared some detail about. And while Kurt still won't call it what Sebastian knows it is, he at least acknowledges that it wasn't right, and Sebastian knows that this is hard to deal with, so he doesn't push for more.

He's sort of amazed at how well they get along. He'd almost expected them to be back to insulting each other with every second word after a week, but it never happened. They still snipe at each other of course, neither one able to pass up a good opportunity to roast the other, but it's much more lighthearted than it had once been, and they're usually smiling as they do it, and god that smile and god what is wrong with him gushing about another boy's smile but he seriously cannot help it because have you seen Kurt's smile?

They're sitting on the couch in Sebastian's living room, the credits to some particularly gory horror film that neither of them paid that much attention to rolling; Kurt spent the whole time hiding behind a blanket, and Sebastian spent the whole time laughing at Kurt's disgust.

"I really don't understand the appeal of movies like this," Kurt complains, "it's just gross. How can you watch this?"

Sebastian laughs. "I didn't, really. I mostly just watched your reaction."

Kurt shoots him a glare. "You really are such an ass, you know that?"

"At least I'm no pussy," Sebastian shoots back.

"You are incorrigible," Kurt grumbles, rolls his eyes, flops his head back onto the couch.

Sebastian watches Kurt, head thrown back, throat stretched out, long and pale. Watches Kurt's chest rise and fall with his breaths, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallows. He shifts on the couch, closer to Kurt. Kurt tilts his head to the side as he feels Sebastian's weight shifting, meets Sebastian's eyes. Sebastian lifts a hand, brushes a stray hair from Kurt's face, then leaves his hand resting against Kurt's cheek. He watches Kurt's eyes, sees them flick down to his lips then back up. His own eyes flicker down to Kurt's lips as he parts them ever so slightly and wets them subconsciously. He leans forward, slowly, eyes fluttering closed, closing the distance between them. He presses his lips, ever so gently, to Kurt's. A sweet, simple, chaste kiss, and then he pulls pack, hand still resting on Kurt's cheek. He opens his eyes, stares back into Kurt's. They stay just like that for a moment, soft breaths ghosting over lips and skin, and then Kurt leans forward, presses his lips more firmly to Sebastian's, threads his fingers into Sebastian's hair and holds him there. Sebastian runs his tongue along Kurt's lower lip, and Kurt parts his lips, their tongues swirling together.

It was only a kiss, but somehow it was so much more, too.