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It Was Only A Kiss

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"I can't believe you're friends with him," Blaine says with bewilderment as they watch Sebastian walk away from the table.

"You were friends with him," Kurt points out, a little annoyed, because every time Sebastian comes up this happens, and Kurt had managed to keep his mouth shut when Sebastian was trying to steal his boyfriend so he's not really sure why this is such a big problem for Blaine.

"That was different," Blaine argues.

"Yes, it was worse," Kurt points out, barely concealing the frustration in his voice.

"You don't get it, he's– it's just– never mind," Blaine mumbles, crossing his arms and looking to the side.

"Don't get what?"

"It doesn't matter. Never mind."

"No, tell me, Blaine, what don't I get?"

"He's the reason we're not together, Kurt! If it weren't for him we'd be back together already, we were doing so good when you stopped being friends because he wasn't whispering in your ear about how awful I apparently am, and I can't believe you're fine with just letting him be your friend after how he treated you. And now he's back, and just... can't you see that he's the reason we can't just be happy together?"

Kurt gawks at Blaine for a moment in shock, trying to digest everything that Blaine has just said because... what?

"Are you serious, Blaine? You think we're not together because of Sebastian?"

"Well it's the only reason I can think of," Blaine says simply, resolutely, meeting Kurt's eyes again.

"I can't believe this...," Kurt mutters. "You really... Okay, let me make this clear. We aren't together because I don't want to be with you, Blaine. I thought I had made that abundantly clear, but apparently not. We didn't break up because of Sebastian, we broke up because I wasn't happy. And that's not going to change if we get back together, so that is not going to happen. And it has nothing to do with Sebastian."

"Oh come on Kurt, don't be dramatic. We're so good together, how do you not see that? Sure, we were having some issues, but everyone has issues, seriously, I think this has been going on long enough. I'm not sure how long you expect me to wait for you to get over... whatever this is, but you need to get over it soon."

"Did you... is that what you thought this was? You're just waiting for me to get over it and come back to you? I... you're kidding, right?"

There's no way Blaine is being serious right now. Absolutely no way, because what he's suggesting is preposterous, and if Blaine claims to have ever known Kurt – and, really, they were together long enough that even Kurt can't deny that Blaine should know him – then he should know that when Kurt makes a decision, when Kurt knows we he wants, that his mind is made up and he will stand firm in his choice.

"Kurt," Blaine says, reaching across the table to take Kurt's hand in his, "look, I'm not sure what brought all this on, and I swear, I'm willing to work on us, whatever you want, but if you keep letting Sebastian tell you what to think then I'm not sure if we can fix this." He says it sincerely, like he genuinely believes what he's saying, like he's trying to comfort Kurt and Kurt is a small child who needs things explained to him simply, and it's infuriating.

"Fix... Blaine, there's nothing to fixWe are nothing, we're not... We are never getting back together, I'm sorry if you misunderstood that but I thought I was pretty clear from the start," he says, pulling his hand away from Blaine's on the table.

"How do you not see how perfect we are for each other, Kurt? Look, I'm not saying we didn't have issues, but we can fix them, you don't have to do this just because he convinced you that you should."

"You think he... okay, I'm done Blaine, we're done here. He didn't convince me of anything, I made that choice all on my own, and clearly if you're acting like this it was the right choice." Kurt stands, grabs his satchel and hoists it over his shoulder.

"Kurt, wait, come on," Blaine says, standing as well and reaching out to grab Kurt as he pleads with him to stay.

"Don't touch me," he snaps, before Blaine's hand can reach him, and Blaine pulls his arm back. "Goodbye, Blaine," he adds simply, coolly, and then he turns on his heel and walks away, through the crowded Lima Bean, out the door, and to his car.

How could he be so stupid? Of course Blaine didn't want to be just friends. He should have seen this coming a mile away. Because while it's true that Blaine should know Kurt, Kurt should know Blaine, too. He should have known by all the little comments he's made, all the small ways he's made Kurt feel guilty about their breakup and for hurting Blaine, but he tries to see the good in people and he'd really thought that maybe he and Blaine could be friends, but apparently not.

He's calling Sebastian before he's really thinking about calling Sebastian, and the other boy answers the call before he has time to decide what he even wants to say.

"Miss me already?" He can hear the smirk in Sebastian's voice, and he laughs a little.

"Surprisingly not," Kurt says sarcastically. "Are you busy?"

"Right now?" Sebastian asks.


"Oh, I don't know, I'm kind of in the middle of watching something," Sebastian tells him.

"You just left, Seb, what could you be watching?"

"Look ahead."

Kurt looks forward out his windshield, confused, until he spots Sebastian sitting in his own car across the parking lot and rolls his eyes.

"You're an asshole," he says fondly.

"I know," Sebastian agrees.

"I'm coming over there." He doesn't give Sebastian a chance to answer, just ends the call and climbs out of his car to make his way across the parking lot. He slides into the passenger seat beside the other boy and pulls the door closed behind him.

"So, what's going on that you just couldn't be without me for more than 10 minutes?" Sebastian asks, and now Kurt can see the smirk.

He groans. "Blaine's an asshole." This time, it's not very fond.

Sebastian chuckles. "I could have told you that... oh wait, I have told you that."

"Yeah, yeah, you were right, congratulations," Kurt grumbles.

"What's the date today? I'm going to have to write it down. The day Kurt Hummel finally admits he was wrong. And to me, of all people."

"You know what, maybe I should have just left," Kurt counters, but he makes no move to get out of the car. "Why did I think we could be friends?"

"What happened?"

"He just... apparently he thought we were going to get back together eventually? Which, I mean, why would he think that? I thought I was pretty clear."

"He's not really the best at taking no for an answer," Sebastian says pointedly, and Kurt wants to argue, but he knows Sebastian is right.

"He thinks you're the reason we're not back together yet."

Sebastian barks out a laugh at that. "What?"

"Yeah. He figures you've been whispering bad things about him in my ear–"

"I have."

"–and that if it weren't for you we would have gotten back together by now."

Sebastian laughs again. "I guess I should feel honoured he thinks I have so much power over you."

Kurt chuckles a little awkwardly at that; if only Blaine knew how Kurt really felt about Sebastian. Not that it was the reason he wasn't dating Blaine, but... it would certainly drive Blaine nuts to know how he felt.

"You know, I'm pretty impressed that you haven't," Sebastian comments, and Kurt gives him a confused look.

"Impressed I haven't what?"

"Gotten back together with him."

"What? Why would I... we talked about this, you know I never planned on getting back together with him."

"Sure, but you're not over him, either, so... I figured there was always a chance."

"I'm not... sorry, what? Since when am I not over him? I am so, so over Blaine. What ever made you think I'm not over him?" Since when have all the men in his life who he thought knew him suddenly decided to demonstrate that, apparently, they don't know him at all?

"Oh," Sebastian replies, seeming genuinely surprised, "well the other day, when we were talking about Tyler Oakley, you said you weren't over him."

Kurt feels his cheeks flush. Why would Sebastian ever think he was talking about Blaine? Sebastian knows Kurt likes him, he's never explicitly said it but he must know, right?

... Right?

"That wasn't... I wasn't talking about Blaine," he says, looking forward out the windshield and his face is on fire. "Why would you ever think I was talking about Blaine?"

"Well, you definitely weren't cheating on him, you don't have it in you, so who else would it be?"

Kurt stares at Sebastian, and Sebastian just stares right back intently.

"Who else... you're serious?"

"Kurt, there is literally nobody else I can think of that you would need to get over other than Blaine."

Sebastian doesn't know. Sebastian doesn't knowSebastian doesn't know.

So then why all the awkwardness? Why did everything change after the kiss, the icing out, everything that had gone wrong between them because of Kurt's feelings – or, rather, because of something that wasn't Kurt's feelings, apparently, because Sebastian doesn't know. Why would Sebastian have said those things to him that day he stormed out the house, unless...


Unless he meant it.

Kurt just blinks at Sebastian as the realization hits him like a freight train. He's never told Sebastian his feelings, just assumed the other boy must know because Kurt isn't exactly known for being the most subtle. But Sebastian had meant it when he said he had feelings for Kurt, and then Kurt hadn't told him he felt the same way, and god, how must Sebastian have felt after that? Of course he needed space from Kurt. He knows Sebastian pretty well now, knows that talking about his feelings isn't something that Sebastian ever really does, so for him to say that to Kurt... and then for Kurt to not say it back... of course that's how he reacted.

"So are you going to tell me, or...?" Sebastian teases, and Kurt blinks again, brought back from his thoughts by Sebastian's voice.

"You," he says simply.

"Me what?" Sebastian asks, brow furrowed slightly but still smirking.

"It's you. That I'm not over."

The smirk slowly fades from his face, replaced with confusion. "What?"

"I thought... I thought you knew, and you just didn't, but... you actually meant it, didn't you?"

Sebastian frowns, his brow furrowing. "Meant what?"

"What you said to me. When we had that fight, and we... well, you know."

He swears he sees Sebastian's cheeks flush just slightly, but it's barely there, he'd have missed it had he blinked.

"Yeah," he replies, voice a little strained, looking away from Kurt, and it breaks his heart a little.

"I thought you knew, I thought that was why you said it, because you thought I wanted to hear it, I didn't realize you... meant it."

Sebastian doesn't say anything so Kurt adds, "I, um... I don't know if you... if you would still mean it, but. I like you. I really like you, Seb, I just thought you knew, and you weren't interested, I didn't realize that you... didn't."

Sebastian turns to look at him again, a look of confusion and bewilderment and disbelief on his face. "What?"

He wants to laugh. It's not often that Sebastian is at a loss for words like this.

"I like you," Kurt repeats simply. "A lot," he adds, for good measure.

He hears the sharp intake of breath, watches Sebastian's Adam's apple bob as he swallows, but he still doesn't say anything, and oh god, what if he doesn't feel the same way anymore? What if he is over Kurt? And now Kurt has gone and made things awkward all over again.

"If you don't– you don't have to say anything, if you don't feel that way anymore it's fine, really, I just thought– god, Seb, I'm sorry, I didn't–"

"I do."

"What?" It comes out on a sharp exhale, and it's Kurt's turn to be at a loss for words now.

"I do feel the same way," Sebastian clarifies, and he looks terrified, but that's how Kurt knows that he means it.

And then Kurt is leaning over the center console, lips meeting Sebastian's.

This time he knows it's not a mistake.