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Rainy Day

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The little apartment was silent, the only sound that could be heard was the noise of water drops falling harshly from the clouds that moved slowly in the sky, like they were in a lazy dance.

It was a cold day, the clouds were already painted in shades of gray from early on, an alert for a possible storm, which in the end happened. It started with just a few drops of water falling from the sky, a serene so light that it graced anyone who saw or felt it.  However, over the course of minutes, the amount of drops appeared to triple, becoming from light drops as delicate as a caress to violent molecules capable of causing problems for any people exposed to them. 

And Sarawat was one of those people. 

Tine, who was looking at the clock on the kitchen wall for minutes and was sitting at their dining table, deep sighed, heart already starting to beat faster in anxiety with the thought of Sarawat being out there, somewhere he had no idea where, and probably vulneravel to this phenomenon of nature. 

Earlier, after having afternoon coffee, Sarawat announced that he would go for a run, since due to the countless academic tasks he was no longer exercising and needed to move his body a little. Tine tried to intervene, arguing that the day was overcast and that it was probably going to rain, but Sarawat just smiled at him and stroked his hair affectionately, reassuring him that if it rained it would just be a light one and that Tine shouldn't worry.

But it turned that it wasn't only a light rain, and Tine should and was worried.

Biting his lips nervously after looking at the clock again, Tine stood up, feeling too restless to sit still looking at the wall, something he had been doing for minutes. He ran a hand nervously through his hair, thinking that he might be overdoing his reaction, but then remembering that it had been much more than an hour since Sarawat left and there was no sign of him since. He probably went running around the neighborhood, in logic making it easy to get back to the house quickly when the light rain started to fall, but he didn't come back, and Tine felt he was starting to freak out. 

The worried figure in the room stopped his small outbreak when a thunder noise invaded the place, so strong and filling every space of the apartment that Tine jumped slightly because of the scare, gaining recomposure seconds later. 

Thunderstorms were a sign that the storm was getting worse, so Tine walked over to the small balcony to take a look at the situation. Entering in the place he leaned on the parapet, starting to analyze the world outside. 

The clouds that before were colored in light gray tones were replaced by a darker shade of gray, announcing that soon it would be night; in the distance energy-charged lightenings could be seen, illuminating the sky together with thunderstorms, forming a beautiful but frightening bright spectacle in the sky. Water drops continued to fall heavily from above, making a abrupt but calming sound when it hits the asphalt, and Tine closed his eyes when he felt a few drops reaching his face, along with a breeze of rain that dragged with it the smells caused by the storm, being they wet ground, soil and tree leaves, as well as a fresh smell of rain that couldn't be described, just felt.

Admiring the spectacle in front of him and from time to time shrinking due to the thunders, something he hates to admit but is a little afraid, Tine thought about how he wanted Sarawat to be there with him, to comfort him because of the loud noises and also because he felt kinda melancholic when the weather was like this, but as well admire the natural show together, something they liked to do when it rained. But more than that, he wanted Sarawat to be there with him because that would mean he would be safe inside the house instead of being vulnerable outside. Tine is very concerned about everything, which makes his friends make fun of him from time to time, but at the moment there was no way he couldn't be like that; not when he kept thinking about the possibility that Sarawat hadn't found shelter and was exposed to the storm and lightning, which meant he wasn't safe.

You realize that you love someone so much when you worry too much in not so dangerous situations, when all you want in life is that your person is well and safe, Tine thought. Once Sarawat joking told him he wanted to lock Tine in the closet so the two of them could be always together, and at the moment it went through Tine's head that he wanted to do the same if that meant that Sarawat would be always fully protected. 

Still with his eyes closed, trying to calm himself with the light wind caressing his face and feeling the comforting smells that mingled outside, Tine heard a noise that sounded like the door opening, and automatically opened his eyes and turned quickly to leave the balcony. Upon entering the house, he could see the front door being opened, and let out a breath of relief when he saw Sarawat entering the house.

Without even thinking twice, Tine walked towards Sarawat, hugging him even before the latter finished closing the door. He was cold and soaked from head to toe, but he was fine.

"Hey." Sarawat said, a little surprised by the other boy's action. "Tine, I'm soaked, if you hug me you'll get wet too." He add, gently trying to push Tine away. 

"I don't care." The mumbled, holding Sarawat tighter and sinking his face in the other's neck.

Sarawat let out a low chuckle, moving his arm back to lock the door, which he was trying to do before Tine threw himself at him. "What happened?" He asked in a low voice, wrapping his other arm around Tine's waist, moving his palm on his back. 

"What happened?" The taller said, raising his head to look at Sarawat, a tantrum expression on his face as if he had just heard nonsense. "What happened is that it has been almost two hours since you left the damn house and while you were out it looked like the sky was falling because of how hard the rain was! It's raining so much, it's thundering and lightening so hard and you were outside in the middle of that. I didn't knew where you were! I didn't knew if you were safe or if something happened to you, I was just here alone thinking about thousands of possibilities of what could've happened!" Tine said exasperated, voice shaking.   

Seeing his partner's condition, Sarawat sighed and slightly approached Tine, one hand still moving on his back and the other went up to the back of his neck, lightly caressing it. Tine gave in at the contact, melting into his loved embrace. 

They stayed like that for a few seconds, and when Sarawat felt Tine calmed down, he broke the silence. "So, you were that worried about me?" 

"Of course I was, saraleo." Tine raised his head again, a pout could be seen on his lips. "You weren't safe in the middle of a heavy storm, how could I not worry?"

"Own. My boyfriend cares about me so much." Sarawat moved his head to the side, looking at Tine with a pout too. "But I'm fine, I'm here now. No need to worry anymore." 

"It doesn't change the fact the I worried for two hours. I really thought something could've happened."

"Something like what?" 

"I don't know, Sarawat. Maybe a lightning bolt hitting your head, I don't know." 

With that, Sarawat couldn't contain a loud laugh, and Tine looked at him with a scolding look. "Stop laughing! You were exposed and I was worried about the possibility of lightning frying you and now you're here, laughing at me." 

"Sorry, baby." Sarawat said, still laughing. "But your mind amazes me sometimes. It's pretty rare for a lightning hit someone." 

"Rare doesn't mean impossible." 

"Yes, but still. And by the way, I wasn't exposed. When it started raining I took shelter at the market two blocks away." The smaller said giving Tine a comforting smile, caressing with his fingers a frown between his eyebrows. 

"Why are you soaked then?" 

"Because when I saw the rain wasn't going to stop anytime soon, I decided to run back home."

"Sarawaaat." Tine whined, pout still on his lips. "Why did you do that? You should've waited. It's dangerous run in the rain." 

"I know you tend to overthink, so I thought you probably was worried that I was taking so long to come back, so I decided to run back home." 

"But it was still raining, Wat!" 

"I don't mind about getting wet if that means you would stop being preoccupied." 

Tine looked at the man in front of him, digesting the words he had just heard and felt all warm inside and outside. He then smiled, a tender, full of love and gratitude smile. "I appreciate it, Wat. But what I care the most is about your wellbeing, so promise to me you won't put yourself in risk anymore, even if that means I'll be preoccupied?" He placed a hand on Sarawat's face, who leaned into the affectionate touch. 

"Can't promise. But I'll try." Sarawat responded and placed one hand on Tine's one that was resting on his face, moving his head to put a kiss on Tine's palm.

"You're so stubborn." Tine rolled his eyes, but kept smiling, being returned with a mischievous smirk. 

They kept like this for a while before Tine slowly walked away, looking at Sarawat from head to feet. "You're soaked." 

"That's what I told when you practically jumped on me." Sarawat teased. 

Tine only rolled his eyes and left the room without saying a word, leaving a very confused Sarawat standing there, drops of water running through his hair, skin and clothes, making their way to the floor. He was so distracted with talking with Tine and feeling his skin on his that he didn't even remembered how wet he was, as well as cold, then he felt himself shiver.

It looked like Tine remembered about his situation before himself did, because when the guy entered the room again, he was holding a big towel. 

"Come here, Wat." He said, approaching the boy. "You're probably freezing." 

The younger began to gently pass the towel over Sarawat's body, drying the excess water off his skin. Then he moved the soft fabric across Sarawat's face, and not missing the opportunity to tease his boyfriend, he started rubbing the towel lightly over his face but for longer than necessary, eliciting laughter from the man in front of him.

"Ei Tine! Stop it!" Sarawat said, voice shaking with giggle and muffled by the cloth covering his mouth.

Tine moved the towel a little bit so he could free Sarawat's eyes, but kept rubbing the towel on the rest of his face. "What? I'm not doing nothing but help you, Wat. I don't know what you're talking about." He said, faking a innocent face and trying to hide a bunny teeth smile.

"Such a nuisance in my life, for real." Sarawat said and laughed when Tine rubbed the towel on his face again for the last time, causing Tine to join him, their happy laughter mixing and filling their little home. 

 Pulling the towel back just to open it and put it around Sarawat's shoulders, Tine started speaking. "You need to take a hot shower."

"Hmm." He grunted, closing his eyes as he felt the Tine's arm wrap him around together with the towel.

"None of this. C'mon Wat, you'll catch a cold if you don’t warm up soon." Tine said like he was talking to a little kid, affection in his voice.

"Ok, mom." Sarawat opened one eye to look at Tine, teasing him as always.

"Saraleo, don't test my patience. Take off your shoes." 

He did what was asked and when he finished, Tine started pushing him slightly towards the bathroom. "You can put the wet clothes in the corner, we can dry them later. Now, shower. I'll get your clothes and a dry towel." Tine said standing at the doorframe, watching Sarawat get rid of his wet clothes.

When he turned to go to the bedroom, he heard a low voice behind him. 


"Yes?" He turned again to look at him.

"Thank you." Sarawat simply said, smirking. Tine shaked his head and smiled back, making his way to the bedroom again.

After picking up some comfortable clothes he silently entered the bedroom again, seeing Sarawat under the jet of water. He placed the clothes and towel in the sink and sat on the closed lid of the toilet, feeling satisfied seeing the other boy warming up. 

As if he felt Tine's presence in the room, Sarawat turned to look at Tine, who looked back with a satisfied face. 

"Mind joining me?" Sarawat asked, no hint of tease or second intention in his voice; it was a genuine question, on his face only a innocent and gentle expression. 

"I didn't bring clothes to me." 

"You can dry off here and change in the bedroom. Please?" 

Tine smiled, knowing he had give in since the first second. "Okay." 

After removing his clothes und putting them on the basket, he felt cold from the lack of something covering his body, but at the same time warmed by Sarawat's intense gaze at him; a look full of adoration instead of malice.

"Hi." Tine said as he entered the shower area, facing Sarawat and already feeling drops of hot water running down his body.

"Hi love." Sarawat said back, then wrapped his arms around Tine's neck and leaned, touching his forehead on Tine's. "You're so beautiful." He murmured. "Every part of your body looks like art." 

A year together and Tine still didn’t know how to prevent the faint shade of pink from spreading across his cheeks when receiving these kinds of compliments. But if there's one thing that has changed in that year, it's that instead of pushing Sarawat aside when he praised him, Tine finally had the courage to answer what was going through his head.

"You're beautiful too, Wat. So much." Tine whispered and hugged Sarawat's waist, making every part of their bodies touch. 

Both boys had silly smiles on their face, and when Tine leaned to press their lips together, the smiles didn't faded away. The kiss was simple, slowly, love showing through every movement. Everytime their soft lips touched, it was like a I care about you was said. When they bit each others upper lip, a you mean everything to me was silent spoke. When their tongues slid together, caressing the other, the unspoken words were thank you for being by my side. When the kiss finished with they pecking each others lips, both men could feel I love you irradiating through every fiber of their bodies. 

As they moved away, they started to take a real bath, both helping each other. Sarawat gently scrubbing Tine's back, something both of them loved; Tine washing Sarawat's hair, taking the opportunity to massage his scalp, making the boy groan in pleasure like always.

Tine loved theses moments. Moments of intimacy beyond sex. Of course he loved the moments with Sarawat in bed, but if he had to be very sincere, he loved the same simple moments like these, when they both took care of each other, without any shame of being naked in front of each other, both showing nothing but comfort in their presence. He loved the tie that he and Sarawat created, a tie that they only had with each other, making it possible to share moments and actions that they wouldn't have the courage and desire to share with anyone else. In each other's company they could be totally transparent, both body and soul; there wasn't space for shame or fear, only comfort and reassurances, and that's why they were each other's safe havens.

Being there, feeling warm but no because of the hot water or the vapor around them, but because of their embraces, arms around each other, foreheads resting on the other's shoulder, skins pressed together and releasing an electric current of feelings from their pores, both men felt a feeling; the feeling of being so connected to the other that they seemed to be merging, as if their love completed each other and made them turn only one.

After the bath was over, they both started to dry off, and after Sarawat put on his clothes, he approached Tine, which was starting to put the towel on his waist, and took the cloth from his hands before he completed the action.

"What are you doing?" Tine asked confused. 

"Taking care of the man I love." Sarawat said and didn't even tried to hide a smile seeing Tine smiling shyly. 

Sarawat started to dry Tine's hair, running the towel lightly through his strands, caressing  his scalp in the process. Tine was looking extremely satisfied, closed eyes and peaceful expression, corners of lips slightly raised, and Sarawat thought that he looked like a little cat that would start to purr at any moment.

When the strands were all dry, Sarawat  lowered the towel over Tine's face and rubbed it lightly for a second, just like he did earlier.

"Saraleo!" Tine tried to disengage, disbelief mixing with fun in his voice.

"What? What did you even said earlier when you did this to me? Oh, it was I'm not doing anything but help you." Sarawat said ironically.

"You hate me so much, just admit it." Tine said, laughing with fake sarcasm. 

"I'm sorry to tell you that but you're actually wrong. I love you." 

Tine started to smile and turned, putting his hands on his cheeks, trying to hide his flushed face. "I love you too, your cheesy man." 

Smiling ear to ear, Sarawat approached the boy in front of him and hugged his back, pressing a soft kiss in the silky skin of Tine's neck. 

"What are you doing?" 

"Warming you up. I don't know if you forgot but you're still naked." Sarawat said and started to move, making Tine walk too, arms tightly wrapped around his body, pressing kisses on Tine's shoulder, neck and cheek all the way to their bathroom, the room being filled with Tine's snickers.

Minutes later, after wearing comfortable clothes, one of the pieces being a Sarawat's oversized sweatshirt - which made him smile proudly - Tine was comfortable lying in bed with his partner. 

At the time it was already night, so the room was dark, being illuminated only by the fairy lights that decor their bedroom. Both boys were lying comfortably, legs intertwined and arms around each other, their body heat comfortably embracing each other.

 Sarawat was lying with his head on Tine's chest, gently stroking his waist, while Tine was caressing his boyfriend soft hair, both breathing quietly. 

 There was a silence comfort between them, but a moment later it was interrupted by Sarawat. "Tine?" He murmured slyly, voice choked by the sweatshirt Tine was wearing, eyes still closed with pleasure from Tine's fingers stroking his hair.

"Hum?" Tine murmured back, opening his eyes to look at Sarawat. 

"Thank you for worrying and taking care of me." 

Tine let out a small and short laugh, moving to press a kiss on Sarawat's forehead. "Always." He whispered. 

 With that Sarawat smiled and nestled closer to Tine, sinking his head in the crook of his neck, placing a loving kiss there, silence filling the room again. 

A moment later, the silence of the room was interrupted by the sound of rain falling again, which made Tine look at the window. In the distance he could see that the spectacle of lightning and thunder reappeared, from time to time illuminating the pitch that was the sky, and even with the noise of the thunders he smiled instead of being scared, because now Sarawat was there with him, ready to protect him. But better than that, as the storm started to get stronger, Tine didn't minded, because at that moment his lover wasn't out there, vulnerable to the incredible show of nature; he was there, lying in Tine's arms, safe. He closed his eyes, and in a few seconds the noises outside seemed to distance, the only noise he could hear clearly was Sarawat's slight breathing. He smiled again, hugging his beloved tighter, feeling at peace. The storm outside wasn't a problem anymore because they were now safe in each other's arms. Everything was fine.