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But Who Saves You?

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Shouta felt his heart lurch, feeling as if it was going to jump out of his throat. He didn’t even bother hiding the tremble in his hands, gripping the door frame so hard that it cracked and splintered, slivers imbedding themselves into the flesh of his palms. Hizashi and Recovery Girl weren’t faring any better, faces cloudy and eyes dark and deadly. Hizashi was holding himself in a way that sent shivers down Shouta’s spine. His jaw and shoulders tense, hands twitching incessantly like they do when he is throwing everything he is into holding back his quirk. Recovery Girl was standing by the hospital bed, hands gripping onto her cane tightly, one eye trained to the boy writhing in pain, and the other trained on the man responsible, crouched away in the corner of the room, cowering and filled with what Shouta hoped was grief and guilt.


Not that it would help any. Not anymore. 


A scream of pain jolted Shouta out of his thoughts, eyes instantly snapping to the boy laying on the bed. He pried his hands off the doorframe, ignoring the sharp sting from the splinters buried deep into his skin, and all but ran to the bedside.


“D-Dad…” Izuku cried, hands gripping onto the bed rails tightly, sharp spasms of electricity dancing across his fingers and the rails bent and bent and bent. “ hurts…” 


“I know, kiddo.” Shouta said, ignoring the waver in his voice, hands gently prying one of Izuku’s hands away from the rail, not even flinching when the iron grip clamped down on his fingers, sending a shock of pain up his arm. This was nothing compared to what the boy ( he is just a damned kid. His kid. ) is going through. 


Shouta’s eyes trailed across the inky black lines trailing across the boy’s skin, spider webbing up and down his body like veins, rhythmically sparking a bright verdant green as Izuku continued to lose the carefully constructed control.


“Quirk cuffs don’t work, neither do injections.” Recovery Girl said grimly, and Shouta would’ve screamed if he didn’t know that the detached tone in her voice was her way of coping. Her way of compartmentalizing between her work and watching the kid the staff is so, so fond of, screaming and writhing in pain on the hospital bed, quirk eating away at everything he ever was. “We called some doctors in, and they’re bringing the serum taken from those bullets.”


“They’ll be here soon, kiddo, just hang in there.” Shouta said, gently running his free hand through his kid’s messy curls, pushing down every shred of grief as the boy leaned into the touch.


“What are you planning?” The man in the corner demanded, and Shouta quickly flashed his quirk at Hizashi, perfect timing too if the full body flinch was anything to go by. Izuku whimpered in response to the voice, hand tightening around Shouta’s. He felt his bones creak in protest, but he made no effort to let go.


“What right do you think you have, asking that question?” Hizashi growled out, and Shouta never felt more grateful in his life for the man. He wouldn’t have been able to answer, attention back on his son, gently alternating between running his fingers through his curls and whipping away his tears. 


“Considering it’s my quirk and my mentee-”


It’s MY SON!” Shouta finally snapped, glaring at All Might with hatred and disgust and scorn and grief and pain and fear . “This is my son, All Might!”  


The room was silent. The only sound was Izuku’s cries, the boy still writhing around in his arms that made Shouta’s heart break and shatter.


Get out.” Shouta demanded, eyes still trained on All Might, voice filled with hatred and contempt. “Now.”




Get out goddammit!” Shouta yelled, the tight seal on his emotions pooping off, the jar tipping over and spilling, eyes filling with tears, something that hasn’t happened since the USJ when everything became too much


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hizashi usher All Might out of the room, the older man hardly putting up a fight, silence by seeing Shouta cry and the deadly glare from Hizashi.


“D-dad…?” Izuku cried gently, drawing Shouta’s attention back to him. Izuku’s eyes were glassy, darting around every which way. Shouta knew that the boy was starting to get delirious, and continued to run his hand through his boy’s hair to selfishly keep him grounded longer. 


“I’m right here, Izuku. I’m not going anywhere.” Shouta said gently, heart continued to twist and clench with every cry of pain his son let out. The black veins continued to creep slowly up his arms, flashing in time with what Shouta realized to be Izuku’s heartbeat. His stomach lurched at the realization, and as much as he wanted to cry and scream and feel , he knew Izuku needed his calm reassurance and presence. 


“I’m going to go wait for the doctors. Have Hizashi yell for me if anything changes.” Recovery Girl said, before turning to leave the room. Shouta could hear Hizashi mutter something to Recovery Girl, but didn’t bother trying to figure it out, still laser focused on his son.


“I-i’m sorry…” Izuku cried, grip tightening hard , hard enough that Shouta swore he felt something break.


“What for, green bean?” Shouta asked gently, unwittingly using the nickname he had for when Izuku was little ( he still is-) , and he would come home with tears in his eyes, knees scuffed up and stinging.


“T-t-taking...t-the...q-quirk…” Izuku stuttered out, his voice choked up from pain and from crying. Shouta felt more tears run down his face, dripping gently onto the soft blue blanket below.


Oh, green bean… ” Shouta said softly, breath hitching in his chest. “ None of this is your fault, okay kiddo? It never has been and never will be, got it?”


Izuku tried to speak, only for his voice to be cut off by a scream of pain as his eyes glowed green and the inky blackness started eating away at his fingers. 


He was about to yell for Hizashi when the man cut in, resting a firm hand on his shoulder. “Doctors are here, Recovery Girl is bringing them up.”


Shouta nodded in response, internally thanking every deity out there for his best friend, who took a few steps away, far enough for privacy but close enough to drag Shouta out if the need arises.


“Okay, kiddo, here’s what’s going to happen,” Shouta started, hand gently resting on his son’s check. “Some nice doctors are going to come in here to fix you right up, okay?” Shouta said, heart breaking impossibly further as his son’s eyes filled with even more fear. “Everything is going to be fine, okay my little hero? And then, after you’re all healed up, I was thinking about going to that park you really like, the one with the weird hot dog stand? How’s that sound?”


Izuku nodded his head in response, tears spilling full force across his cheeks, and Shouta leaned down to press a kiss against his son’s forehead.


“I love you , so much .” Shouta said gently, fully letting go of his emotions and letting the tears stream down his face. “Everything's going to be okay, alright?”


“Shouta.” Hizashi said, and the man in question could hear the urgency in his voice, and couldn’t hold back the tremor. “The doctors are here.”


This is it. 


“D-dad...d-d-don’t…” His son cried out, his pain filled, delirious mind still forming connections, and Shouta realized that Hizashi will actually have to drag him out of here.


“Come on.” Hizashi said gently, wrapping his arms around Shouta’s waist before gently pulling him away. The rational part of Shouta’s mind thanked Hizashi, but the other part, the part writhing around in pain and grief and despair, wanted to lash out and scream, to fight against the man’s hold as he pulled him away from his son , as the doctors ran in, and surrounded the bed.


“N-no...d-dad!” Izuku cried out, and Shouta felt every last ounce of willpower burnout and his grief filled mind finally took over.


“No no no no , Hizashi let me go!” Shouta cried, lashing against his best friend's hold, yet to no avail. Hizashi always was stronger than him. 


“No, we have to go.” Hizashi said, and if Shouta were in the right space of mind he would register the grief flooding Hizashi’s voice, yet the only thing he could focus on was Izuku.


No no Hizashi that’s my boy that’s my son my baby let me go-” Shouta yelled, trashing and trashing, which did nothing more than cause Hizashi to hold on tighter and tighter, as if he was the only thing keeping Shouta from falling apart.


Shouta watched through the windows as Hizashi dragged him out into the hallway, listening to Izuku scream and cry and beg


Shouta watched as one of the doctors pulled out a syringe, the others holding Izuku down as he trashed in pain, as if his quirk realized that this was it. This was the end. 


Shouta watched as the doctor stuck the needle through his son’s arm, heart and soul cracking and screaming and hurting and crying and oh that’s him Shouta’s crying Shouta’s screaming Shouta’s in pain-


Shouta watched as his son ( hissonhisbabyhisboy-) screamed and thrashed in pain, the inky black veins flickering between black and green and red and black and green and-


Shouta watched as his son continued to cry and scream, eyes meeting his own through the window. 


Shouta watched as Izuku’s hand reached towards him ever-so-slightly, shaking and trembling and flashing, before limply falling back down.

And then everything stopped. The cacophony of sound was replaced with one sole piercing, screeching siren. 


Shouta was glad that Hizashi was still holding onto him as his legs dropped beneath him, heart racing and pounding and head spinning as the defibrillator whirled to life.


Shouta was glad that Hizashi was holding him as 

             ever y th in g

                                       f ad  e d

                                                         t o

                                                                          bl a  c k