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I Threw Glass At My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm On Probation (Wilbur Soot/Tommyinnit)

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“Thank you, Quackity, for the 14.5k raid! Pogchamps in the chat! Thank you big Q.” Tommy smiled at the camera as a zombie knocked him off the L’manberg walls.

“FUCK,” he screamed when he hit the ground.

“TOMMY!” you could hear motherinnit scream from downstairs. “SORRY MOTHER! Yeah I have company guys so…” he made his fake “scared” face into the camera.

He closed minecraft and put his arms above his head, leaning back a little, “Well, that’ll be all for today, guys! It was lovely having you. No it wasn’t. STOP BARKING, PLEASE STOP- ok we’re going to put a word block on the word bark, mods get on that. Ok well, lets go and raid good ol’ Tubbo! Goodnight guys!”


“Oh, Thanks for the 49.6k raid! Wow guys!! Welcome, welcome…”

Tommy smiled at the computer as he opened his door and went downstairs. “Mother, we have company? I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

He felt hands on his shoulders, as a familiar wisp of brown hair was seen out of the corner of his eye. “Little Gremlin Child,” He heard Wilbur smile.

Tommy turned around and looked up at the tall man. “WILBUR?” He screamed, barging in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around the tall man’s midriff as Wilbur tried to shake him off.

“Okayyy Tommy- oh- okay haha.” He had a hot coffee in hand, using his free left hand to put a wedge between Tommy’s arms and his body. “C’mon, motherinnit said it’s ok for me to take you out around town.”

Tommy turned around to his mother, she smiled and nodded. “Oh my god, thank you!” he ran and gave her a hug.

Tommy rushed to put his shoes on and Wilbur set the coffee down on the table. ‘If you don’t mind, can I just use your restroom?” he asked Tommy’s mother, and she took him down the hallway to the restroom. “Thanks,” He smiled and locked the door behind him.


Tommy sat in the mudroom of his house, with his shoes on, waiting for Wilbur to finish up. His elbows on his knees, face resting on his hands, he stared at the wall. His mother walked up behind her. “Listen, Tommy, you need to calm down. Did you even take your pill-”

“SHIT,” he yelled, darting up and running to the bathroom. He left all his medications out on the vanity in the bathroom. He wasn’t expecting anyone to come over, let alone be in the bathroom.


Wilbur’s eyes laid on the medication bottles and pop-out pills on the vanity. He picked one up, reading the label.


“Thomas Simons,





There were more scattered about, ADD, depression, anxiety, and he looked at each one with thoughts racing in his head.

“WILBURR? HEY BIG MAN? HEY DON’T LOOK ON THE VANITY, PLEASE?” He banged on the door, shaking on the handle. “IF YOU DON’T MIND OPENING UP IF YOU’RE DECENT… PLEASE, WILBUR?” he could hear the breakage in the boy’s voice, the scared child banging on the door wasn’t the child he was used to.

“Uh yeah, SURE, Tommy. Sure.” He placed the bottle he was holding back down, unlocking the door, and he met with the face of a panicking child. A child who couldn’t get into the room fast enough.

Tommy shoved past Wilbur and scooped up all the pills. “You didn’t, like, read any of them, did you?”

Wilbur looked down at his feet. 

Tommy’s heart sunk, the pills slipping, but he didn’t care. “How many?”

“Uhm, just,” he took one of the bottles from Tomy’s arms. “This one? For… Fluoxetine?” Tommy reached out and grabbed it back. “Yeah haha, well… I’ll leave you to do whatever you need to do.” He started walking out, on the verge of tears.

Wilbur reached out and grabbed the boy by the collar. He pulled him into a hug and closed his eyes. Slowly he felt tears fall onto his hands from the young boy’s face. “It’s ok, Tommy. Shh… It’s ok. You know I’m always here. You can cry, it’s ok.”

Tommy let himself out of Wilbur’s grasp, wiping away the tears from his face. “Yeah, yeah, sorry big man. If you’re still up for it, wanna go out?” Wilbur smiled. “I’m always up for it. Uhm, can you maybe…?”

“Oh shit, yeah, sorry…” He walked out and closed the door behind him. As he heard the click of the lock behind him he smiled a little while still wiping the tears from his face.


Wilbur looked up at himself in the mirror. He was blushing, violently red. “Shit, why did I do that.” He splashed cold water onto his face, looking at the sink as he thought about Tommy, Tommy crying in his arms, Tommy holding his pills, Tommy.

He was more than ecstatic when MotherInnit said he could come over for the month as often as wanted. He was sure she was just being polite, but still decided to take advantage of the free reign he had over Tommy’s attention. 

After a college friend overheard that he wanted to get away from the area where he lived and go a little more out, he offered his place since he would be on vacation anyways. Wilbur accepted, knowing that this location was close to Tommy’s house. Close enough for Tommy to walk to his place, day and night. Close enough for Wilbur to just show up randomly without the need for an excuse such as “I was in the neighborhood.” again.

He planned to fly in all his minecraft friends if they weren’t in the UK, and also called up his UK minecraft friends. After his college friend gave him the okay to throw parties (as long as he cleaned up), he decided to throw parties every other day, and everyone was welcome.

Even Toby and Tommy.

Just, he’d have to be a little careful around Tommy.


“Did you pass out on the toilet or something, president?” Tommy knocked on the door. Wilbur jumped, forgetting he was in Tommy’s bathroom.

“C-Coming!” he yelled, turning on the water to “wash his hands”, before drying them and stepping out. “Sorry about that kid, I have a bit of a headache.” Tommy’s brow furrowed, worried for him. “Sure you wanna go out?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” He said as he put his shoes on. “Your mother said you’re good to go?” Tommy nodded as he followed Wilbur out the door.

Wilbur played with the yo-yo Tommy got last time they hung out. “You still have that thing?” Tommy asked Wilbur, who was staring at the spinning colors as it went up and down.”

“Yep. I usually keep it in my coat pocket, honestly it reminds me of you and that makes me happy.” Wilbur didn’t take his eyes off of the colors swirling around on it. 

Tommy smiled at the ground. Sometimes, little things like that made him blush, and this was one of those times.

“OI, Tommy!” he heard his friend yell from across the street. The kid smiled and waved his hands above his head so Tommy could see him. “Wanna hang out?”

Wilbur turned his eyes up to see who was interrupting their time together. It was a little less than convenient that the little distraction came now. He looked about Tommy’s age with curly black hair and darker skin. Wilbur leaned over to Tommy, “Who is that kid?”

“Oh, yeah he’s just my friend. Hey, Adan!”

Adan crossed the street to join the tall man and his child accessory. “Got yourself a buddy here, bro?” He pointed to Wilbur. Wilbur just frowned.

Tommy nervously laughed. “Yeah, yeah. Remember Wilbur Soot? This is him.” Adan looked up at the tall man, who was taking an unusually large chug of his warm coffee while eyeing him. “Ah, yes. Hi Mr. Soot.” He reached out to shake his hand. “Tommy talks about you a lot.” Tommy blushed. “Don’t- don’t go about saying that Adan.” He shook his head a little bit while nervously looking at all of their shoes.

“No, No. Go on.. Adain?” Wilbur shook his hand with a slight smile. He was ready to embarrass Tommy as much as humanly possible.

“It’s Adan. And uhm yeah. He’s always saying “big man said this” and “the president wouldn’t approve of this,” assuming he meant you as president.” Wilbur tried to hide his smile and pursed his lip together. “That’s all?”

“Not really, haha…”

“Please continue, Adan.” Wilbur gestured. Tommy furrowed his brow and stared at Adan.

“Well he also-”

“No, no. That’s all for today, Adan, thank you very much.” Tommy cut him off, placing a hand over the guy’s mouth. “We don’t need to hear anymore.”

Wilbur laughed and put an arm around Adan. “Hey, this guy’s cool.” Adan nervously smiled and nodded his head slightly. “Ha, yeah. Well, listen Tommy, everyone is in the park and we were wondering if you wanted to hang but I see you have Wilbur here, so…”
“Woah woah woah, Tommy. Here I was, thinking my vice president had a friend and I was so proud of him. But a group of friends? Now, I must meet them!” Wilbur crossed the street to go into the park, leaving Adan and Tommy alone on the side of the road. “We should probably-”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re right, let’s go before he scares them.”