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I Threw Glass At My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm On Probation (Wilbur Soot/Tommyinnit)

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The hallway seemed to long as he made his way down it, lost in his own thoughts. It wasn’t like Wilbur to shy away from helping the boy. Then again, it wasn’t like Tommy to just cry so openly. 

Finally his footsteps came to a stop right before the archway of the living room. The soft crying quieted once Dream stepped on a creaky floorboard. He cursed himself out mentally before taking a deep breath.

“W-wilbur?” a soft voice questioned. Dream rounded the corner as he stood in the doorway. “Not this time, kid. It’s Dream.”

“Oh.” Tommy shifted on the couch. A silence hung in the air, one neither of them knew how to disrupt. Dream fidgeted with his hoodie string as he leaned against the wall, not sure where to rest his eyes. “Can I… sit?” He finally asked.

With a sigh the boy moved over to make space for the older. He mumbled a thanks before sitting down next to him. “So…”


“What happened?”

“Nothing happened , Dream. I just…” He scoffed at himself. Dream leaned forward to look at Tommy better. “You just what?”

“Have you ever had a secret you can’t tell?”


Wilbur and Sapnap sat chatting, their light conversation interrupted by Wilbur’s occasional sip of his drink. The mood of the room was a confusing mix between worry and hospitality. The muffled conversation of the two next door did help in releasing the tension, but once Dream held his breath they all knew something was wrong.

“Sapnap?” Asked George. “Can I see you for a second?” Sapnap gave the boy a puzzled look. “Now, Sapnap.”

He looked at Wilbur worried before standing up and joining the other.

The two made their way down, stopping right at a turn before the stairs. “Something’s not right.” George leaned on the railing.

“I dunno. Everyone seems fine to me.” The man ran his hands over the smooth fabric of his basketball shorts. “Tommy’s off, Wilbur’s drinking and won’t even talk to the kid, and Dream’s been…”

“Your boyfriend’s fine, Gogy. Just tired.”

“I’m not even as tired as him, and I’m from a completely different time zone.” The two couldn’t make eye contact. Lost in their thoughts, racking their minds for what could possibly have happened. Suddenly Sapnap started looking for his phone. Quickly he scrolled through his camera roll in search of the video from that night. All George could do was ignore him as he thought of something else up.

“Look.” Sapnap shoved the phone in the other’s face. “This video. This has so much in it. We were all so drunk we brushed it off.” George took the device from his hands and pressed play.


“Schlatt, Dave, Alex, excuse us.” Dream had said to the group of people surrounding the man.

“Woah, we’re pulling out the real names now, are we? Ok, Clay, if you want to talk we can talk right here.” The other voice was defensive, trying to get the other to back down

“Ok William Gold, tell me what fucking happened upstairs. Stop dancing around the problem.”

“I already told you we were just talking.”

“Like you were “Just talking” with Niki?” Dream shot.

Niki could be heard on the left side of the screen, almost cut off entirely, tapping George on the shoulder. “George, what’s happening over there?”

Soon a crowd formed around the two of them.

“That is none of your business.”

“I think it is, Wil. You’re affecting everyone here. Stop dragging these people into your fucked up ways. And leave the CHILD out of it.”

The video continued, shaky as Sapnap’s drunk hand had struggled to hold up the camera. All the two of them could do was stare at it in shock. How’d they miss all of this? Why weren’t any red flags raised at the time? Did nobody care? Or were they just too drunk out of their minds to remember it?

“Something’s wrong.” Sapnap said out loud what they were all thinking.


“I- well, I uhm…” Dream tried to carefully plan out what to say. If he said no, would Tommy give him the secret, or would he not trust him? Alternatively, if he said yes, would that make Tommy clam up and not spill? Because if Dream wouldn’t tell his secret then Tommy wouldn’t either. He’d just be enforcing the fact that it’s a secret; something to not be told ever.

Tommy put his face in his hands. “Forget it.” He took too long to answer.


“Sorry, I was just thinking.” He drew in a breath. “Yes, I have Tommy.”

“What was it?”

Dream’s head was spinning. There were so many things, so many. But one thing he kept locked up forever. Yet, if he spilled it, would Tommy not trust him with his secret? He answered quicker this time, “You know, you can tell me anyth-”

“Shut up. I asked you what it was, not some bullshit “you-can-always-talk-to-me” speech.”

“Fair enough. What if I tell you a personal secret I’ve never told anybody.” Tommy positioned himself to look at Dream better. “Well, you see, I cheated on my speedruns.”


“No you idiot, I was just kidding-”

Tommy half stood up and cupped his hands around his mouth like a megaphone. “DREAM’S A CHEATER! EVERYONE, DREAM’S A CHEATER!”

“Tommy, shut up!” He grabbed the boy’s arm and pulled him back down to sit. Tommy’s eyes flashed with a bit of fear, and Dream caught onto the tail end of it before it left. The boy pulled his arm away and fell back down. That explained quite a lot, yet opened so many more questions.

“Tommy, can you just come upstairs with me for a second?”
“Oh no, I’m not falling for that again.” Tommy started to back up on the couch, the opposite direction of Dream. “I’m not going back up there.”

“What? Falling for what?” The older stood and tried to get closer to the boy.

Tommy backed himself into the corner of the couch.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Him and Wilbur are the same. They’re the same. I thought I could trust him but I can’t.

“TOMMY.” Dream screamed. The blonde boy looked up at the other, still scared.

“It’s ok. You’re safe with me.”


The video ended. Sapnap and George made their way back over to Wilbur, silent, no more smiles.

“Hey, everything alright?” Wilbur asked. He could hear the faint audio from the phone, but wasn’t exactly sure what it was. Still, his guard was up.

George looked at Sapnap with dull eyes before sitting back down in his chair carelessly. It squeaked across the floor and he put his hands back on his temples. Still his headache persisted, and the stupid situation they were in now didn’t help any.

“Yeah,” The younger started, eyes never leaving George. “Yeah. Everything’s fine. He was just showing mea video of a deleted scene of the newest video.”

“Oh! Can I see?” He knew they were bluffing. He could recognize Tommy’s voice, and knew for a fact they weren’t filming a new video together.

George shifted in his seat. The stern look back at Sapnap told him he wouldn’t be speaking to Wilbur for the rest of their stay unless spoken to directly. “Uh… No, you can’t, because it’s confidential. Dream doesn’t want anyone else to see it. That’s just how he is.” Wilbur stood up from the chair and started to make his way over to Sapnap. “Huh, really? Because Dream’s showed me unreleased clips before.”

“Well I’m his oldest friend, I would know.” Sapnap snapped. Wilbur’s eyebrows raised and he put his hands up. “Alright, alright. I was just messing with you. No need to get all snippy.” He continued past him and made his way to the sink, where he put down his empty cup. “You think Dream will finish it?” His finger pointed to the still almost full gin and tonic where dream was sitting.

“Nah. Probably won’t.”

“Hm, typical. Never finishes what he started...”

George rolled his eyes, opening his mouth to start something before quickly catching himself. He knew Sapnap saw but that didn’t matter. Wilbur mumbled a string of curses under his breath as he cleaned the dishes.

Suddenly there was a scream from the next room over. “TOMMY!” was all they could hear. Wilbur immediately dropped all the dishes to turn to the sound. “What’s happening?” He worried.

The other two looked at each other. Dream wouldn’t just raise his voice like that. And maybe they were wrong about Wilbur. He clearly cared for the boy, despite what he said in the video. But why wouldn’t he talk to him then?

When they stopped looking at each other and telepathically communicated they realized Wilbur was already gone.

“Maybe we were wrong about him.” Sapnap shrugged

“No. We’re right.” He leaned on the counter and closed his eyes again. His crossed arms tightened. “Something’s wrong.”