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pick your poison [loverboy]

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“Gguk, why are you not playing tonight?”


Jungkook sipped from his plastic cup when Hoseok jumped on his back. Judging by the cape that blinded both of them when Hoseok executed his familiar move he must have gone all out for their annual Halloween party.


“I just came from practice, Seokie,” Jungkook mumbled into his beer and took a good look at his friend. Seokjin went all out this year, making Hoseok look like a cheap version of Dracula – but gayer and with more glitter than needed.


It dripped from his frilly shirt down onto the carpet, pooling into a patch of colours and making a huge mess, probably staining the carpet as well.


Jungkook knew it won't be long till Yoongi will stalk in and start complaining and cursing under his breath. Hoseok and his costumes have haunted Yoongi for years already, but Yoongi will always be the first one to grab a vacuum cleaner and a broom and start cleaning up the mess in the middle of drunk people, maybe even hit them with his broom, and pray the pool of glitter will vanish magically without leaving a strange stain behind.


“Jimin said you were done hours ago,” Hoseok raised an eyebrow and knowingly nodded his head, ”was it your loverboy again?” 


The loverboy Hoseok had in his mind was Jungkook’s new obsession. 


His loverboy.


Jungkook wasn’t a creepy white man so his little obsession over the man (read as a huge crush) has been only perceived as something utmost cute and heavily adorable. Jungkook would deeply flush from the tip of his nose to the slight swell of his cheeks when someone mentioned him in the conversation or when someone asked him where he was going if they were supposed to meet for a coffee. He found it hard not to give any reaction. The moment someone would mention his crush Jungkook would only see the vision of the man working behind a counter, grinding coffee and attending to people with the sweetest smile plastered on his beautiful face.


“No, it wasn’t my lover boy,” Jungkook mimicked Hoseok’s voice and dropped his cup into a trash can, ”he is busy today and he isn't my loverboy,” he glared at Hoseok, "at least not yet."


“I was wondering why you look so down tonight,” Hoseok snickered.


Jungkook was used to his friends picking on him for liking someone. From the moment he uttered a few words about the man he hasn’t found peace between his friends. He knew deep down they would make fun of him every second of his day for being so interested in a person after years of minding his own business, and only being more in love with his guitar than any other being around him but he knew they were only looking after him. 


It started simply. 


A new café opened nearby their apartment and Jungkook couldn't help himself and ventured into the cosy space, ordering hot chocolate to take with himself to his lecture. He was playing with his phone mindlessly until a voice interrupted him, deep and so attractive to his ears. It was when Jungkook locked his eyes with the owner of the voice and felt his heart do a little flip in his chest that he registered a person he has never seen before in the neighbourhood holding his chocolate and looking at him with a small smile on his lips.


Jungkook slightly flushed when he took his beverage from the man's hands and muttered a small "Thank you" before walking out of the shop with his head down. 


Thinking back at their first encounter it must have looked a bit comical because Jungkook looked like he walked out of Nirvana's music video - long strands of hair falling into his flushed face since he forgot to tie his hair up. The shirt he threw on in the morning over his tank top slipping down his arm and showing a patch of his tattooed shoulder. His combat boots weren't tied so he almost tripped on his way out of the café and his guitar hanging on a strap across his back seemed a bit heavier today, as well. 


Jungkook felt like his first impression on the man wasn't the greatest and he swore to never go back again unless he absolutely needed to. 


(He eventually, after a couple of days, broke the promise and went back to see if the barista would be still there. Which he was. And Jungkook swore to himself to go back as much as he can.)


Hoseok was the first one to wiggle his eyebrows when Jungkook mentioned a new café in the neighbourhood with a lovely barista behind the counter.


Jimin was the second one Jungkook told him about the barista who looked like the moon when smiling. But he was also the first one to see him out of his friend group. Jungkook was going through profiles on a new dating app he installed because he was bored and found the barista who made his heart flip. He didn’t know if it was clever to swipe right but as soon as Jimin saw his hesitation he leaned over and swiped right before Jungkook could protest and sealed his faith. 


It was a slight moment of pure anxiety but Jungkook calmed himself down with the knowledge the man wouldn’t be interested in him back after he embarrassed himself.


Oh boy, was he wrong.


“I’m not down, Seokie, he is just busy tonight,” Jungkook grumbled and checked his phone if he didn’t receive any new messages.


“Yeah, sure,” Hoseok laughed and plastered himself across Jungkook’s back, “I can clearly see the tiny pout on your face.”


Hoseok's habit of sticking to Jungkook like glue wasn't a problem until he had to leave their apartment for the first time in a while to meet up with his favourite barista for their first date.


Their first date was set to be at the café the man worked at since he had to close it, which was perfect for Jungkook but he had to make a plan to sneak out of his bedroom without making too much noise. He felt a bit silly tiptoeing to their front door to grab his shoes but he knew if Hoseok managed to catch him leaving he would insist on driving him to the café, even if it was a fifteen-minute walk, and probably talking to Jungkook's barista before Jungkook could properly introduce himself, better dressed and more prepared for their encounter than the first time he saw him. 


Jimin suggested to bring his motorbike along to make an impression on the lovely barista but Jungkook’s hands were too clammy and his mind too chaotic to even think about going on his bike in the summer heat and driving to the shop unharmed. He rather walked to the shop on his own, his jean jacket sticking to his back from the way Jungkook started to sweat through his t-shirt.


He had to take a deep breath before opening the front door and make sure his boots were actually tied for once.


Namjoon was amazing, to say the least. Jungkook couldn’t find more words to describe the man when Hoseok bugged him for more details about their date when he got home later in the evening. The only thing he could think about was the dimples that adored the man’s face and also the way he seemed so excited to learn about Jungkook’s hobbies. If Jungkook was in a reality TV show, he was sure he would pick Namjoon as his partner right away and only patiently wait for their wedding to be scheduled.


“He was supposed to come but something, unfortunately, came up,” Jungkook huffed out, slightly annoyed at the thing that breached itself into Namjoon’s schedule so suddenly that Namjoon had to cancel their little date night only a day ago.


“I’m sure he would love to be here, Kook,” Hoseok smiled and handed him another cup full of some cheap beer.


If Jungkook wanted to survive the tacky party until the end he would need more than one cup of the brown liquid with some leftover white foam at the top.


He found himself sitting on one of the sofas his friends pulled out of their garage when they were still preparing things and moving furniture around. Jungkook liked spending time with his friends from college but he couldn’t fight the little feeling of disappointment when his brain switched to Namjoon. He wanted to spend some time with him today. It didn’t have to be at this party as Jungkook wasn’t sure how his friends would behave if he brought him to the house, but he really wanted to spend some quality time with the man.


Namjoon was a hardworking individual, who was too kind for his own good. Jungkook might have been already biased but he was sure he could bring all the stars to Namjoon's doorstep if he wanted some. 


Jungkook was determined. 


He hated himself from growing hot whenever he landed his eyes on Namjoon but he couldn't help himself. The man was a walking dream and Jungkook never wanted to dream about anything else. He got giddy thinking about dating Namjoon when practising on his guitar. Just the thought made his stomach churn with butterflies. Jimin was interested in meeting Namjoon and wanted to meet him as soon as possible because he couldn’t piece together how Jungkook could meet Namjoon and start going on a dates with him right away, "I can't understand how you can score a hot thirty-year-old while I have to shoo away teenagers."


Jungkook had a hard time hiding his pleased expression but he couldn't understand it himself as well. Namjoon was so good. He was a perfection walking on earth. Namjoon was Namjoon.


Namjoon was Namjoon and Jungkook was Jungkook, and somehow it didn't make sense in Jungkook's head.


Looking around the room brought back some memories. Jungkook was focusing on each thing that laid there unmoving and let his mind roam through countless moments he spent in the room. Jungkook lived with his other set of friends for a year or so before he moved in with Hoseok and Jimin closer to his campus. Their weekends were mostly full of band practices and some bigger get-togethers filled with pizza and the same cheap beer Jungkook was holding in his hand. Fun times. 


Jungkook didn't have any bad memories tied with the place so sitting, and existing, in the room only made him remember the good times he had. All the fun and everything so good about living with a group of ten friends that helped him figure out his way through his late teenage years. He remembered how he got his first tattoo - sitting on the same couch and keeping his eyes closed in fear of Taehyung messing up the lines.


Maybe that was the reason why Jungkook felt a bit disappointed with Namjoon not coming with him, even when he knew Namjoon's other task was important and if he could, he would rather spend his time with Jungkook. There will always be other parties and get-togethers to attend and Jungkook felt like it was better for them, for him and Namjoon, to take things nice and slow and develop a hopeful relationship between them in a steady pace, rather than jumping headfirst without any care.


Their second and third date happened so quickly he couldn’t believe they have been slowly going out with each other for over five months already. Sometimes it was a little date after Namjoon would close the café, other time it was a date at the cinema with Jungkook attentively watching the movie while Namjoon dozed off on his shoulder. Jungkook was sure he had a huge crush on the man, an enormous one. Namjoon was better than Jungkook’s favourite guitar. He was even better than his beloved sleeve tattoos. Everything about him was better than the things Jungkook loved to the fullest.


It was a bit scary, developing feelings for a human, but it was also exciting at the same time. Jungkook nursed the already warmed up beer in his hand and contemplated if he should go and get some food. The party was only in its beginnings, and there were only people Jungkook already knew before so he couldn't engage in any new conversations. He eyed the band preparing their music equipment. They seemed okay, but he knew his boys would put up a better show.


No one could beat him and Jimin behind mics with their guitars, or Yoongi behind the drums with Hoseok playing on his keyboard. 


They were too powerful.


When someone yelled about food getting ordered, it took only a second for Jungkook to get up and jog to the kitchen happily. He would spend the whole party in the kitchen if he could, but Jimin was already eyeing him when he took the first bite of his pizza slice. There was no point in hiding because Jimin would find him hidden anywhere and drag him to dance, even if Jungkook would complain about it the whole time. Jimin enjoyed dancing and Jungkook with his friends were always victims of Jimin's high stamina. Jungkook would have to sneak his way out of the dancing crowd each time they went out and pray Jimin wouldn't notice him but it sometimes didn't work out, and he got pulled into the people again.


Jungkook already dreaded it.


The house was getting fuller, and Jungkook decided to stay in the kitchen and munch on his pizza slice. There wasn't anyone interesting coming today, so he stuck to his friends and talked with them about their upcoming plans with the band. Long forgotten were their assignments still sitting on their desks. 


The band playing in the living room was good, Jungkook had to acknowledge. Their songs were catchy, light tunes filling the rooms of the house, and didn't sound as bad as Jungkook initially thought. 


Looking around made Jungkook realise he was one of the few who didn't really dress up for the party. He did venture into his closet before leaving and pulled one of his favourite skirts out to accompany his distressed cropped shirt with Pennywise on it, but that was the most he decided to do in regards to costumes. Hoseok did whine about it because it seemed like he was the only one wearing something themed, but Jungkook only shrugged. He didn't have to dress up to look good. And it was too much fun watching Hoseok fuss around with his glittery cape and fake fangs.


"You could have been a vampire like me," he whined, but Jungkook only laughed at his misery.


Jungkook's combat boots made too much noise while he was walking but he didn't pay it any mind because the only thing people were staring at were his bare thighs adorned by garter belts with metal buckles. So even if Jungkook didn't really have a costume, he still got the attention. And he enjoyed it to the fullest. His tattoos were on full display, and for once, he didn't forget to bring a hair tie, so his loose hair got pulled back into two nice buns atop his head.


The other reason why people were staring at his legs so much was an enormous tattooed snake wrapped around the top of his thigh on his left leg. Its tail wrapped itself around the meat of Jungkook's thigh delicately. Jungkook got it done recently, it still looked fresh and the black shading around the scales brought up the image of the reptile so perfectly. There wasn't much thought put behind the piece but Jungkook felt more powerful having it on full display for everyone to see. It boosted his confidence through the roof.


The bold gothic letters spelling out "MISCHIEF" on his other thigh might have been another reason why people let their eyes wander down Jungkook's body, and stop at his thighs for a good minute. The tattoo was one of the first he got after Taehyung started to experiment with a tattoo gun. It was just a silly idea to get some lettering done, and it turned into a full thigh tattoo in a matter of an hour. Jimin was giggling the whole time Jungkook had to stay put and let Tae tattoo his leg since Hoseok swore to not look at the needle piercing Jungkook's skin. 


His tattoos were only the beginning of why people always stopped to stare at him. Jungkook knew what he was doing when he picked his black pleated skirt. It didn't even reach half past his thighs. It barely covered his ass as well so people kept turning around when Jungkook walked by with his pizza in hand. 


Jungkook was bored.


The music got too loud so he couldn't talk with any of his friends properly and the pizza got cold too soon. He still was a bit hungry because he didn't manage to pick up lunch in the afternoon but walking out of the house to get some food would take him some time he didn't want to spend outside. Jimin got lost in the middle of their banter with Hoseok and was nowhere to be found, as well.


This party sucked and Jungkook started to grow impatient.


He promised to stay for a couple of hours but the more he looked around and didn't recognize anyone the more he wanted to go home and curl up in his bed. Maybe think about Namjoon and hopefully have a dream about him, as well. His stomach still felt empty even if he downed half of a pizza. The cheap beer didn't taste good anymore and the buzz he started to feel in his head wasn't as exciting as he anticipated before stepping into the house. Everything sucked and Jungkook wanted to go home.


He started to play with the hem of his skirt, the fabric more interesting than the people surrounding him. The fabric was smooth to the touch and Jungkook genuinely got lost in his thoughts while playing with it. There wasn't anything exciting anymore and the thought of warm food in his hands interested him more and more each passing minute. He could go to the store and pick something small up, kill a good half an hour and return to the house to spend another hour here so he could go back to his warm bed and watch anime before sleeping.


Jungkook looked around but couldn't figure out where the rest of his friends were. Hoseok and Seokjin were in the corner of the room quietly whispering to each other and giggling. Jimin was probably somewhere with Taehyung and Jungkook didn't want to annoy the couple to join him on his mini adventure for snacks. Jungkook hoped Taehyung forgot his tattooing gun. If he got tipsy with Jimin, then there would be an impromptu tattoo parlour set right up in the middle of the living room. This is how Jungkook got half of his sleeve done. With Jimin urging Taehyung to take some shots to get into the party mood and then deciding it was a perfect time to get some tattoos. Who was Jungkook to say no to his dear friends?


The tattoos turned out great even if Taehyung was giggling through the whole process and Jungkook had to steady his hand a couple of times. They were some of his most fond memories. The tattoos were silly and didn't hold any specific meaning. But thinking back to the process and remembering how much fun they had when they still lived under one roof, brought immense happiness to him.


If Taehyung will pull out his tattoo gun tonight then Jungkook wouldn't be opposed to the idea of getting some more ink done.


His thighs could use some more artwork, to be honest.


The snake looked good but his other thigh has been pretty empty and Jungkook wouldn't mind more stares on him, to say the least. Maybe some flames around the lettering would be great, he thought to himself while observing his inked thigh. Some flames would be nice.


Loud music rushed through his eardrums when he pushed between people to get to the front door. It seemed like every person who has been invited already got there, some coming with their plus one or dragging their whole group of friends with them. Jungkook swiftly zigzagged through the small groups formed in the shared space, dodging any items that flew through the air. He didn't know what he would get back to but it already started to feel like he could actually enjoy his time here. It was only after 9 PM and more people would start to fill in the remaining rooms soon.


Jungkook had to hold his skirt down most of the way to the store because the wind picked up and tried to lift the thin fabric up. The streets were mostly empty as well, young people already out and partying and older couples in front of their TVs. Walking around the empty street gave Jungkook enough time to check his phone at least three times in hopes of Namjoon sending him a little text. He felt a bit clingy but he couldn't help himself. They were supposed to go on their sixth date and Jungkook felt like he could finally tell Namjoon he liked him. More than he liked his guitar. He felt ready to tell Namjoon and hope for the best.


He had high hopes the man liked him back as well. Even if it was just a tiny bit. Jungkook wouldn't lie to himself, Namjoon had to like him at least a little bit with the way he listened to his ranting about school or his band.  Namjoon made the effort in learning new things when Jungkook talked about his major. He was trying to make Jungkook feel better when he had a bad day. He also accompanied Jungkook to one of his tattoo appointments which was really sweet. Namjoon kept holding his hand even when Jungkook was protesting, blushing furiously while Taehyung tried his best not to laugh out loud and Jungkook's misery. 


It was really hard not liking Namjoon. The crush Jungkook developed so quickly grew past his head somewhere into the sky and there was no way Jungkook could go and catch it. He liked Namjoon. And he had to deal with it.


Picking up snacks was an easy task to do. He grabbed whatever came under his hands and paid the lovely lady behind the cash register. She asked him what he was supposed to be for Halloween, to which Jungkook could only laugh and tell her she will have to answer herself to it because Jungkook couldn't figure out what he was.


A hot individual, he thought to himself. He was dressed as a hot individual but didn't say it aloud to the elderly lady.


His way back was more joyful now, he had his hands full of snacks he could indulge in when he would get back to the house and he felt his phone vibrate under the little pile of snacks. Hopefully a text from Namjoon finally. Jungkook was sure he was closing the café now, most likely too tired to join him which was fine because Jungkook would rather have him resting at his home than being between loud people drunk out of their mind. 


There was nothing that could make Jungkook's mood turn sour. He had his snacks. Namjoon was probably texting him. And he still had a good couple of hours in front of him filled with his friends and crappy beer. 


It sounded like the perfect night.


Jungkook could hear the party before he got back to the house. The music got louder and the number of people doubled. Jungkook couldn't tell where the front door was anymore because all he could see were people trying to push themselves into the small hallway. He did get a couple of stares when trying to make his way inside. Jungkook couldn't tell if the stares were because of his clothing choice or because he was bringing three packets of gummies and some crisps to a party full of alcohol and greasy pizza, but he didn't dwell on them much because he wanted to get into the house. Perhaps escape into his old room and stay there until it would get calmer, eat his snacks and text back to whoever texted him. (He crossed his fingers it was Namjoon).


He couldn't hear people around him through the loud music but he could hear bits and pieces of conversations floating through the air. He focused on the people in front of him and almost dropped his snacks.


"Fucking people, I want to see the show."


"Who even arranged this?"


"One of the guys holding this party."


Just a couple of sentences had Jungkook interested. He perked up and tried to stand on his tiptoes to see over the people standing in the front door. He only got a flash of a dark blue uniform when he managed to see a bit into the living room. Jungkook got confused because he wasn't aware of a show happening tonight. None of his friends told him anything about a show happening and he was sure there wasn't anything planned as a surprise as well because Jungkook would be one of the first people to know about it.


"Excuse me."




"Can I?"


"Excuse me."


He slowly made his way through the crowd of people, clutching his snacks to his chest and praying his skirt didn't ride up his thighs completely and showed his underwear. Not that he would care much. The music changed and Jungkook recognized the song right away. It was hidden in his "Bad Bitch" playlist he had on his phone, mostly using the song to work out to, as playing it aloud made Hoseok screech at him because it was too distracting by his words. Jungkook didn't really care what Hoseok thought about the song but he was for sure confused when he finally got through the crowd and stood in pure shock.


He could understand why Hoseok didn't like the song much, as he enjoyed a different genre of music - going for the calm notes more than the rock ones, but he couldn't understand why Namjoon was half-naked in the middle of a crowd.


There was nothing that could prepare Jungkook to see his loverboy dance to Sex, Death and Money by Alice Cooper with no clothes on.


Jungkook could only watch in silence Namjoon sway his hips sensually from side to side and play with the zipper of his trousers while feeling the song to its core and throwing his head to the side. His jacket and shirt have been already on the floor, discarded in a pile of mess, and when Jungkook fixed his eyes on them he could tell it was a police uniform by the badge pinned on the shirt. A police uniform. It looked a bit small for Namjoon’s size. It must have been snug on his body. Oh god.


Namjoon was turned around and Jungkook could only see his back and his legs still clad in trousers. The same dark blue fabric stretching across Namjoon’s hips and thighs, and leaving nothing to Jungkook’s imagination. He was used to Namjoon dressing so comfortably, bigger clothes that draped across his frame so nicely. This was new and Jungkook didn’t know what to tell himself. He was stunned.


He was aware of Namjoon's muscular back but seeing it with his own eyes, seeing Namjoon's back without anything on, was an out of body experience for Jungkook. He was gone once just from seeing Namjoon's stomach. Namjoon was taking off his hoodie and his t-shirt went with it, showing his stomach and the little fuzz trailing down his stomach. Seeing so much skin now made Jungkook's brain a mush. So much skin. Too much skin. 


Jungkook had to inch a bit to the side to lean on a wall and support himself, because the man of his dreams was currently teasing the people around him, running his hands across their chests and letting his finger slip below their chins. Jungkook had the urge to run to the scene and drop to his knees. Maybe beg Namjoon for something. Anything the man would want to do to him. Jungkook would willingly take a hit if Namjoon wished to hit him. He would take anything from Namjoon in a heartbeat.


He felt heat rush into his cheeks but couldn't stop himself from looking at the way Namjoon moved. Namjoon was so far yet so close. Almost naked. Jungkook should look away but it wasn’t possible. Instead, he kept staring at a very much naked Namjoon. He was circling slowly around people and letting his hands wander around his groin - teasing and letting people stare at him however they wanted. Jungkook couldn't help himself but ogle when Namjoon casually started to inch his pants down his legs until he was only in his underwear.


If you could call it underwear.


His thighs were on full display and Jungkook had a hard time breathing with how hot he was feeling all over. He wanted to clutch his snacks to his chest for support but found his hands empty, the items already laying on the floor when he dropped them accidentally when he wasn't paying attention to them. Like he could pay attention to anything else.


For Jungkook's luck, the song wasn't even halfway through and he had to watch Namjoon walk around in a jockstrap. Was it Versace? Jungkook wasn't sure but he could see Namjoon's naked ass. Full ass cheeks. Heavenly looking ass cheeks. Thick and heavenly looking. Was Jungkook drooling?


He gulped when someone brought out a chair and a stranger sat down on it, blushing furiously when Namjoon threw one of his legs over their clasped legs and hovered in the air, smirking, before dropping down suddenly on their lap and making himself comfortable. 


A gasp escaped Jungkook's mouth when Namjoon grinded lightly down and put his hands around the stranger's neck. Jungkook wanted to sit on the chair so bad. He wanted to be the person Namjoon would be sitting on. He needed Namjoon in his lap. Immediately.


His thick thighs were squished with the way he was sitting and Jungkook had the urge to bite. Nibble. Taste the heavenly looking skin and leave a couple of feathery kisses all over. No. Scratch that. Leave so many marks on the beautiful skin and show Namjoon just how much he wanted him.


Jungkook hadn't figured out what he will do when the last tones of the song will play. There was nothing on his mind that could prepare him to face Namjoon in this state. He had to pull down his skirt a bit and readjust his stance because the heat started to creep up into his dick as well. If he was wearing his stupid trousers he wouldn't have to be slightly hunched down and hiding his half-hard dick from all the eyes that were currently on Namjoon's long legs.


The urge in him to look away and not stare at Namjoon's naked ass was strong but his need to watch each second Namjoon was moving around was stronger. Jungkook wanted to touch the fabric of the jockstrap and feel for himself if it was as soft as it looked like under the yellowish light. Namjoon was glowing like a god under all the attention. Jungkook wanted to pull his phone up and take a picture but his inner reasoning prohibited such a thing since it wouldn't be right. He could see in the corner of his eyes a couple of people trying to sneak in a shot of Namjoon's being and it made him angry. 


No one should be allowed to take pictures of Namjoon when he was looking like this. Jungkook decided that only he deserved to have his phone gallery full of Namjoon being naked and walking around with so much confidence, you could taste it on your tongue.


The song was slowly ending but it didn't look like anyone in the room wanted the track to end soon. Namjoon had another person on the chair, dropping to his knees between their parted legs and running his hands up to their thighs. Jungkook whimpered under his breath and had to clasp a palm over his mouth. The heat pulsing through his body was starting to get unbearable but Jungkook would endure anything for Namjoon. 


He was still on his knees, swaying his hips from side to side and Jungkook’s mouth watered. He could picture his tattooed hands against the blank skin. So pretty.


Namjoon wiggled his ass from time to time which resulted in more cheers coming from the young adults watching him show off his skill with hungry eyes. Jungkook wanted to tell them that they weren't allowed to look at Namjoon like that. Only he could look at Namjoon with hunger in his eyes. He was deserving of such a thing.


His gaze went up to Namjoon's chest and he choked on his spit. He didn’t notice it at first. Namjoon had a piercing in his right nipple. It was a small thing Jungkook couldn't see well from his position but he could tell it was a nipple piercing with the way it flashed under the light. His own nipple throbbed at the view, the left nub pierced with a dainty piercing decorating it. 


Jungkook's cheeks were flaming hot at the thought of his and Namjoon's chest touching, their piercings on each other's skin. His nipple was too sensitive with the bar of metal in it and at the slightest touch, he would shudder. 


He wondered how it would feel if Namjoon sucked on it. Or twisted it. The thought made him throb in his underwear and he had to control himself. He was still in the middle of people, who were watching his crush, his loverboy, dance and show off his breathtaking body. 


Namjoon's jockstrap left little to no imagination and Jungkook had to pinch himself when Namjoon bent down to run a hand from the bottom of his leg up.


It wasn't evident at first glance but Jungkook stared at Namjoon's ass and couldn't stop his eyes from going wide when he noticed something unusual against the fabric of Namjoon's jockstrap. It could only be one thing. Jungkook whimpered at the back of his throat. Namjoon was so hot. So deadly.


Jungkook blinked a couple of times to truly take in the realisation of Namjoon having a butt plug nestled between his ass cheeks. 


Namjoon was too into his show, letting his body move on its own and Jungkook was standing on a good place so he couldn't be seen. The pit of his stomach felt like bursting when Namjoon would bend down each time,  run a hand through his hair or across his muscular chest. Jungkook could only see Namjoon's ass in front of himself and nothing else. He had to agree he didn't need anything else. If someone told him the world was ending in a couple of minutes who would only nod with a dopey smile on his face. There was no worry in his brain. Only Namjoon in a jockstrap. With an attractive piercing in his nipple and with a deadly gaze going from one person to the other. 


Jungkook shuddered when Namjoon looked around the room for the tenth time and his eyes met his for a brief second. Jungkook looked like a deer in the headlights but it seemed like Namjoon didn't catch his gaze. His heart was hammering in his chest loudly and his boxers were too tight. It seemed like the song was going for hours on end even when the second chorus just ended and Namjoon threw the second person sitting on the chair to the ground, sitting on the chair himself and parting his legs.


The feeling of fainting went over Jungkook's body and he had to breathe deeply in and out. Namjoon wasn't just a walking dream. He was a walking god and Jungkook wanted nothing else but to worship him. He wanted to kiss his feet and bring him presents in exchange for brief eye contact with his godly being.


Namjoon was mouthing the lyrics and his plush lips were covered in a shiny lip gloss. Jungkook wanted to taste them so bad. They still haven't kissed, only a brief cheek kiss before they would both part ways. Jungkook was hungry and the only remedy to his hunger were Namjoon's lips on his. 


Jungkook could easily ignore every person next to him and only focus on Namjoon leaning into the chair and playing with his chest. He could picture only them in the room and Namjoon dancing only for him. His dick was fully hard and he had no point in trying to calm himself down because there was no point in making an effort to stop it when he knew his dick wouldn't go flaccid so easily.


Namjoon would have to slap him across his face, but even then Jungkook was sure only a moan would leave his lips. 


Namjoon was a walking sin and Jungkook wasn't afraid of sinning. 


The song slowly reached its end and Jungkook could cut through the tension in the room. The air was hot and suffocating and the only thing on Jungkook's brain were Namjoon's thighs and his nipple piercing. And his butt plug. His jockstrap, as well. He only had Namjoon on his brain.


The last tunes echoed through the room and then it was silence. The crowd got loud after a few seconds of pure quietness and Jungkook slightly jumped up in surprise at the sudden loudness. He was so busy staring at Namjoon that he didn't realise he was the only one standing so far away from him. Far away from the scene. The crowd cheered and Jungkook could make out some words about another song, another dance, but Namjoon only waved and smiled nicely at them. 


Jungkook wanted Namjoon to smile at him like this. He wanted to shush the thought away,  but he needed Namjoon to smile at him like this so desperately. He just wanted him to be naked while smiling at him. As desperate as the idea was, it made him feel tingly all over - picturing Namjoon being naked in his full glory with the blinding smile forwarded to Jungkook only. It would be a dream come true.


He was glistening under the light, sweat sticking to his body and still managed to look like a dream. He looked like Namjoon’s dream. A walking dream. His dream was currently taking his discarded clothes back from a very flustered person, who must have been around Jungkook’s age. Jungkook shot daggers through his eyes at the person talking to Namjoon. But he didn’t know if he should move. It looked like Namjoon would leave soon and there were only a few choices Jungkook could choose. He chose with his dick.


Jungkook’s mind was clouded with want and he didn’t hesitate in following Namjoon upstairs when he left the crowd. It seemed like the stairs led to heaven. Jungkook’s snacks were long forgotten on the floor and he only had one determination on his mind right now. Talk to Namjoon. Do something. Tell him something. Namjoon. He was walking slowly upstairs and waving at people who were trying to bribe him into another dance. Jungkook angrily looked at them and resumed following, almost creepily, Namjoon up the stairs and into the privacy of the hallway.


The upstairs of the house was filled with only bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms. The bedroom Jungkook lived in was now occupied by one of his friends. Namjoon went into the bathroom on the farthest end of the hallway and Jungkook quickly slipped in behind him, locking the door and fixing his skirt in the seconds he had before Namjoon turned around to say something to the person who went behind him to the bathroom. The words died down in Namjoon’s throat when he saw Jungkook wide-eyed in front of him. Cheeks flushed and his attire slightly dishevelled from how he was clutching at his skirt and fanning his hot face.


“What…,” he tried to start a sentence but Jungkook shut him up by colliding into his naked chest and kissing him hard.


Namjoon’s body tensed under Jungkook’s touch for a brief second and then he melted into Jungkook with ease, letting his own hands rest on Jungkook’s waist and clutch at the fabric of his crop top. Jungkook whimpered at the back of his throat and swiped his tongue along Namjoon’s bottom lip, tasting the lip gloss. Sweet. It tasted like honey. His lips opened willingly, letting Jungkook into his mouth. A whimper silenced. He dipped his tongue into Namjoon’s mouth and cherished the taste of honey lingering on his taste buds before biting down. Teasing. 


Namjoon’s lips were so soft against his own. His body under Jungkook’s rough hands was scorching hot, moulding into Jungkook’s touch. Seeking more. Wanting more. Namjoon let himself get manoeuvred by Jungkook’s hands, getting pressed against the sink. He tried his best to stop the light sounds escaping his mouth each time Jungkook pulled on his lip, licked the remaining lip gloss off or pressed his hands into his sides. It was too much to fight against.


Jungkook couldn’t stop thinking about the butt plug Namjoon had inside him. He couldn’t see it clearly with his eyes before but he knew he would be able to see it now. He let his hands travel to Namjoon’s ass, squeezing lightly at the flesh. So plush. Namjoon twisted his fingers into Jungkook’s hair and pulled at the fallen pieces on his nape, getting a soft moan out of Jungkook who moved to Namjoon’s neck - gently biting and sucking at the skin there.


Jungkook was busy groping Namjoon, slipping his fingers close to the place he drooled over. His fingers touched the stretched fabric across the buttplug, enjoying how Namjoon immediately tensed up when he put more pressure into his touch. He bit into his neck and cherished the sound Namjoon made again. Breathy. Addicting.


It fed into the heat spreading quickly through his body. Namjoon pulled his head from his neck and slipped his tongue inside Jungkook’s mouth again, their kiss starting to turn more sloppy. Rushed. Hungry. Tongues and saliva everywhere. Jungkook curiously let his hands rest near Namjoon’s chest after he was done with teasing Namjoon’s ass, squeezing lightly at the hot skin under his palm and lavishing in the sounds coming out of Namjoon’s lips.


“You’re so hot,” Jungkook managed to mumble when he had to break the kiss to breathe in some fresh air. Namjoon’s chest was flushed and his ears turned into a pretty shade of pink, as well. The bathroom light didn’t take away Namjoon's pure beauty. Jungkook had to let his brain calm down before he would try to speak again. Tell Namjoon something more. He was in a secluded space with Namjoon. Pressed to his chest and breathing the same hot air. The music from downstairs filtered through the walls but his breathing was louder than the noise from outside and his mind was clouded with want. Pure. Delirious.


“I didn’t know you would be here,” Namjoon spoke first, casting his eyes down like he wasn’t grinding on people just mere minutes before. 


Jungkook wanted to laugh. No, he wanted to kiss him again. He wanted to kiss him so bad. Kiss him silly and show him how much he wants him. Show him just how much he needs him.


So he did, he cupped Namjoon’s face with his palms and pressed their lips together. It was a bit gentler this time, breathing shallowly the same air and letting their lips touch briefly before Namjoon situated himself in the cramped space better. He sat next to the bathroom sink, pulling Jungkook between his legs to bring their lips together again and kiss him more feverishly. Jungkook could taste the want on Namjoon’s lips. It was there and he couldn’t get enough of it. He wanted to drown in it.


“Fuck, you’re so hot.” Namjoon breathed into his mouth. Jungkook deepened their kiss, stealing Namjoon’s breath away and finding support against his chest. His fingers brushed Namjoon’s pierced nipple. It was just a light touch against the cold metal bar but it left Namjoon moaning into his mouth. He touched his nipple again, more firmly this time to feel the vibration of Namjoon’s moan against his lips. It sent waves of heat into the pit of his stomach instantly.


His brain got reminded of the heat pooling in his groin, of the way his dick was hard against his underwear and straining against the soft skirt. Jungkook’s skirt didn’t create much of a barrier between him and Namjoon, the fabric already lifted with how hard he was up to his hips. Jungkook wanted to reach down and touch himself, pull the skirt off and relieve the pressure. Namjoon must have had the same thought in his mind because he broke their kiss, and let his hands wander down Jungkook’s body until he ran a finger over Jungkook’s dick. He touched it so delicately and Jungkook had to groan, leaning his head against Namjoon’s shoulder. He was hard for ten minutes already but it felt like centuries.


“Is this because of me?” Namjoon asked, pupils blown out and lips red from the kissing. Bitten. Puffy.


Namjoon was silly. Such a silly human. Jungkook couldn’t think of anyone else who would make him hard like this. Feel like this. Want something so much like this. He whimpered and put Namjoon’s hand firmly on his clothed dick, hissing at the delicious sensation a single touch made him feel.


“Of course, it’s always you.”


Namjoon’s breathing hitched and he squeezed Jungkook’s dick at the base just to hear him whimper some more.


“I was making sure.”


“You always make sure.”


“Yeah, I know.”


“You talk too much,” Jungkook pressed himself against Namjoon as much as he could, “shut up and kiss me instead.”


Their lips touched again, their breathing synced together and only soft sounds and moans could be heard around them. Surrounding them in their little bubble they created between each other. Safe.


Jungkook was so glad he didn’t forget to lock the door. The music outside turned into something crappy but he didn’t have time to figure what song it was. Namjoon locked his legs behind his hips and pushed their bodies even more together. Tighter. He could feel Namjoon’s skin touching his from the way his crop top rode up to his torso. It felt nice. Sharing the body heat between each other, and not letting themselves go anywhere. Namjoon put his hands under the soft cotton fabric of Jungkook’s top and let his hands explore. Their lips haven’t left each other. Gliding against one another in a soft rhythm. Their hunger was still there but it was more calculated now.


Namjoon stilled when he felt Jungkook’s piercing under his fingers. He ran over it with his thumb and Jungkook deeply moaned into their kiss, completely forgetting to kiss Namjoon back.




Jungkook responded with a nod, worried if he could form a coherent answer because Namjoon had his thumb pressing down on his nipple and his mind was too fuzzy. Getting his nipple pierced was the most exciting part about finding out you can put metal pretty much anywhere, and when he found out it brings immense pleasure as well, he started to consider getting his other nipple pierced. Namjoon quickly latched onto the discovery of his sensitivity and let his fingers massage Jungkook’s nipple thoroughly. 


“If you keep doing this I’ll cum,” Jungkook managed to get out of his mouth, panting, and Namjoon laughed. He laughed into his face with the heavenly smile of his and Jungkook felt like he wouldn’t make it. Jungkook pinched Namjoon’s nipple and his smile died down quickly, turning into a pained moan. He grinned. A devilish smile spreading across his face. 


Jungkook latched himself under Namjoon’s jawline, sucking the tender skin there and hoping for a mark to be left behind. Namjoon slipped his hands into Jungkook’s hair and threw his head back, moaning when Jungkook sucked with more vigour. Jungkook needed to let everyone know Namjoon was taken. His. They haven’t talked about making their growing bond official, yet, but Jungkook didn’t want anyone to look at Namjoon and think he was on the market. Namjoon was off the market and Jungkook was the one who got to mark him up. Taste his skin on his tongue and lightly sink his teeth into the flesh and bite.


One mark on Namjoon’s neck wasn’t enough. It turned to the second one, to the third and soon Namjoon’s neck was blooming. Jungkook had to step back and look. See the whole image. Namjoon was panting hard, his chest fluttering with each breath he took and his neck was beautiful. So beautiful to Jungkook’s eyes. The colours blooming on Namjoon’s neck lit a fire under him he didn’t know about. He quickly got rid of his crop top and let it fall onto the ground. He slightly winced when it hit the tiles, a thought about the germs crossing his mind before he pressed himself against Namjoon. He breathed into his mouth and let himself sink into his skin inch by inch.


The skirt around his waist was no bother to him, he pulled the fabric a bit up to get access to his underwear. He looked at Namjoon, who was already staring hard onto Jungkook’s moving hand.


“Do you want to?” Jungkook whispered. Maybe a bit afraid of the answer.


“Yeah, I fucking do,” Namjoon didn’t even hesitate before answering. He jumped down from the counter and slipped his hands under Jungkook’s skirt, “This  stays on.”


Jungkook could only nod and let Namjoon pull his underwear down. The fabric of the skirt lightly tickled him on his bare ass and he chuckled. Namjoon only lifted his eyebrow and wrapped his long fingers around Jungkook’s dick. They stayed like that for a brief moment. Namjoon had his hand wrapped around Jungkook’s dick and Jungkook watched him with his eyes blown wide. He was steadily adding more pressure and enjoying how Jungkook’s brows started to furrow. 


“If you’re ready, I’m ready,” Namjoon smiled at him with mischief in his eyes and Jungkook got a flashback to Namjoon’s ass on full display. Butt plug nestled in his hole. A wave of arousal hit him and a drop of precum slid down to Namjoon’s hand. 


It was quick, Jungkook pried Namjoon’s hand from his dick and turned him around to face the dirty mirror the bathroom had. He let his hands run from the top of his shoulders down to the jockstrap snug on his body. He hooked his fingers under it and pulled down, sliding it down his legs in one quick motion. 


Jungkook could easily see Namjoon in the mirror, his face was flushed and his eyes glassy with want. Need. Jungkook bent him over the counter and marvelled over the way Namjoon let him willingly manoeuvre him. The only one in the mirror left was Jungkook, hovering over Namjoon's body. He looked at himself and had to stop for a moment. His eyes looked wild, hair mussed from the way Namjoon pulled at it and his lips were glistening with spit and Namjoon’s lip gloss. 


Jungkook never expected to be in this position.


Maybe with a different person but never with Namjoon. His lovely Namjoon. Jungkook let himself marvel at the sight before him. He had to pinch his arm so his brain would understand he was about to fuck Namjoon. Make love to him? Jungkook didn't care and it seemed like Namjoon didn't care as well because he was pulling out his butt plug and whining for Jungkook to hurry up. 


"Sorry, sorry," Jungkook quickly said and looked around the bathroom. He has been here before many times to not forget a secret stash of condoms hidden by a couple of the guys living here. They called it the emergency stash but Jungkook could care less now. He had Namjoon bent over the counter with his heavenly ass waiting for him. He wasn’t about to go down a memory lane. Now it wasn’t the right time. Jungkook swiftly looked through the cabinets before finding an odd, yet familiar, looking box from a protein shake. This was it. He opened it and found numerous packets of condoms inside, picking one quickly up and tossing the box to the side.


He would pick it up afterwards.


Jungkook ripped the plastic apart with his teeth and slowly, while breathing harshly through his nose, rolled the condom onto his dick. 


“I will go slow,” Jungkook put a hand on the small of Namjoon’s back and rubbed the place with his thumb.


“You don’t have to,” Namjoon said, lightly, and reached behind himself to show Jungkook his puffy hole. It fluttered from the way it was stretched from the hefty plug before, and the way Namjoon pulled his cheeks apart. The lube slowly oozed out and ran down Namjoon’s thigh. Jungkook almost passed out from the view. 


“Fuck,” he cursed under his breath and slowly dipped his thumb into the runny liquid to gather it on his finger and spread it over the meat of Namjoon’s thigh with a pleased sigh. Jungkook kneaded Namjoon’s ass in his hands, loving the way it just nicely fit into his palms. Squishy. Namjoon let out a light moan when Jungkook ran a finger over his hole, teasing the other slightly before lining himself up, his skirt fluttering with his movement.


He pressed into Namjoon slowly, savouring the feeling of tight heat enveloping him whole. Namjoon let out a deep moan and Jungkook was sure someone outside could hear them if they were close enough, standing behind the door. Being inside Namjoon was something Jungkook wasn’t prepared for. He was prepared for a kiss. For the feeling of being close. But nothing could prepare him for being inside Namjoon, feeling him around himself everywhere. 


Namjoon clenched around restlessly, urging Jungkook to move already. 


The first thrust was slow and careful, as if to not break Namjoon. The fabric of Jungkook’s skirt was slightly in the view but he didn’t care, he closed his eyes and let his hips move on their own - slowly pulling out and with a quicker pace slamming back in. Namjoon had his eyes closed shut, his hands clenched in fists at the side of his head. He was whimpering with each movement of Jungkook’s hips, sliding across the counter shortly before Jungkook grabbed his hips tightly and pushed him against the cold surface.


“Kookie, more,” Namjoon moaned from the back of his throat and Jungkook picked up his pace. He thrust with more want now, with more need put into each thrust. 


Namjoon hiccuped when Jungkook angled his hips, grinding down before pulling out again and slamming back in. The sound of their skin slapping was the only sound echoing around them. Jungkook couldn’t hear the music from outside anymore, focused more on the way delicious moans were spilling from Namjoon’s lips with each movement of his hips.


Jungkook put more pressure on Namjoon’s hips, seeing the skin become red. If marks from his grip would be left on Namjoon’s skin he would be only delighted. A reminder of their time together. He squeezed at the meat of Namjoon’s right ass cheek, pulling it to the side to see himself disappear in Namjoon’s hole. Jungkook never thought something would make him almost cum but this made him weak in the knees instantly.


He bottomed out, staying still, in Namjoon for a while, grinding down hard to hear Namjoon sob in response and pulling only an inch out. It made his chest flutter. Namjoon had to bite down onto his knuckles to keep all the loud sounds in but Jungkook wanted to hear him. He slammed into him from nowhere, hearing Namjoon cry out in pleasure. 


The marks on his neck looked good even from behind and he couldn’t help himself but press on them lightly, Namjoon hissing in response with how tender his skin still felt. There still was a lot of skin left untouched and Jungkook’s lips twitched. The bruises won’t leave Namjoon’s neck so easily, and even if he felt a bit bad due to his job in the café, he couldn’t help smiling to himself. 


His thighs were burning from the constant movement. The skirt around his hips rode up to his waist completely so he could see everything. Namjoon was slightly shaking under him, meeting his thrust and trying to grind down against the counter.


“So good, Kookie, so good,” Namjoon was trying to say but Jungkook only heard whispering between breathy moans. He let himself slide into Namjoon fully to the hilt and feel the way he clenched around him when he didn’t move for a second. Needy. 


Jungkook brushed Namjoon’s hair away from his eyes to fully see his face when he moved again, hitting a spot Namjoon must have liked a lot. His eyes rolled back into his head and he let out the filthiest moan that has spilt from his lips, yet. Jungkook let him enjoy it, grinding down again into the same spot and emitting the same reaction from Namjoon.


“There, there, there,” he repeatedly said and stopped biting down onto his knuckles. The slapping of their skin against each other filled Jungkook’s head to the brim, he was addicted to the sound of fucking Namjoon and his audible response. The party must have been still going on but he had more interesting things in his hands now. Namjoon was trying his best to fuck himself back on Jungkook’s dick, moving against him and trying to get some friction to his own cock trapped between him and the counter, as well. 


Jungkook stilled for a bit, keeping his hands down against Namjoon’s hips, and looked at Namjoon’s glistening back with sweat, the colours on his neck and the plug left on the side of the sink with some leftover lube on it.


“I want to see you,” he mumbled and pulled out of Namjoon in a swift motion before turning him around quickly and placing him on top of the counter. Namjoon hissed out when his ass met the cold marble but welcomed Jungkook’s embrace. Jungkook latched onto Namjoon, kissing him deeply and biting down his bottom lip. His new favourite thing. He lined himself up and waited. Just for a second. Breathing into Namjoon’s mouth and enjoying the warmth of his body.


Namjoon had different plans. He crossed his feet behind Jungkook’s back and helped him to slide back easily in, which resulted in Jungkook choking on his own saliva. He let Namjoon have his way, slamming into him and putting his hands on his waist to bring him closer. Namjoon whimpered when their chest touched and his nipple got some friction. Jungkook was trying his hardest not to cum when Namjoon threw his head back and moaned, loud and clear, allowing Jungkook to move much deeper. 


His climax was nearing but he didn’t want to cum before Namjoon did.


“I’m close,” he said against Namjoon’s lips and drank each moan that spilt into his mouth. Namjoon was shaking against him, pulling at his hair and holding onto dear life when Jungkook picked Namjoon up, holding him up in the air. 


“Fuck,” Namjoon moaned because Jungkook got as deep as he could, hitting Namjoon’s prostate in the process that made him see stars behind his tightly closed eyelids. Everything felt too much. The contact of skin on skin. Namjoon’s sounds filtering in Jungkook’s brain like the best song he has ever heard. Their breaths mingled together into harmony. The way Namjoon felt against him. It was too much for Jungkook and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.


Namjoon was clenching on his hard and Jungkook had to breathe harshly to not let himself cum so soon. 


They didn’t kiss anymore, panted into their mouths instead as Jungkook tried his best to grind into Namjoon’s hole with the way he had him pressed against a wall, a bruising hold under Namjoon’s thighs to keep him up. Namjoon tightly clung onto him, holding onto Jungkook as he slammed his hips upwards to bring Namjoon to what he needed the most right now. Namjoon’s breathing grew quicker, shallower and soon he was sobbing against Jungkook’s neck. He was coming all over their stomachs. Jungkook fucked him through his release until he couldn’t anymore, leaving his hips to grind heavily into his hole to find his own release, as well. 


Namjoon was hiccuping in his arms but clenched hard and tipped Jungkook over. He came with Namjoon’s name on his tongue, breathing hard into Namjoon’s neck but still holding his body up in the air like Namjoon weighted nothing. His skirt was painted with Namjoon’s cum and their sweat, ruined for good. Jungkook didn’t care. He slowly lowered Namjoon down until he was standing on his tiptoes, sliding out of him with a wince.


He helped Namjoon up onto the counter again, running cooling water from the faucet to clean him up as best as he could. His cheeks grew red again as he was cleaning the cum away, still not fully inside his head and floating on a cloud nine. Namjoon lifted his hand to cup Jungkook’s cheek to pull him into a deep kiss in the middle of the process, the cleaning forgot with how their bodies merged together and their heartbeats synched.


They didn’t hear the party slowly die down. They didn’t hear the people slowly leaving and wondering where the star of the show went, or where Jungkook went. Jungkook’s friends looked for him for only a moment before Hoseok remembered why he thought the stripper looked so familiar. Why it seemed like he knew the person already.


Namjoon and Jungkook were in their own bubble. Kissing deeply and whispering to each other.


“You’re like a poison,” Jungkook breathed out into Namjoon’s mouth, ”I would drink you up till the last drop even if I know the consequences.”


If Jungkook finds out that Namjoon has a tattoo covered for shows with a concealer, hidden in a place not many have seen on a daily basis but a bunch got to stare at hungrily, he doesn’t dwell on it much until Namjoon shows him one night.


He pulls his pants down, just enough to show the tattooed letters on his right asscheek.


The letters tattooed in red cursive, adoring Namjoon’s ass.