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Jubal and Isobel had heard the call that there was an agent down, Jubal wasn’t sure he could breath, all he could think was if Maggie was okay. He cared about all his team and wanted all of them to be safe but he couldn't help that his first thought was that he didn’t want it to be Maggie. They found out that it was Kristen that had been stabbed in the neck, both Jubal and Isobel headed straight to the hospital together. OA and Stuart travelled together to the hospital, another agent drove the spare suv back to the building. 

Maggie had been applying pressure to the wound until the paramedics arrived, they had told them that one person could ride in the ambulance with her so Maggie went with her with OA and Stuart right on the tail of the ambulance, they even pulled in to the hospital with the ambulance. The three agents walked with Kristen until the nurses stopped them 

“I'm sorry you guys can’t come any further, we will update you as soon as we can” 

Maggie went straight to the bathroom to wash the blood off her hands and she couldn't stop the tears that were falling. As soon as the blood was off her hands she went out to sit with OA and Stuart. It was only minutes until they heard Jubal and Isobel coming around the corner to them with Isobel speaking first 

“Guys what happened back there?” 

Maggie was hanging her head down as tears were still running down her cheeks, Jubal came over and sat down beside Maggie as Stuart and OA were beside each other. Seeing that Maggie wasn't ready to talk OA spoke up telling them what had went down inside the building. Jubal nudged Maggie's shoulder gently and spoke softly “Hey, you okay?”

He knew it was a stupid question, he didn’t even trust his own voice as he did speak. He had worked with Kristen a very long time, he cared about her, he cared about all of his team. He heard a small whimper from Maggie and right now he knew that no one would think anything of it as he ran his hand along her back slowly to try and comfort her. Maggie found herself leaning in to Jubal’s touch, she didn’t feel like she deserved his comfort but his touch, his presence in general was calming her. 

Isobel had told them she was going to find out what was happening, she was the one who would be informed until Kristen’s family arrived. OA had told them he was going to go and get them all coffee. Jubal was still sitting beside Maggie but none of them were talking, them just being together was enough. Jubal had a black band on his hand that he was constantly snapping and the sound of it started to irritate Stuart who snapped his head up to look at Jubal 

“Sorry it’s a coping mechanism” 

Hearing Jubal Maggie lifted her head to look at the band, she had wondered where it had come from and why he was wearing it and snapping it. Hearing him say about it being a coping mechanism made her realise that he wanted to drink. She was just about to speak to Jubal when Isobel came out at the same time that OA arrived back with the coffees, the others stood when they seen Isobel 

“Kristen is currently in surgery, the main issue is her carotid artery was damaged. They are working right now to repair it” OA, Stuart and Jubal all have tears in their eyes as they listen to Isobel, fresh tears are running down Maggie's cheek as they listen to the news about their friend and collague. “Guys you have all been here for a really long time, go home, get some sleep, I will let you know as soon as I get any information” 

The agents all reluctantly agree with Isobel, the case had been tough, they were all already exhausted and now they were all fearful for the life of their friend. OA tells Stuart that he will drop him off on the way home, he then looks at Maggie 

“You want us to drop you off on the way Maggie?”

Maggie had wiped the tears from her cheek and shook her head softly “Thanks OA but I'm going to go with Jubal. You two go and get rest, if either of you need anything just call” Maggie went over and hugged OA and Stuart before they left, Stuart was a little surprised by the hug but was thankful for it. 

Jubal was surprised when he heard Maggie telling OA and Stuart that she would get home with him, he was glad that she was coming home with him, right now he did not want to be alone nor was it a good idea for him to be alone. He had started snapping the band on his hand again just as Maggie turned to face him. She came over to Jubal and she lay her hand on his to stop him being able to pull at the band as she looked at Jubal with concern

“I'm guessing you drove here?” Without waiting for an answer Maggie slid her hand inside Jubal’s jacket and took out his keys for the suv and she slid her hand in to his entangling their fingers 

Jubal wasn’t sure how Maggie felt about him snapping the band on his arm, was the fact that he wanted to drink going to make her run away from him. He wouldn't blame her if it did, she shouldn't have to put up with his baggage when she was going through pain herself. He squeezed her hand gently as they walked towards the hospital exit 

“I can drive Mags your arm still needs to rest” 

“It's okay, I'll take pain meds when I get home if needed. I want to stop somewhere before going home so it’s easier if I drive” 

Jubal tried not to focus on the feeling that he got when Maggie said about them going home, it sounded like she meant ‘their home’ he knew they had only started dating but honestly he could imagine himself coming home with her and to her everyday. He ran his thumb over Maggie’s hand gently, her hand in his was making it a little easier for Jubal to fight the urge to drink. Maggie got in to the drivers seat and when Jubal got in she pulled out heading towards their first stop. 

Maggie could see that Jubal wanted to pull the band, she could see his fingers running along the band, she reached her hand over taking his hand in her’s 

“I know you might not feel ready but I'm here if you need to talk. I want to help you Jubal, I know the band is because you feel the urge to drink” 

Jubal sighed as he lifted Maggie's hand kissing the back of her hand he leaned his head back against the seat looking at her

“It's something that I found helps when in stressful situations. Snapping on it helps me fight against the urge to drink, I just don’t want any of this to be too much for you Mags”

Maggie could hear the struggle and emotion in Jubal’s voice as he spoke, it broke her heart to hear him. She also feared what would happen if he were to go home to an empty house tonight, thankfully he seemed okay with her staying with him. Well she was hoping that he didn’t mind they hadn't really talked about it. Maggie hadn't been driving for that long when they pulled back in to the FBI parking garage, Jubal was confused as he looked at Maggie 

“You took us back to work?”

Maggie shook her head and when she parked the car she turned to face Jubal more

“I know there is an AA meeting about to start, I think it would do you good to go”

They had all been told about the services available to them at work and Maggie knew that there was an AA meeting for agents so that they felt safe when talking. Jubal was really touched that Maggie was thinking so much about him, but he was fearful that she was dropping him off and then wouldn't be seeing him until tomorrow, maybe this had been too much for her. 

Maggie could see the worry and fear in Jubal’s eyes, she lifted her hand caressing his cheek gently

“I'm not going anywhere Jubal, I'm gonna wait right here for you. Take all the time you need okay? l’ll be right here the whole time” she leaned in closing the distance between them as she kissed him softly. 

Jubal wasn’t sure he could speak he was too emotional, for Maggie to think of him like this, to put this before her own pain and for her to drive him to a meeting and tell him that she would wait for him. He had never had someone care about him like this before, it was overwhelming. He lifted his hand to her cheek as he deepened the kiss a little and lay his forehead against hers gently when they had to break the kiss 

“Thank you Mags”

Maggie couldn't help the smile as she heard his whispered thanks against her lips, from the minute she seen him snap the band in the hospital and heard him tell Stuart this was a coping mechanism she knew that this was going to be her plan. 

“No thanks is needed… Now go before you are late” 

Jubal stole one more quick kiss before he got out of the suv and headed inside heading to his meeting.