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Maggie kept her eyes on Jubal until she couldn't see him anymore, she wasn't sure how Jubal would react to her taking him to a meeting but she was glad that he seemed touched by her concern. His addiction wasn’t something they talked about but it wasn't something that was ever going to make her run away from him. Maggie checked her watch and knew that the AA meeting would take at least an hour, she knew that she had told him she would wait there but she would be back in time. 

Maggie pulled out of the parking garage and she headed to her own apartment, she went inside and packed herself a quick bag with some things that she would need including a change of outfit for work tomorrow. She was hoping that Jubal would be okay with her staying, she didn’t want to leave him alone tonight and to be honest she needed him more than she wanted to admit right now. She checked that she had everything before getting back in to the suv and headed back to the FBI parking garage. 

Maggie was glad that the parking spot she had been in was still free when she got back as it meant that Jubal would have no trouble finding her. She tried to get comfortable in the seat as she lay her head back, any time she closed her eyes all she could picture was Kristen laying on the floor with Maggie's hand on her neck covered in blood. A large part of her felt that it was her fault that Kirsten was laying in hospital, if she hadn't suggested that Kristen partner her then maybe this would never have happened. 

Maggie was soon drawn from her thoughts as she heard the passengers door open, she gave a genuine smile when she seen Jubal climbing back in to the car as he seemed more relaxed than he had before the meeting 

“Hey, you good to go home?”

Jubal smiled honestly at Maggie, his mind wasn’t completely eased and it wouldn't be until Kristen was okay but he did feel better after the meeting. The meeting had reminded him that he had to be honest with himself and those closest to him it was the only chance he had of staying sober

“I'm ready, but I have a favour to ask and you can totally say no, I don't want you to feel pressured” 

Maggie wasn’t sure what the favour was going to be but she could tell it was a big thing for Jubal to ask so she was going to try her best and do whatever he asked

“Well why don't you tell me what the favour is first and we will take it from there” 

Jubal was a little nervous because he had never been good at asking for things and he really didn’t want to scare Maggie off this early in their relationship, it was suppose to be the fun ‘honeymoon’ period, not her having to deal with his demons

“I was wondering if eh.. would you mind staying tonight or me staying at yours? I just really don't want to be alone, it will make fighting the cravings easier” 

“I'm already a step ahead of you there Jubal” 

Maggie could see the confusion on his face and she nodded her head in to the back seat where her bag was sitting and Jubal looked at Maggie 

“Where did that come from?”

“I knew your meeting was going to be at least an hour so I knew that I would be back in plenty of time, so I went home and packed a bag. I don't want to be alone tonight either Jubal so trust me I'm more than happy to stay and keep you company” 

Jubal didn’t have the words to thank Maggie right now, they all just seemed too small in comparison to what she had done and was doing for him. He had no idea how the hell he had got so lucky to have her care so much about him but he was determined not to screw it up. When words failed him he decided to try and show her with his actions so he leaned in and kissed her passionately with so much raw emotion as his hand cupped her cheek. Maggie couldn't help the moan that escaped when she felt Jubal nip lightly at her bottom lip, she broke the kiss when she had to for air but she kept her hand at the back of his head running her fingers through his hair 

“If that’s how I'm going to get kissed when I agree to keep you company I might just have to start doing it more often” Maggie smiled against his lips as she kissed him once more before pulling back as they were still parked at work they had to be careful. 

“Do you want me to drive us back to mine? We can stop and pick up some food” 

Maggie's left arm was still a little sore so she thought Jubal driving was the better idea, she got out and swapped places with him and when they both got settled he pulled out of the parking garage heading towards his apartment as the takeout was on the way. As he was driving home Maggie lay her hand on his thigh just above his knee, it was a simple touch but one that was keeping him completely grounded. Neither of them felt up to cooking and they had a proper lunch so they decided on pizza for tonight. They had rang on the way so Jubal only had to jump out quickly to collect them. They were back in Jubal’s apartment in a few minutes, he set the pizza boxes down on his kitchen counter and he faced Maggie holding out his hand. Maggie took her gun out of the holster handing it to him to put in the safe, she still had her bag in her hand 

“I'm going to go change really quickly and then ill join you for pizza”

Maggie went to Jubal’s room setting her bag down, she had brought her own comfortable clothes but she spotted his hoodie and she couldn't resist putting it on. She put on her own sweat pants and when she slid his hoodie on she closed her eyes taking a deep breath as it smelt like him and it just relaxed her so much. She decided to stay in her bare feet as she made her way back out to Jubal who was sitting on his couch, he had unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt and pulled it out of his jeans to hang loose, he was on his phone as Maggie made her way towards him. She stepped over his legs gently so that she could sit down beside him on the couch. 

The minute that she down beside him Jubal’s arm automatically wrapped around Maggie as he kissed her head, he still had his phone in his other hand and he turned it to show Maggie the screen, it had a picture of his kids on it 

“I got this when at the hospital, they wanted to send a picture to say good night” 

Maggie leaned further in to Jubal when his arm came around her, she leaned up kissing his neck when she heard the emotion thick in his throat talking about the kids 

“As soon as things calm down you should go have the day with them, I know how much you miss them” Maggie tapped his screen lightly to stop the screen from going dark “I never realised how much Tyler looks like you”

“You think he looks like me?” Jubal couldn't hide the joy in his voice, his kids really were his world and he wanted to open up more about them with Maggie if their relationship was going to work 

“He really does. Which means that you and Sam are going to have your hands full with all the hearts he’s going to break” she smirked playfully resting her hand on Jubal’s stomach 

“Hey! His father did not go around breaking hearts” he chuckled softly as his hand ran along Maggie's back slowly and that was when he realised the hoodie she was wearing “You're in my hoodie?” 

Maggie took her eyes off the picture to look at Jubal who was now looking down at her setting his phone to the side “I am.. It just looked so comfortable and I couldn't resist, I hope you don't mind”

“You can wear anything that you want of mine, I'm just happy you want to actually wear it” he leaned down kissing her softly, the backs of his fingers brushing across her cheek gently, she let out a soft sigh at the gentle touch. 

“I brought my own but this feels much more comfortable” she was resting her chin lightly on his shoulder and chest as her fingers scratched gently at his goatee “you want me to move so you can get a slice of pizza”

He shook his head gently running his fingers through her hair “Not really. I kinda like where you are” Jubal pressed his lips to Maggie's forehead letting them rest there for a minute. 

She closed her eyes at the feel of his lips on her forehead, she could happily just stay right there and fall asleep in his arms but she knew they would both regret it if they didn’t eat. Reluctantly she leaned forward and grabbed them both a slice of pizza. Jubal was delighted when he felt Maggie tuck herself back in to his side when she had given him his slice of pizza, they ate in silence, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or awkward. In fact it was the opposite, they both just felt so comfortable around each other that the time didn’t always have to be filled with words. Maggie had leaned forward to grab them slices of pizza when they needed and would always tuck herself back in to Jubal’s side. 

When they had finished eating she stood up and took the pizza boxes to the kitchen knowing they could throw them out in the morning, she grabbed two bottles of water and came back over to Jubal, but instead of sitting down she held her hand out to him 

“Come on, it’s been a long day, we should go to bed” 

Jubal didn’t have to be asked twice, he stood up taking Maggie's hand and he followed her to his bedroom. When they got in to the bedroom Maggie let go of his hand to take off her hoodie, well his hoodie, she lay it on the chair close to the bed revealing the thin strapped vest tap that she was wearing, she took off her sweat pants and climbed in to the bed in just her vest top and panties. Jubal had started to undress when they got in to the room, he threw his trousers in his wash basket and his shirt lay on the chair. He climbed in to his bed and he couldn't resist the sigh that escaped as he let his body sink in to the bed. 

“It has been a really long and emotional day” 

While Jubal was speaking Maggie rolled on to her side and had snuggled in to his side, her head on his chest, her fingertips running along the skin on his chest and stomach, she loved that he felt comfortable enough to sleep in his boxers beside her. 

“It really has, but we made it through it, together. And Kristen is a fighter” 

Maggie kissed Jubals neck as she felt his body tense a little at the mention of Kristen, she knew that he and Kristen had worked together for a really long time so she knew he was taking this hard. Neither of them were currently aware of how guilty each of them felt about what had happened or their feelings about what happened. Maggie pulled the covers up around them and lay her hand on Jubal's chest over his heart 

“Let’s try and get some sleep” 

Both of them were exhausted after tough back to back cases, Maggie getting injured and now Kristen in hospital, but the heat from each other's body and relaxing so much in each other’s embrace, both of them were asleep within minutes.