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Good Ol’e Southern Loving

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Christen had no idea why she accepted a job in the middle of nowhere in Alabama of all places. She was a city girl that thrived off of the life of the city. She did not belong in the middle of the freaking state of Alabama for crying out loud but she had already accepted to work as the main doctor for a town called Guntersville. She honestly had no idea what she was getting herself into because from what she knew about southern living, it was not the lifestyle for her. But she decided to start looking at the positive, maybe a break from the city is exactly what she needed. She had just ended a relationship and she was at least thrilled that she wouldn’t be running into them anytime soon.

She had just gotten out of the airport as she flagged a taxi. The cab driver hopped out of the cab and helped Christen get her luggage into the car.
“Where you headed to today ma’am?” the driver asked Christen through the rear view mirror. “Guntersville Im the new town doctor”. Christen responded as she was trying to figure out if she had a phone signal in the middle of nowhere.
The driver chuckled “you won’t get any signal till we get more down south, I’m kelley O’Hara by the way I live in Guntersville so maybe I’ll see you around”.
With that Kelley started the car and began the 30 min drive to town. Christen watched out the window as farming fields and open areas began filling her window.
“Wow there really isn’t anything out here” she thought to herself. Trying to stay positive she tried using her phone again but then soon realized there was no hope.



Kelley pulled up to the address Christen gave. Christen thanked Kelley and went inside the town square's main building where she was meeting the mayor, Becky Sauerbrunn. Christen walked into the building thanking god that the building was air conditioned. She walked into what she believes is the waiting area where another figure was sitting. She plopped down in the chair and pulled her phone out. Cursing that she had a signal but it was taking forever for her emails to load. she was pulled out of her thoughts when a deep voice chuckled and said “baby you're not going to get any of that fancy signal out here”. “I need to check my emails to make sure I didn’t miss anything, why did I choose a small town of all places. Why didn’t I just stay in New York” christen continues keeping her eyes to the screen choosing to ignore the person next to her. “Ahh a city girl, I see, think you're too good for good ole southern living, typical”. Just as Christen was about to respond the receptionist called them both back.


Christen knocked on Becky’s office door and she heard a woman's voice say “come in”. She walked in and saw sophisticated looking women with long brown hair sitting behind the desk. Christen walks in and sits on the other side of the desk as the stranger leans against the wall next to the desk.


“Oh you must be Christen Press the new doctor, I’m Becky Sauerbrunn Guntersville Mayor.” The women sitting behind the desk said. “Yes that's me” Christen said as she shook the woman's hand. They continued with discussing her contract and more All the while the stranger was still leaning against the wall watching everything happen.
“Oh this is Tobin Heath, Tobin’s the town’s bartender and handyman and also your neighbor.” Becky told her.
Christen took a deep breath already kinda annoyed with Tobin but continued to reach her hand out to shake it. Tobin took her hand, giving her a cocky smile “ didn’t have a chance to introduce myself to New York yet, she was just struggling with her phone” Tobin told Becky. Christen took a second to look at Tobin and take in all their features. Tobin was tall and had soft hazel eyes, large hands with strong bicep muscles that were strained against the white tshirt Tobin was wearing that outlined tobins abs and tobins pectorals. Christen had to do a double take to take in when it came to Tobins sharp jawline that would cut something. As much as she hated to admit it, Tobin was hot but she shook her head already getting that thought out of her head. The last person she dated was the one she drunkenly accepted a job in the middle of nowhere over. She was now far far away from that mess and she was not going to mess it up now. She was pulled out of her thoughts when Tobin said “I guess we’ll be seeing each other around” with that christen responded “sure, it was great to meet you Becky. I’m going to head to my new place so I can get settled in '' she then turned back to Tobin with a “Heath” and head nod then walked off. “I’ll see you around New York!” Tobin shouted at her while she walked away.
It was now 10pm and Christen was mostly settled into her small house. The house needed a lot of work so she already had the plans to go out and find a hardware store for new paint and maybe some better furniture. She was attempting to fall asleep but her lovely neighbor Tobin must have been having a party or something cause all she could hear was blasting country music and shouting. A couple hours passed and it was now 12:30 in the morning and the music was still blasting. Christen got up put a jacket on and marched over to her neighbors house to give Tobin a piece of her mind. She banged on Tobins door and waited. Tobin swings open the door shirtless with a video controller in one hand. Christen is taken back from the speech she had in her head as she eyes take in Tobins strong pectorals and washboard abs. Tobin has a cocky grin watching christen check them out. “Hey New York” Tobin says breaking christen out of her state. Christen is ready to wipe that smug grin off of Tobins face as she goes off on Tobin about it being now almost 1 in the morning and how no one can sleep with the noise they are creating. Tobin just leans against the door frame chuckling “alright baby I’ll try to keep it down” Tobin says with a wink. “And stop calling me baby” christen responds with an eye roll already turning around as Tobins still laughing.

All Christen could think as she walked into the humid Alabama air was that her contract was for 1 year and that it was about to be a long one.