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Good Ol’e Southern Loving

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“Hey you,” Christen says as she watches Tobins face appear on the screen of her phone.

It had unfortunately been over a month and a half since they had seen each other. Christens job was a lot more work than she had expected. Paul the Dean she was working under pretty much handed her the reigns to New York Pestbertarian after the first month. Christen felt horrible having to cancel on Tobins original visit at the end of the first month but the hospital was just so busy that she knew that realistically it would not be a smart choice to try to cram a visit in. Christen hadn’t been the only person busy though, Tobin also had her hands tied at the bar. She’s been busy for the past month adding new ideas and layouts to her Bar plan and she had pretty much taken over as head bartender and manager of the place. Tobin was definitely thankful for the extra work cause she honestly missed Christen and the bar was a good way of keeping her mind off it.

“Hey” Tobin responds with a grin on the other end of the phone. “How was the group that came in this past week?” She asks knowing Christen was driving back from the airport after dropping off potential medical suppliers for New-York-Presbyterian. They had been in for the last four days presenting and conversing about how everything would work since the hospital was looking for new suppliers.

“It went well, that was last group and now it comes down to just choosing one” Christen says. “This week Was just exhausting” she continues as she heads to her apartment. “your still coming up right” She ask.

“You miss me?” Tobin says jokingly with a smirk already knowing the answer but wanting.

“Shut up” Christen says with an annoyed glare that soon soften “fine I do” she relents giving Tobin the satisfaction of her admitting it

“I miss you too babe” Tobin says as she looks at the girl. “And yes I am, as long as Abby still agrees to take over for the week I’ll fly up on Thursday”.

Christen almost squeals with excitement to the news. She has surprising missed Tobin a lot more than she thought she would. Even though she was back in her natural habitat of the city, back with friends, and back with family, her life just didn’t seem complete with Tobin there giving her smart ass answers and holding her at night. She never really thought that Tobin, the cocky, annoying, smart aleck, would be a big source of her happiness was surprising to her.

“Okay good” Christen replies in a shy tone not wanting to give off her excitement

“Good” Tobin says with a sweet smile

“Hey baby” Christen coos as Tobin’s face appears on her phone screen “are you at the airport?”.

After about two months and the last two weeks being absolutely exhausting for the both of them they were finally able to make time for Tobin to fly up. Sure it was a lot harder than either one of them thought it would be but they were just happy at this point to be able to see each other finally.

“Yeah, babe I’m in line about to board the plane. 5 more hours baby till I’m making your bedrock” Tobin says with a smirk.

“Tobin stop there are people can hear you” Christen scolds watching Tobin just laugh on the other end

“I gotta go doc I’ll call you when I land” Tobin says as she hands her ticket to the person at the desk.

“Alright Tobs I’ll be here when you get here I love you” Christen says.

“Love you too babe” Tobin says.




Christen watches as Tobin comes down the escalator with the biggest smile on her face. She would have never thought a year ago that her cocky jackass of a neighbor would bring her so much happiness. She walks toward Tobin as Tobin gets off the escalator with arms wide open. Tobin welcomes Christen into her arms feeling like a million bucks.

“Don’t cry babe” Tobin says as she holds Christen.

“I just missed you,” Christen says as she buries her face into Tobin’s chest.

“Let’s get out of here,” Tobin says as she picks up her bag and Christen leads her to her car.


On the drive back to Christen’s apartment, Tobin is just in awe.

“Ya know I’ve never been to a city this big” Tobin says as she stares out the window.

“Really?” Christen asks “I guess I gotta show you my stomping grounds” Christen giggles as she reaches over to hold Tobin’s hand. “I really missed you,” She says sweetly.

“I missed you too,” Tobin says as she leans over the console to give Christen a peck on the cheek. “Damn baby you’re living good out here,” Tobin says as they pull into the parking garage of Christen’s apartment.

“You got anything planned later,” Tobin asks knowing it was only 4pm and Christen might need to go back to work.

“Nope, I am all yours for the weekend,” Christen says as she opens the door to her apartment

“Good,” Tobin says “I just want to hold you, and kiss you, and fuck you” Tobin says looking over at Christen with a goofy grin on her face.

“How sweet” Christen says with rolling eyes. “But I also want to show you around New York and introduce you to my friends, maybe we could get dinner with my dad and sisters’ Christen continues. All Tobin can do is smile and be happy she is back with her person.


They get back up to Christens apartment and Tobin stands in awe of the view Christen has from her apartment that looks over the city of New York.

“Wow” Tobin says in awe as she walks up to look out the floor to ceiling windows.

Christen walks up behind her and hugging her from behind with her face buried in Tobins back taking in the musky scent she missed so much.

“Beautiful isn’t it” Christen says still taking in how it feels to have Tobin in her arms again.

“Yeah yeah it is” Tobin says still in amazement as she can see busy pedestrians rushing around the city sidewalks.

“I cant wait for you to see it at Night” Christen says softly “the city lights at night is just so beautiful”

Tobin turns in her arms so she is facing Christen. “I missed you a lot” She says as she bring her arm around Christen's neck to pull her in so she could kiss her temple. And all Christen could do was hum in contentment.

A few moments later Tobin pulls back “Can I shower real quick, I just feel icky after the flight” she explains.

“Yeah come on,” Christen says as she takes Tobin’s hand and pulls her down the hallway toward her bedroom pointing towards the bathroom that’s connected to her bedroom and handing Tobin a towel.

Tobin begins to pull her clothes off in the bedroom and wraps the towel around her waist and looks at Christen. “join me?”she says simply as she wraps her arms around Christen to pull her in for a kiss. Christen kisses back immediately and let Tobin pull her in. Tobin slowly trails her lips from Christen's lips down to her neck. when Tobin’s soft lips meet the sensitive part of her neck. They both work Christens clothes off as they move under the warm water.

“Damn,” Tobin says as she removes her lips for a minute. “I might need to get me one these waterfalls showers back in Guntersville,” She says looking around causing Christen to giggle as she brings her lips back down to Christen’s.

They slowly kiss wanting to savor the moment they had been missing so much. Tobin slowly works her lips down from Christen’s neck, down her breasts and stomach. She moves to her knees as she brings her mouth to Christen’s center. Christen lets out a moan as she reaches down to run her fingers through Tobin’s hair. “I missed you so much” Christen whines as she feels Tobin’s tongue continues to run through her folds agonizingly slow. Tobin continues to swirl her tongue around as she nudges Christen’s clit with Her nose causing Christen to let out a needy moan. Tobin brings two fingers up to Christen’s center and slowly enters causing the woman to let out whine.

“Fuck baby”Christen moans out as she looks down to meet Tobins eyes.

Tobin just looks directly into Christen’s eyes and continues to slide her fingers in and out this time adding a curl each time. She then brings her mouth to Christen’s clit and slowly slides her tongue around it before latching her mouth around it.

“Tobin!” Christen screams out in pleasure “I’m th-“

Christren doesn’t get to finish her sentence before Tobin can feel her clench around her fingers. Christen let’s put a string of curses and Tobins name as Tobin continues to slowly thrust to bring her down from her high. Christen pulls her up from her knees and moans into a kiss as she can taste herself on Tobin’s tongue. Christen wraps her hand around Tobin’s hard member slowly causing Tobin to groan and jolt her hips forward. Tobin slowly rolls her hips with Christens moving hand causing her to let out a deep groan. It doesn’t take long till Tobin is holding Christen close, groaning into Christen’s neck.

“I wanna take you out tonight” Tobin states as they begin the rinse off their activities in the shower.

“Really?” Christen looks teasingly at her. “And where would you like to take me?” Knowing that Tobin has literally never been to New York.

“It’s surprise” Tobin says with a grin “it’ll be fun” Tobin says as they continue “dress fancy” Tobin says before Christen can respond she is already out the shower.




They finally get out of the shower and begin to get ready for their night out. And despite what Christen had thought Tobin had made reservations a long time ago to the place Christen had been non stop talking about for the past week even though it was supposed to take forever to get a reservation, Tobin patiently waited and got lucky.
Tobin gets dressed and heads out to the living room to watch tv as she waits for Christen to come out. A few minutes later Christen comes walking out in a knee-length tight black dress that hugs her in all the right places and heels.

“Damn,” Tobin says standing up with a smile as she watches Christen walk out of her bedroom.

“You clean up nicely,” Christen says as she straightens Tobin’s tie.

“I try,” Tobin says with a smirk “Come on the restaurant is a 5 minute walk from here” she says as she sees the questioning look on Christen’s face.

“We got reservations M’Lady” Tobin says as she holds her arm out for Christen to hold on

“Fancy” Christren says with a giggle as she takes Tobins arm




“Reservation for Heath,” Tobin says to the hostess as she gets the menu and walks them to their table.

“Oh my god Tobin,” Christen says in awe “I have been wanting to try this place since I’ve gotten here but it’s like impossible to get into”.

“I know. fun fact I listen to you” Tobin says with a chuckle. “I remembered how you were talking about this place on facetime so I booked a weeks ago”

“That is sexy” Christen whispers.

Tobin chuckles as she opens the menu “so Ms. New York, what sounds good”.

“I heard the Lemon Salmon risotto here is to die for, so I am probably going to get that what about you” Christen says

“I think I might do the steak,'' Tobin says as she sets her menu down and looks at Christen with a smile.

“I really missed ya, who would’ve thought I would miss the stuck-up doctor that always blew a fuse” Tobin chuckles.

“Hey, be nice” Christen says as she gives Tobin’s hand a small slap

“Stop acting like you were the perfect neighbor either” Christren says with an annoyed

“Doctor Press, I was nothing but an absolute angel of a neighbor and I even drove you places” Tobin says as she takes a sip of the wine. “Wow that's good”

“An angel?” Christen says with a surprise gasp “You would only play videos, music, and make any noise you could till 2 am in the morning. I lost so much sleep cause of you” Christen says with a glare

“You lost sleep cause of me other ways”Tobin says with a chuckle taking another sip of wine

“Shut up” Christen says as she flicks Tobins arm.




After dinner they take a short stroll through the park as they watch the city begin light up with the nightlife lights. They stroll through the park for a little while talking and just enjoying the company of one another. Soon they find themselves in front of Christen’s apartment building. The energy between them begins to build as they ride up the elevator with Tobin standing behind Christen holding her close as she nibbles on her ear. The walk through the hall to Christen’s door hand in hand. They get to the door Christren struggling to get the key in while Tobin is attacking her neck.

As soon as they get inside the door Christen slams Tobin into the door.

“Fuck” Christen moans as she deepens her kiss, causing Tobin to pull Christen in closer. “I want you baby,” Christen says in a moan as Tobin sucks on her neck.

Tobin guides her through the living room of the apartment and up against the floor to ceiling windows. Christen slowly works Tobin’s suit jacket and shirt off admiring the strong arms and well defined abs. “Fuck have you gained more muscle” Christen asks in a whiny tone as she runs her hands over Tobins stomach.
“I’ve had a lot of free time since you're not there,” Tobin says as she works her hands up Christen’s waist and up to the zipper of the women’s dress.

“This is hot” Tobin says as she pulls Christen’s dress down exposing the lacy black lingerie set Christen had picked out only a few hours earlier. “You're so beautiful chris” Tobin says as she just looks mesmerizingly at Christen.

“Should've known you would have a little exhibitionist streak in you” Christen says right before she pulls Tobin into her.

“Mhm” is all Tobin says in response as she digs her hands into Christens hips holding them still as she grinds their fronts together. Christen pushes Tobin back a little so she slowly get on her knees. She looks up at Tobin as she slowly undoes Tobins belt andlets Tobins pants and and underwear fall to her ankles. Tobin member pops up and Christen sexily licks her lips as she takes Tobins cock into her hand and begins to lick and swirl her tongue around the head.

“Shit” Tobin groans as she grabs Christen's hair admiring the way her cock is gliding in and out of the womens mouth. Tobin pulls Christen up from her knees and pushes her up against the window then drops to her own knees. She teases Christen up and then sinks her tongue in her folds as she takes in all of her flavors. Christen rolls her hips in her mouth as she whines. “Baby I need you” Christen begs As she already is pushing down her lace pantiesand undoing her bra herself.

“Fuck thats hot” Tobin grins seeing how much Christen actually wanted her. Tobinn bends over quickly as she grabs the condom out of her wallet and slips it on. Once on, Christen pulls Tobin against her again and begins to buck her hips into Tobins member.

“Please baby” Christen says again, feeling like she was about to explode because she needed Tobin so much. Tobin lifts Christen up onto the desk that faces the window and slowly slides into Christen causing the women to let out a breathy moan. “Oh oh that's good” Christen says as she wraps her arms around Tobins neck, kissing her hotly. The noises Christen was making, mixed with the window (which Tobin knew no one could actually see them since Christen's apartment was on like the 30th floor) and the fact that they haven’t done this in forever just heightens the emotion. Tobin hides her face in Christen's neck as she feels Christen begin to tighten around her.

“Oh Tobin” Christen moans out as her orgasm hits her “fuck baby, I love you” Christen continues to moan out wrapping her legs around Tobin. The way Christen was clenching around her was just too much and Tobin cums at the same time groaning into Christens neck in ecstasy. Tobin continues to slowly thrust in and out of Christen allowing the women to come down from her climax.

“Damn I love you” Tobin says as she slowly pulls out face still in Christens neck and as she holds on to the woman tightly.
Christen just giggles as she continues to hold Tobin close




Christen awakes the next morning to an empty bed and is confused. Tobin was definitely not a morning person and normally she was the one to wake up first but the sun was streaming through her bedroom window. She was jolted out of her thoughts when she hears noises coming from the kitchen. She throws on Tobin's dress shirt from last night and walks into the kitchen to see what her love was up to. When she gets into the kitchen she finds Tobin only in boxers, cooking something and jamming along to a country song. She comes up behind Tobin slowly and wraps her arms around her waist, it startles Tobin a little bit but then she continues humming.

“Morning babe,” She says turning around in Christen's arms to kiss her temple. “I’m making some breakfast”

“I see that” Christen hums as she moves around to sit a the stool at the counter. “Whatcha making?”

“We got some eggs, bacon, and toast,” Tobin says as she begins to plate everything.

“Yum,” Christen hums as she begins to dig into her meal with Tobin.

“So whatcha got planned today,” Tobin asks as she digs into her food

“I was thinking I could show you around New York a little bit,” Christen says excitedly, “Then I thought we could go to the Knicks game tonight with some of my co-workers, the hospital partnered up with the team but only if you want to” She continues already knowing excited Tobin would be.

“No way!” Tobin says as she jumps up from her chair “Of course it's a yes'' Tobin says as she jumps up and down a little not being able to contain her excitement. “Man I gotta tell Kelley, she's going to absolutely flip her shit,” Tobin says as she walks over to wrap her arms around Christen.

Christen can’t help but laugh at the child-like excitement Tobin was showing “I just wanted your visit to be special” She says shyly. Tobin just grins and pulls Christen up from her chair and kisses her temple. They stand there for a minute in silence, nothing but the sound of the country music playing as they just hold each other. The song that they danced to at Kelley and Alex’s wedding turns on and they begin to rock back and forth as Tobin spins Christen around a few times. They continue to dance for a few more songs, both of them just as content as they could be.