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Domestic Vacation

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That’s it Kazzy, I’ve decided I’m coming to your neck of the woods for a break.

Kiryu spent a good week planning for Majima’s visit to his place in Okinawa. He wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, and although they’d seeing each other on and off, it was mainly based around Kamuro. He’d been sent on an errand to collect supplies by Haruka, who had secretly orchestrated this visit with Majima.

Haruka, the cunning girl she is, had told Majima to come at the exact time she sent Kiryu out to get supplies - “so it’ll be a nice treat for ojiisan.”

In return for setting this up she had a few demands of her own.


“I think we should get a holiday too, Majima.”


“So you’d get the whole place to just yourselves.”

“Ah, I see. What’s the catch lil lady?”


“Ah, come on Haru-chan what’s ya idea?”

“Hmm maybe we could go to the Pineapple Park..?”

“Pineapple park? Majima snorted a laugh. “What’s that then?”

“It has pineapples!”

“Ok ok haha.”

“Hmmm. But it costs a bit...and it would be really cool to see Fruits Land too! It’s in the same city! We could stay in a hotel!”

“I see.” Majima was pulling up his finances in his office before she’d finished that sentence.

“So if you wanted out a bit??”

“Uh huh..” Majima said as nonchalantly as he could, tapping something on his office computer. He could practically hear her give him big eyes. And she knew he had the money to do this. Kiryu was too stubborn to ask for monetary help from anyone, and Haruka knew Kiryu was Majima’s Achilles heel.

“Ok. Booked. Gotta send some of my guys to chaperone you though - don’t worry, it’ll be Nishida and a few others. No scary lookin’ boys.”

“Really?!” Haruka beamed.

They planned the rest around how she wanted it to be a surprise for Kiryu, and Majima wondered how she had learnt to be this scheming. Definitely not from Kiryu.

So it was planned, and all parties seemed happy.


Kiryu heard kitchen noises and thought nothing of it, when he got back. There was a note on the dining table from Haruka.

Hi, hi! We have all gone to Nago! Don’t worry, we have chaperones! None scary ones! I will message you when we arrive there. We are staying in a hotel. Please enjoy your weekend! - Haruka

Kiryu frowned at the letter, and marched into the kitchen to see what the noise was, the scent of chahan hitting his nose.

And she spun around on the ridiculously high heels, which made her tower over Kiryu.

Wearing a tight leather skirt, short enough to see the tattoos adorning the back of her legs. An apron over her torso, with no top (she did say Okinawa made her too hot), the full hannya on display. Blonde hair tied up, with little strands falling down her neck.

“G..goromi”, Kiryu blurted out.

“Hi, handsome. Thought you’d like some lunch. So I’m cooking for ya. Don’t worry I ain’t that bad at it.”

“The kids...”

“They’re safe. It’s cool Kiryu-chan, got my best men lookin’ after ‘em. Also your darling Haruka helped me set this up. She wants to see ya relax a bit too.”

Goromi threw something into the rice and stirred, smiling.

Kiryu opened his mouth and closed it again. He didn’t know exactly what to say, but their history had proven that Majima was a man of his word to the fourth chairman.

Goromi tapped her finger to break Kiryu out of his transfixed state, and pointed towards the whisky she’d already prepared for him. He smiled warmly and took up the glass.

“So, just us for the weekend eh, Goromi?”

“Yeah.” She cut off the heat, and began serving up the meal. “Go sit! Go sit. I’ll put this away.” she continued, grabbing the supplies.

They spent the night eating, drinking and just enjoying each other’s company. It had been a while since either of them really let loose (without fighting), sharing laughs, sneaking hand holds like smitten teenagers.

By the end of the night she’d sprawled her legs all over Kiryu, who was rubbing her ankles.

“I never knew ya had it in ya...ohhhh”

Goromi’s head lolled back as Kiryu hit a particularly nice spot.

“Ehh, Goromi, shall we go to bed?”

The non eye-patched eyebrow raised slightly.

“Ya thinking of takin’ advantage of me eh, Kiryu-chan?”


She gave a wicked grin, and accepted his proposal. She gave her hand out to Kiryu, who took it gently, smiling, and lead her to the bedroom.

The morning after, Kiryu watched Majima as he stirred in his sleep, the sun highlighting angles of his face he’d never seen in Kamurocho. It was that moment Kiryu wondered how he’d ended up in domestic bliss.