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Hammock time

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Fading back to consciousness, Fjord's blurry gaze focuses on a familiar firbolg form, backlit by flickering amber light. His gentle hands, disrobing and inspecting for various wounds to heal. 


"Hey Cad… " he's slumped over in his chair with Caduceus supporting his weight. "Just let me rest. You've done more than enough." As his armor is removed and another spell uttered in a quiet tone. 


"Let me help." His vision fades again as he falls into Caduceus' arms. 


Surrounded by warmth, he feels himself being lifted from the floor. The faint sounds of creaking wood and a small prayer to the Wildmother warm Fjord even more as they reach his quarters.


He expected to be dropped into his bed, left alone to rest but Caduceus carried him to the hammock and perfectly situated himself with Fjord on his chest. The light sounds of waves against a ship's hull begin lulling him to sleep but he fights it for just a moment to look up and see Caduceus peacefully sleeping. He huddles closer to resign to sleep before  he notices Caduceus' leg off the side rocking the hammock back and forth. Fjord smiles, finally closing his eyes to rest.