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Birds in Blüdhaven

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Dick sighed dipping his head into the running water. They had spent their night battling Killer Croc who stunk like a sewer and had no problem sharing that muck with them during the fight. The first thing he did when they got home was strip and start the shower.

Jason's hands slid down his sides to hold his hips. "Trade?"

Dick lifted his head and ran his hand over his hair to get it out of his face before they stepped around each other. "I'll have to take my suit to Stu's to actually get it cleaned."

Jason hummed, in agreement, rinsing out the soap from his hair. "Want to see if he'll do mine too? Put it on Bruce's tab," he chuckled softly.

"I'm sure I could," Dick stepped closer, holding Jason's sides just under his ribs, physically persuading him to move again.

Jason slid his wet hair back, watching Dick practically humming while standing under the shower head. Jason laughed again, pulling him forward. "You just want to hog all the hot water."

Dick grinned, letting himself be manipulated to the back of the tub again. He ran his hand down Jason's chest and traced the line of dark hair below his belly. "Speaking of hog…" he said, opening his fingers to drag his knuckles over Jason’s cock.

Jason snorted and looked at him humorously. "Not your best line."

Dick only half shrugged in response. He brought his hands back up to Jason's shoulders, holding him as he moved closer. He held the back of his neck and encouraged him to lean down for a kiss.

"I thought we were just showering and going to bed," Jason reminded him of the plan they had made when they climbed through the fire escape window.

"Right. You come to bed with me," Dick swayed, arching his back to put less space between their naked bodies.

"Yeah?" Jason wrapped his arms around Dick's waist. "Not really sure that's what we meant."

"Tired?" Dick asked seriously, taking a small step back. It was understandable if Jason really did just want to get some sleep. It had been a hard and drawn out fight. Neither of them had gotten seriously injured, some welts, bruises, and scratches but nothing that wouldn't heal in a week.

"Not anymore," Jason slid his hands down, tracing over Dick's hips and pulling him closer again by the back of his thighs while leaning over him, aiming for a kiss. The warm water rained over Jason’s back while Dick’s tongue moved against his. Jason broke away and turned to lick drops of water off Dick’s neck. "I was just wondering what you did to earn it."

Dick let out a shaky breath and swallowed before clearing a lump from his throat. "I've been a good boy haven't I?" He had a slightly pouty tone to his voice.

It made Jason chuckle and lean back again. He reached up, holding Dick's chin. "Depends on what kind of treat you want." They'd never really had a full conversation like this before but Dick didn't seem to struggle with it and Jason was actually really enjoying that.

Dick slid his hand down between their bodies, dragging his fingers over Jason’s cock again before turning his wrist to properly play with him. Jason’s sucked in a breath and watched Dick lick his bottom lip before answering, "my favorite one."

Jason blinked, and had to swallow hard, his hold on Dick’s face going slack. "Fuck, that's hot."

Dick grinned, his voice back to normal, "Yeah?"

Jason let out a deep breath and bit his lip, looking down over Dick's body and back up to his face. The dark hair was wet and sticking to his neck in places, pieces of it falling out of how it had been pushed back. He ran the pad of his thumb over Dick's bottom lip. "You want to suck me off in the shower, Baby?"

Dick made a soft noise on his breath before grinning, "yes, Daddy." He stepped a little closer to the back of the tub so Jason could move out of the water enough to keep him from drowning. He sank down to his knees and they thudded against the acrylic tub. Dick ran his hands up Jason’s thighs, his thumb turning, slipping under the base of his cock to hold him still while he licked at the water on his skin.

Jason sighed, letting his eyes close and head tip back into the warm water. It ran through his hair against his scalp and down his legs. His hand dropped to the back of Dick's head when he opened his mouth and took him in.

The open air was cool on his chest in comparison to the hot water at his back, and Dick’s mouth warm as his head bobbed. The water in Dick’s hair was making it turn colder by the second. It was nearly as good as when Jason had his first shower beer. The cold and warm sensations contrasting through his body.

Dick's flattened tongue ran over the length of him again, his hand angling it to the side, his head dropping lower with the arch of his shoulders and turn of his neck. The question in Jason’s throat turned into a strangled groan. His hand reached out bracing himself against the shower wall. Dick sucked at the skin, one of Jason’s balls pulled into his mouth and let go again with a lick as Dick’s head tilted to do it again. Meanwhile his fist was pistoning Jason’s cock like it wasn’t against his face, like the head of it wasn’t rubbing against cold hair.

"Fuck! Holy shit, Dickie," Jason curled his fingers against the shower wall and let out a long moan with his eyes squeezed shut. Dick sat back up, he was breathing hard, the warm air ghosting over soft skin. He pressed a kiss to the side of him before manipulating the heavy cock back into his mouth and down his throat.

The muscles in Jason’s legs started to threaten to give up, his knees getting weak. Dick wasn’t working him up like he did last time. He was diving into it head first, quite literally. He breathed through his nose, never letting up. Drool, water, and precum running down his chin and throat.

Jason fought the rush coming up the back of his neck, making him shudder. "I'm so-" His stomach rolled, at the thought, unable to finish his sentence. "Holy fuck, Dickie," he grabbed at a fistfull of the wet hair at his groin, bobbing up and down, going as fast as he would be if it were his own hand.

Dick tilted his head to one side and then the other, his mouth twisting up the length of Jason’s cock as he pulled back. The sensation made Jason choke on a moan and rock on his toes. His head fell back into the water with a long, low breath. He throbbed and swelled, muscles seizing hard, shaking as he came into Dick’s mouth.

Jason took a second, recovering some of his breathing and opening his eyes. He let his head drop forward, his stomach jumping at the sight now below him. Instead of spitting like last time Dick was holding his mouth open, letting the cum run over his lip and down his chin, he was smiling with his eyes looking up at him. When he was sure Jason was absolutely speechless he dropped his chin, pulling the thick liquid off his tongue and spitting onto the floor of shower.

Jason was trying to catch his breath still. He swallowed down a lump of saliva and turned to the side to lean on the wall. "Are you a porn star or something?"

Dick’s laugh was rough ending with something like a croak. He wiped the bottom of the tub, getting the water to pull the mess towards the drain. "I bet we watch very different porn," he said with another airy laugh before getting back up to his feet to rinse his face in the warm water. "I just didn't want you-" his voice cut out and he cleared his throat, "hogging the hot water."

Jason let out a breathy laugh, finding his strength again, stepping forward to hold Dick’s hips. "Alright, Baby," he was careful to keep the overly sensitive head of his cock from touching Dick’s body as he leaned forward to kiss his shoulder. "You've earned it," he admitted.

Dick hummed and tipped his head back and to the side to look at him with a big smirk. He kissed Jason’s jaw and leaned back towards the water. "I'll meet you in my room. Just give me a minute."

Jason let his hands drift from Dick’s body as he stepped back. He blew out a breath sparing one last look at the way water ran over Dick’s backside.

Jason stepped out of the bathtub and reached for his towel, pulling it off the rack. He dried himself off and walked into the hall, still running the towel over his hair. There was no point in covering up or combing his hair, they'd probably wind up rolling around in Dick’s bed one way or another.

He pulled back the blankets and top sheet and sat down on the edge of the bed. He was still trying to dry off a little more while he waited. He tossed the towel towards Dick’s laundry hamper, he could just grab a new one tomorrow or later today, whatever hellish time of night they were at.

Jason heard the shower shut off and figured he'd think ahead a little and get the usual supplies from Dick’s nightstand drawer. He had been expecting a few extra things to be hidden in there and there were. A pair of leather straps with fur lining which weren't that concerning, and a bulb looking thing with a sort of tube attached, he had to guess what that was for. What caught his attention the most was the four different silicone cocks ranging in size from average to gifted.

"Jeez, Dickie, you got one for every day of the week?" Jason asked when he heard footsteps behind him. He picked up the lube and set it on the table top before closing the drawer again.

"Those are dilators, Jay," Dick corrected with a hint of amusement in his voice. He was trying to dry his hair the same way Jason had.

"Oh," Jason took a second to think that through but he got there. "Did you need to-..." This had been a little less planned out than before.

Dick dropped his towel off to the side and stepped into Jason’s space, his hands running up the damp skin to hold around his neck. "Were you planning on fucking me right now?"

Jason looked down Dick's body, holding his sides, thinking about what he wanted to do to him. At that moment the answer was everything. "I hadn't ruled it out."

Dick hummed, leaning closer to press himself fully against him. "I think I'll be okay."

"You sure?" Jason's hands drifted down, skipping around Dick's back to hold his ass, earning a little happy sound from Dick’s raw throat.

"We just had sex a little while ago. Unless… Do you want to use them on me? Might be fun," Dick asked suggestively, swaying his hips, his knees and something else still a little stiff from their events in the shower.

Jason was alright admitting he could use a little more recovery time but he didn’t really like the thought of something that removed getting Dick to make those nice noises. "I don't think I'm into that."

"Alright," Dick lost interest in the idea as quickly as it had been entertained. He slid closer still, one arm dropping so he could kiss the side of Jason’s face. "Where do you want me?"

Jason let out a breath with a grin, "have a seat, Dickie boy." He tilted his head towards the bed. Dick turned and sat on the edge, a huge grin on his face. Jason shook his head with a small breathy laugh. He moved to stand over him. He leaned down, holding Dick's chin again to get him to tilt up so that when they kissed. Jason could slip his tongue into Dick’s mouth and feel him struggle to swallow. He let go, drifting his hand over Dick's arms and down his chest while he kissed Dick’s neck. Dick closed his eyes and tipped his head back with a little, happy noise. "Daddy's gonna take good care of you," he breathed into Dick’s shoulder, before sinking down in front of him.

Dick gasped, his blue eyes going wide. He opened his mouth, clearly about to say something but Jason didn’t give him a chance. He really liked the way Dick squirmed and whined while they were fooling around, he'd let himself admit he'd do anything to torture his golden-boy Grayson, including this.

He leaned forward with his mouth open, chest feeling tight, and nerves twisting in his gut. He held Dick there and shifted his knees against the carpet. He moved his head forward, the soft skin sliding over his tongue. He was pleasantly surprised to find it just tasted like skin, but he really should have expected that, they'd just showered. The head of Dick’s cock hadn't even made it to the back of his throat before he had to pull away to breathe and stop from choking. It felt like he was fighting against every instinct to lean forward again. How the hell did Dick make this look so easy?

"Jay," Dick grabbed his shoulders, pushing at them, making him move away and sit back. "Stop."

Jason sighed, feeling relieved and a little humble. "Sorry, Dickie, guess I'm not into that either."

Dick leaned down a little to pull on Jason’s arm and get him back up off the floor. "That’s fine, Jay." Dick encouraged him closer so he could catch a kiss. It lasted a little long but not deep. Dick grinned against his lips and turned his head to the side to get to Jason's ear. "I want you to do to me the things you want to do to me," he said in an airy voice, trying and succeeding in sounding sexy.

Jason let out a breathy laugh and hummed thoughtfully. He leaned away to see Dick’s face. He was grinning and looking back at him expecting Jason’s next move. It was to bring his hand up, sliding it down Dick’s jaw and neck while leaning towards him. He pressed against him hard, forcing his tongue past his, not even letting them play for a bit, kissing him in a way that was meant to leave him breathless putty. Dick’s eyes were still closed when Jason moved away, holding Dick's jaw tighter and forcing his head to turn away so he could get to his neck.

Dick whined, his back going a little weak for a second. Jason smirked at that. His nose was against damp hair that smelled strongly of Dick’s soap, while he pressed his lips below Dick’s ear and then under his jaw. He blew out a dismissive laugh at his thought before sharing it. "I'd rather eat you out."

Dick froze a second before pulling away from Jason's firm, but not too tight hold on his face to stare at him. "Really?" He looked like someone who had just been told the biggest gift under a Christmas tree was his.

That made Jason actually laugh. "Yeah too bad- Wait, I can do that."

"You abso-fucking-lutely can, " Dick answered with a lot of enthusiasm, pushing Jason away a little. He quickly laid out on the bed and rolled onto his stomach. He grabbed a pillow and started putting it under his hips, folding it over to try and make it hold him a little higher.

Jason was smiling wide, entirely amused. It was like he'd said some kind of buzz word. He climbed on the bed behind him, his palm running up Dick's thigh as he moved over his leg.

Dick reached up grabbing the black bottle with the large strawberry on it. He looked over his shoulder while passing it to Jason. "Saliva isn't really a reliable lubricant."

"Got it. Not really a big fan of strawberries though," Jason said, appreciating the tip and assuming this was why it was favored.

"I will buy whatever fucking flavor you want," Dick said back, looking over his shoulder at him.

Jason chuckled while turning his attention to the bottle. The cap snapped when he opened it, putting only a small amount on his finger. He brought it up, giving it a curious taste test. It was overwhelmingly synthetic and tasting more like something close to but not quite hitting the strawberry mark with a greasy aftertaste. It wasn't intolerable and if it helped he wasn't going to turn it down. He poured more onto his fingers. "So is there a trick to eating ass or…?"

"No, no. Nope. Not at all," Dick said quickly, with all kinds of anxious anticipation.

"Guess I'll just feel my way through it," he said back, finding Dick’s behavior slightly funny. He slid his slick fingers over Dick's skin, feeling the familiar twitch to his eager body as he coated him in gel. Jason teased him with his thumb knowing that Dick would whine and arch his back, trying to push his hips into it. This time Jason let him while leaning forward to kiss Dick’s back.

Dick gasped loudly, sounding absolutely elated when Jason’s thumb pressed into him. It rolled and twisted to test Dick’s muscles earning a lot of very similar sounds. He let it slip out again, humored and curious, "did you finger yourself in the shower?"

"Shut up," Dick said back, pulling another one of his pillows over to hug it under his head.

Jason brought his other hand back a little before swinging towards Dick’s ass. Dick groaned and hips swayed on his knees while Jason groped and played with the thick flesh without pulling away again. His palms pressed harder against his body guiding Dick to curl his hips more into the pillow under them, making the angle he needed less awkward for his neck. He drug his tongue flat over the sensitive skin, tasting the gel, not caring at all how it tasted anymore. The tight muscles twitched and opened, Dick's body begging for more.

Dick breathed hard with a happy moan, turning his head against his pillow. That gave Jason a little more confidence. He rolled the thick of his tongue against the begging body, having to mouth at the skin around it.

Dick pushed himself up with an arch of his back. "Fuuuuck," he moaned loudly and tried to rock back, making Jason’s face press harder against him. "Put it in," he said on his breath.

Jason pulled away instead, smirking he gave Dick's ass another smack and watched as he made it bounce in his hands. "Fuck this is hot."

"Keep going then," Dick whimpered, dropping his head to let it hang between his shoulders.

Jason wiped saliva and gel from his chin before leaning forward again. He flexed his tongue, circling the muscle, rimming him gently.

Dick groaned, his head lifting up again with another whiny sound from his throat.

Jason drug the flat of his tongue up to Dick's back. "What do you want, Baby?" He asked with his lips ghosting against Dick’s skin.

"Fuck me with your tongue," Dick said in a rush with absolutely no hesitation.

Jason chuckled finding Dick’s desperation a little amusing. He'd never seen him like this. He dropped his head back down to lick up and across the desperate hole, flicking his tongue as if he was going to continue teasing. Dick let out a whine, trying to push back but Jason held his ass, making it jiggle again. His nose pressed against his tailbone as he granted Dick’s wish.

Dick let out the loudest moan Jason had ever heard him make, panting harder than he already had been. If Jason had known how much Dick loved this he might have done it sooner. He rolled his tongue in waves against Dick’s walls, having to move his jaw and mouth against his skin.

"Oh fuck yes," Dick's voice dropped lower as he let out his breath. He made sweet, non-verbal sounds between loud, happy gasps. His fingers curled against the sheets, his head hanging heavier with every spike of pleasure that rocket up to his neck. Dick tried to press back, his breath getting ragged but Jason pulled away making him whine again, a little, "no" coming from his throat.

Jason ran a hand up Dick's back quickly. He grabbed his shoulder and roughly shoved him towards the pillow. Dick gasped loudly as he hit the bed. Jason held his weight against Dick’s shoulder a second, watching the way he let out a breathy moan. He really did like when Jason was a little rough. "Be good," Jason said in a voice that was somehow kindly threatening, pulling away to sit back again.

"Yes, Daddy," Dick answered while nodding against his pillow, folding his arms in to be more comfortable.

Jason sat back, giving Dick another spanking, making him shudder. He slid his hands over his hips and down to his legs. He grabbed Dick's thighs and pulled him upward and closer. Dick's shin's were against Jason’s lap, toes digging into the mattress. He moaned and twisted his hands in whatever he could reach as Jason’s tongue started sliding in and out of him. Dick could only make loud and pleased sounds, his legs squirming a little.

Jason slipped a hand between those legs, his fingers sliding over Dick's cock, feeling it pulse and twitch, feeling how wet with precum he had made the pillow under him.

Jason pulled back, lowering Dick back onto the bed and wiping his chin. Dick was a shaking needy mess and it was the hottest thing Jason had ever seen. He sat taller on his knees, moving closer. He gave Dick's ass another smack under him before dragging both hands upward and turning them to spread him apart. Jason gently leaned his hips forward. The heat of his cock sliding against Dick’s skin. Jason made a noise, his eyes falling closed as he bit his lip. He rolled into him again, Dick’s body coated in saliva and lubricant.

Jason leaned back enough to look down, watch himself drag over him. "Fuck you're wet," Jason breathed out. One of his hands moved to hold Dick’s hips, the other held himself to tease the begging body with the head of his cock. Jason's eyes slid closed again, his head falling back with a hiss, circling Dick's hole with a little more pressure.

Dick had lifted himself up to his forearms, he had only been breathing with needy sounds that were getting louder. He started moving his hips, making his own ass bounce against Jason’s cock. Jason only had to push a little and sink inside. "Holy fuck, Dickie," the words tumbled out of his mouth because unlike before he bottomed out in just one push.

Dick was suddenly on his hands. "Fuck yes!" His head hung low, rocking his hips. He was fucking himself onto Jason with no patience for him to move first. "Uhn... Fuck," He devolved into his beautiful noises, "uhn... yes," sounding so pleased and incredibly desperate, the headboard hitting the wall.

Jason had his eyes shut tight, panting hard. It felt amazing, fucking into Dick with a bare cock. He reached up, holding his shoulder and pushing in harder. He knew he should pull out, grab a condom, but Dick's body was so warm and slick. He bargained with himself, a few more thrusts and he'd do that. And then again a few more thrusts later, what if he just pulled out and came on his back? Yeah, he'd do that. Jason's hands held tight to Dick’s hips again, his own snapping forward with abandon.

Dick pushed himself up even higher, a hand on the mattress. "God, I love your cock," he breathed thoughtlessly while moving back into him. Jason held him tight, wrapping one arm around his chest and kissing Dick’s neck. The new angle let him move faster but not deeper, which Dick didn't seem to be mad about. He was practically screaming, how loud he was moaning. One of his hands reached back egging Jason to move with slow grinds suddenly, earning all kinds of very nice noises.

"You’re so gay for me." Jason laughed with dry breath, his head on Dick’s shoulder, kissing and letting his teeth drag against the skin.

"Always been," Dick breathed out, his head dropping back. His face was tight, his body tensed to the point of shaking. He pushed his whole weight back against him, coming with a series of loud gasps, and jerking hips.

Jason groaned, Dick's body tightening and writhing in his arms. He held across Dick's chest grabbing his shoulder, thrusting up into him harder. He was making short, gasping groans against Dick’s ear. He was coming inside him, hard.

They both took some time coming down. Their breathing started to get easier. Jason's eyes opened and he suddenly remembered, looking down between them. "Shit," he cussed at himself. He pushed Dick forward while he leaned back. "Fuck, Dickie, I'm sorry."

Dick let his wobbly body be moved and turned a little to sit sideways on his hip, his legs still stiff and shaky at the same time. "It's fine, Jay," Dick said with a soft smile.

"I really hadn't meant to do that," Jason went on, sitting back on his legs. "You okay?"

"Just a little messier that usual," Dick laughed lightly. "If it makes you feel better you're the first one to do that."

"Really?" Jason had lived with Dick long enough to know he had a pretty active sex life.

"Yeah," Dick shrugged, "they'd pull out if they didn't use a condom."

"Isn't that… dangerous?" Jason wasn't really sure how to phrase it.

"More dangerous than wearing a mask and getting into fights with a crocodile-man?" Dick asked back.

"Okay yeah," Jason conceded while stepping off the bed.

Dick looked at the pillow where it was still sitting and the wet spots of cum that had landed on the sheets. "I should have put a towel down," Dick sighed. "I was thinking about it in the shower- Fuck me, I'm out of clean sheets." He dropped his head back with a groan. Jason grabbed one of their towels from the floor, throwing it at him. "Would have been more helpful before but thanks." He patted at the bed and then over the back of one of his legs. "You can go clean up first. It'll take me a little longer." He looked at the bed again. "Then I guess I'm sleeping on the couch."

"You can sleep in my bed," Jason suggested casually.

Dick looked up at him. "You sure?"

Jason shrugged, "we wound up doing it at Bruce's."

"That was a little different," Dick reminded cautiously. "And a full is smaller than a queen."

"I'm sure it'll be fine, Dickie," Jason said before walking out the door.

He cleaned himself up and went to his room for a pair of boxers before going back to brush his teeth. He paused suddenly after rinsing. 'What did he mean by always?'

Dick walked into the bathroom, stepping behind him, smiling as they met eyes in the mirror. Jason half smiled back before leaving him to go back to his room.

Had he meant always, always? Jason pulled back his covers to slide into bed, still trying to work it out. Maybe Dick had been joking? Maybe he just meant he'd always been gay.

He heard Dick walk back to his room and it wasn’t long after that the lights in the apartment clicked off and Dick was walking into his room. He held his hand by the light switch, "you good?"

Jason moved in the bed to get more comfortable. "Yeah go ahead."

Dick turned out the light and crossed the room to the bed. He didn't say anything else until he was under the blankets with him. "Night, Jay."

"Night," Jason said back. Dick turned over onto his side, facing away from him while Jason stayed facing the ceiling. The heat of Dick’s skin pressed against his arm. But Jason could barely enjoy that, his mind was still spinning.

Had Dick meant since they were younger? Had he meant since Jason moved in with him? When they were Titans he was fifteen and Dick had been eighteen. He had still been dating Barbara then though. Dick had told him it wasn’t until moving to Blüdhaven he knew he was gay. So it couldn't be since they were younger.

Jason remembered sitting up watching TV with him. Sometimes they'd laugh at how stupid the commercials were but it was just friendly. Dick was protective of him when they were on missions but Dick was protective of his whole team.

They had trained together, just the two of them. When they weren’t using weapons the whole goal was to get the other guy on the ground, this meant grappling and wrestling but Dick had never been inappropriate.

He must have meant since Jason had moved in then. Dick had known he was attracted to men by that point. They were working together at night and seeing each other at least every morning. Maybe he was just Dick’s type. He was certainly attracted to him now so he must have been then too.

The sun was coming up, starting to illuminate Jason’s room. He wasn't even sure if he had slept at all.