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Along Came A Spider- A Satoru x Yashiro Smut Fanfic

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“You never did lose your memory, did you Satoru?” Satoru could barely make a sound as his ex-teacher Yashiro Gaku stood in the doorway. His eyes glittering like two cups of black bitter coffee. Satoru’s frame didn’t feel as strong as it usually did, perhaps it was the fact that his body hadn’t moved in years and now it hardly felt capable of moving as that question nearly glued him to the spot. His legs feeling like the stubs of two pencils as he was faced with such an accusation. He swallowed roughly, trying to calm himself and shake the panic out of his own voice.

“No I did I-“ He felt his throat was as dry as gravel, but the assuredness in the others eyes seemed to still whatever excuse he had on his tongue, taking a hesitant step forward in case he needed to barrel past the sturdy looking frame of his teacher.. But his teacher simply moved in his way, blocking the only exit, leaning against the doorframe his hip brushing the steel. In the small hospital room which felt like it was no longer a comfortable residents but a noose closing slowly.

Yashiro’s fingertips drummed on the side of the door which his hand rested on, as he closed his eyes, his long lashes kissing his own cheeks as he just exhaled, sighing. A wry smile spread on his own lips, which dipped into a regretful smile. But the sadness in that smile didn’t reach his eyes which suddenly looked as cold as a dark bitter river when facing Satoru. ”Clever boy. But then again you always were....foiling me at every turn.”

Satoru could feel the evening spring chill, it had been pleasant to open the windows of the small hospital room to let out some of that stifling dusty smell and ointments, that seemed to permanently settle in every room, he had wanted to breath in the crisp air, but now that iciness of the night no longer felt refreshing but left something cold trickling down his own spine.

“You got greedy though Satoru...companions in crime...clever play on words, using my own teachings against me.” He descended towards him slowly closing in on Satoru who could only back away. The room suddenly feeling like ice as his feet clumsily pitter pattered on the cold plastic-feeling hospital floor, his fluffy slippers long forgotten as he stepped out of them. Readying for the fact that they would be useless if he had to run. “But I suppose its a teachers dream to watch their students surpass them.”

His eyebrow twitched at that comment and something unfathomable boiled in his stomach. “You are not my teacher! You forfeited that right...when you tried to...”“Satoru.....say it.””Murder someone...” Satoru said with true horror in his voice, the dread washing over him and binding him like spiders silk. They were mere steps away but he felt like he had already been caught.“ said it..” He whispered running his hands through his dark unruly locks, his lips parting as he stared to the ceiling as though he was gasping for air. But Satoru Fujinuma in this small secluded room with his enemy in tow...felt as if he was the one drowning.

When Yashiro Gaku looked at him, it wasn’t the kind teacher who had helped him save people and patted his head making him feel safe, but something monstrous, the way he smiled was sinister than kind. But there was relief there in his gaping jaw, his toothy grin. Like a snake shedding its far too tight skin. Satoru took another step back with Yashiro following in his steed. His hands gesturing to Satoru. His eyes filled with the young man. “I felt like it was gone for good, that delicious sensation. I was sure I would never again experience it ever again...But as soon as you spoke it all came rushing back...”

There was a jolt of darkness in the other mans eyes, something that made Satoru think of a dangerous pit of creatures. Rolling around in those dark wells. “Pressure!” He hissed it. “I felt as if I was the rat treading water to stay afloat! In your hands being melded like one makes me feel the way you do, like I’m drowning.” Yashiro pressed a finger against his own throat tapping it. The closer he got towards Satoru the more eager he seemed.

His gloved hand reached towards Satoru, his eyes alight, his breathing all but a haggard mess. “Satoru! Satoru!” He was almost frothing at the mouth, that wild look in his eyes, which darted over the young mans body. Drinking Sotaru in like an alcoholic lusting for a drop of whiskey, a terrifying monster. Satoru was now practically taking long strides backwards. “Stop, go away!”

“Come to me!”

Satoru’s back hit something solid, cold and unmoving, in that moment he forgot to breathe, he looked behind him to see a solid wall and felt like throwing up his hands pressed to cold stone and filing cabinets. He shut his eyes. Waiting for the final blow. Ahh check mate. He thought closing his eyes, not wanting to see the madman do whatever he was going to do next. His body shivering from being exposed to cold brick and mortar as he waited for the inevitable.

Warm...he felt warm...why was that? Something dense and warm collided against his body laying him flat against stone and he felt a solid form wrapping its self around him. The feint scent of coffee candy and something tickling his nose. He inhaled a shaky breath for bravery. He lethargically opened his eyes, heavy from fear to see his teacher embracing him tightly. Arms winding around his own pinning them to his side as he was pressed against the wall. A delicate hand at the base of his skull a firm chest against his own. His nose buried in his ex-teachers hair.

The disorienting feel of a human body, squeezing his own. A voice as smooth as silk caressing the shells of his delicate ear. As he blinked in confusion. “Y-Yashiro?” That hand petting the back of his head, winding itself in his locks and stroking his nape.
“Satoru....listen to your teacher for once..” Satoru didn’t even have the strength to answer he nodded slowly, unsure what this odd interaction would lead to. He expected to be murdered at any point.

”You are my destiny Satoru. My silver line dangling in hell to pull me out. Can’t you see? My damnation and my salvation. My hell and my heaven. Oh Satoru!” He felt Yashiro's breath kissing his neck as he held like a precious thing in this serial killers arms.

The various filing cabinets pushing through the thin material of his hospital gown and biting into his flesh. Their sharp jaw settling on his neck, warming the skin with their cheek. He was sure Yashiro could feel his heartbeat through his neck which now felt like a bird flying around in a very small cage. Fear, fear of the unknown. Confusion at what Yashiro was going to do next“Yashir-?“ He rasped in confusion his throat sore and unpracticed, as though cobwebs were sitting in his brain.

“I love you...”“

S-Sensei!” He choked. His eyes as wide as dinner plates, having a serial killer confess their love was not part of the plan. He suddenly tried to rip himself out of their arms. But they simply held him tighter constricting all movement. “SENSE-“ His disapproval was cut off as he felt Yashiro suddenly bare down on his throat biting the side of the delicate column of Satoru’s throat. “A-AHHH!” His teeth dragging against his throat tasting his heart beat so suddenly he whipped his head back crying out.

His head nearly slamming into the he cabinets from shock if Yoshiro’s hand hadn’t protected it. “Mmm yes Satoru! I’m your sensei all yours!” Their voice sounded maddened with delight! Delight so frightening it made Satoru feel as though his heart had jumped up in his throat.

“AAA-H-HNNG!” His voice could do nothing but cry out, his glasses jauntily hanging up his face as he stared at the ceiling mouth open in shock as Yoshiro changed target latching his mouth onto his Adam’s apple biting down so vividly he made Satoru see white. He didn’t take into account the possibility that foiling his teachers plots...may have made them obsessed with him! Their arms so tight around him he felt he was being crushed by a boa constrictor.

“Let me have you Satoru...just behave!” His lips wet with sin, his eyes moist at the corners at that devastating smile that would have made all the first grade teachers fall for Mr Yashiro Gaku!” He desperately tried to plea, to make this sinister man stop and think. His tongue heavy in his mouth as he panted out.

“No! No! Yashiro! No!”

His only warning had been the knife like glint in their eyes, the softest quirk of their lips before he was being devoured by the other man! Their lips swallowed any sort of complaint. So hot and pliant against his.


He grunted on impact, his back slamming back against the wall. Satoru was trapped in a small room with his worst enemy, kissing the breath out of him. That was when he started to panic! He started to wriggle like a mad thing, trying to tug his own lips from Yashiro who wouldn’t ease himself off them. No matter how much he tried to avoid their assault of kisses, wherever his mouth went there’s followed. As though his lips were magnetised to it.

Trailing wet kisses on his lips with needless want. He ripped his mouth of there’s inhaling oxygen so deeply he felt as though he would pass out as he went to yell into the corridor hoping someone would hear him. “

“SOMEBODY HEL-MMMPH” GLUG! His spit squelched at the side of his mouth as Yashiro took the opportunity of Satoru’s protest to thrust his long wet tongue straight down his throat. His tongue rolling around like an eager worm inside his throat. Making tears prick at the corner of his eyes as he was forced to gulp it down, tongue and spit. Yashiro was in his throat. “Mmmm! Mmm! Mmmmm!”

That awful tongue seemed to be filling every inch of his mouth, what Satoru hated more than the fact that his enemies tongue was lurching itself down his throat was the little spiral of something pleasurable which sparked down his spine. He had to fight it! He had to! But every time they rolled their tongue he felt like he was going to faint. The silence in the room broken by the gurgling and sloppy sounds of his throat being licked.

His arms restricted by Yashiro’s insane strength, as his hands clawed at their jacket. His strength to fight them fading as their tongue did all sorts of things to his head. By the time Yoshiro let go of his lips, he was grateful for the wall because Satoru felt like he was just about going to fall over.

His breath short and fast and his eyes downcast as he tried to catch his breath. Heat bloomed in his cheeks. 26 year of living and a serial killer stole his first kiss. His forehead pressed into their shoulder. As he tried to catch his breath. Arms lining his back, fingers pressed against the divots of his spine, testing the bumps there. His head a mess.

“Come home with me Satoru.”

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For a serial killers apartment...It was cleaner than he expected. As he stood at the entrance to Yashiro Gaku’s house. It had been in a small building complex, that you had to walk up two flights of stairs and cross a corridor filled with cheap looking apartments and Yashiro’s was at the very end. By the time he snapped out of his daze from being kissed so violently.

He was not even aware that Yashiro had guided him out of the safety of the hospital. As he blinked realising where he was. Watching Yashiro with perfect confidence strip his own suit jacket off and draping it over a couch. Yashiro’s apartment was simple, like most buildings it only had two rooms.

A kitchenette with a small counter to prepare food, a stove and cabinets. A singular bowl of fruit mostly green apples. What separated the kitchen from the living room/ bedroom was the line between the kitchen tiles and soft looking grey carpet.

Satoru took in the many storage cupboards that lined the room. Probably holding their sleeping bed. A coffee table with a few papers still on it and a singular dark grey couch. A tv in the corner on a filing cabinet filled with papers. At the left was a faraway door which he assumed led to a bathroom. It looked more ordinary than he expected from a serial killer. As he stood near the front door at the Genkan, his slippers still on. Yashiro’s overcoat sitting on his shoulders.

His ex-teacher turned to him smiling so softly it lessened the harsh lines of his face. “Come on Satoru.” As though he was sure Satoru wouldn’t just turn and run. He felt behind him and pressed his hands on the door leaver. Ready to leave instantly. He had very much went from out of the frying pan and into the fire as he swallowed roughy but he had no choice...this was how he was going to win for sure...and yet he found himself pulling the leaver down gently his body not obeying him as he tried to be quiet as not to alert Yashiro of his intention. But instead of turning all the way down it locked halfway making him grit his teeth. Yoshiro...locked that’s why the serial killer wasn’t panicking...this wasn’t really a choice.

He saw something shift in Yashiro’s eyes which darted to the door and then he smiled at Satoru. A smile that really did reach his eyes. “Satoru...” His voice like spun silk. He started to briskly walk towards the boy whose breath hitched as a warm hand graced his own on the door leaver. Yashiro all but breathing the same air in he was so close. His hand pressed over Satoru’s. “Have you forgotten how to take your shoes off?” It was almost so domestic that question, it was laughable considering the strange situation Satoru was in, he could almost burst into hysterical giggles. He was in a serial killers house. Who was pretending Satoru had just popped over for some tea. He wanted to wrench open the door more than anything, yell for help. Accuse Yashiro of all the cruel and evil things he had done.

But then all of this would be pointless he wouldn’t get the proof he needed to nail Yashiro for sure. So he let go of the door leaver which felt as though he’d just let himself fall off a cliff into an awaiting chasm. He allowed Yashiro to guide him further to the edge of the wooden step by his hand which would lead to his carpeted house.

“Here let me help, lift your leg.” Yashiro crouched his face at Satoru’s knee height. As he gently closed his hand around Satoru’s delicate ankle, swamped by the mans warm palm. Satoru was forced to lean on Yashiro’s shoulders, his hands clenching into the crisp whiteness of their shirt as he lifted his leg obediently. Yashiro so gently leading his foot on top of the ledge to step into his house. Satoru should feel repulsed, he should know...they were...horrible...inhuman and yet Yashiro’s hands were so fragile on Satoru’s feet, as though they would shatter like glass underneath his fingertips.

“Very good the other one...” He spoke to Satoru so...patiently like he was a child. Satoru found himself obeying and very soon he was standing on the carpet, his toes pressed into the lush ground which felt so much better than his cheap, dollar fluffy sandals. But Yashiro’s hand was still pressed to one of his feet. Their thumb resting on the bumps of his ankle. As though Yashiro was relishing in their delicate bone structure.

“Sensei?” He asked looking down at them, their hair falling over their face from this angle. Yashiro looked up at Satoru, his smile angelic as he beamed. “You’re so very....beautiful Satoru.” He looked at Satoru with such reverence. That even if he could the boy couldn’t bring himself to knee them in the face. A blush scolding his own cheeks. I must be losing my mind Satoru thought. Because from this angle...Yashiro was a really gorgeous man. For a second he was lost to their blinding joyous smile. In that moment, he wasn’t a murderer just a attractive older man.

He shuddered when they pressed their cheek against his thigh, nuzzling the cotton of his shorts their nose skirting the edge of cloth and skin pressing a soft kiss to the meeting of cotton and cold skin, lost in the sensation of their warm lips. His own eyes glazed over remembering how they had passionately kissed him moments ago. His head slightly dizzy as he watched. A shiver running all the way from his spine to the tips of his toes, he closed his eyes fighting a rolling sickness settle in his guts. As he tried to blink away the blurriness that seemed to settle in front of his eyes like a screen. His body tilting slightly.

Feeling himself rock slightly off the balls of his feet a weightlessness to his body before he felt a hand roughly grasp his wrist. His back colliding with a subtle chest a warm voice in his ear. “Just breath Satoru..” The took their advice breathing slowly until eventually the dizziness subsided every so slowly. The steady warmth of their finger tips on his wrist like an anchor against the confusion of this all.

“Let me run you a bath will warm you up..” Those fingertips lightly brushing the inner parts of his wrist, calming him down. 10 minutes later. Satoru could almost collapse as his foot dipped into the comforting steamy hot water dispersing the calm surface as blissful hot water washed away the scent of medical ointments and waiting rooms that seemed to be imbedded into the hospital gown. The smell of plastic...and medical procedures.

As he slowly lowered himself into the water, his arms shaking as he body physically convulsed at the feeling of warm water on his tender skin the water lapping at his thighs. He hissed feeling that blissful burn. Scorching away the stress his body held. He got halfway into the tub his arms shaking like a leaf when his arms gave way.He was falling. “


He let out a yelp when suddenly fingertips rolled under his arms, clasping them and stoping him from just sinking into the water, diving head first in the ceramic bathtub. His gaze following the soft finger tips wrapped around his upper arm. A sturdy chest in his view. He didnt even hear Yashiro enter and yet here they were holding him above the water, which had come up to his pecs dangerously close to swallowing him in its comforting swells.

He darted his gaze up to their eye nervously and what he saw almost made him wish he had just fell under soapy waters, because Yashiro’s eyes were like a predator, surveying his body like he was a tender piece of steak all but eyeing off his pale lean stature. Making something akin to embark meant bubble away at Satoru.

“Yashiro?” He squeaked trying to get the mans attention, whose gaze snapped to him and much to his relief the hunger abetted slightly but never quite went away. As Yashiro lowered him slowly into the bath tub. His hands still around their arms holding him a beat longer than was appropriate enough to make his cheeks scorch red and not from the hot water.

Yashiro eventually did let go, when Satoru covered his important bits. But it was so slow that Satoru could feel the reluctance burning at his skin, their finger tips gently trailing his arms trying to maintain contact with his naked skin just a little more. Satoru’s gaze lowered to a fairly interesting bubble as he was mortified that he had to be lowered into the water by his enemy. But out of sheer habit than real gratefulness he uttered this softy. “...Thank you...”

“You’re welcome..” The caramel tone of his voice made Satoru look at the man who was beside his bath tub. Their arms casually resting on the edge of the bath. His eyes as warm as a cup of hot chocolate. It made Sotaru wonder...if this might really be love the way Yashiro was looking at him. With more kindness than a serial killer should be allowed.

He felt like he couldn’t even swallow the novelty sized lump which seemed to reside in his throat whenever Yashiro was involved...he didn’t know if it was out of fear or something else...he hoped it was fear.

Their actions since bringing him home...had been nothing but tender. It puzzled him as he looked at Yashiro like he was a particularly hard puzzle.

“It’s not too hot is it Satoru?” Their voice so seductive it could be bottled like a bottle of perfume, it made him feel heady.


“Here let me test it. He watched their finger dip into the he water making it ripple in the bath tub. His gaze dipping back and forward from their finger which seemed to playfully stir the water. To those eyes that seemed to be teasing him with a playful mischievous look to them. “Hmm the surface isn’t too”

He hardly had time to react before they plunged their hand into the water violently grasping his thigh making him squeak, he had to use every ounce of control in his body not to kick his leg up and knee Yashiro in the face. Trying to quell the unpleasant trifle of fear that seemed to make his stomach feel cold.

“Mmmm no this is subtle and warm too Satoru...” Their voice mocking, but not in a mean way his hand giving their thigh a squeeze as they looked on the verge of laughing at Satoru’s reaction. Satoru forced himself to calm down and not deck the older man in the face.

He let out a nervous laugh to hide his anger. They had seemed less guarded than at the hospital more comfortable. Perhaps they thought he had agreed to their request because he had came to their house.

He felt himself relaxing as he was able to give them a sincere smile. The atmosphere in the bathroom feeling a lot more lite than it had been in that small hospital room. He liked the way their lips curved creating dimples on the sides of their mouth. Momentarily distracted by the arc of their lips. His gaze dropping to them. Distracted enough that he didn’t hear their question the first time.

The man mumbling. Satoru forced himself to concentrate when they said his name. He dragged his gaze away from their lips back to their eyes.

“Sorry? What was that Yashiro-san?”

“So why did you let me bring you here Satoru...was it...because of me?” Those eyes seemed to burn into Satoru’s retinas. Like they were trying to coax all the secrets out of the world out of him.

So much for letting his guard down. Shit! Satoru thought. He had been so caught up on Yashiro’s pace he never had time to think of a plausible reason why he was sitting in Yashiro’s bath tub. With nothing but a particularly soft looking bar of soap within reaching distance all it would take was for the much stronger Yashiro to simply dunk his head under the water and end it all. He had even come to their apartment without a lick of hesitation.

His eyes wide with panic. As he tried to wrack his brains. “Satoru...” His voice was low..and threatening as his hand tightened on their thigh underneath the water making him swallow harshly. “I-I...” He began.

It might have been the scent of danger, or the lavender bubble bath mix. OR perhaps it was the heat that was making his brain feel like goop. But Satoru answered with a reply that was so honest it even surprised himself, although it was his own lips speaking his answer.

“I’m curious about you..”They say all good lies is based on half truths and that was close to the truth as Satoru was ever going to get with Yashiro Gaku. For a beat too long he thought he stared into the stunned face of his teacher, whose lips had parted, eyebrows furrowed and eyes open in surprise.

“You’re curious about me?” For a minute he thought he was going to die, especially when they didn’t answer him instantly but then....a deep baritone voice vibrated throughout the entire bathroom. He almost felt bad at the deeply pleasured look Yashiro gave him and the twinkle in their eye. “I’m curious about you too Fujinuma, who knew we were thinking the same thing.” The pressure on his thigh lessening as the older man softly stroked his leg, no longer squeezing so hard. This was about as close to horrible that Satoru would ever feel when lying to Yashiro Gaku. Because his reaction had been genuine happiness. Not that it was a complete lie. He was curious about him. Curious about the way that someone could be so twisted that they could do what he had done, that sickness...that was beyond human empathy. That grotesque lack of morals.

But Satoru... had to play the part. As much as it sickened him he leaned forward wrapping his arms around their neck pulling them closer. Rather the opposite of what he wanted. Their shock nearly making their closeness worth the effort as Satoru tried to be appealing to their little domestic fantasy.

“I am, I always have been Sensei, I want to know....all of you.” He smiled what he hoped was a convincing smile. Their shock was almost unpalatable, their skin warm under his arms. Their eyebrows arched to the heavens, their jaw almost dropping to the bottom for he bath tub.

“S-Satoru!” Their shout of panic loud as Satoru nearly yanked the poor confounded man into the bath tub as he slashed his mouth over their rather juicy ones. Drinking in the soft merciful whimper that escaped their throat, following his sudden kiss. They tasted like warm coffee, freshly baked pastries from a mornings rushed meal and the tangy aftertaste of beer from a nights drinking, It wasn’t an offensive flavour and when he flicked his tongue against the roof of their mouth they practically melted like caramel candy in his arms.

He felt almost heady with power he seemed to hold over them, like they were bewitched by him truly, they weren’t denying his onslaught in the least almost like a cat leaning into it.

His lips grazing over their stubborn ones, taking his sweet time to explore their soft bit of flesh his excuses trying to drum over and drown out the guilt ebbing in his veins as he tried to reason that he was just doing his job and getting justice. Despite the heat that lay between his loins at having someone so dangerous want him so keenly that they seemed to want to exist only in his arms.

His lips nipping at their mouth softly as they sharply moaned against him, not caring if he was to drag them under the watery currents to their doom. Their eyes heavy with desire. Looking at him like he was the apple of their eye. Satoru let go of their lips with a quiet plop, his lips trembling with the lack of physical pressure no longer on them. As he watched to see if Yashiro had taken the bait. But Yashiro didnt seem to be looking at anything else but Satoru who was now resting his arms on their broad shoulders still looped over their neck but allowing them to create some space between them.

Their eyes heavy lidded their breathing seeming to be a raspy mess. Their chest rising and falling with effort as Yashiro looked like he wanted to drag Sotaru out of the bath tub and have his way with him.

”Finish your bath Satoru...then come to me..” His words may have seemed assured but the gentle breaks and awkward pauses in between told Satoru all he needed to know. They....probably did love him. He watched as they turned to go. Each step looked painful and every couple of steps he found Yashiro gazing back at him in wonder until they eventually left the room...with what appeared to be extreme reluctance.

Satoru Fujinuma stared at the pristine white tiles ahead of him, he had sunk down enough to blow bubbles in the water with his mouth in the water and wondered if it would be okay to sink fully under the water and not get back up...because it is twice he had shared a kiss with a serial killer. The first kiss may have not been his own doing but the second certainly was...and perhaps enjoyable and that...vexed him.