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The Deeply Coloured Sky- A Satoru x Yashiro Smut Fanfic

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Quiet, all life began with quietness. Quiet so deep and dark it felt like Satoru was still at the bottom of the river, his clothes dragging him down as his glasses floated away, with only the moon peering into the water as his company and witness. It felt so he was being held by that soft light.He reached out towards the moon it felt so close so comforting, as though he could grasp it. Pluck it from the very sky and hold it to his chest. But it seemed out of reach....the more he tried to grasp it the more it seemed to stretch out of his fingertips.

Flying higher and higher Into the deeply coloured sky. It’s inky black hues like rippling silk, submerging the once bright moon in darkness swallowing it whole. Like a greedy monster, then there was nothing and he was drowning. “ me.” He mouthed, his lungs feeling like they were being filled like two balloons. Bubbles floating from his mouth like snow globes floating to the very surface...where no one could hear him. Submerging his cries...under bodies of water.

But then...he was being pulled out of the water something strong wrapped around his fingertips dragging him out of his icy depths.

He lurched upright crying out, tears caressing his pale and lonesome face. Spilling down his austere cheeks as he stretched his arm outright. The moon had disappeared turning into a night light just above his head flickering like a firefly. The lake dispersing to reveal...a dimly lit room a soft blue light bathing everything around him. The gentle pressure of something in his hand, he looked in confusion as gloved fingertips curled around his hand holding his outstretched palm. The glove the colour of a midnight sky, black leather.

“Good morning Satoru...”

That evil voice...made him feel devoid of any hope he had in his chest as he stared at its owner who was sitting in a chair beside him, grasping his hand firmly was none other than Yoshiro Gaku, the man responsible for everything. Even through his tears he could recognise him.

His dark eyes that once crinkled in amusement at him, the lines of his jaw sharper, the bags under his eyes made him look older. He wrote glasses now and looked every bit the refined gentleman instead of the monster he really was. Everything in Satoru’s blood made him want to crawl away from this man. He was sure even his cells was trying to escape him as his breath lurched in his throat. They looked at him with joy, his lips curling into a feral smile.

Everything would be over...if he so much as gave anything away. All it would take is a well aimed pillow to his face and Yashiro will win, he already felt his limbs turning to jelly, even his back protested at him sitting up so suddenly and he felt woozy as a revelation hit him.

Satoru Fujinuma was alive. Alive and staring evil fully in the eye...the game was not over yet. An Insidious creature, Gaku who had no problem murdering without caution. He would not let this chance escape him. He cleared his throat and shakily rasped.

“Who are you sir?” His voice surprisingly steady for someone panicking on the inside.

The surprise on the older mans face was almost comical if it wasn’t so frightening the sudden change, the smile dropped out oh his eyes and face. Leaving behind an unfeeling creature a remorseless thing. Like he was staring at a dead creature. But then the man....laughed. He just laughed.

His eyes shutting, his deep voice bouncing around in Satoru’s head. It would have been joyous if Fujinuma didnt know who it was that was laughing. To him it sounded sinister. Like a villain that had gotten everything he wanted. It was out of greed....not happiness. Their mouth dipping at the corners, the sparkle in their eyes. The way his hand tightened around Fujinuma.

It made his veins feel like they were filled with ice, even though the hand holding his was so...very...warm and human...he knew Yashiro Gaku...was not....human. Humans...couldn’t do what he did.”Satoru...Fujinuma...” The man spoke his name so wistfully. “I am your old home room teacher, do you remember me? Yashiro...Gaku..can you say that?” Fujinuma tried not to look too relieved when Yashiro stopped holding his hand so tightly. The older man stroking the inner palm of his hand with his fingers,lightly brushing over his cold finger tips. His eyes like two buckets of molten coal as he observed Fujinuma.

He resisted the urge to pluck his hands out from their long fingers, which seemed more than content to rub the coldness of his own knuckles away. Their own fingers like spiders legs, spindly and Satoru couldn't help but feel like something was scurrying up his spine.

“Ya-Shi-Ro.” The man said sounding his own name out. Slowly and patiently like a kind figure. His voice like a soft bell as Satoru’s gaze dipped to their lips, his mind lost in thought.

In public school Satoru had been so comforted by the voice of his home room teacher. It was exactly the kind of voice you could drift off to. Sitting beside the window with the warm sun on your back on a lazy Monday afternoon and Mr Yashiro’s voice idly drifting by your ears. It had been a source of comfort...and familiarity. He’d gotten into more trouble than he would like to admit, falling asleep like a spell underneath the velveteen murmur of his vocals. He could almost feel the gentle hands of Yashiro on his back trying to wake him up.

“Satoru? Satoru...Satoru???”He blinked as he was dragged out of his daydream, a hand on his frail shoulder and a concerned look on Gaku’s face. He didnt know if that concern was real or another mask. Yashiro Gaku just seemed to be...a walking enigma. What mask was he wearing today?

“Is everything okay Satoru?” His voice dripping with concern, the furrow of his eyebrows. His hand spread out ominously over Satoru. Hovering like a dark cloud. To anyone else his hand would have been a comforting gesture. But for Satoru Fujinuma who knew better it was like a dagger pressed to his knife depriving him of oxygen.

He felt something heavy settle in his lungs, like someone was crushing them. As though Gaku was reaching into his chest and squeezing on the delicate organs himself.

But he simply looked this unfathomable creature in the eye, this empty void staring back as he tried to replicate their words, each syllable feeling like nails raking in his throat. A struggle without mercy. “Y-Ya-Shi-Ro...G-Gaku.” His voice as raw and painful.

“Thats right Satoru, good boy!” His hand clasping down on Saturo’s head ruffling his hair fondly as if he was still a school boy and he was Yashiro Gaku his innocent school teacher.

The pleasant sparkle in their eyes, the soft hand in his hair would have been made him feel all warm and fuzzy once upon a time, a lonely boy craving for attention, one that had to grew up to soon. He would have vied for Yashiro Gaku’s praise...done anything for it, which made it all the more worse that betraying feeling of happiness that bloomed just beneath the surface. But how could...someone so evil...look so happy?

It almost...scared him. That desperation to be liked by Yashiro he forced that feeling three times under...for their game...for two was not nearly finished...not until Yashiro Gaku...could no longer smile at him like he was doing now. Not until Yashiro Gaku was behind bars. Not until Yashiro Gaku...lost everything, until then Satoru Fujinuma wasn’t done...playing detective.