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I’m Among a Bunch of Idiots

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SpiderMAN: I saw loki standing over the body

Loki: Omn you merely reported it before I did. I saw you kill Stark

Loki: Your own mentor too. I’m impressed.

Loki has voted, 6 remaining

JollyGreen: Come on not peter

SpiderMAN: Loki ur lying

Loki: I was the imposter for the last two rounds!

Loki: Barton saw me completing a task in medbay!

Loki: And lest we forget I SAW PETER STANDING OVER THE BODY. It was a self report!

SpiderMAN: Yeah but,,,,

SpiderMAN: Loki ur always acting kinda sus

Legolas: I think I saw them faking wires

SpiderMomma has voted, 5 remaining

GodOfThunder has voted, 4 remaining

AmericasAss has voted, 3 remaining

Legolas has voted, 2 remaining

SpiderMAN has voted, 1 remaining

JollyGreen has voted, 0 remaining


Loki was not an Imposter

Loki(X): Dammit Parker…

YouKnow(X): Im so proud of him

Loki(X): You’ve taught him well Stark, I admit that.