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  • MFMMwhumptober2020 (MFMMwhumptober2020) by whopooh

    08 Sep 2020


    MFMM whumptober! Add your whumptober fic (or art, etc) to this collection. The collection is open for anyone who wants to join!

    Our rules are simple:

    1) Go to this spreadsheet: (copy the link into your browser) and claim a prompt by writing your handle by it. In this year's whumptober, every prompt has three parts, so you have many directions to go. When you have used one prompt, you’re welcome to claim a second, etc, but start with one!

    2) Write/create from the prompt.

    3) Post it (whenever you want within the month of October) and tag it “MFMMwhumptober”. If you post here on AO3, add it to this collection. Please tag clearly if there is no comfort in the fic, to help your readers.


    (Open, Unmoderated)