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Give Me a Heads Up Next Time

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"Wow. You're even more fucked up than I gave you credit for." Shigaraki's hips still at the voice from the doorway. Sure enough, the person he least wants to walk in on this is staring him down, cyan irises centered perfectly over what Shigaraki had been doing moments before.

"Why the fuck are you here?" Shigaraki hisses, but doesn't move. Besides, he's already been seen and his shame is miniscule to begin with. "Get out."

"Same thing as you, boss." Dabi says off handedly, stepping further into the room. He doesn't look away from your limp body beneath your leader's. One thin eyebrow raises as he continues. "Should keep going. They're close."

"What the fuck?" Shigaraki has half a mind to dust Dabi, useful player or not-

"Look," Dabi says and closes the distance between himself and your bed. As much as Shigaraki wants to sneer and make some quip, he looks. You're exactly as he left you, cheeks flushed, brow drawn in tight, mouth open to free those cute little pants. Shigaraki has long since rucked your oversized sleep shirt up over your chest so he could mouth at your nipples and leave red marks for you to find tomorrow. Down further, past the soft curve of your stomach, the hips Shigaraki had been grabbing moments before- and his cock buried inside your pussy. And for all of it, you're passed out. Your eyes twitch, roll with dreams- and what Shigaraki would not give to know if it's him fucking you there too. But here- your hips shift, a weak, adorable moan lifting from your lips, your insides tightening around him in a feeble attempt to make him keep moving.

"They're close." Dabi repeats. His hands find your chest, squeezing there over one still-scarlet outline of Shigaraki’s mouth. You moan again, and Shigaraki isn’t sure if it’s pleasure or pain that makes you toss your head to the side as you squirm mindlessly. "You came to fuck them, right? Don't leave them hanging."

Shigaraki should kill him. Instead, his hips shift and he feels your shudder from the inside out. Dabi's presence puts him on edge, but the wet suction of your pussy soothes his nerves like nothing else in the world. His pace builds steadily until he's fucking you how he had been before the intrusion- careful movements that minimize the slap of his thighs against the backs of yours, his eyes trained on your face in case you begin to stir.

"Harder," Dabi interrupts- and Shigaraki watches as Dabi's fingers tweak your nipples, watches as your chest arches into his palms. "Don't be shy, they won't wake up."

Shigaraki should ask why Dabi knows that- should pull out of your hot cunt that clings so sweetly to him and stomp back to his own makeshift room. He doesn't, doesn't really know why- but he spreads your thighs with careful hands- slow and gentle just to make sure you won't wake, as though it's any more disruptive than his cock inside you.

He takes Dabi at his word and snaps his hips. His cockhead meets your cervix, bounces off- and your body writhes. A disjointed motion from your waist to your toes, muscles spasming in sleepy wonder at the sensation. You not immediately awakening is good enough- but fuck if it didn't feel good to really be able to rail you like he's wanted. And he does; resettles himself- pulls nearly all the way out just to drive back in in brutal fashion. Even unconscious, your moans are melodic.

Shigaraki doesn't hold back, pounds at your pussy- any semblance of composure is lost as he succumbs. If he were loud to begin with he'd be howling, but as it is, the room fills with the sound of his cock inside you and harsh exhales through his teeth. It starts as a tingle along his lower back, the telltale sign that he's going to cum- and it weasels its way through his groin, settling right at the base of his dick-

Your moaning warps, lips moving more than jaw now, becoming sleep-addled syllables whose meaning are long lost. And Shigaraki watches, but does not dare stop his pace as your eyes roll like a doll's beneath their lids, which too have begun to flutter. You'll wake, he realizes. You'll wake and you'll see him on top of you, inside you- using your body like you mean nothing to him and you'll scream and he's cumming. He fights to keep his eyes on your face, to watch the moment the awareness sinks in-

Your body spasms with his, your pussy clenching around him, thighs twitching inwards, rubbing against his legs. That is not the part he waits for. Your eyelids lift, reveal your glassy-looking eyes beneath, pupils small and tight from sleep- and Dabi's fingers stroke through your hair. "Shh, go back to sleep, baby." Your mouth moves, murmurs something not even Dabi can decipher. "S'alright, just me. Relax." And you do. Your eyes close, head collapsing back onto your pillow, all tension falling from your body.

The wave of his orgasm and whatever he's watching happen makes Shigaraki's head spin. He pulls out without care, drags against your oversensitive walls and makes you whimper again, albeit wordlessly. His cum leaks lazily back out, white drops rolling down between your legs.

Endorphins and dopamine make Shigaraki easy, chatty, stupid. "How'd you know that?"

"We've got a deal." Dabi shrugs, unconcerned- before something smug warps his scarred face. "Know you don't, though. Pretty messed up to fuck your subordinates in their sleep."

Shigaraki bristles, the afterglow fading fast, but Dabi makes some open-palmed gesture. "I won't tell..." and one corner of Dabi's mouth pulls high and wide. "But you know, you'll wake them without me. So give me a heads up next time."