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Happy Little Accident

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"So what do you think?" Aoba showed her character design of a woman with short maroon hair wielding a sword.

"Hmmm... it looks kinda familiar" Yagami started scrutinizing the design.

"But of course, it's based on someone you're quite fond of." Hazuki appeared out of thin air as always to comment on the proceeding of the day.

It was so glaringly obvious Yagami had to facepalm.

"Ah, it's based off Touyoma-san?"

"That's right, isn't it fitting? The new love interest to our oblivious Knight-kun! Hazuki gave a pointed look to Yagami.

"Ah! I can see that!" Aoba matched her look.

"Anyway... it looks great but..." Kou's eyes began to descend over the drawing. While Aoba's designs have always been good, she missed one minor yet insubstantial detail.

"Rin's flat." Yagami was as straightforward as ever.

"Eh? Does that really matter?"

"Not really but I'd still like it to be changed."

And as if it were fate, Rin had overheard the last bit while coming in without the full context. "K-Kou-chan! What do you mean by that?!"

"Huh? Oh hi, Rin. What are you so worked up about?"

"Don't you remember what you just said?!"

"That? It's no big deal. Aoba can handle it"


"Oh, Toyoma-san, can you stay still for a moment, I'd like to get this done today."

W-what is she talking about?! Don't tell... Aoba-chan's a part-time plastic surgeon?!

"I'm not sure if you can handle that, Aoba-chan, it seems a bit beyond your level..." And of course, Rin's apprehension gets misconstrued.

"What?! Yagami-san wanted me to it, she believes in me! Tell her Yagami-san!"

"She's right, Rin. It won't hurt, will it? Besides, it's a learning experience and I asked her."

Learning experience?! Is this her first time?!

"I'm surprised you're doubting, Suzukaze-san. Her work speaks for itself." Hazuki chimed in.

"EH?? W-well if you think so and if it's what Kou-chan wants..." Rin took a long breath, closed her eyes, and prepared for the worst. Nothing came.

"Well, aren't you going to touch them?" Rin was already going red just aking that question.

"Huh?! Am I supposed to? Aoba began to get nervous.

"Oh, good idea! That could make determining the size easier" Yagami put a hand to her chin wistfully.

"W-well if that helps..." One uncomfortable groping later and Aoba started redesigning her character.

Rin opened her eyes, still a bit red but confused. "That's all?"

"It was a bit unorthodox but I think I fixed it!"

"Ah let me see..." Yagami took the sketch and closely examined it, glancing between it and Rin's chest. "Yeah, that's right! Good job, Aoba."

Rin realized the misunderstanding once Aoba showed her and then Hazuki the character design. "Ha, so that's what she meant..." Rin laughed a bit at the absurdity of it all.

"Hm? Did you say something, Rin?"

"Oh, it was nothing."


"Yeah Aoba?"

"How did you know the character was off-model?"