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50 Sentences: Dakavendish Edition

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1) First Sight

Truthfully, Dakota went into the other's training car because he looked cute.

2) Eyes

Vinnie's mismatched eyes were usually somewhat obscured by his glasses, but Cavendish thought that everything he saw in them was beautiful.

3) Past

Maybe being stuck in such a disastrous era wouldn't be so bad since they were together...

4) For You

"Nothing's too hard to do if it's for you, Cavendish."

5) Joke

Cavendish rolled his eyes at the terrible pun Dakota made, managing to fall in love with him even more.

6) Jobs

Saving pistachios from extinction and cleaning up alien garbage would be torture if they were doing it with anyone else.

7) Island

It took all of Cavendish's energy not to cry when the truth about the island of Dakotas came out, because it was a physical representation of how much Dakota cared.

8) Apartment

They both decided that if they were going to find a new place to live in this century, they had to and wanted to live together.

9) Christmas

The holiday had become a very special day for the two; so much so, in fact, that it was the day Dakota proposed.

10) Accident

They met and fell in love purely on accident, a couple of accidents they constantly thanked the universe for.

11) Hands

Cavendish's hands were always warm, Dakota's were always cold.

12) Weekends

Dakota's idea of a perfect weekend consisted mostly of snuggling up to Cavendish.

13) Sunshine

To Cavendish, Dakota was like sunshine; he'd be lost and cold without his brightness.

14) Moonlight

To Dakota, Cavendish was like moonlight; alluring, mysterious, and always there during the darkest times.

15) Kiss

There was a sort of magic each time they kissed, like their love had its own power.

16) Reunion

Dakota & Cavendish both wished they had more time to hug, after all the time they spent apart.

17) Guarded

Cavendish spent his whole life building walls around himself, only for them to crumble around Dakota.

18) Zoo

Dakota's happiness as he talked about the animals never failed to make Cavendish smile as well.

19) First Name

How Cavendish made the name Vinnie sound so beautiful, Dakota never knew.

20) Daughter

They eventually adopted a little girl named Elizabeth, who pretty much chose them as her new family.

21) Milo

The boy had asked the two if they were dating, a question that caused Dakota to spit out his sandwich, long before the relationship started.

22) Stubborn

"I am not in love with Dakota," Balthazar lied to himself.

23) Proud

The two smiled at each other as they watched Elizabeth play the piano.

24) Dr. Zone

They decided to watch the show they were the inspiration for, and it led to many late night marathons.

25) Blankets

Cavendish always hogged the blankets, but Dakota would rather let himself freeze than try to fight with him over it.

26) Lazy

When Cavendish let himself relax, it would inevitably be a day where neither of them get anything done.

27) Smirk

When Dakota gave that stupid grin, usually after making a terrible joke, Cavendish wanted to kiss it off his face.

28) Date

Date nights always managed to be even better than the last one.

29) Falling

With each smile, laugh, and scoff, Dakota fell in love with Cavendish all over again.

30) Heroic

As difficult as he could be at times, Cavendish truly saw Dakota as noble.

31) Timeline

As much as their timeline changed, their love never did.

32) Mission

Dakota admired how Cavendish committed to his goals.

33) Shy

Cavendish was never nervous around Dakota, but that was before he tried admitting his true feelings.

34) Voice

Dakota found the other's accent adorable.

35) Hug

Every time they hugged, Vinnie's head rested on Cavendish's chest.

36) Strength

Dakota loved how his boyfriend could carry him effortlessly.

37) Confession

"I love you," It was muttered at random.

38) Lonely

Cavendish found that he really missed Dakota when he went rogue, not knowing how torn up the other was without him.

39) Family

After they adopted Elizabeth, they both forgot what it was like to feel alone.

40) Sorry

No amount of apologizing would show just how remorseful Cavendish was for leaving Dakota.

41) Together

Together, they were stronger.

42) Heartbreak

Cavendish had been hurt before, and Dakota was determined to make him forget all about it.

43) Glances

There was a beauty in how they looked at each other; like the other put the stars in the sky.

44) Opposites

Cavendish was very different from Dakota, and it only made him love the man more.

45) Forever

Forever wasn't long enough for them to spend together.

46) Laugh

When Dakota, very rarely, managed to make Cavendish laugh, his heart fluttered at the beautiful sound.

47) Romance

Neither of them had much experience with relationships, so they conquered the new things together.

48) Yes

It was the only word Cavendish found himself able to say when Dakota asked him to marry him.

49) Cavendish

Dakota found him one of the most interesting people he'd ever met.

50) Dakota

He made Cavendish's life an adventure, one he didn't mind going on over and over.