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When Akko woke up abruptly in the morning, she felt a searingly familiar shiver run down her spine. She quickly sat up, gasping quietly. Lotte and Sucy were still asleep, but the streaks of light from the curtains said that the sun was rising. 

It was peaceful, the silence of the room. She figured of going back to sleep, but as she laid back down, another shiver ran up from her core up to her neck. She sat up gasping again, eyes wide awake. Her brain abandoned any ideas of sleeping as another shiver jostled her body once more, the unexpected heat making the hairs of her hair stand. 

The shiver was familiar, something she hadn’t experienced in a while. ‘ In a while… ’ Akko thinks, racking her brain in what’s causing this; then came the answer. She snatched a pouch from underneath her shared bunk bed with Lotte and took out her phone. 

She swipes down the calendar app until she finds the date of her previous heat. “No, it couldn’t have been that long--” she whispers to assure herself but the date that listed on her phone hadn’t been edited since it was inputted. 

July 1st - first heat ’ it read, and below it was ‘ July 12th - leaving for Luna Nova’. Akko felt sweat running through the crown of her hairline as she looked back at the current date: September 15th. 

It’s been a little more than a year since her last heat now. Her first heat ever, in fact, the heat that signaled of her being an omega. She hid her phone back into her pouch, zipping it shut, and got out of bed to go to the bathroom to recollect herself. 

The brunette stares at herself in the mirror; bed hair, pajamas, anxiety, and all. She grits her teeth as she tries to dismiss her nervousness. “Few more months,” she whispers to the glass. “A few more months before Christmas break, then you’ll go back home and ease it.” She grips the sink, grinning to herself. “You can do it, Akko.” 

Her voice shook, but it was still enough to collect her nerves. She can’t stay here. It’d make her restless. So the omega changes into her uniform, grabs her broom, and walks out to the courtyard to practice. Her teammates won’t notice, they already know of her morning practices anyhow. 

She spoke too soon apparently when she heard Sucy’s voice saying, “I can smell you.” 

Well shit. “GAH! Sucy!” Akko jumps and turns to the puce-haired witch who was sitting up from her bed, watching the omega’s every move. 

Not like Akko has any problems with that; Sucy figured Akko out the day after they were all put in the same team, Lotte even earlier (the beta confessed she had recognized the omega’s scent when she was riding with her in the Leyline portals.) But the two hadn’t told her they did until they caught her gulping down two pills after breakfast, which warranted the explanation that Akko didn’t want to do. 

So they knew of her dirty secret; the so-called beta of the red team that acted as their leader was actually a small omega that takes prescribed suppressants of the modern world. But they were keen on hiding Akko’s secret, and never hesitated in helping her keep it. 

And so, the omega didn’t feel nervous when the alpha’s red eyes leered at her, but rather a shock of how vigilant she was in the morning. “Your scent, Akko. It’s getting potent,” She lays back down. “Spray some of your perfume on you unless you want to get figured out.” 

Akko pouts but when she lifts her wrist to take a sniff, the unexpected scent of strawberries wisps across her nostrils and she freezes. ‘ SHIT! ’ She runs to her desk and opens up her drawer to take out her Beta-scented perfume and sprayed it all over herself. 

When the Sucy nods in approval, Akko gets out of the room. As the omega jogs to the courtyard, she grips her broom in frustration, nervousness making her heart thump. “Dammit!” 

How hadn’t she realized her scent first? Then again, it was the suppressant’s job to keep both her sense of smell and scent away. She grumbles as she goes down a staircase. Her prescribed suppressants were strong enough to cancel out her sense of smell, so strong that by the time she was in her second month as an omega in hiding, her olfactory sense was useless. 

It was for the better, anyway. She’s never been strong enough to resist scents anyway, especially to alphas . They would only bring more to her plate of problems as an omega. 

Her little broom practice in the empty courtyard was a blur. There were a few times when Akko had fallen off again, but it was an improvement nonetheless. She counts five falls and thirteen successful attempts in getting herself in the air. Before she knew it, she was already back in her dorm and went down the cafeteria with her members in tow. 

She needed to have breakfast first before she could take her suppressants again; she learned how her stomach would rebel against her when she would take them without food in her first few months in Luna Nova. She would get nauseous easily, and it would only ruin the stale image of the red team further. 

And so, after a meal of hashbrown and eggs, the joint table of green, blue, and red team bustled in conversation about their weekends. Amanda, Barbara, and Hannah went downtown to buy items, with Amanda carrying all their bags back. Constanze spent her weekend away tinkering with her Stanbots again, and Jasminka was doing Jasminka things. Diana was in the clinic as an assistant for Professor Hoggets during the semester. While Lotte visited her parents back in Finland, Sucy and Akko were in the forest collecting herbs for the red team alpha’s new concoction.

“Ah! The two of you were out in the forest!? Ya’ guys should’ve told me!” Amanda whined and pointed at the blue team pair in disdain. “I had to stay with them the entire Saturday.” 

“Oh shush, you wouldn’t have been much help to them, Amanda,” Hannah sneers. 

Barbara adds, “Yeah, knowing you, you would’ve just trampled all of the ingredients because of your recklessness.” 

Sucy said nothing and watched how her eggs quickly rot away after a few drops of her vial, but there wasn’t any sort of stench following it. Akko pulled her plate away from the alpha quickly before turning to Diana beside her. 

“So you’re working with Professor Hoggets in the clinic now, huh Diana?” The omega smiles and takes another bite of her eggs. “That’s so cool! Did you heal a lot of people?” 

The blue team alpha chuckled. “A few; it’s mostly students having aches here and there. If anything, being Professor Hogget’s assistant is just doing paperwork. Though it do...” 

Another wave. This time it was stronger. Akko froze as a shiver of heat jostled her body again, starting in her core and to the ends of her hair, goosebumps breaking out against her skin. Her fork fell from her grasp and clanged on the plate, making her tablemates look at her. Oh no. 

Diana stares at her in concern. “Akko?” 

The pretend-beta stands up from her seat instantly, trying her best to stop her face from reddening. “S-Sorry guys, I have to go to the bathroom for a bit! BYE!” As she nearly trips on the way to the double doors, she spots Professor Chariot who was waving a good-morning. As the older witch was going to greet her student, the brunette cuts her off, “MorningProfessornotimetotalkIgottagobye!”

The professor was caught off-guard by the brunette’s outburst, but then again, that was just Akko in the morning, ever so energetic. As Chariot brushes it off, something catches her attention, making her freeze. An omega’s scent. She turns to its direction and all she sees are the closing double doors of the cafeteria. 

Amanda blinks as she watches Akko run away, leaving dust in her wake. “What’s her deal?” 

“It’s probably a stomachache,” Lotte quickly answers, standing up to follow the brunette. “I’ll go see if she’s alright.” 

“Really?” Diana stands up, worry bubbling up in her chest as Lotte starts to leave. “I’ll go with you then. Perhaps I can help.” 

“She’s fine, Cavendish,” Sucy stops her, not looking away from the contents of her plate. Diana pauses as she continues, “Lotte can help her by herself. Just wait for Akko in class if you’re that concerned.” 

The blue team alpha frowns. While she had no reason to not trust the puce-haired witch, she couldn’t help but still be concerned about what's happening to Akko. Looking at her face, the brunette had suddenly flushed and plain froze on the spot. Diana sits back down and looks down at her and Akko’s plate, wondering what had the brunette look so… red.


Akko took deep breaths as she held the porcelain sink hard, gathering her composure. Not now, not now! She needs to hold it off until a few more months when she can go back to Japan and spend her heat under her old room’s security. Her suppressants are probably enough to last her until December. Hopefully. 

She looks back in the mirror and sees herself looking red as if she’s having a fever. She slaps herself. Get a grip! It hasn’t even started yet! Just take a higher dose, it’ll probably ward off, no matter how young you are and how potent you may seem! 

The brunette sighs and splashes water on her face, frustratingly washing away the red dusting on her face before she hears the door creak open. “Hey, Lotte,” she greets, already knowing who those light footsteps belonged to. 

“Akko, are you alright?” the beta placed a gentle hand on the omega’s shoulder when she was beside her. “You’ve been restless since morning.” 

“I’m fine, Lotte,” Akko assures her, more to herself really. “It’s just… I’ve been feeling weird.” 

There was an awkward pause, then Lotte replied, “Weird, as in something that relates to your…” she gestures to Akko’s stomach. Akko nods, to which Lotte turned paler. “ Oh, gods . Akko, how long has it been?” 

The sudden panic rising in the beta’s voice startles Akko. “It hasn’t been that long!” she defends, “It’s not until a few more months, ‘kay? I’m gonna ask my doctor if I can switch to a higher dose until then. Don’t worry about me.” 

The smile the omega gave her didn’t reassure Lotte at all, nope. While Akko was one of the most trustworthy people she knew, she knew she couldn’t just ‘don’t worry’ when it was Akko . As much charisma as she had, her stubbornness gave good as it got. Lotte had battled the same stubbornness ever since she met the brunette and she wasn’t about to stop now. 

“Akko,” she made the omega turn to meet her eyes. “I know you’re trying to keep a secret. And I support you on that. Really, I do and I would never out you, especially under Luna Nova’s circumstances. But this is your own health , Akko. What’s going on in there,” she gestures to pretty much all of her, “Isn’t going to stop. So please, think about it. Switching to a higher dosage isn’t going to change it!”

Akko grumbles, turning away from Lotte. “Just give me time, okay!?” she reaches down to her pocket, takes out her perfume, and sprayed it around herself again. She looks at Lotte then, a familiar spark of determination glowing in her eyes. “Trust me on this.”

The red team beta held the omega’s gaze, finding any sort of nervousness in her face. While she couldn’t see it, she knew it was there somewhere. But knowing Akko, she wanted to avoid any sort of confrontation about her secondary gender anyhow, so she lets go of her shoulders. 

“Okay. I trust you, Akko.” Lotte whispered, finally relenting and she sees the way Akko’s shoulders slump in relief.

“Thanks, Lotte,” the omega sighs and starts to walk towards the door. 

“No problem,” the beta smiles at her and follows her out. “Now let’s go back to the dorm to get your suppressants before we get late to class.”






Upon normal consumption, a single scent-suppressant pill was enough to cover an omega for 36 hours, longer if said omega avoids confrontation with alphas as their scents can trigger to release their own.

So for good measure, Akko would drink about two pills to last her for the week and completely shut off her sense of smell. But with a looming heat... 

Akko stares at the four tablets at the center of her palm. Her doctor had warned her not to use more than two weekly, otherwise, she would be inviting liver damage and potential nausea for weeks. The brand wasn’t the strongest for an omega to use, since she’s still a child after all, but the temptation of buying the stronger ones was strong. But it wasn’t the weekend yet, and she’s sure as hell wasn’t about to go to the basement and clip brooms again, so she settles for four pills of suppressants for now. 

Gathering courage, the omega throws the tablets in and gulps it down with a glass of water, careful not to have it move down the wrong hatch. After (successfully, thank god) swallowing it without choking to death, Akko quickly gets out of the bathroom and sees her teammates waiting for her. 

She gestures if they can smell her anymore. They shake their heads in response, and they leave the dorm with a tick of the clock signaling classes are about to start, and they haul ass in the hallways. 

Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t another problem with Akko’s heat for another month, which she was thankful and proud of. She was still aware of the looming heat, however, and so the omega continued with her four-pills-per-week agenda but aside from a few occasions of having no appetite, nothing went wrong. 

The red team went back to their dynamic in the New Nine, but after what happened to Akko, they lay low hanging around either Amanda or Diana, as they were the closest alphas to Akko. Sucy was already a given, and no other alphas seemed to bother getting close to the brunette. 

The brunette stared at her calendar as she counted down the months to December. ‘It's gonna be okay,’ she thinks to herself, smiling broadly. ‘ Just ignore it in the meantime. Right now you have a flying lesson with Professor Chariot!’

The beta-scented perfume sprayed against her scent gland tickled her skin, but now at least she smelled decent. She snatches her broom from the corner and goes down the empty hall. It was another one of their 5 AM practices, and by the time Akko reached the New Moon Tower, the professor was already there. 

They tackled gliding this time. When Akko successfully got herself afloat, Professor Chariot quickly led her around the tower, aiming, going higher and higher whilst. The younger witch needed to keep her momentum as she got higher, which for other witches might be a breeze, for Akko it was literally trying to fight against the fierce winds. 

Chariot turned back to see her student carefully following her from behind, the wind slapping her hair against her face, troubling her sights. The older witch went slower. “Are you okay, Akko?”

The pretend-beta nods, swiping her hair back behind, and grinned at her reassuringly. “Y-Yeah! This is nothing, Professor!” 

Chariot smiles fondly at the beta's display of confidence. A year ago, this same student was hopeless in the most basic of spells witches would learn. Just even lifting herself off the ground was a near-impossible task hadn’t it been for her friends. Now, with the same confidence, she was slowly but surely flying around the air without any sort of help but her own magic that she cultivated by herself over time. Proudly, she says, “Good. Just don’t look down and you’ll be fine, Akko! Follow my lead!” 

The older witch sped up a bit, which startled the pretend-beta, but after concentrating, she was at the same distance from her as before. They reached the highest floor, where the light of the Philosopher's stone glowed a pretty teal. Akko was enchanted by how bright it was before she heard Chariot say, “And… down !”

Startled again, the younger witch watches her glide down the tower, even faster than before. Akko was stunned before quickly got her nerves back. Follow her . She grips her broom harder and glided down in the same manner, steadily building speed. When she covered the same distance again, she smiled at her progress.

Chariot looks back and sees how Akko had managed to keep up with her, the light of the sunrise hitting her eyes, lighting it a bright red. She nods in approval, deciding that today’s lesson had already shown merits. 

As they went lower, Akko could finally breathe easy, the air becoming fuller. She wipes the working sweat on the side of her head, satisfied with the progress she had with her flying. They were still so high up, maybe forty feet? They would go for another two more laps before ending the lesson. After that would be breakfast. Hopefully, the cafeteria has something better than hash browns this ti--

Akko gasps, feeling a sudden full-bodied shiver quaking her being. ‘ It’s… It’s strong! ’ was the last thing she thinks before a haze misted over her higher mind, losing sight of the professor in front of her. Her arms started shaking like it was jelly against the wind, feeling feverish as a heat that started from her stomach traveled up to her face. 

No. No no no no no nononono-- ’ the brunette thinks as she blinks through the haze, her temperature abruptly rising.

Noticing her student suddenly slowing down behind her, Professor Chariot looks back to see, and she smells it-- an omega ? And it seems to be coming right from... Akko. Chariot was aghast as she watched her student suddenly shivering like a leaf, blinking rapidly as if she had something in her eyes, face turning a feverish red. 

The redhead's eyes widened in shock, her suspicions proving true but she had something else to take mind of. What was happening? She was fine just a while ago! “Akko! Akko, are you okay!?”

The professor’s voice pulled Akko out of the mist in her head, looking up to see her mentor slowly. Her arms felt like jell-o, but she still tried to push herself up and lead herself towards her. “Prof...fes..sor?” 

Suddenly, her strength buckled and she couldn't hold herself upright on her broom anymore. Then her arms let out, yelps in pain and lets go. 

Chariot gasps as she sees her student suddenly go limp from her broom, falling headfirst like a ragdoll. “AKKO!” she screams before barreling down towards her at her highest speed. It’s a few meters off the ground before she finally snatches Akko’s wrist. 

When Chariot made contact with the skin, the first thing she noticed was that it was warm . Incredibly warm. Chariot slowly goes down as she stares at her student incredulously. Akko slowly opened her eyes to see the professor looking at her from her broom, the fever making it hard for her to focus beyond her. 

The scent, the warm skin-- Chariot’s mind was in overdrive as she pieced what's happening together. When they got on the ground, the redhead quickly crouched down to let the brunette fall into her arms. 

It can't be , Chariot thinks as she slowly lifts Akko up. Wiping her bangs away from her face, she could see and feel how feverish the brunette had suddenly become. The scent around her changed as well. While Akko normally smelled less enticing, this… this was different. It's almost as if she was… she was… 

"Akko…” Chariot whispers as the brunette shivered in her arms again. “Are you in heat?”