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Midoriya Izuku likes to sit on tall buildings. No one's quite sure why, including himself, he just likes it.

Bakugou Katsuki, his childhood-friend-turned-tormenter-turned-best-friend, hates that Izuku likes to sit all tall buildings and they both know why.


The first time Katsuki found Izuku sitting with his feet dangling eleven stories above the ground, it's before they truly reconcile. Izuku didn’t turn around. He just stared at the ground, so far below them, and said "I considered it, you know. For a day or so. A few hours. I thought about it."

Katsuki didn’t have to ask what he meant. He did almost rip Izuku's arm out of his socket and definitely left bruises on his knees as he pulled him away from the edge.

They didn’t talk about it.

They really should have.


The next time, it’s before their graduation. A lot has happened. They’ve reconciled, sort of, they’ve gone through internships and work studies, they’ve fought the League of Villains more times than they should have as high schoolers.

Katsuki almost died.

“Deku, what on Earth-“ He froze, staring at Izuku.

He’s not sitting at the edge this time, he’s standing at the edge of the highest roof on UA’s campus, looking out over the city.

“Do you think we can do it, Kacchan?”

“Do what, graduate? Not if you fucking slip off the roof, get down-“ He pulled Izuku’s arm, not relaxing until they’re in the stairwell.

They still didn’t talk about it.


Somewhere along the way, Katsuki realized he was the only one who found Izuku on rooftops like that.

He was perched this time, on a tall office building. The hood of his hero costume fluttered in the wind.

“Do you think it’ll ever change, Kacchan?”

“What?” Katsuki stayed back a bit, away from the edge, but close enough to pull Izuku back.

“How society sees quirks.”

“Yeah, it will.” He asserted, reaching forward to grip Izuku’s wrist as he teetered. “Come on, let’s go. We got people to save.”

Katsuki didn’t pull this time, but he held Izuku’s wrist until they were on the ground floor.


It’d been years.

Katsuki thought Izuku was done with his fascination of tall buildings, to be honest. He’s the Number One hero now.

Katsuki’s Number Two. He’s okay with that.

Izuku sat on the roof of their joint hero agency.

(Katsuki tried not to feel relieved it’s only a two story building. Twenty feet isn’t that far, right?)

“Should I go public with it, Kacchan?”

“With what, nerd?” He stood behind Izuku, a hand on the other’s shoulder, squeezing.

(He’d never stood this close before, during one of these… moments)

“One for All. Being Quirkless,” he paused. “Middle School.”

Katsuki squeezed a little tighter. “It’s up to you, Izuku.”

They stayed up there for another hour, in silence.


Katsuki was running.

Izuku’d just been sitting on the roof of a building- why was it always fucking roofs- when another quirkless kid wandered up.

Clearly, the kid hadn’t been expecting the Number One hero to be up there as well, so he’d been able to talk them down.

The kid walked out of the building.

Izuku didn’t.

Katsuki saw those red hightops- always those fucking red hightops- dangling over the edge before running into the building.

Izuku smiled when he heard Katsuki slam the door open. “You know I wouldn’t do it, Kacchan.”

“Fucking- I know, nerd.” He sat down next to Izuku. “But I was worried. They were…”

“Like me.” Izuku leaned his head on Katsuki’s shoulder. “It’s okay.”


He was supposed to be fine.

They’d done an evaluation, Katsuki was supposed to be fine after getting hit by that quirk. There’d been no effects; they assumed the villain missed.

They were wrong.


Katsuki stood on the edge of the building, looking down at the busy street. There were tears on his cheeks.

“I- I killed you.”

“Kacchan, I’m right here. I’m not dead.”

“You- you jumped! Dammit, you jumped and I- I told you to!”

Izuku winced, realizing what the villain’s quirk was. He edged closer.

“Katsuki! It’s just a quirk. You were trapped in a nightmare, I’m alive!” He reached for Katsuki’s hand. “I’m right here.”

“Zuku… I’m sorry.” Katsuki turned to look at him, feet slipping. He tilted towards the open air.

“Katsuki!” Izuku surged forwards, locking his arms around Katsuki before he overbalanced. “Gotcha!”

The sudden movement jolted Katsuki out of his nightmare-induced fog. “Deku? What-“

Izuku laughed wetly, pulling Katsuki into a hug.

“No more tall buildings.”

“I… okay, Izuku.” He patted Izuku’s head.

They hugged each other for several minutes.

After, they talked.