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Shooting Star

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Chapter 3




“Now do you remember my name? It's your favorite uncle Hachuling! Ha-chu-ling.”


“Don’t listen to him. Here, say my name first. Ran. R-A-N.”


Khun sighed exasperatedly as he watched the antics of his so-called siblings. After Luan had said his first word, those two had been competing on getting the boy say their name first. 


Luan, being the focus of the said competition, just tilted his head curiously, “Ta?”


“He must be saying my name.” The older Khun stated with a smirk. 


“No. Mine.” Ran fired back just as stubbornly.


Another tired sigh from a certain light bearer. “Really, just what are they trying to do?”


What the duo didn’t know however was that Vihan had long said his first word before Luan did.


Khun turned to the small brunette who was mimicking his gaze at the rowdy trio. “You shouldn’t take after them okay?”


Vihan blinked, gold and blue eyes stared at him in interest. “Da!”


“Good boy.” He pat the little brown head, earning a bright grin from Vihan. “Your uncles are not as smart as they think, are they?”


“Da da!”




“Now, your name is Vihan. Vi-han. Can you say it?”




“Almost.” Khun gave the toddler an encouraging smile. “Now repeat after me Vi.”












A sigh. “Good enough I guess.” Khun poked the little brunette's nose and watched as Vihan giggled in delight. “So what's your name?”


Vihan pointed at himself. “Pi-an,” and then at the blue-eyed male, “Da-da?”




“Come on. Say my name. It's very easy. Ha-chu-ling.” The scout tried to coax his golden-eyed nephew to no avail.


Luan, still busy munching on the latest toy he found interesting, looked up at Hachuling with a questioning grin. “A?”


“Not A. Ha. Ha-chu-ling.”








“No. It's Hachuling. Ha-chu-ling.”






“Just accept it. Your name is too long anyway.”


“I don’t want to hear it from you, Unca Tan.”


“It’s Ran. Vihan got it correct this morning.”


“No! We cannot lose to them! Now, Luan, repeat after me. Hachuling. Ha-chu-ling.”


Luan, though not understanding what the older was talking about, nodded eagerly. “Un! A-tu-rin!”


“It’s Hachuling!”




“It’s quite simple. Your name is Luan.” Khun tried to teach the distracted child. Luan looked up from where he had been playing with the alphabet toys his papa had brought for them. The toddler was holding the letter ‘M’ with one hand and was chewing on the letter ‘O’ when Khun called him. 


The older male quickly took away the two alphabets and pushed them aside for some cleaning later on. “Don’t do that.”


Luan just grinned innocently at him, arms raised in cheerful greeting. “Pa!”


“Yes, papa is here.” Khun brought a white paper with a large L-U-A-N written in bold and showed it to the bright-eyed toddler. “Now repeat after me. Lu-an.”




“No, try it again. It’s Lu. Lu-an.”


“Ru-” the young blunette scrunched up his face in concentration, “Ru-run?”






Khun took a deep breath, steadily ignoring the snicker of another, older blue haired male that has recently gained the nickname of ‘Unca Rin'.


“That’s fine. We could work on your speech later with Vihan.” He rewarded the boy with a soft smile, causing Luan to whoop happily at the attention.




“That’s your brother’s name—Vihan. Do you like it?”


The golden-eyed toddler squealed as he clapped his hands and called out happily, “Pi-an! Pi-an!”




Khun was updating his database when he came across the latest conflict news. While he might not be as active as he used to be, the blunette still liked to be prepared and would regularly keep track of what's happening outside. So he read through several articles and skimmed over the unimportant parts until his eyes landed on a very familiar name—


Terror Attack: Slayers of FUG…


—and he closed the page without reading any further.


Too soon. 


It's still too soon. He could not bring himself to check on that person just yet. He now had the twins to think about so even thinking of going to that person and being with him was particularly impossible!


The blue-haired male waved his lighthouse away. He didn’t think he would be able to concentrate and get any work done again today.


Sometimes it's just too difficult. Seeing things that reminded of that person would just bring him a wave of conflicting emotions. 


That's why it's hard to look at Vihan at times. 


Vihan was the mirror image of that person sans the eyes. Whenever he looked at Vihan, he would be reminded of an older brown-haired male with honey colored gaze. “Bam…”


“Da ba-am?”


Khun turned at the small voice, finding Vihan was crawling just behind the light house he was sitting on.


“What are you doing here?” Khun picked up the little brunette and carried him to sit on his lap. “Where is your brother?” 




“Yes, do you know where is Luan?”


Vihan shook his head. “No Lu!” The toddler answered innocently. Ran was supposed to watch Vihan, while Hachuling was with Luan. But apparently the little brunette had managed to escape from Ran or maybe his caretaker for the day had decided to fall asleep again


If that really what happened then he was going to hide all the yoghurt supply the blunette had on him. “Next time, make sure to draw on Ran’s face before you leave okay?” 


“Un tan?”


“Yes, uncle Ran. You can doodle all you want on his face.”


Vihan nodded happily. Though Khun was not sure the boy really understood what he was saying. “’kay!”

“Good. Do you want to stay with me?” 


Vihan didn’t reply and only stared at Khun for a long while. 


“Is something wrong?”


Vihan raised one chubby hand to touch his father's face. “Da sad?”


Khun shook his head, a faint smile on his face. “I am not sad.”


“No sad?”


Khun touched his forehead to Vihan and sighed softly at the toddler's comforting scent. “No, I am not sad.”


Vihan titled his head, curious. “Da ba-am?”


The question caused the light bearer to momentarily freeze. “I am not Bam.” Khun responded after a long silence. He stared at the boy’s dual colored eyes and wondered if Vihan was going to ask about his other parent one day. What would he and Luan think then? Khun knew he couldn’t hide the truth forever. But he just wanted to keep the identity of the twins’ other parent a while longer, even if it made him feel like a horrible father. “I wonder if you and Luan are going to forgive me someday…”




“It’s nothing. Sorry, you must be confused huh?”


Vihan shook his head. “No sowie.” The brown-haired toddler tried to frown but failed adorably. His puffed up cheeks making him more like a cute hamster more than anything. “Da no sad. Pi-an gud!”


That brought a smile on the bluenette’s face. “Yes, Vihan is a good boy, isn't he?”


“Gud! Da no sad!” 




Chapter Ends