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At some point over the years, Izuku really expects himself to get over his infatuation with Bakugo. When he graduates UA, he tells himself that it's only a matter of time until he finds someone that's just as good (if not better) than him to take up his time.
When he's still obsessing after being a pro hero for two years - he knows it's not going to let up unless he does something about it.
No matter who he kisses - it's never fulfilling unless he's imagining it's Bakugo's lips on his own; that it's Bakugo's strong arms holding him down against the mattress and taking what he wants.
Of course, it never is him, and Izuku is never truly satisfied.
Even his everyday interactions with his attempted partners don't feel genuine. He feels almost guilty for dating when he has such an emotional attachment to his childhood friend still. He tries to explain this to All Might once, but All Might isn't very good with these sorts of things, and he ends up babbling over his words and seems to be just as nervous as Izuku is just telling him.
After much deliberation, he decides the only way to end the madness in his head is to confront Bakugo about it. Once he turns him down like he knows he will - maybe then Izuku's brain will finally register that nothing is ever going to happen between them and he should move on.
He decides to "accidentally" run into Bakugo during a pro hero press conference the first week of October. He hasn't been in the same room with Bakugo in ages, let alone face to face, and his nerves are getting the best of him causing his hands to shake slightly once he sees his blond-haired friend make his way through the crowd and to the table of refreshments against one side of the room.
Bakugo doesn't notice him, which Izuku isn't sure is a good thing or not.
"Kacchan?" Izuku says, tapping him lightly on the shoulder.
Bakugo drops the paper plate that is loaded with pizza onto the floor in shock, turning around and glaring angrily at him.
"What do you want, Deku? You could've given me a bit of warning instead of scaring me like that," he hisses, batting Deku's hands away as he picks up the trash himself and throws it in the bin next to the table. "I don't have time for you, shitty nerd. I've got an interview in thirty minutes."

"Eh- this won't take that long," Deku says, memories of middle school resurfacing and he attempts to shake them away. He feels like that nervous little kid all over again, quirkless and full of admiration for Kacchan.
"Get on with it then!"
Bakugo is still full of the same fury he ever has been. He's still good looking, too, even more so with his newly added muscle mass, and his hair's a bit longer than he used to keep it before becoming a pro hero - Deku likes it. He likes it a lot.
If only he could tell Bakugo that without choking on the air he breathes.
Deku looks around them to make sure no one is within earshot. "I just wanted to say…" he begins, but he finds himself stumbling over the rest of the words. It just seems so awkward saying it, even though he's felt it for years. "That I like you."
Bakugo's expression is blank at first, but quickly turns into one of a mixture of confusion and rage.
"What are you trying to say to me, Deku? Are you fucking serious?"
Sparks of flames pop from the palms of Bakugo's palms, causing Deku to jump slightly at the sound.
"I - uh -"
"Are you trying to make a fool out of me or some shit? Back the fuck off!" he snaps, lowering his voice to almost a whisper and glancing around the room almost nervously.
"No! I'm telling the truth I have a crush-"
"STOP," he grunts, shoving Deku back harshly, and causing him to fall back onto the floor.

"Kacchan!" Deku calls after him, but he's already disappeared into the crowd.
Confronting Bakugo hadn't helped things, if anything - it had hurt them. Deku's more confused than before, Bakugo's response had been cryptic at best. Why had he appeared nervous when Deku had told him? And why would he ever think that Deku was attempting to make a fool out of him?
He has no idea how he can 'accidentally' run into Bakugo again, as there isn't another pro hero conference for another three months, and he doesn't know where he lives in the area, so showing up at his doorstep isn't an option either (not that he would've shown up there - that would be overstepping his boundary a bit, and could likely cause Bakugo to lose his temper completely, which wouldn't fare well for anyone nearby.
Deku is still thinking about all this as he shops for groceries on Tuesday. He's walking down the aisles, searching for a specific type of pasta he needs for dinner tonight, when he spots him.
Bakugo is at the very end of aisle seven, examining the back of a cereal box. Deku grips the handle of his shopping cart tightly and bites his lip. He decides that now is as good of a time as ever to confront him again, and he makes his way towards the blond.
He looks up and immediately the box in his hand goes up in flames and Bakugo grunts. "Fuck! What in the hell are you doing here? Are you spying on me?" he snaps, sighing as he glares at the remains of the cereal that have fallen to the floor.
"No! I just happened to see you and thought I could ask you about the other day-"
"What about it?" he snaps, looking away from Deku and back at the many boxes of cereal still on the shelf.
"About your response - it kind of confused me…"
"There's nothing to be confused about! I'm not interested in your retaliation, I'm not stupid, Deku - I watch the news, okay? So lay the fuck off me."
"What are you even getting at? I don't understand, Kacchan-"
"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" he yells, clenching his fists at his sides. "I know what's going on, okay? I don't care that you're with him, I really don't. Congratulations - are you happy now? You don't have to shove it in my fucking face and try to make me look bad while you're at it!"
Before Deku has a time to process this, Bakugo stomps away, leaving Deku alone in the aisle. He comes to his senses quickly enough, though, to follow him.
"You have it all wrong - I don't know what you're talking about!" he calls as he exits the aisle and spots him again. Bakugo surprisingly stops in his tracks, but doesn't look back. Deku runs up and faces him. "I have no idea what you think is going on - but I can assure you that I'm not with anybody and I would never try to make you look bad!"
"You're not dating Icyhot?" Bakugo asks, his voice barely above a whisper, his eyes darting around them nervously before finally landing on Deku.
Deku can't help but laugh. "No! What on Earth would possibly make you think that?"
"Hero Entertainment said so… There were photos of the two of you having dinner weeks ago…" he trails.
"We were just having dinner, Kacchan…"
And, if just for a split second, Deku thinks he sees an expression of happiness on Bakugo's face. It only lasts for a second, though, and then his normal, angry expression is back.
Bakugo stands still, seemingly lost in thought.
"Kacchan? Is everything alright-"
"YES! FINE. Do you have anything else you need to tell me or are we done here?" he snaps, but there's less bite to his tone than there was before.
"I- I want to know how you feel. You know- towards me."

"Are we really having this conversation?" Bakugo glances angrily at a woman who was staring not too far away from them and she quickly rushes away. "How do you fucking think I feel?" he asks, in an angry hushed tone.
Deku isn't sure how he's supposed to respond to that.
"Honestly? I have no idea. Some days I think you hate me, and others I think you might actually see me as your friend… But no, I don't think you like me the way I like you - and I need you to tell me that, Bakugo, so that I can move on with my life and quit hanging onto the ridiculous notion that one day you might change your mind or that you feel differently."
"Fuck off, shitty Deku," Bakugo says, before walking away from him yet again.
"Bakugo, wait!" Deku says, following him, but Bakugo only walks faster, though the crowd of the grocery store. Deku catches glimpses of his blond hair which lead him out onto the city streets. "Kacchan!"
He eventually catches up with him (not without the help of his quirk - Bakugo is fast), at a dead end in between two tall buildings.
"Deku…" Bakugo says, his voice hoarse. He has his back to Midoriya, hands shoved in his pockets - a stance Deku hasn't seen him take since middle school. "Why don't you ever leave me alone?" He still doesn't turn around.
Deku's more nervous than he's ever been in his life. He doesn't have any idea how Bakugo feels - or what he's about to do. For all he knows he's about to kill him in this back ally, and it's the only reason he's lured him here. Even if Deku did scream for help, no one would hear for a while over the general noise emitting from the city.
"Because you're my friend, Bakugo, nothing will ever change that."
"That's not what this is about!" Bakugo snaps, finally turning around and facing him, his eyes full of rage. "That's not why you're here!"
"Well, what do you want me to say? I've already told you how I feel about you and all I'm asking for is how you feel about me, is it that hard to say?"
"If it wasn't hard, don't you think I would've already said it, shithead?"
Oh. OH.
"You - you don't hate me?"
"Fuck…" Bakugo says, and within moments, Deku's shoved up against one of the concrete buildings, Bakugo pinning his arms beside his head and their lips colliding. Deku forgets to kiss back at first, the shock is so great he forgets to even breathe. The world feels like it's spinning - he has to be imagining this - doesn't he? It's nothing like he ever imagined it would be, Bakugo is much softer that he ever expected. He may be holding him against the wall, but his lips are moving slow and sweet, something Deku had never envisioned him doing in a million years.
Bakugo pauses and looks Deku in the eyes, "Are you going to kiss back?"
"Oh, right - I - I forgot," he stutters, unable to hold his gaze, eyes trailing off somewhere behind him.
"Cut the crap, Deku - we're way past this," Bakugo snaps, kissing him again and this time Deku has the courage to kiss back, lips slowly starting to dance with Bakugo's. He's overwhelmed quickly, overcome with emotions and feelings he never thought he would be able to express with his body. Bakugo nips at his lower lip and he moans, immediately regretting doing so, for fear of scaring Bakugo away.
Bakugo tightens his hold on Deku's wrists in response, and smirks. "That's more like it."
They kiss for what seems like forever but not long enough, and eventually Bakugo steps back, letting Deku gain back control of his arms and senses. He feels as though he can barely stand, though, his knees are shaky and his head feels like it's in the clouds.
"Does this mean-"
Bakugo grunts and rolls his eyes. "Yes, Deku, fuck…"
"Please just say it for me, otherwise I will worry myself to death and overthink it."
"Don't I know it," Bakugo says, smirking slightly. "Fine - I'll say it - I like you too."