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Six boyfriends, a hot professor, and a sex club party

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Considering that Khun and Bam pined for half a lifetime before they finally got together, it's no surprise that their relationship started cinematic as all hell.

They blurted out their confessions at the same time when Bam took him on a tooth-rottingly sweet "friend date" to celebrate his birthday.

Their group literally threw them a congratulatory party and Bam moved in within the week. He was always visiting and staying over anyways.

They went to Ikea together to pick out new things for the apartment. A freaking Ikea date was their first official date. It was so domestically romantic that Khun nearly cried.

Even the first time they did it was slow and gentle. They both cried a little and Khun was sore for days afterwards. He didn't mind it. In fact, he liked how the lingering feeling was a symbol of newfound maturity.

So, he thought they would keep having a relationship straight out of a romance movie. He did not expect his love life to turn into an absurd opening scene of a terribly-produced porno. Well, not that he ever watched that stuff! But point is, the universe loves fucking with him. Literally and figuratively.

All he wanted was one boyfriend. Just one.

But noooo...


Khun gets the feeling something is up the moment Shibisu invites them for dinner at the apartment he shares with his own boyfriend.

"Okay, what do you and the seppuku swordsman want?"

"What makes you think we want something, my love?" Shibisu laughs anxiously.

He raises an eyebrow in judgement. "You're both wearing nice clothes instead of your usual hideous stuff, you cleaned the place, you actually cooked instead of ordering in, and there's a freaking vase of flowers on the dining table. Want me to keep going?"

Their hosts insist they sit down and eat before talking about it. As if that's not foreboding at all. Bam takes mercy on them and dinner conversation flows casually.

Eventually, Shibisu opens a bottle of wine and Hatz cuts straight to the chase. "Isu still has a mad crush on ugly earrings. The four of us are close and we do have pretty good chemistry. So how about we be polygamous?"

"Sounds great," Bam replies with no hesitation. "The more the merrier, right?"

Khun chokes on his wine and hacks up a lung. "W-what?! Are you serious?!"

"Is that idea so absurd?" Hatz deadpans. "Polygamy is a thing. We'll have our main pairs, but we'll also be able to have intimacy all around."

Shibisu jumps in and rambles. "We can give it a try to see if it works! Don't get me wrong, Hatz and I are very happy together and I'm sure you two are happy as well! But aren't you curious about what more there could be?"

Khun sighs....because that does make sense. And Bam does seem curious. "Alright. I suppose there's no harm in us four being open."


All he wanted was one boyfriend. And somehow, not even one month into their relationship, the number increased to three.


He finds that he doesn't hate it.'s nice.

Going on dates with Shibisu and sharing chaste kisses really isn't too different from their usual friendship. That tracksuit clown had always been flirty and clingy as hell.

When Khun and Shibisu do it for the first time, the scene is set with rose petals and candles. Shibisu takes him apart lovingly and whispers sweet nothings. It's really romantic....until they hear Bam and Hatz going at it like rabid animals from down the hall. Those two beasts even break the bed!

And that cues a group Ikea date.

It becomes pretty clear what the secondary pairs are: Khun and Shibisu, Bam and Hatz.

Nevertheless, holiday season brings them all closer. They spend more time together than ever. They do Christmas shopping together and go on group dates, but they also spend evenings staying in and being cutely cozy. Extra cuddles are nice, even when they sometimes come from the seppuku swordsman.

Speaking of the seppuku swordsman, it's obvious that he and Khun are the 'weakest' link. They had always been at each other's throats despite the begrudging respect and mutual attraction. Now that they have to get along better, they throw less insults. They initiate more physical contact. Little things like holding hands and resting their heads against the other's shoulder.

They go slow. One little step at a time so they don't accidentally start a fight and stab each other.

Then, one day, Khun comes home stressed as all hell by his family drama. There’s a massive spat between his father and multiple uncles over who's going to host the family Christmas party....because all of them want to show off their estates. Then, someone suggested that they have multiple holiday parties. That was supposed to be a good idea and an excuse to party more, but no. That ignited an even more fierce debate over who gets which day.

So Khun is high-strung enough to snap when he comes home to Hatz chilling in his and Bam's apartment.

The slow cooker is on and the warrior wannabe lounges on the couch as he types on his laptop.

Fuck. Today is movie night and Khun does not want to ruin the mood. Plus, he knows that Hatz is also stressed.

"Oi, swordsman. You're good at sex, right? Wanna blow off some steam before the other two get here?"

Hatz closes his computer and grins deviously. "You’re going to regret that."

"Will I?" He challenges.

And’s intense and ruthless as the swordsman slams into him, but he doesn't regret it at all. They don't wind up with another broken bed, but what did end up happening is arguably worse.

The dynamic pair was so into it that they didn't notice Bam and Shibisu arrive. They leave the bedroom looking like they wrestled a bear, still quipping back and forth, to see their boyfriends red-faced on the couch.

"I uhhh....I wasn't sure if you like it rough or not, but by the sounds of that, you do," Bam chuckles sheepishly.

There's an undertone of apology and Khun isn't having any of it. "Don't even finish that thought," he assures. "I liked it, but that was cuz I needed something to shut my brain off. I can't imagine having sex like that all the time. I really do like the sex that we have, Bam. I love how tender you are with me."

Shibisu jumps in as well. "That’s why having three boyfriends is great! We weren't missing anything before, but the extra exploration is nice."

"Yea, you're right," Bam smiles. "I'm glad we're all together. I feel so loved every single day!"

Khun would never admit it in front of Hatz, but he agrees. It really is wonderful to have these people who support him unconditionally and never push for more.


Turns out, their little group is going to expand.

Because the damn gator gets nosy and demands in. Rak also does it during the worst timing possible. They’re all at a gala hosted by the company Bam and Rak work for when Rak obnoxiously confronts them.

"I hardly saw you turtles over the holidays because you were too busy with each other!" He shouts angrily. "Whatever is going on here, the great leader will not be left out!"

"Hah?! You don't know what you're talking about, you stupid crocodile!" Khun yells back.

Damn. He thought that they were doing a good job at keeping it down low! Shibisu, Hatz, Khun and Bam were always close. Shibisu and Khun were childhood friends before the other two came along. The four of them grew up together! The new development shouldn't have caught any attention, but Rak is sharper than he seems.

"You turtles are up to something and I want in," Rak frowns determinedly.

It's Shibisu and Bam, the patient ones, who take mercy on the oblivious gator. They usher Rak somewhere private to talk while Khun and Hatz cover for them.

"The mere image of the gator doing anything remotely sexual is insane," Khun grumbles. The others are taking too long. There's only so much time he can be in the swordsman's presence before they start arguing about something dumb.

"There's more to relationships and sexuality than you think," Hatz replies patiently.

Turns out Hatz is capable of being right now and then.

Things like kissing and sex are out of the question for Rak. However, he wants to hang out with his turtles, cuddle, hug, and hold hands without feeling like he's intruding. That's awfully considerate of him, since he's the type to just take what he wants without thinking twice.

Thus, they agree to let Rak into their open relationship.

Honestly....just as Khun is getting used to three boyfriends, a fourth comes along. And out of everyone, it just had to be the barbaric crocodile!


So now, he's in a relationship with the wonderful Bam, a freckled clown, and two muscles-for-brains. That's one person he loves, another person he loves but would never admit it out loud, and two people he clashes dramatically with. Great. Just great.

The addition of Rak isn't as awkward as he thought. Considerately, Rak doesn't ask uncomfortable questions about sex. He's respectful of when his black and blue turtles want time alone. He even behaves himself a little more when they go on group dates!

It reminds Khun of that high school semester where he, Bam, and Rak had the exact same schedule. They teamed up for every project and gave the rest of the class (and even their teachers) hell. Looking back, he feels sorry that Lero Ro had to deal with student antics along with Quant's immaturity. Though Hansung can go choke on his own hair.

Physical contact with Rak is unfamiliar, but not unpleasant. Khun and Rak used to wrestle each other all the time...and they still do. It's strange at first when Rak starts hugging him more. The gator has a habit of hugging people from behind and resting his chin on top of their heads.

Normally, Khun's paranoid hypervigilance makes him lash out when people sneak up on him from behind. But with Rak, he feels safe.

The addition of Rak isn't so much a new boyfriend as a best friend who didn't want to be left out.

And well...considering the loyalty and support Rak gave them all over the years, the least they can do is help him feel safe as well.


By the time they get the next addition to their chaotic love-group-relationship-thing, Khun is completely unfazed. It’s even a little flattering.

Word got around and Wangnan abashedly visits Khun and Bam to ask if he could join. Apparently, Wangnan has crushes on them both and wants to ‘get to know’ them better.

Khun shrugs and says "sure, why not?" as casually as if Wangnan asked to come along to the movies.

“The more the merrier!” Bam grins and excitedly lifts their blushing new addition into a bear-hug.

The others are just as happy to accept the cheerful blonde.


Wangnan is a refreshing addition to their group. He’s not bad looking at all and has a boyish charm about him. It’s different from Khun’s viper-like prettiness. It’s different from the mischievousness Bam expertly hides behind a handsome face.

The others have their “thing” as well. Shibisu is a caring clown, Hatz is a blunt and honorable brute who is lucky to be blessed with nice muscles, and Rak is a straight up barbarian who would never admit out loud how much he enjoys physical contact.

Wangnan is different from them all. He indulges Shibisu and Rak’s antics, but he’s also sensitive enough to know when Bam needs a long hug and when Khun needs someone to listen to him rant. Wangnan is a lot of things at once- as if he’s still trying to figure himself out. And that’s totally fine. Everyone wants to support him as well.

And speaking of that cocky blonde’s needs, he’s enthusiastic as hell when it comes to sex. He’s literally down for anything and everything. When Wangnan joined the group, he was nearly as inexperienced as Khun...but oh god has he grown.

It’s no joke. Wangnan is the one you go to for just about any kind of sex. If you want romance, go to Wangnan. If you want to experiment, go to Wangnan. If you want it wild...

Well, the wildest sexual duo will always be Bam and Hatz, but Wangnan is a close third. Plus, that guy would volunteer himself for anything under the sun!

He was the guinea pig when Hatz taught Khun how to top someone.

He had a crazy marathon threesome with Bam and Hatz. It was insane! Khun was with Shibisu in the other bedroom when it happened and their romantic mood was totally ruined!

When Wangnan joined Khun and Shibisu for a sweet lovey-dovey threesome, he nearly set them all on fire by spilling champagne into the candles. But then, he more than made up for it the next time they did it.


Life with five boyfriends really is something else. That’s one boyfriend for every weekday! It’s pretty outlandish considering that six months ago, Khun couldn’t even picture having one boyfriend.

He was worried that it would lead to miscommunication and insecurities between him and Bam. But Bam is open about his thoughts and they always talk about where their heads are at.

Although this is an open relationship and they all care about each other, the main pairs are established. There are certain boundaries that Khun only allows Bam to cross and vice versa. It’s the same with Hatz and Shibisu. Rak is here for the snuggles and Wangnan is here for a good time until he gets a girlfriend...or boyfriend. It’s no surprise that he swings both ways.


Khun was entirely unsurprised when he got his fifth boyfriend, but getting the sixth is a dumbfounding experience.

To be fair, he knows he’s good looking. He knows he can be vain, but he’s not THAT vain, okay?!

They’re at Dan’s housewarming party and the guy had invited a ton of people. Even Ran is here now that he’s legal drinking age. They’re sitting around in a huge circle, playing Never Have I Ever. Ran gets the most devious smirk on his face and says, “never have I ever had a crush on A.A.”

“That’s the best you could come up with?” Khun quirks a brow, unimpressed.

Rak asks if a crush is a type of food. All the gator’s fingers are still raised. Even if Khun's four other boyfriends are in the circle, there are better things Ran could have said to get everyone!

Only...Ran does get everyone. Every single person in the circle puts down a finger and some of them drink as they lose the game. Khun’s jaw gapes as he looks around at them all. Dan, Novick, White (what is he even doing here?! Who invited him?!), Boro, Sachi, Hockney, Arkraptor, Prince (who invited this kid?!), Ewha, Goseng, Candy, and a couple faces he never bothered to put a name to.

Holy fucking hell! ALL THESE PEOPLE had a crush on him?!

“B-but I'm a cold, unapproachable bastard!” he stammers, because what the actual hell?!

“Some people are into that,” Dan replies sagely.

“I only met you just now,” a woman with a blonde pixie cut and blue lipstick purrs, “but you are just my type.”

The woman reaches over to try to stroke his cheek and he jumps back. Too much insanity for one day!

He makes a beeline for the back door to get some air in the yard. Ran comes out after him and wordlessly pats him on the back. “Wanna crush some people at beer pong?” Ran offers.

“Hell yes,” he replies.

After a string of victories, Khun switches out with Novick. He heads back inside to see what his boyfriends are up to...

And finds Shibisu and Dan making out in the hallway.

He has to blink a couple times to make sure he isn’t seeing things. Nope, that’s his romantic clown boyfriend sucking face with their athlete friend.

“What the hell,” he mutters, exasperated.

The two of them break apart and laugh shamelessly.

“Dan just admitted he has a crush on you,” Shibisu explains, “so I invited him to join us. He’s a good guy and we all like him! I was getting a little lonely being the only dork around.”

Dan flashes a thumbs up. “It’ll be twice as fun now that there’s two doofuses!”


Well, it is more fun, but it’s also more chaotic than ever!

Group antics are three times as crazy now that Shibisu has two enablers in the form of Wangnan and Dan! It’s even more outrageous whenever Rak gets involved.

The reason Khun moved out of his family’s main estate is to get away from the madness! He didn’t sign up for all this insanity in his personal life as well! Admittedly...this sort of madness is much nicer than the Khun family cloak and dagger drama. As much as he wants to be classier than these idiot boyfriends, they always know what to say to rile him up.

As much as he adores Shibisu, Wangnan, and Dan, some evenings he just wants to curl up with Bam and just...not be a functional human. And as social as Bam is, he needs private time with just Khun as well.

They start going on dates in pairs and trios more because it’s harder than ever to unanimously agree where to go. Also, it’s harder than ever for all their schedules to line up.

Recently, Khun has been hanging out with Bam and Hatz a lot. Truthfully, the seppuku swordsman isn’t nearly as insufferable as he used to be. Amidst all the loudness, it’s nice to be around someone who enjoys peace.


Or maybe Hatz is a huge jerk after all, because after all these years, nobody on this planet can incite Khun more than that warrior wannabe.

Khun Eduan’s birthday is coming up and there’s going to be an extravagant party at his sex club. Although it’s horribly inappropriate to invite your own children to a sex club party, Eduan insists they all show up or he’ll throw a tantrum for the next decade.

Marco Asensio is just as done-with-this-shit, but he knows it’ll be better for them all to play along.

Khun hangs up the call with Marco and turns towards his boyfriends who are sitting on the couches, waiting for movie night to begin.

“More family drama?” Shibisu asks nervously. Because their family drama could mean anything from reality-TV-level-absurdity to borderline-illegal-backstabbing.

“How should I explain this...” Khun begins as he rubs his temples. “My father is throwing his fiftieth birthday party at the sex club he owns. I’m not judging him for that. He can be a horndog all he wants. Howeverrr, he wants it to be a family event. Just...let that sink in for a moment. A fifty year old man is threatening to throw a tantrum if his own children don’t show up to his sex themed party.”

Bam, being the wonderful Bam who always wants to help, speaks up. “We could come with you for moral support! Right guys? Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Shibisu wags his eyebrows suggestively. “Sure, Bam. I’m not convinced moral support is all you have on your mind.”

“Maybe it could be fun!” Dan pipes up like an excited parakeet. “It’s a sex themed party, right? So how about we try to upstage your father by inviting the hottest people? We could even make it a competition between us to see who could bring the biggest hottie!”

Khun can’t hold back a facepalm. “So you want us to play right into how inappropriate all this is.”

Wangnan enthusiastically supports Dan’s idea. “In a way, you could get back at him,” he reasons. “If we’re the best looking group around, we’ll totally steal the show!”

They all smile and nod expectantly at Khun. Even Bam. “Fine...” he relents. “Do what you want, but I want no part in this competition.”

“Afraid you’ll lose?” Hatz taunts. “Figures, since you’re a shy little flower boy who’s too scared to talk to good looking people.”

“Hah?! What did you say, seppuku swordsman?!”

Hatz grins arrogantly and leans back with his arms crossed. “Then how about you and I put a wager on it? If I win, which I will, you have to dye your hair pink.”

The others start cooing at how ‘cute’ he’d look with pink hair. Even Bam, that angel-faced traitor.

“Fine,” Khun grits. “When I win, you’ll have to pierce your ears.”

Hatz scowls. “How’s that fair? Dye fades, but piercings stay forever.”

“Heh, scared you’ll lose?”

Bam jumps in to placate them. “How’s this, if Aguero invites the better looking person, Hatz has to wear clip-on earrings for two months. If Hatz wins, Aguero will have to keep pink hair for two months before dying it back.”

Well, that sounds as fair as it’ll get. Khun and Hatz glare at each other and scoff “fine” at the same time.

“Blue Turtle will become a Pink Turtle? This will be interesting.”

“No way! Khun knows so many attractive people! He’ll win for sure!”

“I have another idea!” Dan exclaims again. “If one of us brings the hottest person, they both have to do the punishment!”

Khun and Hatz both blanch as the others excitedly agree because apparently, their boyfriends love bullying them.

“Doesn’t Bam know Evankhell?” Khun says, thoroughly horrified. “How are we going to find someone hotter than her? We could seriously be screwed!”

“You better pull your weight, ugly earrings,” Hatz demands, though he looks pale as well.

“You too, warrior wannabe.”

Dan turns to Shibisu and stage-whispers. “Please tell me I am not the only one who wants to see those two go at each other.”

“Trust me, you’ll get plenty of opportunities,” Shibisu whispers back. “Though mind you, my Hatz is the toppest of the tops while Khun is the bottomest of the bottoms.”

Wangnan joins in. “I’ve had a looottt of threesomes, so I can confidently say that those two put on a show like no other.”


When it rains, it pours. And in Khun's case, life gives him a fucking tsunami.

The two weeks leading up to the party go by in a stressed out, hair-pulling, coffee-binging haze.

Work was a nightmare since the new interns are incompetent. They nearly started a crisis with their rudimentary mistakes and of course, Khun had to step in to fix it all.

One would think Eduan's sex themed party is enough drama for this month, but no. Maschenny started a media storm with her ongoing feud with Yuri. Uncle Lyborick hired assassins to go after his long time rival, Kallavan. Hachuling, who had only been pole-dancing as a hobby, decided to start pole-dancing for real at Club Wolhaiksong. The tabloids are having a field day with that. Any other reasonable parent would be concerned, but Eduan has the gall to encourage Hachuling and his friends to work the poles at the party. He finds nothing wrong with his own son "performing". Truly incredible.

Oh, and Icardi got fucking arrested for drug dealing. Again. Khun had to help Marco track down some black market lawyers. Again.


He returns home Friday afternoon, worn out to his last thread of sanity. Bam and Dan are baking cookies and chatting happily. Khun drops himself on the couch and lets out a long suffering sigh that this week is over.

"How about we stay in tonight?" Bam suggests kindly. "Tomorrow's party is going to be wild."

And that gives Khun a metaphorical heart attack. "Holy hell, it's tomorrow?!"

Dan plasters a shit-eating grin on his face. "You forgot? Well, you're totally done for."

Oh god. Oh god, where is he going to find someone hotter than Evankhell on this short notice?!

He does a mental run-through of all the hot people he knows.

Sachi Faker is damn fine, but is he really better looking than the Infernal Evankhell?

White is only attractive to people who find psychotic maniacs hot.

There's also Hansung, Evankhell's unfairly beautiful husband, but Khun is not about to put himself in that blonde lunatic's debt.

That leaves.....well there is one person.

Actually, that person is perfect, but Khun will have to go pretty far to convince him.

"Hey Bam, anything goes, right? I can do whatever it takes to win?"

Seeing his panic, Bam takes mercy on him. "Yes, anything. Seducing them is allowed. That's the least I could do for you considering I have such a huge advantage."


With that, Khun races downstairs and lets himself into Shibisu and Hatz's apartment.

He barges into Hatz's room to find him in the middle of doing it with Shibisu. "Hello to you too," the swordsman greets sarcastically as if this is the most normal thing in the world.

Ignoring him, Khun rummages through the closet where Hatz keeps his dominatrix costumes. Without minding the eyes on him, he changes into leather pants, a form fitting black tank top with buckles, and a sheer chiffon kimono-style shawl.

He races out and sprints down the street to his old university campus, ignoring the catcalls on the way.


He's in luck, because he finds professor Enryu just as he's locking up his office for the weekend.

He hunches over and wheezes from the run.

"Well, what's got you in such a hurry?" Enryu teases. His voice is as sultry as ever! It brings Khun right back to the days he secretly ogled his devastatingly hot professor. Enryu is the embodiment of everything he wants to be....power, intelligence, prestige, ethereal beauty.....

Enryu continues on when he doesn't get a response. He places one hand on his hip, looking straight out of a fashion magazine. "You could have called. I'm sure I gave you my personal number. Well, what can I do for you?"

"I have a proposition," Khun purrs. He pulls himself together enough to fan his lashes.

Carmine eyes rake up and down his body, appreciating the uncharacteristically sexy look. "Finally after all this time, huh."

"I was your student before. I'm not anymore."

Enryu's lips quirk tantalizingly. Every single person in his class had fantasized about kissing those lips. "Is that why you rejected me all those times? And I thought you didn't like me that way."

"Well, we can make up for it now, can't we? Or do you not like me anymore?" He bats his eyelashes and teases the edge of his collar.

"We have much to catch up on." And with that, Enryu pulls him into his office and locks the door.


If nine months ago, someone told Khun he'd get railed against his hot professor's mahogany desk in order to win a bet against the love of his life and five other boyfriends......well, he'd say that future him went crazy.

And maybe he did go a little crazy, because love does that to people.

Enryu agrees without hesitation to help him with the competition. Like Khun, Enryu is the type of person who'd rather be applauded for his brains than his looks. But he can't turn down an opportunity to upstage Eduan.

"It's a shame we only really had tonight," Enryu teases as he pours them glasses of fine whiskey once they've put their clothes back on. "You know you can call me anytime."

"I'll keep that in mind if I ever get sick of using my brain. If we sold what we just did to porno sites, we'd make a killing."

"Have I not taught you to aim higher?" the professor quips good-naturedly. "Why sell to sites when you could make your own? I'm sure tons of people would pay to watch you."

Khun laughs as he sips his glass of fancy booze. "And yet, all my boyfriends watch me get fucked for free. I must be an awful businessman."

"My dear, you could never be awful at anything."


Feeling confident that he will not be dying his hair pink, Khun makes his entrance at the party with his crew.

They're all fashionably late since none of them own appropriate sex-club attire and they had to raid Hatz's closet to find dominatrix gear that would fit them. Khun, though slimmer, is closest to the swordsman in size. Meanwhile, Dan and Wangnan had to squeeze their asses into leather pants and the others couldn't fit the pants at all. Thankfully, Hatz has looser tops they could wear with black jeans.

Since they're late, all their guests already arrived.

Rak missed the whole point of invite-the-hottest-person-you-know, because his guest is Parakewl. The green pickle man is already drunk and shouting about revolution.

Khun is glad he decided against Sachi, because Dan had invited him. Sachi does look suave as hell dancing with Aka and Boro.

For some reason, Wangnan thought his father, Jahad, counts as an entry. Jahad does look regally handsome, but Eduan already had him on the guest list!

Like with all other competitions, Shibisu used his wits. He somehow knows Yuri Jahad, who knows Urek Mazino, who knows Garam Jahad. And damn, Garam is drop-dead gorgeous! There are already drunk men at her feet asking her to step on them!

Khun catches a familiar head of silver hair in the crowd. "Seriously, seppuku swordsman? I thought you'd be more creative than to bring White."

"Just wait," Hatz replies smugly.

White turns around and Khun sees what he means. That homicidal maniac sure cleans up well! He looks otherworldly with his flawless glowing skin, red eye makeup, and regal outfit. He's surrounded by a sea of admirers. Even Poe Bidau Gustang, one of the most prominent people of the country, is flirting with him!

"Impressive," Bam grins. "But Evankhell is here too."

Sure enough, Evankhell is not hard to spot. She stands two full heads above the crowd with her Amazonian height and massive heels. Khun's soul nearly leaves his body when he notices that she's dressed in dark green dominatrix gear. Her look is complete with whips and handcuffs at her belt. She has a sea of admirers as well and some even worship at her heeled boots. However, Evankhell only has eyes for Hansung, who somehow thought traditional robes is a good look for a sex club party.

Knowing that he's beat, Dan waves over a server carrying a tray of shot glasses. All alcohol is free for the night and the clowns of the group are about to take full advantage. Once they all have a shot glass in hand, Dan announces a toast. "Here's to us! I love you all!"

They all down the smooth vodka.

And as ridiculous as this party is, it's fun with everyone around. They're all in high spirits as they let loose after a tough week. The flashing lights are mesmerizing. Urek is doing a great job as the DJ and Hachuling seems to be having the time of his life working his pole.

And then...

The music slows and the crowd parts like the red sea.

Enryu makes his way to their group. He looks breathtaking in low rise leather pants and a black blouse with a gaping neckline. His body looks like it was carved in marble by the gods. His red hair is like heavenly fire and his eyes are the embodiment of sin. With each step he takes, heads turn, eyes bug, and jaws drop to the floor.

Intense carmine eyes scan each member of their group. From the corner of Khun's eye, he sees them all go stock stiff and an unfamiliar expression settles on Bam's face. It's hard to read in the low lighting, but it feels foreboding.

"I’ve been looking for you, baby," Enryu purrs as he puts his hands on Khun's hips. "So? Did we win the bet?"

Shibisu is first to pull himself together. "I-I think we're all going to call it a tie. It's hard to choose."

"Really?" Enryu's long fingers slip into Khun's waistband. "It should be simple. Decisiveness is key if you want to be a ruler. That's a lesson my dear student is very, very aware of."

"You said 'we'. Why did you say 'we?'" Bam asks. His voice is dark and his eyes narrow. The air feels like it drops subzero.

Khun swallows nervously. He knows Bam can get jealous and passionate, but he had never seen this side before!

Unfazed, Enryu carries on. "It's a team effort, no? I showed up, but Aguero was very, very convincing."

Before Khun could say something to get the two to back off each other, his world tilts as Bam throws him over his shoulder.

It startles their other boyfriends, but Bam only growls as he carries him towards their private room for the night.

The others frantically shout, but Enryu gives Khun an innocent smile and wave. As if to say 'you're welcome'.


Dear heaven and hell is he welcome!

Whenever Bam fucked him before, it was gentle and slow. It was out of a fairy tale.

Although Khun is able to handle roughness, Bam always did the rougher stuff with Hatz and Wangnan.

But this. He doubts Bam has ever gone this hard with anyone. It's exhilarating and terrifyingly in equal measures to have such intense, single sighted devotion on him. Exhilarating because this is Bam. Terrifying because he wants to be worthy. He wants to keep proving himself worthy of staying by Bam's side. He wants to be worthy intellectually, emotionally, all the ways that matter.

Khun knows Bam's love is selfless. He knows Bam loves him without asking anything in return. The same way he loves Bam. But growing up the way he had, it's hard to feel like he's enough. It's hard to fight that voice in his head that urges him to keep achieving, keep giving, keep planning-

But he doesn’t need to fight right now.

His brain is forcibly shut off as Bam ravishes him and fucks him against every surface of their sex suite.

"I'm yours, I'm yours," he gasps over and over. He needs Bam to know this. The open relationship is wonderful, loving, and fun, but what the two of them have is irreplaceable.

"I'm yours too," Bam replies.


At some point, their other boyfriends barge in as well because there's only one room.

Rak left early since he had to take Parakewl home after the pickle revolutionary puked everywhere.

Hatz and Shibisu join in on the action while Wangnan and Dan go back out to search for other hot singles to score with.


In the morning, they're all exhausted, slightly hungover, and looking worse for wear. It was a long night after a long week, but they needed it.

Hachuling messages the sibling group chat that Eduan was indeed comedically distressed at not being the hottest person in the room.

And well, that ignites a debate about who's hotter- Evankhell, Garam, Enryu, or non-homicidal White. In the end, they can't choose and decide to all try something new with their appearances.


Hatz begrudgingly tries clip-on earrings so he can make fun of them. Bam takes it a step further and pierces his own ears. He chooses earrings with cobalt blue stones.

Khun goes blonde because that's as close to gold as he can get.

Shibisu tries wearing actual dress clothes one day each week. Khun had to help him get his sizing right, and damn do those tracksuits not do his musculature justice.

Dan starts wearing his hair in a man-bun instead of a ponytail. Wangnan starts doing skincare instead of washing his face with hand soap. Even Rak gets inspired to use actual moisturizer for his scaly gator skin.


Another change is that Khun and Enryu reconnect. Not as professor and student, not as fuckbuddies, but as actual friends.

It's refreshing to interact with an older adult who sees him for him. He's too used to older people either patronizing him, openly resenting him, or being intimidated by him.

The puppy crush he had on Enryu turns into understanding and companionship.

Enryu explained that he wanted to push Bam's buttons and give them a test of love. Well, it certainly worked back then. Bam admitted he was a little embarrassed he reacted so strongly because he honestly had no doubts about their relationship. It was a knee-jerk reaction. He's truly happy that Khun finally has a positive older adult in his life.


If a year ago, someone told Khun he'd not only get together with his soulmate, but also five other boyfriends and also have sex with his hot professor...well...he would have said that future-him went off the deep end. But he'd also think future-him is inexplicably lucky.

And's been a crazy year, but he does feel lucky.