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The Once & Future Queen

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Enchanted Forest. Past. King Leopold’s Palace.
(Regina sits alone weeping, looking down at the ring Daniel gave to her.)
Regina: (Softly:) “Daniel.”
Henry Sr: “There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you. How are you enjoying your new home?”
Regina: “You mean my new prison.”
Henry Sr: (Sighs:) “Oh, Regina. (Sits beside her:) It doesn’t have to be.”
Regina: “I lost everything, Daddy. My love, my future. (Places the ring on her finger:) My happiness is buried with Daniel.”
Henry Sr: “You still have a future, Regina. You’re Queen, that’s every girl’s dream.”
Regina: “No, it was mother’s. My dream was to love, Daddy. True Love! And now it’s gone.”
Henry Sr: “The King is a good man. Kind. Fair. You can learn to love him and his daughter Snow White.”
Regina: “No, I can’t. I will never love again. And no one will ever love me.”

Storybrooke. Present.
(Regina is seated on a park bench lost in her thoughts. Henry sits beside her not saying anything, just simply being there for his mother.)

(Seeing Alice approach from a distance, Henry gets up to meet her.)
Henry: "Hey.”
Alice: “Hey. How’s she doing?”
Henry: “Inconsolable, as you can imagine.”
Alice: “Poor thing.”
Henry: “Yeah.”
Alice: “Look, I know this is going to sound insensitive and selfish, but do you have any idea how much longer she expects Zelena to look after Maria? I mean I get it, Zelena offered and loves looking after her, but with Maleficent gone and Robin pretty much in charge of the bar, she really needs her Mum’s help. I’m there as much as I can be but, I love my job at the library and I’d hate to have to give it up.”
Henry: (Nods:) “I got it, don’t worry, I’ll talk to her. I should’ve stepped up sooner. Maria’s my sister after all. I’ll take care of it.”
Alice: “Thanks, Henry. (Looks over to Regina:) Give her my love, won’t you?”
Henry: “Yeah.”
(Henry heads back to his mom as Alice walks away feeling somewhat guilty.)

The Dragon’s Lair.
(While Zelena rocks Maria in her arms, Robin works on her new drinks menu.)
Robin: “There, finished. Do you want to try something from the new ‘Wanderlust Menu’? It’s inspired by all the best drinks I had on my travels.”
Robin Hood: (Leans over to look:) “Impressive list.”
Zelena: (Also looking:) “Oh, is that an Indian drink I see?”
Robin: “It is, and it’s made with real rose petals. It’ll blow your mind. Such a beautiful country. They have these sprightly trees called Arunchal Hopea. They went extinct nearly 20 years ago. People thought they’d make good fence posts.”
Robin Hood: “That’s terrible. But that’s what people do. They destroy things.
Having lived most of my adult life outdoors, I can honestly say there’s no greater pest than humanity.”
Robin: (Snorts:) “That’s odd coming from a legendary champion of the people.”
Robin Hood: “Wrong Robin Hood, my dear. I believe you’re thinking of your father.”
Robin: “Hm.”
Zelena: “Speaking of fatherhood, don’t you think I look wonderful with a babe in my arms? Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?”
Robin Hood: “Uh… not really.”
Zelena: “Oh come on, don’t you wonder what our child would look like?”
Robin: “Um, hello?!”
Zelena: “Oh, yeah. Sorry, darling.”
(Robin shakes her head then goes to hang up the new menu.)

Swan-Mills House.
(Ella opens the front door and finds Drizella and Anastasia standing there.)
Ella: “Anastasia. Drizella. What are you doing here?”
Drizella: “I’ll tell you what I’m not doing. (Points to a box at her feet:) Carrying that any further.”
Anastasia: “We found some old stuff of Cecelia’s that we don’t remember. We though maybe some of it belonged to you.”
Drizella: “If you want it, you can take it.”
Ella: (Steps aside to allow them entry:) “Come on in. It’s nice to see you two.”
Drizella: “We would’ve been here earlier, but I just carried a box full of stuff to your doorstep.”
Anastasia: “Oh, calm down. I offered to magic us here.”
Drizella: “Yeah, right and give you a chance to show off to Ella? Make sure she chooses you as her favourite sister?”
(They walk towards the kitchen.)
Anastasia: “Hey, I found the box to begin with. Didn’t even get a thank you.”
Ella: “All right you two, no one’s playing favourites. So, why are you really here? To talk about Mom?”
Drizella: “Hey, we’re your family. You remember, that thing you were so desperate to find? Do you even care why we’re here?”
Anastasia: “We came to see how you’re holding up. You know, it’s been a week now since Emma disappeared.”
Ella: (Dryly:) “Really? I hadn’t realised.”
Drizella: “Woah, okay, tap your brakes, Ella. We get that you’re still processing.”
Anastasia: “You gained two sisters and lost a mother-in-law on the same day. It’s a lot to wrap your head around.”
Drizella: “Especially since you accused your other mother-in-law of murder.”
Ella: (Smiles, despite herself:) “Yeah, well, everybody has problems.”
Drizella: “Exactly, so quit wallowing in self-pity and take a look through this box we brought you. (Knocks the lid of the box off:) There could be something in here to cheer you up. (Pulls out a ragged looking doll:) Like this thing, for example.”
Ella: (Stares at the doll:) “It…It’s Beatrice. (Reaching out for it:) I never thought I’d see her again. I can’t believe she kept this.”
Drizella: “I figured she was second hand. I just had no idea she belonged to you.”
Ella: (Pulls Drizella into a hug:) “Thank you, so so much.”
Anastasia: “Our childhood seems like so long ago. Almost like another world.”
Ella: “Mm. Exactly like another world in my case.”
Drizella: “So, what does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?”
Ella: (Wipes her eyes:) “Sorry, what would you like?”
Drizella: “Well if we’re going to talk about the past, we’d better make it something strong, right?”
Anastasia: “Drizzy, it’s eleven in the morning.”
Drizella: “Right, which means it has to be five o’clock somewhere.”

Enchanted Forest. Past.
(Tiger Lily and Mulan discuss their options while Emma walks ahead of them.)
Tiger Lily: “We could contact the Fairies, there’s a good chance Blue and the others might have some ideas.”
Mulan: “I thought the time-travel spell had never been done before Zelena? Surely if the Fairies knew anything about it they’d spend most of their days going back in time to fix things.”
Tiger Lily: “That’s true, but they could still help us.”
Emma: (Stops walking:) “We’re not asking the Fairies for help. (Turns to face them:) Not only did they ruin Rumplestiltskin’s life the moment he was born, but they stood by and did nothing while Regina’s life crumbled around her.”
Tiger Lily: “But you-”
Emma: “No! You above all know how the Fairies work. It’s because of your actions that we ended up being stuck here in the past! If you hadn’t taken Morgause away to be raised by the High Priestesses-”
Tiger Lily: “Then Uther would’ve killed her.”
Emma: “And so this is better?!”
Mulan: “Emma…”
Emma: “We’re trapped here in the past not knowing where or when we even are! And I’ve already been through this crap before!”
Tiger Lily: (Calmly:) “I know. Which is why I’m not worried.”
Emma: “Of course you’re not! You don’t have a family waiting for you back home! You don’t have a wife you love more than the air you breathe or a daughter you promised never to spend a day of her life away from!”

Mulan: “Hey! (Steps between Tiger Lily and Emma:) Back off, Emma. You’re not the only one with someone they love back home, all right? Screaming at each other isn’t going to achieve anything other than attract unwanted attention. So why don’t we all take a moment to calm down, then think of a way to get us home.”
Tiger Lily: (Sees a carriage approaching:) “Quickly, hide yourselves.”
(The three women hurry from the roadside to duck behind some trees. As the carriage passes, a familiar face stares out from the window.)
Mulan: “Who was that?”
Tiger Lily: “King Leopold.”
Mulan: “Leopold?”
Emma: (Amazed:) “My Grandfather.”
Tiger Lily: “Well, at least that gives us some idea of ‘when’ we are.”
Mulan: (Stares back to see the spires of the palace behind them:) “The Dark Palace. Do you think Regina’s in there?”
(Emma stares hopefully back at the palace, momentarily excited by the thought of seeing some version of her wife.)
Emma: (Shakes her head, determined:) “Well if she is we’re not going anywhere near her. I won’t jeopardise our chances of returning home to our timeline by seeing Regina here in the past.”
Tiger Lily: (Smiles supportively:) “Good thinking. Since you’ve been in this situation before, we’ll follow your lead.”
Mulan: “Agreed. So where should we go?”
Emma: (Takes a moment to think:) “We head into town. We need to put as much distance between us and the palace as possible. Then we can find a place to eat and come up with a plan. I’m starving and can’t think on an empty stomach.”
(With that, they continue down the long dirt road, Leopold’s carriage fading into the distance ahead of them.)

Plains of Denaria. Present.
(A cloaked figure struggles to pull a horse cart along a dusty road. Four nights approach on horseback.)
Sir Leon: “Halt! (The cloaked woman stops:) Stay where you are. (The woman sets down the cart handles as the knights dismount, Sir Elyan among them:) Where are you headed?”
Woman: “The Seas of Meredor.”

Sir Leon: “What’s in the cart? (The woman says nothing. Sir Leon motions for the other knights to search it and the woman finally turns around:) Lady Morgana.”
(Morgana uses her magic to throw each of the knights to the ground. She looks around, pulls off her hood and pulls down a blanket in the cart.)
Morgana: “Are you alright?”
Morgause: “Yes, thank you, Sister. But we must hurry. Night is nearly upon us. (Morgause turns her face towards Morgana, revealing a hideous deformity to the right side of her face:) And we still have far to go.”

Camelot. Council Chambers.
(Sir Leon and Sir Elyan ride into the square and report to Guinevere and the Council.)
Sir Leon: “The reports are true, Your Majesty. We caught up with Morgana on the Plains of Denaria.”
Guinevere: “Was she alone?”
Sir Elyan: (Shakes head:) “There was someone else.”
Guinevere: “Morgause.”
Sir Elyan: “We couldn’t be sure.”
(A man speaks from the shadows.)
Agravaine: “Where was Morgana heading?”
Sir Leon: “To the Seas of Meredor.”
Lancelot: “Isle of the Blessed.”
(Agravaine steps into the light.)
Agravaine: “I’ll send out patrols at first light.”
Guinevere: “Thank you, Agravaine.”
Sir Leon: (To Agravaine:) “Sire, you should know her powers have grown. Sir Bertrand and Sir Montague are both dead.”
Guinevere: “Keep me informed of any developments.”
(The councilmen all bow and exit. Agravaine and Lancelot remain.)

Agravaine: “We knew she couldn’t stay hidden forever. Mustn’t live in fear, Guinevere. Camelot is strong. If Morgana were to act, we’d be ready for her.”
Guinevere: “You’re right, of course. I’m grateful for your counsel as always, Agravaine.”
Agravaine: “I made a promise to Morgana’s mother that I’d always be there for her, but this path she’s on now… The only way to save her is to purge Morgana of this darkness that has overtaken her soul.”
(Guinevere nods and exits alongside Lancelot.)

Seas of Meredor.
(Morgana helps Morgause limp out of the cart in the foggy wood.)
Morgause: “The Isle of the Blessed. (Morgana helps Morgause to the dock. A ferryman waits for them by a longboat. He holds out his hand. Morgause places a coin in it:) You know where we wish to go.” (The sisters huddle in the boat, the ferryman at the helm, as it glides across the sea.)

The Enchanted Forest. Past.
(Tinker Bell and Regina walk down an alleyway. They stop outside of a tavern.)
Tinker Bell: “Inside here, lies the beginning of your happiness. All the pain in your past will be just that. The past.”
(Tinker Bell walks to a window.)
Regina: “I just need a moment.”
Tinker Bell: “You’re nervous. I get it. But look! (With his back turned to them a man is sitting inside:) That must be him. (Regina steps in to take a look at him herself. The man raises his right arm so that a waitress can refill his cup. A lion tattoo can be seen on his right arm:) The guy with the lion tattoo.”
Regina: (Doubtfully:) “That’s him?”
Tinker Bell: “The Pixie dust lead us to this tavern and it never lies. Come on, who else could it be? This is your chance at love and happiness. A fresh start. No baggage. You can let go of all the anger that weighs you down. Now, get him.”
Regina: (Takes a deep breath:) “Okay. Okay, I can do this. I can be happy.”
Tinker Bell: “I know you can. Go.”
(Tinker Bell leaves. Walking back down the alleyway, she stops at the sound of her name.)
Tiger Lily: “Hey, Tink.” (Tiger Lily steps into the light.)
Tinker Bell: “Tiger Lily? What are you doing here?”
Tiger Lily: (Smiling:) “It’s a long story. Come, we mustn’t be seen here.”
(Tiger Lily leads Tinker Bell down a side street and out of sight.)

(Regina hesitates a moment longer outside the tavern, then opens the door. The man with the lion tattoo rejoices with a group of other men, sharing a drink with them. Regina watches the scene for a moment, then with overwhelming fear, she closes the door and flees. Regina rushes around a corner and bumps into someone, knocking them over.)
Regina: “Oh! I’m so sorry, are you all right?”
Emma: (Staring up at her, eyes wide, panicked:) “I… (Gulps:) I’m fine.”