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The Once & Future Queen

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Storybrooke. Morning.
(Rising from the bed, Regina walks over to the window and opens the curtains. Squinting at the sunlight pouring into the room, Emma raises her head in annoyance.)
Emma: “Gina…”
Regina: “Today’s the day.”
Emma: “It’s too early.”
Regina: “We can’t avoid it any longer.”
Emma: (Rolling over, taking the covers with her:) “I can avoid it for a few more hours.” (Regina looks back to see Emma covering her face with a pillow. Returning to the bed, Regina sits beside Emma and gently removes the pillow.)
Regina: “You know your mother will be here any minute to go over the protocol.”
Emma: (Groans:) “Can’t we just do a video message?”
Regina: (Smiles:) “Somehow I don’t think they’re gonna go for that. Pj’s rarely indicate to people that you’re taking things seriously.”
Emma: (Reaching out to take her hand:) “We don’t have to wear pj’s. (Taking Regina’s hand and placing it under the covers, onto her left breast:) Now come back to bed.”
Regina: (Smiles and shakes her head:) “This is serious, Emma, we need to get ready.”
Emma: (Pushing herself up onto her elbows while Regina plays with her nipple:) “This isn’t some prison sentence we’re facing here. We both agreed this is what was best for everyone. Switch.”
Regina: (Nods and moves her hand to Emma’s other breast:) “I know, but it still puts us in the public eye and with way more responsibility.”
Emma: “Regina, we were always going to have that, one way or the other. (Smirks as Regina continues to absentmindedly play with her breasts while worrying:) What you need is to relax and enjoy the day. It’ll be over before you know it and then we can get on with our lives.”
Regina: “How can you be so calm about this?”
Emma: “Because I don’t have to go through it alone. I have you. Plus, you’ll be doing most of the talking.”
Regina: “Oh, is that right?”
Emma: “Yeah, because deep down, you live for this kinda stuff.”
Regina: “I do, do I?”
Emma: “Mmh-hey! (Regina chuckles, having given Emma’s nipple a particularly hard squeeze:) Oh, it’s like that huh?”
Regina: (Laughing:) “Well you’re the one who’s gonna make me do all the work. (Teasing:) But then, I guess I should be used to that in all areas by now?”
Emma: (Laughs:) “All right, that does it. (She flings off the covers, grabs Regina and pulls her onto the bed, rolling on top of her. Pinning Regina’s arms to the bed:) I’ll show you who does all the work around here.”
(Regina moans loudly as Emma proceeds to do just that.)

Granny’s Diner. Recent Past.
(Emma sits down to speak with the Reporter.)
Emma: “Regina’s been nervous about her speech all week, which I find really weird since she’s never worried about this kind of stuff before.”
Reporter: “Well, it is a big step you two are taking after all.”
Emma: “Yeah, and it’s not exactly the retirement we were looking for either.”
Reporter: “Are you concerned about what you’re about to do?”
Emma: “At first maybe, but after seeing those visions in the crystal, I sort of have a sense of peace about the whole thing. Of course, I’ve been trying to ease Regina’s worries by having her concentrate on other things, but it hasn’t worked.”
Reporter: “May I ask what those other things were?”
Emma: “Uh, no. That’s not for publication. But off the record, Regina theoretically has like thirty years on me and yet there are times in the middle of the night where she-”
Reporter: (Blushing furiously:) “I think I have everything I need for now, thank you!”

Enchanted Forest.
(Paddling along the river in their canoe, Xena and Gabrielle enjoy the peace and quiet.)
Gabrielle: “I don’t think I’ve been this calm in weeks.”
Xena: “I know what you mean. After this last adventure I think I’ve finally learned to stop and enjoy nature.”
Gabrielle: “And it only took you what, nearly forty years?”
Xena: “Hey, life is a marathon, not a sprint.”
Gabrielle: (Turning slightly to look back at her:) “Xena, are you getting philosophical on me?”
Xena: “Nah, I think I read that off a beer mat somewhere.”
Gabrielle: (Chuckles, turns back:) “Of course.”
Xena: “Hey, up on the right. Looks like a good place for us to stop for awhile.”
Gabrielle: “All right.”
(They paddle towards the bank, Xena watching Gabrielle with a knowing smile.)

Hillside. Recent Past.
(Guinevere accompanies Morgana as she pays her respects to Mordred. There is a pile of rocks that mark his grave. Mordred’s blade is driven into the ground, by a tearful Morgana.)

Morgana: “The battle is over. I was not strong enough to save you, Mordred, but know this. I hope to one day make you proud. I will find the love and compassion which used to fill my heart and be born anew. Which is why I have chosen to leave the memory of Morgana Pendragon in your care for all eternity.”
(Turns to Guinevere who takes her hand and smiles.)

Enchanted Forest. Sunset.
(Xena and Gabrielle sit on two large rocks, watching the sunset. They each have a handful of flat stones, and take turns skimming them over the surface of the water. They skip several times, before they finally drop below the water and sink, leaving behind ripples.)
Gabrielle: “Do you remember the day you gave me my first philosophy lesson?” (Gabrielle throws a stone, and watches it skip and sink.)
Xena: “About how the water ripples and churns and though it may return to stillness, it’s changed forever? Yeah, I remember.”
Gabrielle: (Smiles:) “You were right. I’ve changed so much since we met.”
Xena: “I know the feeling. Gabrielle, I need you to do me a favour.”
Gabrielle: “All right.”
Xena: “I want you to close your eyes and listen to what I have to say. Will you do that for me?”
Gabrielle: “Xena, ever since Jappa, you know I don’t like to let you out of my sight.”
Xena: (Chuckles:) “That’s fair. Please, Gabrielle. For me?”

(Gabrielle nods and closes her eyes.)
Xena: “From the day I met you I’ve been on this quest to find some sort of redemption for my past. Then, as our friendship grew stronger and our love blossomed, my past seemed less and less important to me with each passing day. Ever since I almost lost you in Thessaly, all I’ve wanted to do is keep you safe, even if it meant you leaving me for somewhere or someone else.”
Gabrielle: “Xena…”
Xena: “Please, let me get this out. (Gabrielle remains quiet:) Through everything, you have been by my side. Even when I would try and push you away for the sake of your own survival, you never gave up on me. The choice I made in Jappa was wrong, and I should never have left you out of my decision.”
Gabrielle: (Opens her eyes:) “That hurt.”
Xena: (Nods:) “I’m so sorry, Gabrielle. Part of me has never felt deserving of your love and I think I listened to that part back then.”
Gabrielle: “My love for you has never been about who you were, what you’ve done or who you could be. It’s always been about who you are. You are the only thing that I care about, Xena.”
Xena: “I know. That’s why I am finally ready to stop worrying about what might happen and take life as it comes, in the here and now.”
(Xena reaches out and takes Gabrielle’s hand.)
Gabrielle: “What’s this?”
Xena: “Gabrielle, there is no version of my life that I have considered that doesn’t include having you there right by my side. I think it’s well past time that we made it official.”
Gabrielle: “Official?”
Xena: (Sliding from her rock, down to one knee:) “Gabrielle, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”
Gabrielle: (Dumbstruck:) “Xena… are you serious?”
Xena: “I am. I can think of nothing I want more.”
Gabrielle: “Xena, I… I’ve wanted this for so long that I finally sorta accepted that it would never happen.”
Xena: “Is that a yes?”
Gabrielle: “Xena… (Stands and cups Xena’s face in her hands before kissing her soundly:) Of course I’ll marry you.”
(Pulls Xena to her feet and hugs her.)
Xena: “Good. ‘Cause now you can have this.”
(Xena produces a small blue box containing a ring and places it on Gabrielle’s finger.)
Gabrielle: (Laughs, staring down at it:) “How long have you had this?”
Xena: “Since the Norselands. (At Gabrielle’s look:) I returned to the forge where I melted down the Rheingold and I made a ring for the one person who makes my life complete. I just never found the right time to ask you.”
Gabrielle: “I don’t know what to say.”
Xena: “Well, I think I’m still waiting for an actual 'yes’?”
Gabrielle: (Smiles and pulls Xena towards her. Peppering her with kisses after every word:) “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Storybrooke. Recent Past.
(Standing outside of a large house surrounded by a white picket fence, Ella and Henry are as happy as can be.)
Ella: “I don’t believe it. This is incredible!”
Emma: “So you like it?”
Ella: “Like it? We love it!”
Henry: “Yeah, Moms this is… I’m blown away. Thank you so much.”
Ella: “Yes, thank you!”
(Ella hugs Emma while Henry embraces Regina.)

Regina: (Chuckles:) “Well it wasn’t just us. You also have your grandparents to thank.”
Emma: “Both sets.”
Henry: “Really?”
Regina: “Oh yeah, when we told Rumple about buying the house, he insisted on paying for it himself.”
Emma: “Then my Mom and Dad chimed in and offered to pay half and then…”
Regina: “Then I said if anyone is buying our son a house, it’s us.”
Ella: “This is amazing. You’ll all be welcome anytime.”
Emma: “Woah, careful there, Ella. You don’t want to go throwing invitations like that within earshot of my Mom.”
Regina: (Nods:) “Seriously.”
Henry: “So, I guess all that’s left to do is to start packing?”
Regina: “Nope. Already taken care of.”
Emma: “We uh, took the liberty of magicking all your stuff here ready for you.”
Regina: “Plus a few extras.”
Ella: “Really? Do… Do you think I could just-”
Emma: (Smiles:) “Go on in and check it out.”
Ella: (Hugs her again:) “Thank you!”
(Ella runs up the steps and into the house, screaming at the sight of all the new furniture inside.)
Henry: “Well I guess Ella approves. Guys, I don’t know how I can ever thank-”
Regina: “Go and join your wife, Henry. She’s waiting for you.”
(Henry nods and wraps his arms around both Emma and Regina, giving them a big squeeze.)
Henry: “I love you both so very much.”
Emma: “We know. We love you too. (They part:) Now go on inside before you make your Mom cry.”
(Henry smiles as he catches Emma wipe a tear from her eye. Climbing the steps to his new home, he waves to both of them before heading inside.)
Regina: “Do you think we should have told them about the housewarming party tomorrow?”
Emma: “Nah, they seem to like surprises.”
Regina: (Chuckles:) “And they call me evil.”

Swan-Mills House.
(Arriving home after the short walk between the two houses, Emma and Regina close the door and smile at each other.)
Regina: “So, what do you want to do now?”
Emma: (Excitedly:) “Oh, I think you know exactly what I want to do.”
(Emma starts removing her jacket and unbuttoning her jeans. Regina crosses her arms and lifts her top over her head and slides down her own jeans as both women continue stripping right there in the hallway.)

A Short Time Later.
(Now wearing a bikini, sunglasses and the largest sun hat she could find, Emma sips from her wine glass while floating along their newly created swimming pool. Watching Maria as she splashes in the water safely held within her mother’s arms, Emma shares a smile with Regina who has never looked so happy.)

Dun Broch.
(All the clans have gathered to witness the joining of their Queen, Merida, to her love, Anastasia. Standing on the dais together, Merida’s hand grips the hilt of the ceremonial sword while Anastasia places her hand on top.)
Merida: (Looking out at the sea of people:) “Are you sure you want to do this? It won’t be like ruling Wonderland.”
Anastasia: “Promise?”
(Anastasia grins and tightens her grip on Merida’s hand. Returning the smile, Merida then nods to Geoffrey of Monmouth to begin the ceremony. Watching among the crowd, Mulan and Ruby stand with their hands clasped together, mirroring the two Queens onstage.)

After Party.
(With the exchanging of vows and much cheering and applause from the clans at the sight of Merida and Anastasia’s kiss, celebrations continue in the grand hall. While the newlyweds remain seated on the dais, entertainers of all kinds perform for them, much to the delight of the rowdy crowd of clansmen. Then, as Mulan and the Dragon share a father daughter dance, Ruby winds her way through the mass of humanity and bumps into Drizella and Doctor Whale.)
Ruby: “Hey guys, enjoying the party?”
Drizella: “A room full of hairy, half-dressed warriors? What’s not to like. (Ruby chuckles:) I believe you know my date?”
Ruby: “Yeah, very well. How's it going, Victor?”
Dr. Whale: “I’m good, Ruby. Yourself?”
Ruby: “Great! I didn’t realise you two were an item?”
Drizella: “Well, since Ella’s bagged herself a prince and Ana’s found her Queen, I thought I’d get myself a rich doctor.”
Dr. Whale: “Er… about that. I don’t know how much you think an ER doctor actually makes but-”
Drizella: “Shh, darling. We’ll talk about your career advancement later.”
Ruby: “Still working your magic as a consultant I see?”
Drizella: “It’s more of a side job at the moment, but yeah, you bet I am.”

(Also present at the joining ceremony are Will and Tiana, who also sits down to talk with the Reporter.)
Tiana: “I’m happy that Anastasia finally found her place in the world. I’ve been struggling with that myself lately so I know how it feels.”
Reporter: “Do you believe this union will help forge a stronger bond between Wonderland and Dun Broch?”
Tiana: “I don’t see how it couldn’t. (Chuckles:) But mostly I’m just pleased that Anastasia won’t be sniffing around my throne anymore.”

Storybrooke. Mayor’s Office.
(The new Mayor sits behind the desk of her redecorated office.)
Emma: (Enters:) “I like what you’ve done with the place. (Approaches, noticing the name plate on the desk:) So, I see you’ve chosen a new name. Lena, huh?”
Lena: (Nods:) “One that reflects my life’s new path. It means to be generous and kind.”
Emma: (Smiles:) “I like it. You wanted to see me?”
Lena: “Oh, yes. Sorry, I forgot that my secretary was out for the day.”
Emma: “Secretary? Already expanding the budget I see.”
Lena: “A secretary allows me to run this office more efficiently. They schedule appointments and make sure my time is not wasted on trivial matters.”
Emma: “You know, Regina always kept an open door policy.”
Lena: “Yes, and that’s probably why she never got any work done. (Emma bites back her reply:) There will be a lot of changes to how my predecessor did things coming in future. How’s her speech coming along by the way?”
Emma: “Er… yeah, Regina’s got it covered.”
Lena: “And you?”
Emma: (Smiles:) “Oh I’ve always got her covered.”
Lena: “I see. (She opens a drawer and pulls out a photo frame:) I found this and thought Regina may like it back? (Emma takes the frame and looks down at the photograph. It is a picture of Regina along with Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella:) They look like a fun group.”
Emma: “The Queens of Darkness. You have no idea. Thanks, Madam Mayor.”
Lena: (Winces:) “You know, usually that would be my preferred title, but coming from you it just sounds a little…”
Emma: “Wrong? Yeah, it’s really sort of a thing between Regina and I.”
Lena: “Mmhmm. Lena’s fine. (Emma nods and starts to leave:) Oh and Emma? (Emma stops:) I recently spoke with Sheriff Lily and she told me that you and Regina have been cited on several occasions for instances of public lewdness. (Emma raises her eyebrow:) As Mayor, I’m hereby notifying you that such things will not be tolerated.”
Emma: “Is that right?”
Lena: “Yes. (They stare at each other for a long moment, until Lena drops her gaze:) At the very least, my office is now off limits. Is that understood?”
Emma: (Smirks:) “Don’t worry, Lena. Regina and I held a private farewell party in here the night before you were sworn in. (Leans over the desk towards her:) The things we did to each other… well, let’s just say you were right to redecorate.” (With that, Emma smirks, turns and walks out of the office, leaving the new Mayor to stare after her, indecent images flashing in her mind’s eye.)

Speaking of the New Mayor…
(The Reporter talks with a selection of Storybrooke residents to gauge their reactions on Lena’s election.)
Hook: “Hey, was I wild about her part in kidnapping my wife and daughter? Of course not. Then I realised that Lena is looking to turn her life around and leave all of the darkness behind her. The fact she no longer has magic goes a long way to making me feel comfortable that she’s our new mayor. Having said that, in a place where even the Dark One can be redeemed, anyone can.”
Ashley: “Lena seems great to me! She just hired me as the town’s child care expert and has pledged extra funding for the Daycare Centre. So yeah, she’s aces in my book.”
Leroy: “Well I haven’t been kicked out of her office yet so that makes Lena ten times better than our old mayor already.”
Reporter: “Have you had meetings with the mayor then?”
Leroy: “Ah, no. I haven’t been able to get past her secretary yet. But I’m wearing her down. (Leans in, whispers:) I think she has a thing for me.” (Winks.)
Guinevere: “I think Lena’s doing a great job. We had brunch just yesterday and she has so many ideas for improving Storybrooke. I’m just so happy that she’s found her purpose in the world.”
Reporter: “And how do you feel about Lena’s path towards redemption. In the past you’ve been reticent to believe that anyone can truly change their ways.”
Blue Fairy: “Well that’s just fake news. I never said that people can’t be redeemed, it’s just that they so seldom are.”
Reporter: “Yet as you find yourself living amongst heroes and villains alike, perhaps it was judgemental attitudes like yours that prevented such peace to begin with?”
Blue Fairy: “I don’t have to sit here and take this. I’m not the bad guy here!”
Zelena: “Do I believe Lena can turn her life around and be a force for good in the world? Absolutely. And I would like the record to show that it was all down to me.”
Reporter: “Excuse me?”
Zelena: (Smiles:) “That’s right, I’m the hero of this story, and don’t let anyone forget it.”

Reporter: “What are your thoughts on Lena’s choice to give up her magic. Granted it was a life or death decision, but as someone who possesses magic yourself, can you imagine how hard that would have been for her?”
Elsa: “I don’t have to imagine. I was faced with that very choice myself. Back then it wasn’t the right decision for me, and thankfully it wasn’t the right decision for Emma either. Magic is a part of who I am but it’s not all that I am. Although I haven’t spoken to her myself about it, I imagine Lena will be missing her powers, but what she will gain from that loss, only time will tell.”
Rumplestiltskin: “Giving up magic took a lot of getting used to, yet I found I had something much more valuable in my life. Love. Being part of something bigger than yourself is wonderful. With Belle and Gideon and my extended family around me, I feel truly blessed.”
Reporter: “Do you believe Lena will be able to sustain her new path?”
Guinevere: (Grins:) “I take it you’ve not met Lena yet?”
Reporter: “No, actually today will be my first time speaking with her.”
Guinevere: “Well trust me, Lena is the most determined person I have ever known. Once she sets her mind on something, she won’t let anyone distract her from her goal. (Laughs:) Yes, I believe Lena’s going to be just fine.”

Storybrooke. Mayor’s Office. Reception.
(Sat behind her modest desk in the lobby, Drizella diverts phone calls while filing her nails.)
Drizella: “Mayor’s office. Please hold. Mayor’s Office. Hold please. Mayor’s office. Yeah, hold it. (Sighs and turns her attention to the Reporter who’s been waiting patiently:) Who are you again?”
Reporter: “I’m here to see the Mayor for her interview. I have an appointment?”
Drizella: (Drops her head and scans the appointment sheet:) “Ah yes. I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name when you made the appointment, only that you were from the Daily Mirror.”
Reporter: (Smiles brightly:) “It’s Kara. Kara Danvers.”
Drizella: (Writes this down:) “I see. Well the Mayor is ready to see you now.”
Kara: “Thank you.”
Drizella: “Hey, we haven’t had the chance to have an interview together yet.”
Kara: “No, we haven’t.”
(Kara smiles and heads into the office.)
Drizella: “Rude. (The phone rings again:) Mayor’s office, what do you want?!”

Mayor’s Office.
(Walking into the office, Kara extends her hand.)
Kara: “Madam Mayor. I’m Kara Danvers from the Daily Mirror.”
Lena: (Stands:) “Lena, please. (Shakes Kara’s hand:) It’s good to see you, Ms. Danvers.”
Kara: “Well, if I’m calling you Lena…”
Lena: “Kara it is. Um, if you have a parking ticket, I can have it validated for you.”
Kara: “Oh, no, no, no. That’s fine, I flew here. On… on a bus.”
Lena: (Gives her a small smile as they take their seats:) “Well, parking meters are just one of the many necessary evils I’ve introduced to Storybrooke.”
Kara: “Not a popular decision according to our readers.”
Lena: “Unfortunately the money has to come from somewhere and unlike my predecessor, I didn’t cast a curse that bestowed untold riches upon me. I’m just a woman trying to make a name for herself outside of her family. Can you understand that?”
Kara: (Nods:) “Yeah.”
Lena: “I’m here for a fresh start. I asked the people of Storybrooke for a chance to have one and they rewarded me by making me their mayor. I won’t forget that kindness and I will do everything in my power to make sure that Storybrooke remains a place where everyone is welcome, no matter their past.”
(Kara stares at Lena for a long moment before catching herself.)
Kara: “Uh… T-Those flowers are beautiful.”
Lena: “They’re called plumerias. They’re pretty rare.”
Kara: “They remind me of my mother.”
Lena: “Was your mother a writer, too?”
Kara: “No, she was, um, I guess, sort of a lawyer.”
Lena: “Well, from what I’ve read, you have a natural gift with words.”
Kara: “Thank you.”
Lena: “My pleasure.”
Drizella: (Enters:) “Okay, Ms. Danvers, your five minutes are up. The Mayor has a busy schedule to keep.”
Kara: “Oh, well…”
Lena: “Drizella, will you make a note that Kara Danvers is to be shown
in right away whenever possible?”
Drizella: “Yes, Madam Mayor.”
Kara: “Really? (Lena nods:) Thank you.”
Lena: “Not at all. Somehow I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes. (Kara nods and leaves the room. When the doors close, Lena bites her lip in an attempt to stop the wide smile that threatens to spread across her face. Giving in, Lena smiles and buzzes the intercom:) Drizella? Get me Moe French on the phone, I need to make an order for twelve dozen plumerias to be sent to the offices of the Daily Mirror.”
Drizella: “Yes, Madam Mayor.”

Enchanted Forest.
(The members of the United Realms have gathered to witness the coronation of Emma and Regina. As last minute preparations are taking place, several people take the opportunity to speak with Kara about the ceremony.)
Belle: “Rumple and I missed Emma and Regina’s wedding when we left for our trip around the realms, but there’s no way we’d miss this.”
Ella: “I am so excited for them. I know it’s not exactly the retirement they were both hoping for, but as Queens of the United Realms, they will be able to see and enjoy everything the Realms of Story have to offer.”
Henry: “It just makes sense, you know? Not only are my moms the most powerful magical force the world has ever known, but this will give them the chance to hear from everyone they meet just how beloved they are.”

The Coronation.
(Emma and Regina stand before David and Snow.)
Snow White: “Ever since the realms have been united, new alliances have been forged as well as new evils uncovered. That is why we need someone to lead us, and the people of the United Realms are delighted to have it be you, Emma and Regina. (David and Snow crown both Emma and Regina at the same time:) Long may they reign!” (The room erupts into cheering and applause.)

(Emma and Regina turn to each other.)
Emma: “Well, I guess this is it.”
Regina: “Yeah. You wanna know a secret?”
Emma: “What?”
Regina: “I never did write a speech.”
Emma: “So what are we gonna do?”
Regina: “Just like we always do, stand together and face things, head on.”
Emma: “Okay…”
(Taking each other’s hand, Emma and Regina turn to face the gathered crowd who await the first words of their new Queens with rapt attention.)
Regina: “To everyone here today, I want you to know that this isn’t an ending. Because with an ending, your story is done. And everyone here well, your stories are far from over.”
Emma: “Perhaps we should call this a second chance.”
Regina: (Nods:) “I like that. I thought my story came to an end a long time ago, and then new people came into my life. People who gave me a second chance. I can’t wait to see what’s store for me next. Well, for everyone.”
Emma: “There will be more adventures. More love. More family.”
Regina: “And yes, there will be more loss because that’s just a part of life.”
Emma: “But in the end, we will get past it all.”
Regina & Emma: “With hope.”
(Regina looks back at Snow White who winks at her. The crowd bursts into applause again and Regina turns to Emma who is beaming at her.)
Emma: “Did we just give our very own ‘hope speech’?”
Regina: “Why yes, I believe we did.”
(They lean in and kiss each other while the continued cheering of everyone present echoes throughout the room, carrying across the Enchanted Forest and beyond.)

Storybrooke. Swan-Mills House. Several Years Later.
(While Maria sits on her lap, Emma reads from the storybook.)
Emma: “The two Queens loved each other very much. And, together, with their friends and family, they filled the realms with wonder, magic and love once again.”
Maria: “Is it true, Mommy? The story?”
Emma: “Every last word.”
Maria: “But the things that happened, they’re impossible.”
Regina: “Don’t you know? (Emma and Maria both look up to see Regina approaching:) Anything’s possible. But only if you believe.”
Maria: “Mommy!”
(Maria jumps down from Emma’s lap and runs over to hug Regina. Almost getting bowled over by her daughter, Regina laughs and strokes Maria’s hair. Standing, Emma shares a loving smile with Regina then closes the storybook and puts it aside before walking over to join her family.)



The End.