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Tobio get down from his room when he heard noises from the kitchen. He saw his mother beside the stove and his father sat in the chair while reading a newspaper.


“Good morning, darling.” his mother greets him.

“Mmm, morning.”


Tobio took a seat in the chair in front of his father when his mother put sunny side up in his plate. He took a glass of milk when he heard his mother talking.


“Oh right, tomorrow Monday we have to go abroad for our next occupation. I think I’m already mention that before. Am i wrong?”


Tobio gulp down his milk and scoop out his egg. “Yes, for a week. You told me yesterday.”


“And for you...”, before his mother finished talking, Tobio interrupt her,

“I’m not going anywhere. I have group project with my friends and we decided to work on it here.”

“Okay, but I’m pretty sure they won’t stay here with you all day, right?”

“Why would they stay with me all day?”

“Tobio, love, we will not gonna leave you alone at home.”

“Mom, I’m sixteen!”

“That’s because you are sixteen! You are just sixteen. Beside, we always leave you at Iwaizumi-san family, so what’s the problem?”


Iwaizumi-san is his father long friend and yes, Tobio had been in their house for several occasion. Most likely when his parents need to went abroad.


“Ugh, dad?” Tobio tried to get his father on his side. He saw his father lift his eyes from the news, glance at his mother, and the shrugged, “Your mom was right.”


Tobio scowled. He is not a kid that always need an adult to guide him. He should have seen that coming though. There is no way his father gonna pick his side against his mother. In the end all he could do was just give up.


“I’m already said I’m not going anywhere. I need to stay here since we already make a deal. And i don’t want to bring my friends to Iwaizumi-san house. They gonna make so much ruckus.”

“Tobio, don’t talk bad about your friends.” His mom warned him. Tobio ignores it know exactly he wasn’t wrong at all. His friends really can’t shut their mouth. He finished his last meal and about to take a shower when his mother talked again.


“Okay, what can we do about it if you say so. Mom just gonna ask someone to accompany you at home then. Perhaps, do you remember that one Hajime’s best friend? I think you two have met several times when you were kid. He just come back from his studes aboard. His name is Oikawa Tooru.”


Tobio tried to dig into his memory but failed. He doesn’t remember him at all.


“Why not just ask Iwaizumi-san? He would be more comfortable since he’s used to be here often.”

“Nah, he is currently working on his job entry test. We couldn’t bother him.”

“But I’m not. I’m not even need to be accompanied.” Tobio disprove quietly. “How about that man, isn’t he should be busy too?”

“Fortunately, no. I’ve heard he wants to take a rest for a little after being a foreign for years.”


His mom couldn’t hide his excitement. Tobio refuse to dodge any longer and just follows what his mother planning for him.







After he bid his parents a good bye, he planning to sleep again since it’s still too early for him to awake. As always, his parents never let him to escorted them in the airport, just in case someone gonna kidnap him or something like that. It makes Tobio dizzy, guess he always be their little baby boy no matter how old he is.


When he was about to doze off, he just remember he forgot to asked when will his companion come. He choose to ignored it and get into the dreamland immediately.





Tobio scrunched his nose upon hearing a noises that sound like television. What? He thinks about that again. Television? Did he heard that right? But no one home except him. Maybe it’s just my imagination, he thought. Maybe he was not yet fully awake, maybe it was just a dream. But what if it isn’t?


Suddenly he is fully awake. What if someone infiltrate into his house? What if it’s a robbery? How to report a theft? Tobio has no idea.


Tobio heading down into his living room with the lightest step. He peeks from the top of the stairs, only to saw a man sit on the couch comfortably. He doesn’t look like a thief though, much for Tobio’s relieved. He wears a long white shirt and blue jeans. But he still doesn’t recognize him either. And then when Tobio turns his gaze towards the table, he had enough. He runs down the stairs. That uncultured intruder was drinking his milk!


“Why are you drinking my milk?!” Tobio snapped.


The said boy was a little surprised, but calm down immediately.


“It’s been years and that’s was the first question you asked? You sure haven’t change at all.” He smile smugly.


“Who are you even?”


Upon hearing what Tobio just said, the boy on the couch choked by his own spit.


“What?!” He exclaimed.

“What?” Tobio answered confusedly.

“You don’t recognize me? But I still remember you clearly. Except that you have grown taller, you are still the same. You still have that baby fat on your cheeks too!” He specifies. He stand up from the couch and Tobio noted he is way taller than him, not to mention more well-build too.


Tobio couldn’t stop his bloods rushing toward his cheeks. “I’m not a child anymore. I’m sixteen.”

“Yes, a dumb sixteen if i may added.” Tobio glares at him. “And I’m twenty-two. Are you happy still living in such young age?” He scoffed.

“No, it just, i think i don’t need a guide anymore.” Tobio muttered, more like to himself. “And I still don’t remember where i ever met you.”


The older boy looks like about to bang his head on the table.


“Okay, calm down, Tooru. You can handle this. He can’t be more annoying than Takeru.”


Tobio raised his eyebrows upon hearing his monologue. Tooru? Takeru? Some how that names sounds familiar. Where did he hear them before?


“First of all, your parents aren’t home right? Whoa, whoa calm down.” The taller boy surprised when he saw Tobio back off with both hands in front of his chest like he was about to protecting himself from him. Is he for real?


“How can you know my parents aren’t home? Are you...are you...somewhat, stalker?” Tobio widened his eyes. He was in utter shocked.


“Listen to me, you dumb idiot. I can’t believe i have to experience this.” He rolled his eyes. “Aren’t your parents should already told you beforehand that someone gonna come over to accompany their cute little pretty boy when he was all alone in the house for a whole week?”


Tobio taken aback. And then his head make an imaginary ping sounds. If he remember correctly, his mom did mention that she already asked someone to stay over with him. He unconsciously put his finger on his chin, a sign that he was thinking.


“You are sure a dumb idiot, Tobio-chan.”


Tobio snapped from his thought. That name, that pet name. No one ever called him that, not even his parents. Only one person had ever called him that.